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Authors: K. T. Fisher,Ava Manello

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Severed Angel

BOOK: Severed Angel
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Severed Angel

Severed MC Book One


K.T. Fisher


Ava Manello

K.T. Fisher and Ava Manello
Severed Angel
© 2014, K.T. Fisher and Ava Manello

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To Diane, our third musketeer, who shares our passion for books, is our BFF across the pond, and keeps us sane on days when it's all going wrong. We love you girl.

To Elle, our adopted Australian mother, who showed us the path to follow, we're indebted to you.

Chapter One


[Sitting in the hire car I breathe a sigh of relief. Thank God I'm finally in Australia. I've spent the last twenty hours sitting on a plane next to a man who would rather stare at my breasts during the flight than talk to his newly-wed wife. It was exhausting. I managed to sleep through most of it, or caught up on some much needed reading, but right now I really need a shower and a bed.

I knew I wanted the silver convertible as soon as I saw it out front at the rental office. What can I say? I've always lusted after one. Apparently, according to the chubby salesman, it's a Holden Astra convertible, I don't care what it's called, it looks just perfect. He wanted me to hire a Sat Nav but I declined, Teresa sent me directions that I printed off so there's no point. How hard can it be to follow directions anyway? They seem pretty simple to me.

I turn on the radio and start out on the last leg of my journey, smiling to myself at the thought of getting
closer to my best friend whom I've really missed. Teresa and I grew up together back home in the UK. When her mother died of cancer her dad wanted to move back to his home country, Australia. Understandable, but that meant that at 18 I was left practically on my own. I've always been a bit of a loner and Teresa has been my best friend since we met at nursery school, her dad Elvis is the closest thing to a father I know. Elvis isn't his real name, it's the nickname his biker club gave him when he first joined them years before he met Teresa's mum on a trip to the UK. My mother wasn't the best growing up, and she's never really been much of a mum to me, but I'm lucky she's a pretty awesome grandma to my daughter Elizabeth.

Teresa and I have kept in touch via Skype since she left six years ago, but it's not the same, especially when my ex, the fucking douche-bag, never liked her and made it pretty obvious, making finding time to talk to her awkward, especially when she was awake while I was sleeping and vice versa.

This trip couldn't have come at a better time. A couple of weeks ago douche-bag packed his shit and left, leaving me a single mum to our beautiful two year old daughter. His reason, he claimed, was that he found me boring and frigid. He was the one who stopped me from doing the things I enjoyed, he never wanted to go out together, and was so fucking controlling I actually thought of suffocating him in his sleep. No lie. Plus he was shit in bed, no wonder he thought I was frigid, I doubt he even knew my clit existed. I honestly don't know why I put up with his crap for so long. Probably because of Elizabeth, but then when he left he said he'd never wanted to be a father and still doesn't. That proves how much of a dick he is. Elizabeth and I are better off without him.

I haven't flown all this way because I've been dumped, I don't give a shit about that. I'm here because my life-long best friend is getting married and I'm her Maid of
Honor. I'm so freaking excited, yet I'm sad that my baby couldn't be here to see auntie Tess look like a princess as she walks down the aisle; it would have been too long a flight for her. Besides douche-bag emptied all my savings before he left, meaning I couldn't afford the extra ticket. I'm lucky that Teresa has paid for my ticket as it is, and that my mum is happy to look after Elizabeth, allowing me a full month with my friend.

I haven't met Bill, her soon to be husband, but I have seen some pictures and from what I can see, Teresa is one lucky lady. Bill is hot and I mean really hot, covered in tattoos and leather. I'm a little nervous about meeting him, he's in the same biker club as Elvis. They're called Severed MC, named after the small Australian town I'm heading for. I've never been around a motorcycle club before, but I've read all about them on my Kindle. So because Bill's biker name is Prez I know he is the club president. Thankfully, I'm not going to be around the clubhouse, I'm staying at Teresa and Bill's place away from the compound.

I pull out the crumpled piece of paper from the back pocket of my jeans and lay it on my lap. Teresa sent me strict directions to follow, she was really insistent about it for some reason, I'm not allowed to go exploring without her. Like that's going to happen. I can get lost in my home town, so I'm not about to get lost in a strange country. There was one rule of hers I wasn't following though and that was her request for me to stay in a bed and breakfast tonight. She told me to rest and she, Bill and Elvis would come and collect me in the morning. I'm not going to do that, as much as I want a shower and a bed right now, I'm too eager to see her so I drive right past. There's a little map on the directions she sent me, so I should be fine.

I laugh to myself when I hear the song on the radio, it's one of my
favorites, I turn it up and sing along off tune, it's The Proclaimers
. It's kind of fitting right now.


I turn the volume back down when the song finishes. That was so much fun, it's the kind of stupid thing I used to do with Teresa.

I see a right turn coming up, but I don't see any road signs to tell me which way Severed is, I glance down at the map on my lap and find it's gone. Shit! I look around as best I can whilst still driving but I come up empty. I pull over to the side of the desert road to have a better look, but still nothing. "Fuck!" I scream into the silence. Of course a piece of paper is going to fly away while I'm driving a convertible. So stupid.

I lean my head on the steering wheel in frustration and, after a couple of minutes of feeling sorry for myself, I fish out my phone from my bag to call Teresa. All I get is the dial tone so I try again, but she doesn't answer. What the fuck do I do? I should have listened and stayed at the bed and breakfast. It's getting dark and I'm scared I'll be worse off if I try and remember the way I came.

I stare at the road in front of me, do I go straight or turn right? Shall I risk it or do I stay here?

Fuck it, I'm going to risk going straight ahead, but before I do, I try Teresa one more time. No answer, so I leave her a voice mail. "Hey Tess, I'm here. I didn't stay at the bed and breakfast though, I was so desperate to see you I carried on driving, but the directions with the map you sent flew out the window while I was driving and now I'm lost. Before you say anything, I know I'm a fucking idiot. So now I'm faced with a turn, straight or right? I've chosen to drive straight, so fingers crossed I'll be with you soon. Ring me as soon as possible."

I take a deep breath and drive, hoping that I'm doing the right thing. I have to keep driving, I don't want to sit here alone in my car while it gets dark outside, in the middle of nowhere. I drive more slowly this time and notice my surroundings, there's not much around
here, but it sure is beautiful. I drive for another half hour before I see a little building in front. As I get closer I can see it's a small convenience store, it looks a little run down and rustic, but fits in well around here. I'm really thirsty, so I decide to run in for a drink and ask for directions. I pull out my phone and leave Teresa yet another voice mail, letting her know where I am and that I'm going inside to ask for directions.

Grabbing my bag I lock up the car, not that there's anyone in sight to steal it, and take a deep breath before I enter the store. I don't know why I feel so nervous, what could happen to make the situation any worse than it is right now?

I check my phone to see if Teresa has at least left me a text message, but all I see is a black screen. Just great. My phone has died on me, that's just fucking perfect.

Slowly pushing open the shop's door and entering, I immediately feel cooler from the air con. It's so hot outside, I'm tempted to stay in here until I hear from Teresa. Maybe I should, now that my phone has died, and I told her I was here in my last message.

I can't see anyone behind the counter or walking around the aisles, maybe they're on their break. I browse the items while I wait for them to return, picking out some snacks and drinks, dropping them on the counter ready to pay. I suddenly hear loud male voices, they sound like they're coming from the back room of the store. Curiosity gets the better of me and I start to drift to the slightly parted door where the shouting is coming from. I peek though the gap as quietly as I can and see three men wearing leather vests. They have their backs facing me so I can see the words Carnal MC written on the back. These guys aren't part of Teresa's old man's club and I'm getting a vibe that this situation isn't a good one. The three men are looking down on a man, head bowed and kneeling in front of them, he looks petrified, and the longer I watch I can see he's in pain. It's dark in there, but I can see puddles of blood on the floor. What the fuck have I walked in on?

The man on the floor is begging for another chance, something about being sorry for not paying his protection money, and he keeps on repeating how sorry he is. The biker standing in the middle of the group shakes his head, slowly, and the beaten man on the floor widens his eyes in terror. "You've had
enough chances Frank. You know my Prez, Scalp, right?" The man named Frank quickly nods his head. "Well he said either you pay or your wife and kids do, so which is it Frank?"

Frank starts to cry. "Please don't hurt them Satan, this is my problem, leave them out of it."

"Well that was easy Frank." Without another thought I see the man named Satan, although I'm sure that's not his actual name, lift his right arm. A loud bang fills the store, making me jump. The back of Frank's head is covered in blood and he falls face first onto the floor, right at the biker's feet. One of the bikers turns around and spots me, I gasp causing the other two to turn and see me also. I slowly back up, I need to get out of here. What a brilliant idea it was to come in here - not. I should have fucking stayed where I was half an hour ago.

My back hits something solid, I really don't want to look over my shoulder because I have a terrible feeling I know what's behind me. Turning my head anyway, I scream when I see the huge hairy biker standing there. He looks terrifying and I start to run away but he captures me in his arms. "Not so fast."
He holds me tight against him, I'm pretty certain I can feel his erection digging in my back. Eeeww. "Pretty little thing ain't you girl?" I struggle, trying to get out of his arms. "Let me go. Please."

Big hairy biker laughs behind me. "You hearing her Satan? Posh little bitch here wants to go."

Posh? I'm not fucking posh.

The other three walk through the door to stand facing me. They're all attractive but the one called Satan is the better looking one, he'd look even hotter if he didn't look so scary and have a permanent scowl. These bikers are not good guys at all. "Why are you here?" Satan growls at me.

"I-I just wanted a drink."

He cruelly smirks. "Get on your knees and I can personally give you a drink." I silently gag. "No thanks."

They all laugh, the man holding me pushes his erection into my back. Satan takes a step closer and looks me up and down. "You sound British, what are you doing here?" I don't want to answer him so I clench my jaw. He takes another step forward and slaps me across the face. It's so hard my head snaps to the side and I cry out, it burns and brings tears to my eyes. "Answer me bitch."

"To see a friend."

"Well, who has a pretty little girl like you as a friend?"

I don't want to tell them Teresa's name. Satan's eyes wander over me some more, lingering on my breasts. The biker behind me squeezes me harder, reminding me to answer. "Just an old friend."

Satan wraps his hand around my throat and squeezes, making it hard to breathe. "I want names."

"Severed." I answer, my voice sounding strained. I didn't want to say Teresa or Bill's names, so I said where I was going.

His eyes widen a little and he grabs me, throwing me to the floor. "She's a Severed bitch."

I raise my eyes and see four guns pointing down at me. I look into the barrel of Satan's gun, my life's about to end and I don't experience the flashback people talk about. I think about my beautiful daughter, her cute little face and the way her eyes
light up when she smiles at me.
Mummy loves you Elizabeth
, I say to her in my thoughts. A lone tear slides down my cheek as I realize I'm never going to see her again, and I close my eyes.

The rumbling of bikes stops Satan advancing on me and my eyes snap open to see the bikers have lowered their guns. "Fuck it's them, leave now." They all run out of the back door. That explains why I didn't see their bikes when I arrived. Satan gives me one last glare before leaving. "I'll see you next time bitch."

I begin to shake, sitting there alone on the floor. In a state of shock I slowly stand, I really thought I was going to die.

Movement outside the shop windows catches my attention and my eyes widen at the sight of more bikers, the door opens and I see Satan walk back in. I need to escape, quickly turning and running for the room where Frank lays dead on the floor. Shit what am I going to do? Where am I going to go? They've obviously thought better of leaving me alive, they're coming back to kill me. "You alright babe

I turn to see Satan standing in the doorway, I want to run away but my head starts to spin and I scream out as blackness takes over.

BOOK: Severed Angel
10.71Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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