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“Don’t worry, Lex. I’ll keep an eye on them.” Jez snickered when Arys playfully nudged her with an elbow.

Willow held out a hand. In the other was a tequila shot. “Address? If we don’t hear from you in an hour I’m dropping in to check on you.”

“Thanks, Willow. You’re the best.” I tucked the Doghead card with the address into his waiting palm after taking one more look at it. Then I turned to Jenner and shrugged. “Let’s go kill a government informant.”


* * * *


I wasn’t sure what I’d been expecting when we pulled up to the address Dayne had given me. It was a warehouse, some kind of storage facility or shipping yard from the looks of it.

“I don’t know why, but for some reason I was expecting his home address,” I said, studying the surroundings.

Jenner and I sat in the Charger, watching and waiting for something amiss. The place was deserted, leading me to question whether or not it was abandoned. It seemed like a good private place to pull off something like this. It also seemed like a great way to mislead someone.

“That would be too easy,” Jenner observed. “And too high risk. The last thing you need is a neighbor witnessing something they shouldn’t. Unless you’re willing to kill them too.”

I most certainly was not interested in living out that scenario. The creepy warehouse would have to do.

“I’m going to go take a look around. Can I trust you to have my back?” I met his frozen gaze, seeking a spark of truth. Jenner might be Arys’s brother, but he didn’t like me, with good reason. I wasn’t entirely convinced I could trust him.

“That’s what I’m here for, isn’t it?” A chuckle shook him. “I wouldn’t trust me either if I were you, but I’ve already proven that I came to help out a brother. Give me a little credit.”

“No, you proved that you wouldn’t stand by while Arys killed me before it was time. That doesn’t mean you won’t take a shot at it yourself.”

He held my gaze. It made me want to squirm, but I managed to sit still. The familiar energy he exuded was comforting, seeking to draw me in. I shielded hard against it.

“True,” he admitted with a nod of his dark head. “I guess there’s only one way to find out. And that’s by trusting me.”

“After the shit you pulled in Vegas, that’s not likely to happen. Just don’t fuck me over, or I’ll have to kill you. And I really don’t want to explain that to Arys. He didn’t take it so well with Harley.” Throwing Harley’s death in Jenner’s face was low. Still, he needed to be reminded of whom he was dealing with.

A glare made his face ugly and hostile. “Go. I’ll have your back.”

I wanted to say something to smooth over the mess I’d just made of the conversation. I opened my mouth but nothing came out. There was no friendly medium here.

Instead of trying to make friends with a vampire who hated me, I got out of the car and quietly closed the door. I reached out mentally to feel for anyone in the vicinity. Owen’s wolf energy was distant but close enough to be felt. There was another wolf here too. Closer. It had to be my target.

For just a moment I reconsidered. Only the promise of a Doghead alliance kept my feet moving. Silent and stealthy, I crept around the perimeter of the large empty yard.

Coming to the conclusion that my target was inside, I made my way toward a back entry. Dayne must have sent him here. Could he possibly know why?

My senses were lively, taking in metaphysical information at a radical speed. I knew when Jenner had left the car and made his way along the path I’d walked. Owen was still distant, as he’d promised, though I was sure he’d come close enough to survey the place.

There was a squeal of metal as I inched open the back door. So much for approaching on the sly. No matter. He would smell me coming eventually.

The warehouse definitely was abandoned. It stunk to high heaven of mildew and something greasy, possibly rotten. It must have housed food products at some point. Gross.

I came through a small back room that led to the main area. It was wide open with a high ceiling and one dim light burning overhead. I came to an abrupt halt when the werewolf caught my scent and spun to face me from where he stood near the main door.

Shock registered on Stuart’s face. I almost wished I didn’t know his name. Too many personal details made this kind of thing a whole lot harder.

“He sent you? The hybrid?” The first words out of his mouth were followed by a few expletives. “I’m not even good enough for Owen? Ok, I see how it is.”

“Let’s not make this a discussion,” I said, sliding the Dragon Claw from its sheath as I crossed the large room. “I’m here to earn an alliance, and you’re here because you broke one.”

“I didn’t though. Really. The FPA thought they were getting some good shit from me, but I didn’t give them anything they could use. I swear it.” Stuart was frightened, a poor trait in any werewolf. He swiped a hand across his sweaty brow before pushing it through his thinning hair.

“Don’t waste your energy talking. The bottom line is that you spoke to the FPA. That is an absolute no-no among our kind. It makes you a traitor. We all know what happens to traitors.”

The wolf rose up behind his eyes. Perhaps he would fight after all. I wouldn’t feel too great about killing him if he cried the whole time.

“I’m not a traitor,” he insisted. The stink of a lie rolled off him. He knew damn well what he was. Good. That made this easier.

“You are, and we both know it. You’ve endangered children because of what you’ve done.”

He didn’t deny it. Shaking his head vigorously, he backed himself up against the front door as I approached. His fingernails lengthened into claws, and his eyes were solid wolf.

I rushed forward, hoping to land a killing blow before he could shift. I swung the Dragon Claw, aiming for a neck wound, but it sliced through air. Stuart dropped down in time to escape my assault. Seconds later he was a big brown wolf shaking free of tattered clothing. Fangs bared, he lunged at me with a snarl. I swung the dagger again, using it to keep him at bay. He snarled and snapped, unable to get close enough to attack.

With my free hand I hurled a slap of power at him, taking him down with a yelp. He struggled to his feet, but I was there with another blast. I held him pinned with a stream of energy heavy enough to take down a much larger animal.

Stuart struggled to break free. Twitching and flailing on the floor, he never ceased the growl that echoed in the vast, empty building.

I lifted the dagger, prepared to bring it down in one strong swoop. In his desperation Stuart twisted around and bit wildly at nothing.

Then he got lucky.

Fangs sunk into my ankle, and I shrieked. Before he could crush the bone, I kicked him hard in the face with my other foot. I followed up with the dagger, stabbing it downward, seeking any part of him I could hit. It pierced the flesh of his flank, and he released me.

The pain was excruciating. A werewolf bite was deadly, always meant to inflict as much damage as possible. Having no time to examine the wound, I swung again. This time the Dragon Claw founds its mark. It plunged deep into Stuart’s chest. I jerked it free and prepared for another blow, but he fell face first into the hard concrete floor and didn’t get up.

“That was impressive.” Jenner’s voice broke me out of the moment. He stood inside the main entry, watching with arms crossed. “Much faster than I’d expected.”

“Ditto.” I sat heavily on the floor and pulled up my pant leg. “Fucker bit me though.”

“So? You heal fast.”

“Not as fast as you. Not yet anyway. It friggin’ hurts.”

The bite was deep. All four fangs had punctured my ankle. Blood oozed from the wounds, staining my hands as I applied pressure to it.

Jenner made a noise, something between a gasp and a curse. I jerked my head up to find him watching me with blatant hunger.
Oh shit.
Bleeding in front of any vampire was dangerous, but bleeding in front of one who had tasted my blood and now belonged to me because of it, that was just downright careless.

“Jenner?” Uncertainty showed in my tone. I didn’t know him well enough to know how he’d handle this.

“Why the hell did you have to let him do that?” Pushing away from the door, he moved toward me with a predatory gait. His pupils were huge, a deep, drowning black.

“Back off,” I warned, a hand raised with a ready psi ball. “Don’t make me take you down.”

Jenner paused. His control was strong. It had to be. He was of our bloodline. At least, that’s what I told myself as I struggled to get up.

The bite throbbed in time with my heartbeat. It would heal within a day or two naturally. Even faster if Arys healed it. I willed the bleeding to stop.

“I’ve dreamed of tasting you many times since you left Vegas.” His sudden confession stunned me. “That’s what happens when you enslave a vampire. They never stop craving you.”

“Nobody is enslaved,” I insisted, sliding the dagger back into its sheath. Killing Jenner was just not an option, even if he rushed me. “You’re all so easily influenced by the power. It’s an illusion.”

His laughter echoed. “Illusion is it? Is it an illusion when you crave the touch of your forbidden lover? Certainly not. Is it illusion when a victim begs you for more? No. It is a very real, very undeniable desire.” He continued to press closer, stopping only when he stood within arms’ reach. “Our power is meant to enslave our victims. To make them ours in every way. Unfortunately, some of us are powerful enough to use that gift on each other. Lucky you.”

“Yes, lucky me.” I limped toward the door, keeping my distance as I passed him. “Come on; let’s get out of here.”

Jenner caught my arm before I saw him move. He brought my wrist to his mouth and boldly ran his tongue along the veins there.

“Don’t even think about it,” I murmured as apprehension flooded me.

“Too late. Would just a taste be so wrong? It would make being around you a hell of a lot easier.” Despite his actions, he was still himself. Jenner’s control was far better than Kale’s, and for that I was grateful.

Instinct demanded that I slap him with a blast hard enough to toss him across the room. Experience had taught me remaining calm was safer.

“I knew I couldn’t trust you. You should be helping me to the car not taking advantage of my injury.” I focused on keeping my energy calm. Reacting to him was not an option, but hot damn was the touch of his tongue ever sensual.

“I won’t do it without permission,” Jenner spoke against my skin. “But I am asking.”

Even as his words said one thing, his touch conveyed another. It was manipulative, enthralling, so much like what Arys and I commanded, only with a different flavor. I shuddered against the pull. This manipulative power was both my strength and my weakness. As they say, power doesn’t come without a price.

“No,” I managed to say though my voice wavered. “I’m telling you no. So stop the hypnotic incubus shit right now.”

“Nice to know I haven’t lost my touch,” he said with a devious laugh. “If I can get under your skin, I must be doing something right.”

To Jenner’s credit, he did pull away from the pulse beating in my wrist. Though much like his brother, he was reluctant to so readily accept defeat. Catching me completely off guard, he sucked my bloody pinky finger into his mouth.

My breath caught, and I watched with wide-eyed wonder as he gently sucked the blood from my flesh. I trembled as the power swirled around us, capturing us in the eye of the growing tornado. I would never stop being amazed by what the vampires in our bloodline could do. It took great effort to pull my hand away.

“I apologize, my queen,” he said emphasizing the word “queen” as if it were an inside joke we shared. “You ordered me to touch you once. I can’t help but recall that night and feel cheated that I never got to fulfill that command.”

“Yeah, well I’m not as much of a bed hopping vamp as you are. I prefer to sleep only with those I love. Besides, Arys would kick your ass.” I shoved him away and limped for the exit.

Something stopped me in my tracks, and it wasn’t Jenner this time. My senses burned. There were other vampires near.

“Not yet you aren’t. Give it a few more decades,” he quipped. “You’re right though. Arys is not the forgiving type when it comes to you.”

“Do you feel that?” I asked, slapping his arm to get his attention.

Jenner grew quiet, and I felt it when he reached out to appraise our environment. “I don’t think we’re alone here anymore.”

“Vampires,” I breathed. “A lot of them.”

“These aren’t friends of yours I take it?”

“Sneaking up on me while I’m conveniently trapped in a warehouse? Not likely.” I didn’t doubt this had something to do with the rebel vampires Kale had dealt with. This must be their answer to the open message I’d issued.

Jenner took the lead, hesitating for a moment at the door. “Let’s try to get to the car. If we don’t make it, we fight.”

“Right.” I nodded, but my stomach turned. A fair fight I could handle. A gang beating was nobody’s friend. I’d only survived the last one because of Willow.

I followed Jenner outside, my hand ready on the hilt of the Dragon Claw. At first the warehouse yard appeared empty. Looks were deceiving. They were close. I could feel them.

One by one they emerged from the darkness. I stopped counting at twenty. At least a dozen stood between us and the car. And really, fleeing would only encourage their behavior. It would do nothing to enforce the role I claimed.

A shock of pain stabbed through my leg. They would smell the bite and know I was injured. We would definitely have to fight.

Jenner and I stood back to back, watching the circle of vampires form around us. We were surrounded.


Chapter Eighteen



None of the vampires were well known to me. I found some relief in that. It promptly died when I saw that they had Owen. He hung between two of them, having been beaten into submission.

Blood trickled from his nose and mouth. Still, he glared fiercely at the two holding him. Admirable. I couldn’t help but worry that Dayne would blame me for this. I could not let Owen die here tonight.

BOOK: September Moon
9.44Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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