Seduced By The Wall Street Werewolf (Interracial Paranormal Shifter Romance BWWM) (4 page)

BOOK: Seduced By The Wall Street Werewolf (Interracial Paranormal Shifter Romance BWWM)

That thought in mind, as well as the combined stimulation of his hands kneading my breasts and his cock filling me up inside was quickly driving me to another orgasm.  I reached a hand down to my slit to complete the trifecta, proceeding to rub my fingers over my now very erect clit.

When I came again, I collapsed forward atop him, continuing to move my hips, gripping his head.  My second orgasm wasn’t as intense as the first, and I came down from it faster.  But not long after that I heard him making the telltale grunting sounds, and soon felt his seed splashing inside me.

I finally stopped moving, and rolled off of him to the side, while cradled me, softly kissing me and tenderly caressing my breast.  He lifted his head up and stared down at me.  “You’re so different,” he said softly.

“Different than what?”

“Every woman I’ve been with since I left my pack.  Every one of them was nothing but a sperm receptacle.  But you…  I’ve finally found a real she-wolf, after all these years.”

I smiled, and kissed him.

“So,” I said, “do I get to see your big banker’s mansion now?”

For a beat, he looked a little disappointed, but then he thought and said, “Well, if that’s what the lady wants.”

We disengaged from each other, and got up on all fours—as in four paws.  We loped back across the trail we’d taken through the woods, back to the car.  When we emerged from the trees, we shifted back to two legs, snatched up our clothes off the ground and climbed into his car without putting them on.  Somehow he managed to drive us to his house without anyone getting a good enough look at us to realize we were in the car naked… well, at least I think no one noticed. 

We left our clothes in the car when he pulled into his big, curved driveway, and walked through his big doors.  I took a moment to marvel at his wide, marble-floored lobby, his plush carpeted stairs, the crystal chandelier that hung over our heads… but only a moment.

“Impressed?” he asked, not sounding like he expected much.

I turned an impish grin to him, and said, “Think you can catch me?”  And then I shifted to four legs and ran off through the house.  I still couldn’t believe how liberating it felt to be four-legged again after so long.  I had been afraid for such a long time; to not be afraid seemed almost strange.  I felt freer than I’d ever been in my life.

I found my way to his living room, and hopped up on the sofa.   I lay down on it sphinx-style, and waited for him.  Moments later he came loping on four legs into the room, and I shifted back to my human shape, laying provocatively on the couch, giving my best bedroom eyes to the fur-covered beast in front of me.  “You gonna tell me to get off the furniture?” I joked.

He padded forward, before shifting back to two legs.  “You’d better not!” he said, climbing on with me.

I spread my legs, already wet and ready for more, and he guided himself between them.  “Oh, yessssss!” I hissed as he slid inside.




We spent pretty much the whole night fucking up a storm.  We would bang each other senseless, then recover our senses, and go running around the house on four legs until we found another place to fuck, and then shift back to two legs and get back to business.

When we finished on the couch, Zoe shifted and ran off to another room.  I shifted as well, and found her in the kitchen, with the fridge standing open while she lay on the central island in her two-legged form, spreading strawberry jam all over her body.  I hopped up on the island and began lapping it off her while still in my four-legged body, making her giggle and moan, before I shifted back to two legs and proceeded to fuck her some more.

After that we headed off to the downstairs bathroom to shower.  We ended up doing very little actual washing, but the glass wall definitely got a workout from the way Zoe’s face and tits were pressed against it as I plowed her from behind.  Then she was up for some more four-legged chasing, in which I had to chase her up the stairs before she jumped me on the landing overlooking the front door, and we rolled around on the floor in our fur before shifting back to skin, and she rode me to an orgasm or two right there.

I had never tried fucking a woman while carrying her in my arms as I walked before, and I can’t say it was something I’m particularly inclined to try again, but at that point we just couldn’t keep our hands off each other long enough to wait until we got to my bed. 

Once entwined in my sheets we tried every position we could think of for hours on end.  Ultimately, she was in the middle of riding me cowgirl-style when she happened to look to my window and say, “Is that the sun coming up?”

“I think it is,” I laughed.

After I emptied my ball sack into her for the sixth time that night (except for it not being night anymore), we finally decided we were spent.  We had to get back to the office in a couple hours anyway.  We straightened ourselves up as best we could—I didn’t exactly keep a woman’s hairbrush around the house—and went outside, got dressed in my car, and drove off.

We tried to remain inconspicuous when we got off the elevator, keeping a fair amount of distance between us and not looking at each other directly.  But Zoe couldn’t conceal the spring in her step, and when she passed Theo on the way to her desk she chirped “Good morning Mr. Clarke” in a singsong tone.

Theo stared at her as she went to sit down, humming to herself as she began going through her stack of papers.  Then he looked back at me and said, “Is it just me, or are those the same clothes she had on yesterday?”

I shrugged.  “I hadn’t noticed.”

Suddenly Theo started staring pointedly at my face, tilting his head slightly.  He looked back and forth between Zoe and me, and then pointed at her while looking at me wide-eyed.  “Did you tap that?”

“Not saying a word,” I said, continuing on to my office.

It wasn’t until I flopped down in my chair that fatigue from the sleepless night finally began to set in.  I went through a few sales figures and made a few phone calls, and then I must have dozed off.

The next thing I remember is suddenly jerking awake with the feeling of warm, wet suction in my crotch.  I looked down to see a mass of frizzled hair in my lap, before Zoe realized I was awake and looked up at me, smiling around her mouthful of my cock.

“Wow… you’re something.”

She giggled in her throat and continued fellating me.  She sucked me to completion, guzzling my spending down her throat and pumping my length with her hand to draw out every drop.

“You’re going to drain me to death before I’m 40,” I mused.

“There are worse ways to go,” she grinned.

“You’re pretty damn good at that.  And eager, too.”

She turned her head, looking introspective.  “My alpha used to force me to do that for him.  I’ve never had the chance to do it willingly until now.”

That actually impressed me.  I would’ve expected her to shy away from doing something that was once forced upon her, not willing to be reminded of the painful memories it brought up.  But she was braving her past, and finding the strength to let herself enjoy this.

I took her face in my hands, directing her to look at me, before I brought to me and kissed her.

I let her go back to her work after that.  I really should have gotten back to mine, but I had a little too much on my mind.  After I sat there contemplating things for about an hour or so, I made a decision, and I got up and walked to Theo’s office.

Theo was standing in front of Zoe’s desk, going over some reports with her when I walked in.  “Hey, Marco, my man, what’s up?”

“Theo,” I said, “I’d like to speak to you about Zoe.”

Both of them looked at me with curiosity.  “Why, what’s the problem?  Did she give you the wrong report again or something?”

I took a breath, and said, “I don’t think she should be your secretary anymore.”

Zoe looked completely devastated.  Theo just looked confused, looking back and forth between us again.  “Hey, come on, I know what I said yesterday, but I still want to give her a chance before I drop the ax, you know!”

I held up a hand to silence him.  “I want her to be

Zoe’s face brightened in an instant.  And suddenly she climbed up on her desk and
at me, throwing her arms around my neck and knocking me back into the wall, which I hit with a loud
.  Theo’s eyes were about to bug out of his head as he watched Zoe plant a wet kiss on my cheek, and then hurry to her desk to gather up her things.  “Goodbye Mr. Clarke,” she chimed, before prancing out the door.

Theo blinked several times, looking like he was trying to work out exactly what had just happened.  He staggered up to me, and in an almost whisper he asked, “Is she that good in the sack?”

I gave him a proud, conspiratorial grin.  “You have no idea.”

I left him standing there, gaping at the way the world had gone wacky on him.  When I got back to the door of my office, I could smell that she was already inside.  I opened the door, instantly notice the discarded clothes that lay on my sofa.  I didn’t see her immediately, even though I could smell her in the room.  “You couldn’t possibly…?” I said, shutting the door behind me.

As soon as the door was shut, the beautiful four-legged creature appeared from behind my desk, and whined at me.

“You know, at some point we probably should get some actual work done today,” I pointed out.

She gave me a very effective sad puppy look and a pleading whine.  I sighed, and locked the door.  I never could resist a she-wolf giving me that look.  When I started to strip, her tongue happily rolled out.  I undressed, got down on four paws, and we rushed meet each other, tumbling around the floor in a tangle of flying fur and loving bites.





I might as well have moved into Marco’s house for all the time I spent there after that.  After just one day we hardly spent any time apart from each other at all.  We shared the same office at work, and the same bed at night, though quite often we ended up sleeping outside, curled up together in the dirt.

True to our wolf natures, we rarely if ever wore clothes around the house.  Either we were humping like the wild animals we were, or we were lounging about in our birthday suits—whether that meant our skin or our fur.  We made good use of his pool and hot tub, as well as his private theater room, which I must say I was quite impressed by.  We burned through my whole collection of steamy movies on that thing, and a few more of his, usually while sharing martinis or champagne from the room’s private bar.

I soon realized I had opened a floodgate, because once I started allowing myself to become four-legged again I simply couldn’t get enough of it.  I began shifting form at every opportunity I could find.  Fortunately Marco’s house allowed plenty of room for me to run around, both inside and out.  When Marco and I weren’t having sex or doing other fairly human things, we spent plenty of time chasing each other’s tails, quite literally.






There eventually came a Saturday when I realized I hadn’t been back to my apartment in over two weeks.  I had spent so much time living at Marco’s house that I all but forgot that I even had a place of my own.  I decided I should drop by for a while, at least to collect some more of my clothes if I was going to continue spending as much time at Marco’s place as I was, and maybe throw out some of the food that had probably gone bad by now.  I had avoided having to wear the same clothes to work for a while because Marco had proven awfully generous about providing me new clothes out of his own wallet.  “A she-wolf like you deserves it,” he would say.  But I didn’t want to become a kept woman; after all, that’s what Lawson would’ve had me be.


The drive back to my apartment was occupied by thoughts of something I hadn’t found myself thinking of in what seemed like forever: the future.  The last time I had looked into the future was while I was still with my pack.  It had been right after Lawson told me he was going to make me his wife, and I saw what the rest of my life would be.  I was in for a lifetime of being kept in his den, of being forced to please him however he wanted, of being slapped around when I dared to do something for myself, of having to give him as many pups as he wanted and having no say in how they were raised.  When I looked into the future then was when I realized I had to get away.


Since then, the future had always seemed uncertain.  All I could ever focus on was the here and the now.  I was only ever concerned with staying a step ahead, always afraid of him sniffing out my trail.  All I ever knew of the future was what it would be if he ever found me.


Now… I never would have believed it before, but I was actually happy.  When I looked into the future now, for the first time I didn’t see a hazy road of more running and looking over my shoulder.  I saw something more than fear and uncertainty.  Instead, I saw the possibility of an actual
.  Living a life with Marco, after everything my life had looked like before, was everything I realized I wanted—

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