Seduced By The Wall Street Werewolf (Interracial Paranormal Shifter Romance BWWM)

BOOK: Seduced By The Wall Street Werewolf (Interracial Paranormal Shifter Romance BWWM)





An Interracial Paranormal BWWM Romance By..








Wall Street stockbroker Marco Lupis is incredibly handsome and filthy rich. Every woman on Wall street wants a piece of him but hardly any woman is good enough for him. That is because his wolf craves for more then just any woman...


So new secretary Zoe is flattered when it seems Marco is showing a romantic interest in her. The fact is, he has caught her scent and he will not stop till he gets what he wants.


Little does Marco know, Zoe also has secrets of her own...




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CJ Howard
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Her skin was as smooth as marble.  Her glistening hair was like silk.  Her breasts were the size of melons, and the soft flesh of them filled my hands perfectly.  Her legs were long and toned, and the way they spread for me was wonderfully inviting.  Her buttocks had a delightful curve to them, and I loved the way she moaned when my hands rubbed them.  Her pussy was like a hot swamp, the walls of it hugging my cock exquisitely.


              Externally, she was a perfect woman.


              But there was no animal inside her. That is no good for me.


              I’d already forgotten her name again.  She was that girl from Human Resources who, according to Theo, had been pursuing me for a while.  Like so many women did.  So I’d finally agreed to take her out for a few drinks, just to see where things went.  Her company for the evening wasn’t unpleasant; I’ll give her that at least.  Her voice was easy to listen to, which is more than I can say of some women.  She was decent enough to look at; there was no question about that.


              But it had taken me all of ten seconds after meeting her to decide that she would never be anything more than a pleasant distraction.  Everything I needed to know about her was in the coy way she invited me for drinks, and the happy schoolgirl smile she gave me when I accepted.  The beast that I was looking for was not present in her.  She was a squirrel at best.  And squirrels were only good as a snack.


So I was taking what pleasure I could get out of her.  I used her hips as handholds as I thrust into her.  I savored the soft cushion of her ass as they impacted my hips repeatedly.  She behaved as much like an animal as someone like her was capable of; she howled out her ecstasy in time with my thrusting, and her fingers gripped the sheets like the sharpest claws.  But it was all just an imitation.


At one point she tried turning her head back to look at me.  I wasn’t going to have that.  I reached out and grabbed her by the hair and pulled.  She rolled with it, letting her head be yanked back and closing her eyes as she continued to roar.  In fact I think she was getting off on my roughness, but I wasn’t doing it to be rough. 


There was a reason I favored doggy-style with women like her.  I didn’t want to have to look in her face and be reminded of everything she wasn’t.


I fucked her to an orgasm, causing her to shriek and pull off my cock, huddling on the bed and cupping her pussy as her body spasmed for a few seconds.  As soon as she recovered, she launched herself at my cock, taking me into her mouth and twisting her head about as she sucked me hungrily.  She was good with her mouth, I’d give her that.  It only took her a minute or two before she got me to explode into her mouth.  She gulped it all down like a pro, and when I was done and she’d licked me clean, she leaned her head back and opened her mouth to show me that she’d swallowed everything.  As if that was supposed to impress me.

I turned and flopped down on my back beside her, already reaching for my cigarettes on the end table.  And then her hand slithered onto my chest as she sidled up next to me.  “That was amazing,” she cooed, laying her head down on my shoulder.

I tried to ignore her, thinking maybe she’d go away.  Why did women like her always think I wanted more from them after this?  As I lit up, I began to debate between the desire to lie there and relax, and the desire to pull away from her unwanted touch.  At the moment they seemed to be mutually exclusive goals.

I endured her affection for a minute, and then got up, slipping out of her grasp and stepping away from the bed.  “It’s late,” I said without turning to look at her, calmly taking another drag.  “You should probably go home.”

“So soon?” she said, her voice dripping with suggestion.  “I was looking forward to spending the night.”

“That’s okay.  I’m tired.”

And then she saw fit to drape herself over my back.  “Me too, after that,” she hummed in my ear.  “Why don’t we curl up together?”

Most women got the hint quicker than this.  Usually by this point a woman would be calling me an unpleasant name, grabbing her clothes and purse to storm out the door.  For some reason this one had gotten the impression I still wanted her company.  I wasn’t sure what I’d done to give her that idea, but I knew how to get the message to her.

I turned around, and gave her just the barest glimpse of my real face.  I let her see my wolf’s eyes.  My throat began making a threatening growl, and I opened my mouth, showing her my long, pointed teeth.

She almost forgot to grab her clothes in her hurry to leave after that.

I finished my cigarette, and stepped out to wander the halls of my house.  I didn’t bother getting dressed; I’ve always felt more comfortable in my skin than in my clothes.  It’s just a natural inclination that comes from being what I am.

I only had to look at the house around me to know I’d done well since my banishment from the pack.  Looking down over the railing beside me I could see the clean marble floors on the ground level below.  On the third floor above me was my personal theater room, complete with its own private bar and an elevator going through all three levels of the house.  And stepping out onto the back patio, the long expanse of grass, trees and the beautiful pool that made up my yard stretched out before me.

My six-figure job on Wall Street had brought me good money; that was for sure.

But it was times like these that I missed the camaraderie of the pack.  When I had to deal with women who always wanted to give me more than they had to offer, it made me long for the she-wolves I used to know.

Maybe it was the nostalgia, but I felt the need to go for a run.  It was specifically for this purpose that I’d bought a house with a yard as expansive as this.  I hurried down the paved steps to the grass, and began to run, beginning to shed my two-legged body.  I stretched out my hands that became paws, and dug my nails that became claws into the grass to propel me forward.  I let my fur grow out from my skin and my tail emerge from my spine.  As my nose and ears reshaped, the full sounds and smells of the night opened up to me.  I sprinted through the trees faster than any human feet could carry me, feeling the wind rushing through my fur.

All the money in the world couldn’t buy this.

Even with everything I had now, there were still times I wished I could go back home to my pack.  We may have been dirt-poor back then, but I didn’t have many unhappy memories of those days.  I always fondly remembered the night’s howls, when all of us would stand around a bonfire, naked and covered in dirt, howling to the sky, while the alpha marched about, shouting inspirational words to get our blood pumping.  And then when we were all riled up, we would take our four-legged forms and run off into the woods, hunting for whatever we could get our teeth into.

And the women there… now those were real animals.

Especially Lucile.  Ah, Lucile.  I’d never met a she-wolf like her.

I still remembered my first time with her.  It was during one of those very hunts; both of us had come upon the same rabbit, and were sharing its fresh killed meat when one of us jumped the other.  I can never remember which of us it was, but we were both jazzed up enough on the hunt and the kill that it didn’t matter.

We started as a rolling, tumbling flurry of biting teeth, scrabbling claws, and I think there was quite literally some fur flying.  But then while still rolling in the dirt we shifted to our two-legged forms.  Suddenly we were all over each other’s naked, hairless flesh, our hungry kisses still filled with the taste of fresh-killed rabbit.

If there had been any doubt that she was fully alive at that moment, it was gone when I entered her.  She went completely wild, shrieking like a banshee and clawing at me.  Her pussy walls gripped me like she was trying to pull my skin off, and her legs pushed at my backside, trying to force my whole body inside her.

Amongst our kind, the point where you know the sex is excellent is when you can’t stay fully in one form or another.  Even though we were both two-legged while we fucked, the fingernails she was clawing me with had begun hardening into claws, and I remembered seeing long teeth and yellow eyes on her during the act.  And eventually the claw marks on her arms led me to realize I was doing the same.

We must have changed positions about ten or twelve times that first night, all without ever pulling out.  We kept rolling over so that the other would be on top, and just kept right on going, grunting and howling and clawing.  When I finally busted my nut inside of her was when we both howled our loudest, and when I collapsed on top of her she confessed that she had never gotten off that many times at once before.

That night had only been the first of many, and I had plenty of fond memories with plenty more of the she-wolves in my pack.

But that was then.

And when I woke up the next morning, curled up under a tree and having shifted back to my two-legged body, it was time to get back to the life I had now.

I put on my well-tailored suit.  I rode the subway through the crowds of people.  I walked through the clean glass doors, and rode the elevator up seventy floors surrounded by more crowds.  I walked past the gathering of my sales team huddled in front of their computer screens with their headsets on, yacking away to their clients.  I was greeted by dozens of my coworkers and subordinates.  “Hello Mr. Lupis.”  “Good morning Mr. Lupis.”  “Hi Mr. Lupis.”

I came to the office that proudly displayed the name “Marco Lupis” engraved in a bronze plaque, and walked inside.  My assistant had already put my morning coffee on my desk, which I could already tell from the smell had cream with no sugar, just the way I liked it.  I sat down in my big leather chair, allowing myself a moment to luxuriate in it before the day ahead of me.  I had a sales meeting to prepare for at ten, and then at least a dozen potential clients to call before lunchtime.  But for right now, I could just relax in the splendor I’d set up around me.

My office had everything lesser traders wanted for theirs: the cushy chair, the clean-polished desk, the leather sofa, the big hi-def TV, the floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over the city.  Dozens of framed certificates celebrating my achievements over the years decorated my wall.  The one bit of nostalgia present in the office was a painting hanging on the wall depicting a howling wolf pack.

Yes, I was a lone wolf now.  But I was a rich lone wolf.  And I didn’t have to take orders from a pompous, self-important alpha anymore; here,
was the alpha.

I heard the sound of footsteps approaching, which I knew by scent belonged to Theo long before he came swaggering in through my door.  “Hey, hey, Marco my man, what’s goin’ on?” he said with all the sophistication of a first-year college football player on weed.  “How’d you like Trina?”

Ah, yes.  Trina.  That was her name.  “She was fine.”

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