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Secret Love

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Secret Love
Simone Kaplan
CreateSpace (2012)

2 women.... fight for their love! Secret Love is a book about the schoolgirl Brandy thanks to scholarship admittance in a famous private school receives. There she hits on the Indian teacher Sita and both fall in love into each other. Unfortunately, this love finds no sympathy and the both must keep secret her love. For a while they can keep secret her love, however, they are observed by Melissa... the daughter of the manager. This puts everything in it the confidential love between Brandy and Sita to lay the table. And one day their confidential love is discovered..... Manager Griffith puts brandy before a common and underhand condition.... As a result Brandy leaves Sita and sweeps back in the Bronx in a sombre future. Will the both one day see again? Was her love only a nice recollection?

About the Author

Simone Kaplan was born in the 12/29/1973 in Stuttgart and today lives in the deepest south on germany. In her stories the author deals with social-critical subjects like the position of the woman in the society. Till this day it is not natural that women may lead her own lives. They are still embedded in the compulsions of the society. Is it in the love, in the occupational world or family. "Secret Love" is her first released work and gives a very personally insight into the life of the woman in the society with his prejudices and ignorance. At school the author herself went through an outsider's career and fled in the world of the books and started at the same time with the writing. From it became a lifelong passion. The stories should encourage to believe the readers in themselves even if sometimes a violent headwind blows. "The dedication for W.K. is for my father dedicated in 2010 after long cancerous disease, unfortunately passed away. He was the only one always to me has believed and me encouraged my stories to score." Simone Kaplan

Simone Kaplan
Secret Love

Secret  Love


written by 11 Simone Kaplan



Decidet to W.K.




Table of contents
Like every year a test takes place on Franklin-Highschool in the South Bronx once and the best schoolboys receive a scholarship.
Brandy is one of the chosen and she receives a popular place in a respectable private school the major's college in Vermont.
The major's college lies in an idyllic situated place in Vermont directly by the sea and seems to be first a paradise....
There she meets for the first time on the Indian teacher Sita the geography teaches. Immediately it is on both sides love at first sight.
Both feel drawn immediately to each other and a secret passion develops between the both...
But Brandy has enemies...
.Melissa the daughter of the manager, just as Mr. Graham of the English teachers around his power fear has... and couch trainer Maria Gonzales it tolerates no rebellious girls.
For Brandy a hard time begins.....
Then manager Griffith still gets wind of it and puts Brandy before a common and underhand condition....
As a result Brandy leaves Sita and sweeps back in the Bronx in a sombre future.
Will the both one day see again?
Does the love between Brandy and Sita have one more chance?
Personal data

Brandy Johnson      19 years old

However,very gifted basketball player,her secret passion is stories write. Very ambitously.Lives

in the infamous South Bronx.Would like to not so end as her brothers and sisters and friends.

It the love of her life learns know themselves...from this moment changed everything in her lives...

Becky    23 years old

Sister, 2 toddles v different fathers.

Daniell    17 years old

Brother, school dropout,.Hang out with friends on the streets. .Bouncer.

Sharon 22 years old dropout.Pregnant

Daisy   18 years old

Friend, lives in the same floor .Also school dropout

Sita   30 years old

Comes from kerala South-India.Geography teacher in the mayor `s college in Vermont

Melissa   20 years old

Is the daughter of manager Bill Griffith .Of empire spoilt only child. Arch enemy of Brandy

Abraham Graham   55 years old

Teacher of literature.From all schoolboys deferentially Mr.Graham called. Fruitless author him his frustation on the schoolboys lets out.

Gregory Gilmore  35 years old

Is English history teacher.Is everything puts after what is female.

Donald Mc Cain    55 years old

Talent scout.Is holdiday replacement of Maria Gonzales.It is the only except Sita to Brandy holds.

Maria Gonzales    50 years old

Is trainer  in a basketball team of major`s college for 12 years in the ladies.Tolerate no other opinion suffers. For many years, nevertheless, there is her team in the tail light.

Bill Griffith    60 years old

Is the major`s College leader for 30 years. Very on the good call roofed. Comes from a very well to-do family. He took the major`s College over from his father.







South Bronx....
Desperately I tried to concentrate on the writing, nevertheless, this was almost impossible. The walls were paper-thin and one did not hear more or less everything what one wanted to hear.
We lived on the 5th floor in one of these dreary social blocks and privacy was a foreign word here in our area. On the right beside me one hit his friend and her shouts were to be heard on the whole floor.

About me argued any lovers about the decent subject money and on the left miserable baby shouting was to be belonged.
Finally, I packed my writing things in the lowest drawer and slammed irritated the front door behind myself.
Mom was still at the work. Becky with her lover argued about something during her two children 4 and 5 years with children next door by the narrow flat ran.
Danell hung with his gang- brothers on the Playstation during them without taking into consideration the small children drugs sniffed and puffed.
„Off throw the ball here...“
Daryll a lanky guy with dreadlocks gave me grinning the passport. Wir both competed with each other for the throws, it was always my model.
(later I got to know that he only few weeks later with a gunfight from a wandering about ball fatally was injured).
Capably I dribbled along the defence and... with a nice elegant sentence the ball flew by the rusty angeleierten ring.
„Really Brandy...!! “  I hit laughing and overjoyed with Daryll. “, but... everything was already?“
Daryll grinned broadly and hit to me quick as a flash the ball from the hand and swept like an oiled flash by the Court.
The Court was real only a grey concrete plaster and bordered on the Franklin high School. Here everything was of dreary concrete, only the countless Graffitis animated the grey dreary scenery a little.
Sharon and Daisy my friends from child days sat bored and chewing gum chewing on the only bank all over sprayed with graffiti.
„Hey. „. why you do not join in?  Earlier we hung everybody so with pleasure here around!“ I pressed the hands against the hip and looked at the both with an indignant look.
„Yes... earlier. this was just sometimes. Now there is just more interesting than a stupid ball postrun!!“ contacted Daisy, finally, after longer silence to word and polished bored in her fingernails.
Sharon also yawned bored. “Oh Brandy... what you needs is a right guy that you brings on other thoughts . One sees you only with the ball!! „

Then Sharon and Daisy had a look and snorted before laughter.
I twitched only indifferently the shoulder Daryll gave a sign he me the ball threw, put me in position and threw with a skilful jump the ball by the ring.
This time the distance was nearly 5 metres and put with it the record on for this day.
Sharon and Daisy faltered in the middle of the giggling and had a look amazed.
„Yo man whats up  Brandy.... play one more round?“
Daryll came and and tore the ball from the hand from me quizzical. The boys on the Court took seriously me as a player. It had got about that I not only well looked separate absolutely also as a serious opponent was possible.
Unfortunately, I was the only Girl on the Court. The other Girls sat rather at the bank and cheered her darlings.
„Darling you never get a guy, if you hop permanently only with this ball!“ Daisy meant everybody three on the way home in the conciliatory tone as us to us made and I the ball in silence before me minced.
It was to be explained impossibly to my both friends how much I basketball loved the writing apart from my second big passion.
But this remained my secret, because here in this quarter writing was only something for loose and softies. Here are valid only raw power and best of all with the language of the shooting iron.

And of course to which way you belong which brand things you have most sluggishly and how much money .
„But, nevertheless, you have played as children also basketball What's the pitch???“
„Earlier.!!“ Sharon gave a laugh ironically and patted my magistrate. “... now we are no more children. Times have changed. Moreover, I am pregnant!!“
I stared at them in amazement. Sharon there twitched only indifferently the shoulder... has happened just so. If was just an accident...“
„But what is with the school... I thought you wanted on the college?“, I packed them to the shoulder and looked at them urgently.
Sharon avoiding   my looks . „... he wanted to take no condom... and this damned pill I do not stand so well this he knows.“ She lifted the head and saw me begging around understanding. „Nevertheless. I do not want to lose him. Therefore, I have broken off the school!“
In silence I stared Sharon in... I could not catch it what she had to this conceited macho.
Clear he looked good, but from the character he was a pig. Recently I hid his advances towards myself rather.
„Now how many month you are?“
„In the 2nd month. So one sees himself...“, she sounded tired and resigned as she her block
Threateningly the social constructions rose in the black sky.Now at night  everybody was mostly off followed his shops.
Everywhere types hung around and emptied by the litre beer in themselves around least for few hours the dreary everyday life here to escape or to give Dutch courage itself.  
Only no annoyance provoke. The look lower and if a carriage slowly did not drive up follow and as fast as possible clear out.
These were the survival rules here, otherwise one did not come very far. I tried to keep possibly to it and pressed the ball even more firmly against myself.
At home I contorted immediately in my small room threw me drawn on the bed and looked at the books accurately in a row on the only shelve stood.
My look walked to the poster on the right beside me Michael Jordan showed in the skilful jump to the basket round him blustering spectators......









The manager would like to speak you!!“ 
Tiredly I rose.

In of the night I hardly found sleep because the hunger in my intestine dug.
The fridge was lately once again empty like so often. Not only... somewhere nearby there was a gunfight and howling police sirens and helicopters alternated.
To believe hardly itself all that plays in rich America where according to the law all people all the same which skin colour are equal!!
Manager Mr. Hal welcomed me extremely friendly, almost too friendly and asked me with overacting gesture, nevertheless, place to take.
Only now I noted that still somebody else in the space was. A hard built type with pale complexion and red hair also sat on a chair.
Smiling he raised his suit and tie straightened itself and gave me politely the hand with a firm handshake.
I answered the greeting chilly.
If one grows up here in the quarter, one grows up first of all with mistrust. And whiteness meant in our area only two things : Either cop or drug baron!
But this whiteness was harmless.... he came from a respectable private school. Sweat pearls shone on his forehead and his red face still became röter.
But he made an honest reliable impression. He seemed only very much confused about the catastrophic states here in the Franklin-Highschool.
One looked at it to his expression that he such a thing had never seen. The ramshackle chairs, the armoured disc as a glass door, all in all, a neglected impression.
Quick there came manager Mr. Hal on the subject. “Mr Donald McCain is a trainer in a respectable private school and has seen you on the Court. He is enthusiastically from your throw“
Of the whiteness nodded confirming and pressed to me with wide smile a prospectus of the college in the hand.
Manager Mr. Hal continued. “To make briefly around it... you have received a scholarship because you wich the test  we make every year here whom has reached necessary score. You have had big luck because you a good schoolgirl . And as you see... “Manager Mr. Hal made a very wide movement „... here we are completely overcrowded.“
In a hurry he gave McCain an apologetic smile.
„Pretty welcome at our school.“. I hope we see us again and....“he winked to me cheering up to „... namely in my team!!“ And he gave me a firm handshake on parting.
Reverentially I looked at the prospectus of this major's college. This private school offered every conceivable luxury and lay in a small provincial small town in Vermont.
The situation was marvellous and directly by the sea. There was of course except basketball still a lot of other sport and leisure possibilities. All in all, promisingly. Now for me was quite clear... this private school the gate was to the world. To escape a unique possibility of this dreary and desperate area.
I started to dream... thought of wild coasts and blustering sea and before all peace and rest. Here there nowhere was peace... repeatedly there was somewhere quarrel and annoyance. And this endless noise... when from the adjoining highway through the middle of our area went... then these were irritating police sirens or ambulances with us long-term layer had.
„Hey I say it you.... the type was so stupid and simply did not check it that I wanted to know nothing about him!! “Sharon looked in the round and enjoyed the attention.
I sat with Daisy and Sharon in a small snack pair of blocks remotely. Though there were as usual fatty Frites, however, this my only warm meal was often on the day.
“Hey what is with you Brandy...?“
I startled, my thoughts stayed with this private school.
“Maybe she is in love?“ 
Sharon broke out in resounding laughter and all guests stared in our direction.
„I have enoug to me as a waitress in a chip shop the arse to tear open. Rico may be a braggart, however, he has money. And if you know what... I get into his business. As a dealer I earn in 1 hour more than one waitress in 2 months!!“ furiously Daisy starts on her Burger.
For a short moment she thought of Danell, however, he had cheated them recently icily with another.
And it was still white and blond. However, this kept them for itself.
Embarrassed silence followed...
Sharon twisted nervously with her little plaits and my thoughts digressed again to this prospectus.
I cleared the throat...
“I will go on a private school to Vermont!“
All looks were directed unbelievingly on me.
„WHAT have you just said there?“ 
Of Sharon toddled unbelievingly after air.
I hesitated and bit the lip. “Now I thought... now.... I say to you. I set off already in few days.“
Embarrassed silence pressed like a thick cloud in the space.
„Er... where to the hell …..there lies Vermont???“
Daisy looked questioningly at Sharon.
Nobody said something... the silence became uneasier and uneasier....
I sweated and this did not come certainly from the fatty Frittes. Finally  Sharon twitched emphatically indifferently the shoulder and bit noisy in her 3rd hamburger.
„Well... it is not far. On the week-end I can come. “I stuttered and looked desperately according to other words. “By the train it does not last long.“ I tried to look cheering up emphatically.
However, internally I felt between two worlds . The foreign white world with theirs reach to spoilt kids and my close black world.

BOOK: Secret Love
6.23Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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