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Shadow of the Sun

BOOK: Shadow of the Sun
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Shadow of the Sun

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Shadow of the Sun (Timeless, #1)

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Laura Kreitzer has created a world rich with history and intrigue. Just when you think you have figured it out, she throws you for another loop and you are no longer operating in the same reality you thought existed for the story. This is an intriguing start to what promises to be a captivating book series.”

Fictionista Workshop


The angels in this story were exceptional. These characters were a breath of fresh air because they were so different and spectacular to experience. The chemistry between Gabriella and Andrew was intense and definitely is a romance to remember.”

Open Book Society on Shadow of the Sun


I was counting the pages to the end, not because it was boring, but because I wanted to know how it ended and what plot twist Laura Kreitzer was planning. Her characters are strong and know what they want and how to get to it. That determination is great. It makes the characters come alive, it made them feel. This isn’t like the other supernatural books out there. I thoroughly enjoyed this book from page one.”

The Guide to Good Books


As someone who loves character studies and values connecting with characters in a story – sometimes more than the plot itself, the way Laura Kreitzer develops her characters was stunning. The friendship between Joseph and Gabriella is phenomenal – it’s humourous, it’s loving, loyal and intimate – but they have a very defined line that they don’t cross, and they both respect each other.” –
Open Book Society on Soul Stalker


Laura Kreitzer has a special gift. She not only creates characters you’ll fall in love with, she weaves a wonderful tale full of suspense, romance and beautiful description.” –
Lisa Sanchez, Author of Eve of Samhain























(February 2012)











This is for you, Mom and Dad.

Thank you for believing in me.











An angel can illume the thought and mind of

man by strengthening the power of vision, and by

bringing within his reach some truth which

the angel himself contemplates.


St Thomas Aquinas



It’s too late
. The reality of those words echoed in my head. I knelt beside the angel.
There was no puddle of golden blood, no marks—just a lifeless body. In that moment I realized I’d never be able to speak to my beloved angel again.

The ground shook beneath us as a dark shadow loomed overhead. My protector tensed for action as the Earth rumbled again.

It’s him,” I whimpered. “Aiden. Just like he promised.”

This was my fault. If the angels were killed, I would die too. Surely there were no other Guardians left for me. This would be the end. Darkness closed in on the edges where only the headlights of the limo illuminated the vicinity. Fire sprang up and ringed around us, and the rain seemed only to intensify the raging flames that licked at the air.

Only one Guardian?” a vicious voice said mirthfully. “It’s so easy to pick you off one by one.”

The encompassing fire crackled and flickered into an ominous red as a shape appeared before us. Fire shot from the palm of the dark creature. My Guardian ducked, and the fireball hit a branch above us. The branch clattered down, and then, as a new darkness consumed me, I knew I was finished.



Ella? Hello?” A hand waved furiously in front of my face. “Ella? Are you in there?” The annoying wasp lowered her voice to a whisper. “I always thought you got here by sleeping.”

Just another one of Sally’s nasty innuendos she’d mutter under her breath barely loud enough to hear. I stared at my aggravating redhead assistant through narrowed eyes. Her hand continued to flap in front of me.

I inhaled deeply. “Sally, would you stop that?” My voice was like ice. “I haven’t even had my coffee yet. And don’t call me Ella. It’s Gabriella. And really, you should call me Doctor Moretti.”

She glared at me as she pointed to the coffee mug on my wood desk, ignoring my name tirade.

Oh,” I answered, feeling idiotic.

My eyes shot to the missing coaster. I reached over my desk to place one underneath the mug, which was misshapen and had a picture of a rainbow painted on it. My niece, Jules, who loved to draw me pictures and sculpt pottery, made it. She was five and very sweet. My sister, Jenna, had brought her over to visit the other day. I missed them both. We never saw enough of each other.

I blew gently over the surface of the liquid, and it rippled under my breath. I took a sip. Room temperature. I gulped it down as my assistant stared at me in anticipation, a smug look eclipsing her features.

It’s cold,” I said irritably. This wasn’t the day for her to pull her usual crap. It wouldn’t surprise me if she didn’t put it in the fridge before bringing it to me.

Well,” she said, straightening her back importantly, “you’ve been daydreaming at your desk for over an hour.”

It was obvious by the expression on her face that she was unquestionably envious of my job, but some days I would gladly give my position to someone else. My occupation could be stressful, and the long nights were overwhelmingly exhaustive. Not many people understood my profession, and I didn’t expect anything less. Even my assistant was oblivious to the secrets below me—the secrets that weighed heavily on my shoulders.

I wasn’t daydreaming,” I insisted, staring at her shirt, which was an eye-watering color of green. Absently, I continued speaking. “I was thinking about my new discovery—” I cut myself off, realizing I had almost told a very top-secret piece of information to someone with much lower security clearance than myself. I desperately needed sleep; my brain just wasn’t functioning under all this stress.

BOOK: Shadow of the Sun
9.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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