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Seduction at the Lake

BOOK: Seduction at the Lake

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Seduction at the Lake

By Misty Carrera

Chloe is on her first company retreat at her very first job. Her boss gives her nothing but trouble, until a storm comes up. Then, it seems, maybe he has a little something else for her.

This book contains sexual acts and naked body parts. It has lactation, licking, sucking and fucking. And it’s hot! You’ve been warned.

Seduction at the Lake

By Misty Carrera

Copyright 2012

All rights reserved

This is a work of erotic fiction. Any resemblance to individuals living or dead is unintentional and entirely coincidental.

“Haven’t you been listening? Faster, and steadier, and with a little rhythm, haven’t you got any rhythm Chloe?

I have more rhythm than he’ll ever have on his best night, he’s the one who is messing up the stroking.

I mean it sounded like such a good idea at the time, an Adirondack retreat with the office. A well appointed lodge, campfires, marshmallows, woodsmoke and coffee. What could go wrong?


Lance, my boss that’s what. And, by the way who does that to their kid, names them that, unless they’re on a soap opera? Actually, they might have known what they were doing, he is a bit smoldering. Brown eyes, expertly mussed black hair that curls at his neck. Alright, a lot smoldering. I might have had a little crush on him. Maybe. Thickly muscled arms. The rest, well I had never seen it but he sure worked out a lot so I imagined I could bounce a quarter off his abs. Or just bounce off them myself, either way. You know if he wasn’t busy giving me such a hard time about every damn thing. Today he is especially cranky. Usually I can manage him, show a little cleavage, do the work on time don’t lose his messages, and he stays out of my way.
So how bad could a little camping be?


I grabbed the sides of the kayak and slowly twisted to face him. He looked frazzled, his usually carefully gelled hair in wispy curls, his black horn rimmed glasses askew. I was used to seeing him more calm, cool and collected.

“You’re not doing this right”, he said, his eyes blazing. “I mean I know you’re just a kid, but get it together”

“I am. Wait. What? Look, we’re heading across the lake, see, we’re getting there, and I am not just a kid.”
Gah, so annoying. I mean I haven’t been a teenager for at least two years now!

He rolled his eyes “Tip your paddle more this way, make a scooping motion, see?” He demonstrated.

“Ok, whatever”, I sighed, and turned back around.

We paddled in silence for a few minutes. This really is nice, I thought. I mean, except for him. They day had potential. The sunlight glinting off the little waves, the water crisp and clear. Too bad I wasn’t sharing it with someone who didn’t find me so aggravating. I was sure I could feel his eyes boring through me. Which, um, well actually it made me tingle in ways I didn’t want to think about. I squirmed in my seat, shifting so my shorts didn’t cause any tingling. Nope. Definitely feeling his eyes on my back was doing it.

“Oh hell” Lance said.

I looked up and noticed what he had. Clouds gathering in the distance. Big, dark, menacing clouds. Where had that storm come from?

I looked around, we were still a long way from the other end of the lake, where we would meet up with the others.

“There” he pointed with his paddle. A small strip of rocky beach lay to our left. The storm was gathering fast, and we paddle scooped until we were within a few yards of the beach. The wind was picking up, and the little waves were becoming some serious chop.

“Hang on, I’ll get out and then drag this thing up.” He reached for my hand and pulled me to my feet, steadying the boat as I got out. “We’re gonna get soaked” he sighed as he glanced up at the angry looking sky. A bolt of lightning flashed in the distance, just to prove him right. I jumped, when the lightning flashed, and stumbled. He caught me and for a second held me close to steady me. I looked up, and he was looking down at me with those eyes. I was already getting wet, and it wasn’t the rain. His expression had changed and for a moment I caught my breath.

“Let’s look around” I said, shaking it off, and pulling away “see if we can find something that will give us a little shelter”. I stepped away from him and felt his hand slide across my back leaving a trail of sparks where he touched me.

He looked at me like I was nuts, the rocky outcropping we were standing on was narrow and came right up to the shore. Behind us though, off to the left, the land leveled a bit and there was room to walk. “I’ll be right back” I yelled above the wind. I had to get away and get ahold of myself anyway. He’s the boss, Chloe, he’s the boss, I repeated to myself. He is older than you, he doesn’t like you very much and it could be a while until the storm passes. Control yourself girl.

He busied himself with securing the kayak, stowing the paddles, and removing our small cooler and our backpacks.

I walked back along the grassy edge where the land leveled off and as I edged along, I spotted an inlet, and alongside it, well back from the edge was a small Adirondack style lean-to. Just three sides, but it was some kind of shelter.

I spun on my heel and dashed back to where Lance was scanning the sky. Big rain drops were splatting down, “come on” I yelled, and grabbed his hand. The warmth of his skin against my palm sent a tingle up my arm, that I ignored. “Let’s go” I said as the sky opened up and suddenly sheets of rain were coming down on us.

We squished through the muddy trail to the lean to, and we stepped inside. Slipping off my muddy sandals, I looked down and assessed the damage. Soaked, I was soaked to the skin. I looked at him, he was too. His shirt stuck to him like a second skin. I was right about the bouncy abdomen thing. Wow. His muscled arms were outlined in detail. I glanced up at his face, his brow was creased in worry. His hair was soaked, plastered to his skin, and running down his face were tiny rivulets of water. Before I could think I reached up and wiped away a drop before it ran into his eye. He flinched for a second, then looked down at me. His eyes traveled down my shirt, and I realized my shirt looked like a second skin on me too. In the chill my nipples had hardened, and I thought I heard him catch his breath as he glanced at my breasts. Quickly he looked away.

“Well” he started, but his thought was interrupted by a crack of thunder so loud I shrieked and jumped again. “Whoa there” he said and caught me one more time as I stumbled forward. His hands gripped my sides, and lingered for a minute longer than was maybe necessary.

“Sorry, that was close.” I looked around outside, “sounded like it hit something nearby”.

The lean-to had a bench of sorts in back. Lance put our belongings on it and opened his backpack. He rummaged around and pulled out two large fleecy blankets. He handed me one, and took the other.

Here, get out of those wet things, and wrap this around you, he said, turning around to give me some privacy. Which wasn’t really necessary as he had already seen most everything through my wet clothing. I stripped down to my panties, and wrapped myself in the cozy fleece.

“Okay”, I said. And he turned around. “What about you? You wrap up too.”

“Nah, I’m fine” he said, but pulled the blanket tighter.

“Here”, I stepped forward, “really, take this off, it’s soaking” I touched the hem of his shirt for emphasis. He took my hand and held it for a moment, then dropped it. He reached down and grasped his shirt with both hands, letting the blanket fall to the floor. I bent and grabbed it before it got wet. When I stood I was face to chest with him. Reflexively I reached out and touched him, and I could feel the electricity running between us. As I looked up he cupped my chin and looked into my eyes.

“What are you doing to me?” he whispered. I froze, staring into his eyes, and wondering what the hell was happening.

Suddenly he kissed me, and as he did he pulled me closer. I looked up and we kissed again, tongues entwined, the warmth of them playing against our cold lips. I slid my hands around his back and reaching up wrapped his blanket back around him.

For a moment we just stood there.

“How about those jeans?” I whispered, those should come off too, they’re soaked. I ran my fingers along the top edge of them as I talked, pausing at the snap. He groaned, and pushed me back.

“This is so wrong, we can’t do this!”

“What, why?”

“You work for me, you’re a kid, you know we can’t do this!”

“I won’t tell” I said as I reached for him, “and I’m over 18, I’m not a kid!”

“I’ve wanted this since I first saw you, you know?” he sighed.

“Is that why you’re always such a jerk to me?”

“No, well yes. Hey, wait!” he whirled around “I’m not a jerk!”

“No, no you’re not. It’s just you’re not always nice to me”

He turned and said “it’s just that I want you, that’s it, and I know I can’t have you, but, yeah…” he growled “I want you”

I had been clasping the blanket to me to ward off the chill, but as he turned I let it drop, sliding over my breasts and down to the floor. “Then come take me” I said.

He groaned and stepped toward me, reaching out to stroke my chin with his thumb. He put both hands on my shoulders and slid them down my arms. He dropped my hands, and reaching up placed the flats of his palms on my erect nipples. As he did I reached for his jeans, again, and rubbed his straining cock through the wet fabric.
He groaned and pulled me in for another kiss. I reached up and ran my fingers through his still damp hair. He pinched my nipples as we kissed and I arched my back into him.

I dropped to my knees and tugged down his still wet pants. He steadied himself by putting his hand on my head and, as long as I was there, I reached out and licked the tip of his cock with my tongue. He was wider than the only other cock I’d ever seen. My boyfriend and I had gotten naked together a couple of times. Lance’s was warm to the touch, but the skin was soft and taut.
The pre-cum tasted salty and I slid my tongue around the top and down toward his balls. I ran my tongue back up and along the slit at the top. He felt so hard it seemed as though he would burst, and as I opened my mouth wider to suck him all in, I glanced up and caught his eye. As I took his cock deeper into my mouth I kept my eyes on his, watching them get wider as I swallowed and reached up to massage his balls.

“Jesus, baby, take it easy, I don’t want to cum yet” he breathed, and tried to pull me to my feet. Greedily I continued to suck, moving my mouth up and down on his rod, curving my lips around my teeth and moving faster and faster as I looked into his eyes. He wrapped my hair around his hands and began to thrust in and out. I gagged a bit, and turned my head to the side to let his cock slide against my cheek, then took it down my throat again. I tried swallowing with him in there, and his groans made me realize it was worth the trouble. I reached up with one hand and cupped his balls. His hair down there was silky, not wiry like I expected. I ran m finger along the fold between his balls and his butt hole and his legs began to quiver. I opened my mouth and slid his cock out. Squirming in closer I pushed my head between his legs and took his balls into my mouth. He shivered and started to moan. I licked and sucked them for all I was worth, taking them gently into my mouth, then letting them slide out. Meanwhile with my fist I stroked his cock. I could feel it getting harder and thicker, the skin was like velvet but his harness underneath was like granite. His balls were getting tighter and tighter.

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