Seduced in New York (Sexy Spy Series, No. 1)

BOOK: Seduced in New York (Sexy Spy Series, No. 1)
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Seduced in
New York

Sexy Spy Series, No. 1


January 2014

All rights reserved, without limiting the rights under copyright reserved above, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form, or by any means
without the prior written permission of the copyright owner of this book. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, brands and incidents
are either
the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.

Full of steamy sex scenes and exhilarating action, this short story includes coarse language and is recommend for mature audiences only.

The sunlight streamed through the large windows of the penthouse suite and onto my face. Rubbing the sleep out of my bright, blue eyes, I opened them.

For a moment or
I wondered where in the world I was.
But then
it all came flooding back to me as I glanced across the bed and saw the sleeping figure next to me.

Kevin Lord was handsome, tall, and strong. He was all that a woman could want.
, in my line of business, you couldn’t have a boyfriend.

Sure, I hade made love to him just last night, but that was business.
I never mix business with pleasure. I admit that I did enjoy his strong arms as he felt me all over, but
another story.

I sat up and brushed my medium length, blonde hair out of my face. I was careful not to disturb Kevin for I knew what he would say to me if he were awake.
And now
was not the time for pleasure.

I quietly pulled back the bed sheets and placed my bare feet upon the newly decorated carpet. I glanced around the bedroom for my red panties and bra that I had bought almost one year ago.

I saw the edge of the red lacy material peeking out from below the bed. I reached down and picked up my panties. I raised my feet and put them on. Now, where was my bra? I glanced around and then I saw, to my surprise, that it was next to Kevin’s right arm.

Shit! I would have to go without my favorite bra. I could always buy another one, since money was no object, but they were special to me. They, along with the panties, were the lingerie that I had bought for my first day on the job. Like me, that had gone through
a lot of
things, mostly good, but sometimes bad. Being a spy had
a lot of
advantages, but there were also disadvantages.
one of them was that I didn't have any close friends. In fact, I
really have any friends. I
tell anyone about my real job.
Just the fake one.
The one where I worked at a shoe shop.

My bare feet hardly made a noise as I crept over to the sofa where my matching lacy nightgown lay. I put it on, noticing how soft it felt on my upper body since I
wearing a bra.

I glanced back at Kevin and was glad to see that he was still asleep. I made my way to the desk of drawers on the other side of the room and quietly went to open them.

I cursed softly to myself as I realized that they
were locked
. I glanced around the room, wondering where the key would be. I saw Kevin’s dark blue jeans that
were piled up on the floor beside his sleeping figure and decided to look there

I tiptoed over, being as quiet as I could. I then searched the pockets with both hands.
I had found a bunch of keys.

Holding them tight in my hand so that they
jingle around, I made my way back to the desk. This was going to be the tough part. Which key would fit? It was a lucky dip, so I choose at random.
No luck.
, luckily, the second key worked.

I opened the first drawer.
The second.
Frustrated, I almost yanked the third and final drawer out of the timber desk.

I smiled as I caught sight of a folded piece of paper. I picked it up, unfolded it, and took one look at it. I grinned. This was it. This single sheet of paper only had ten names on it, but those ten names would spell disaster for Sexy Spies Incorporated, the organization that I worked

Holding the piece of paper in my hand, I hurried over to my suitcase and opened it. Shuffling some clothes aside, I pushed aside a false flap and pulled out a folder. Flipping it open, I took out a piece of paper that also had ten names on it.

Luckily, before I went on this mission, Mr. Smith, who was my boss, had managed to give me a list of random people and printed out in the same format so that it looked exactly like the first list of names.

If Kevin had looked at the list of names before, and then did so again before he handed them over to his contact, he might recognize that a switch
had been made
. Actually, screw that. He would know that a switch
had been made

While he and I had our differences, both of us had worked hard to get to where we were.
, with his good looking body, he would have had an easier time than myself. Not that I had anything to complain about either, it
as though I was ugly.

A slight movement from the bed made me refocus
my attention. I needed to finish this and do it now. I placed the real list of names in the folder, put it behind the false flap, covered it with clothes, and closed the suitcase.

Now, holding the fake list of names, I made my way back to the desk. I folded the piece of paper as best I could, before I put it in the drawer. Pushing it shut, I tiptoed back to the jeans to put the keys back in the pocket.

I had just stood up after putting the keys back when Kevin stirred, coughed, and sat up. He
fail to see me standing near to him.

He smiled. He
suspect a thing. At least,
what I hoped.
you could never tell with people like him. He would have no problem stabbing me or anyone else for that matter in the back if he knew that he
had been betrayed
. After all, he hadn’t got to where he was by being the nice
, coz as we all know, nice guys finish last.

“Come to me, baby,” Kevin murmured, opening his arms wide.

I smiled back at him with the sweetest smile that I could muster. “I was just about to have a shower.”

“Don’t let me stop you,” he replied, a sly smile on his face.

I returned the smile, turned, and headed to the bathroom. I did need a shower, but this probably
the best place to have one. If Kevin
the man that I thought he was, he wouldn’t stay in bed for much longer.

As I turned on the hot and cold taps and felt the warm water on my arms, I heard footsteps outside. I
back out now, so I slid out of my nightgown, took off my panties, and slipped into the shower.

I leaned up against the showerhead and closed my eyes in an effort to calm my nerves. I knew I
be nervous after all the missions that I had been on, but this one was different. This was my twentieth mission and my most important one. If I
successful, I would be promoted.

I tried to replay the steps in my mind of what my escape plan would contain, but this went straight out of my head as soon as I heard the bathroom door open. I paused and listened.

A moment later the shower door slid open and Kevin’s handsome face peeked in. “Need some help in there, love?”

I opened my mouth to reply, but he
wait for an answer. He slid the door wide open and entered. He dropped the towel that was around him and stood there
buck naked

My mind was going a million miles an hour, but I put on a brave face and smiled. “Would you mind washing my back?”

Kevin nodded and, after grabbing the soap, used his muscular hands to spread the soapy substance all over my back. They were gentle but forceful at the same time. It felt relaxing. For a few minutes, I forgot where I was.

As he brushed the soap over my breasts, my nipples started to tingle.
, the longer that he continued going around and around in a circle, the firmer they became. He then dropped the soap and used his hands to fondle my breasts.

As he did so, he pressed his body against mine and started kissing my neck. Lost in the moment, I let him continue. After kissing my upper body all over, he kissed me on the lips. I tried to break away, but I
. His lips felt so good, too good in fact. I had kissed many, many people in my lifetime, woman included, but he was right up near the top of my list. They felt soft and inviting. Oh, and the way his tongue danced around my mouth, well, I was in heaven.

My mind was telling me one thing and my body another. I hesitated. A few moments more and I would be at the point of no return. I, like most people, had a desire to
be loved
and, even though it might be just for one day, one hour, or even one minute, there was a part of me that wanted me to kiss him back.

only had one serious boyfriend and that was ten years ago.
broken my heart and ever since then I had been wary of men.
what if Kevin was different?
What if he really did like me?

Suddenly, before I could make up my mind, I heard a loud banging.

Kevin kept on kissing
he couldn’t care less about the noise.
the noise distracted me. This was a good thing, however, since I was losing my inhibitions and losing myself to Kevin, and that
Not today.
Not on my most important mission.

I broke away from Kevin’s kisses and stared into his eyes. “I can’t concentrate with all that noise going on. Please answer the door.”

“Anything you wish, baby.” Kevin smiled, kissed me once more on the lips, turned, and left.

I waited until the bathroom door closed until I hopped out of the shower and quickly dried my body with one of the white towels that the hotel had kindly provided.

Slipping a bathrobe on, I quietly opened the door. I paused and listened. My hearing was usually exceptional, but this time I
hear a single thing.

I slid along the wall so I could get a look at whom Kevin was talking with. I peeked around the corner and spotted two powerful built men dressed in suits. I
see their eyes since they wore dark sunglasses, but the expressions on their faces were anything but friendly.

The men were showing Kevin a number of photos. Suddenly, Kevin turned toward me and I whipped my head back, praying that I had been quick enough. After a few seconds had passed by and no sound
was heard
, I peeked around the corner yet again.

I caught a glimpse of a semi automatic pistol tucked into the black belt of one of the men and I realized that it was time to move. There was a chance that they were just hotel security, but the thought that the photos that they were showing Kevin were of me made me act fast. I had been a spy long enough to trust my instinct and my gut was telling me that it was time to flee.
, was it just my imagination or had one of the men uttered the name Troy Hunter?

know, but I needed to escape.
how? The two men and Kevin stood between the door and me. I may be a spy, but
no superhero. The door was the only way I was going to get out. I had to surprise them somehow. I grimly smiled. There was one sure way of surprising men that had worked for me every time that I had tried it.

BOOK: Seduced in New York (Sexy Spy Series, No. 1)
7.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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