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Chapter 5


Anne pulled off the highway onto the isolated tree-laden driveway. The black scarf tied around the mailbox left no doubt she had found Evan’s ranch. The scarf did not obscure the lettering on the mailbox that proclaimed it as the property of one E. Jamison. The drive had been uneventful. Although thunder storms had been predicted and worrisome clouds could be seen in the distance, Mother Nature had behaved herself. No close encounters with deer or other wildlife.

You can still turn around and head back to Denver

She’d been telling herself that the entire two hours of the drive. Anne took a deep breath.

She crept up the driveway in her little VW bug, parking it next to Evan’s truck.

Her knees wobbled a bit as she walked up the porch steps and knocked on his door. Eight o’clock on the dot. She was on time. She fluffed her hair and smoothed the travel wrinkles out of her little black skirt. She knocked again, harder.
Where was he?

The front door opened abruptly.

Evan, in the flesh. He was more imposing than she remembered. His dark eyes smoldered as he gave her the once over.

“Hello, Anne. Come in.”

He took her hand and led her inside. A frisson of sensual awareness shot up her arm from where his fingers massaged her palm.

The lighting inside was dim, drawing her attention to a small linen-covered dining table set for two. Two slim candles illuminated the fragile wine glasses.

She dropped her mouth open.

The crystal bowl in the center of the table contained one large red apple. Anne loved his small acknowledgement of her profession.

She wasn’t quite sure what to expect of this evening, but an intimate candlelit setting had not crossed her mind. The two chairs were covered in the same fabric as the table cloth. Heat rose in her face. A black scarf was tied in a bow across the back of each chair.

Evan pulled out a chair. “You may sit here, Anne.”

As she sat down, Evan whispered in ear, “I’m glad you came.”

A little nip on her earlobe punctuated his statement.

Anne had pinned her hair up in a mass of loose tendrils that emphasized the curve of her neck. Her dark curls contrasted with the white eyelet of her sleeveless camisole top. Evan planted a brief kiss on her bare shoulder and inhaled audibly. Was it the floral scent she wore? Or something more primitive? Her skin tingled.

“Wine?” Evan uncorked the cooling wine.

Anne nodded, her mouth dry. Trendy black stubble covered Evan’s tanned face, emphasizing the darkness of his eyes and his oh-so-kissable lips. His white cotton shirt was open at the throat and tucked into black jeans.

She moved her gaze downward, with just a momentary pause at his groin, to his feet. How had she missed that his feet were bare? Her stomach flip-flopped.
Oh, my
I think I have a fetish for a man’s bare feet.

Who was she kidding?
Evan Jamison was a walking wet dream in any stage of dress or undress.

Evan poured wine for Anne and then himself. She sipped her wine, unexpectedly shy and at a loss for words. Sensing Evan’s gaze on her, she looked up. It was a mistake. She became a mouse under the watchful scrutiny of a hungry hawk. Anne dropped her gaze to the table.

“Do I intimidate you, little one?” he asked with a chuckle.

She snapped her head up. “Are you laughing at me?” She got to her feet. “Perhaps this was a mistake.”

“I am not laughing at you. Sit down, Anne.”

A shiver went through her, but not from fear. That domineering tone was back, that voice that promised all sorts of decadent delights if she behaved. Anne sat and gulped the remainder of her wine. Evan refilled her glass. She averted her gaze.

“I thought you might need something to calm your nerves. I know I can be a bit…overwhelming at times.”

He sat back in his chair, exhaled, and then leaned forward and raised her chin with his hand. “Look at me.”

His brown eyes were intense and focused, but full of warmth. Evan invoked a sincerity, an innate kindness she found lacking in many men. He settled her anxiety. Anne had seen the warmth change to steel, but her fears eased knowing the warmth was there.

He scooted his chair next to her and grasped her chin once more, compelling her to look at him. “Have I ever hurt you?”

She shook her head.

His voice deepened. “Haven’t I given you pleasure?”

Pleasure that I’ve only dreamed of
. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, willing herself to relax.
I can do this.

He began stroking her bare arm with his other hand. Her nipples tightened and hardened. Her breathing became erratic and rushed.

His hypnotic voice continued, “Isn’t this why you’ve come back?”

He reached down and tweaked her nipple through her blouse. Anne moaned and arched into his hand.

“Very nice. I love how responsive you are to my touch.”

He gripped her chin tighter as he lowered his mouth to hers. His fingers massaged her nipples into stiff little peaks.

Anne gasped, allowed him to slip his tongue into her mouth. She could not get enough of him. She squirmed in her chair, trying to assuage the ache building in her core. Sucking his tongue deep in her mouth only fueled her need for a similar intrusion deep inside.

Evan broke away from the kiss and urged her to her feet.

“I believe I promised you a blindfold.” He turned her so she faced away from him. “I’m a man who keeps his word.”

He untied the scarf from her chair and folded it twice lengthwise. He placed it over her eyes and tied it snugly behind her head.

“You didn’t muss up my hair, did you?” Anne giggled, feeling a bit nervous now that she couldn’t see Evan.

“Don’t worry.” He tested the tightness by trying to insert a finger underneath it near her temple. “It’s not too snug, is it?”

“It seems fine, Evan.” She waved her hand out in front of her. “I can’t see anything.”

A finger stroked her cheek and followed the contours of her upper and lower lip. She parted her lips in silent invitation. Evan tilted her head, and the soft, firm pressure of his lips pressed onto hers.

It was the kiss of a man staking possession, not just of her body, but of her soul. His tongue followed, claiming her mouth with a patience and thoroughness that left her gasping.

His hands drifted down her hips to fondle her buttocks, finding pressure points she hadn’t known existed. He kneaded and massaged with a touch of a master, wooing her into an erotic trance. Her skin tingled all over and blood raced in her veins.

Evan pressed against her from the front, showing her the extent of his arousal. A violent shiver of desire surged through her body.

“Do you trust me, Anne?” Evan whispered against her lips.

“I wouldn’t have come back here if I didn’t…at least a little bit.”

He stepped away for a couple seconds. He picked up one hand and bound it with something soft and silky.
It’s probably the scarf from his chair
. Before she knew it, both hands were tied together in front of her.

“These aren’t too tight, are they?”

“It’s okay.”

“Anne, I’m going to carry you upstairs to my room. Don’t worry; I won’t drop you on your pretty little ass. Trust me.”

He trailed his hands over her behind before bending down and lifting her. She squirmed in surprise as he hoisted her over his shoulder.

He swatted her ass.

“This will be easier if you hold still.”

His hand caressed where he had spanked, soothing the abused nerves. She twitched and gave a little squeal as a hand meandered up her inner thigh. That earned her another spank.

A sudden lurch signaled Evan had started up the steps. She didn’t move a muscle until his stride evened out again.

“Stand here while I light the fireplace. I don’t want you to get chilled.”

She heard him tinkering and then a quiet whoosh as the flame caught. Her hearing was amazingly sensitive while blindfolded. A classic instrumental was playing the background, not loud, just enough to permeate her senses. She found herself swaying to the rhythm.

“You like?” Evan murmured in her ear.

“I don’t recall the music from last time. But yes, I like it.”

“Anne.” Evan’s voice lowered an octave. “I’m going to secure your hands over your head to a hook I have in the ceiling. Don’t be scared. I won’t do anything to hurt you.”

“O-Okay.” She sounded nervous and hesitant, even to herself.

The lingering kiss Evan placed on her lips reassured her.

Before she knew it, her hands were up in the air, over her head, pulled just tight enough to remove the slack. If she hadn’t been in her stilettos, she would have been standing on her tiptoes.

“I feel a bit wobbly.” Anne teetered a little and righted herself. “Will this hold me if I fall?”

“Oh, it will hold you just fine. But not to worry. I won’t let you fall.”

A thrill went through Anne at the huskiness of his whisper in her ear.

The exposed position made her feel helpless, exposed, vulnerable to whatever Evan desired.

He traced a line along the scooped neckline of her camisole top. He paused, toying with the satin ribbons at her shoulder.

“I’ve wanted to untie these since you walked in.”

A quick tug, and the fabric fell away from her left shoulder. Evan rained little kisses across the sensitive flesh of her collarbone and neck. Her skin burned at each press of his lips.

Her nipples tingled, ached. She envisioned him taking them in his hot mouth and moaned. His finger slipped underneath the cotton. A shiver tore through her body, triggering more warmth and dampness between her thighs.

“You are so beautiful, Anne.” He sounded almost reverent. “I wish you could see yourself. Your face is flushed with desire, your breasts heaving with anticipation, yearning for the pleasure I give you.”

His hands wandered down her back and lower, tracing seductive patterns on each buttock. She gasped as he reached under her skirt and pinched one cheek.

“Very nice, Anne.”

Evan toyed with her garters and gave her skimpy thong a tug.

“As sexy as I’m sure they are, I don’t want you to wear panties.”

He peeled the thong over her hips, down her thighs, past her trembling knees, moving with a tantalizing slowness that had Anne craving more. When he reached her ankles, he lifted one foot, and then the other, and removed the delicate undergarment.

He grasped her bare buttocks with both hands and fondled her heated flesh, his fingers straying closer, ever closer, to her already drenched bottom.

“Mmmm, baby. You should see how the flickering flames from the fire dance across your bare skin.”

He urged her thighs apart; she moved her feet outward to accommodate him. She shivered with anticipation. Aching for his touch, she arched her hips forward.

“Evan, please.” The words slipped unbidden from her mouth, the huskiness of her plea surprising herself.

“Greedy little girl, aren’t you?” He slapped her ass and whispered in ear, “Be patient, my pretty. We have all night.”

Evan moved behind her. His fingers located the zipper on her skirt, lowering it an agonizing centimeter at a time. Masculine hands caressed her curves as he teased it over her hips and let it cascade around her ankles with a quiet whisper of fabric.

Evan grasped one of her ankles and tugged upward. “Step out of the skirt, babe.”

Chapter 6


A delicious tremor coursed through her as cool air wafted around her heated skin. Anne felt so wicked to be fully clothed on top, standing there in black stilettos and sheer stockings with nothing else on her bottom.
Macy wouldn’t believe her eyes if she saw me now.

All thoughts of her roommate disappeared when Evan gripped her knees, urging her legs farther apart. Her skin tingled with thrilling erotic vibrations, and her blood raced in her veins.

A violent shiver of desire shook Anne as Evan’s hands inched closer and closer to her sodden, aching folds. She tensed, held her breath, waited for his touch, and then jerked as a stiffened finger invaded her welcoming void. Her muscles clamped around the trespassing digit. Anne moaned and strained backward.

Evan chuckled in her ear. “Do you like that, baby? Talk to me, Anne. You know the rule.”

Anne panted. “Yes, Evan.”

What was it about this man that had her drooling inside and out?

She whimpered in protest as he withdrew his finger. He reached around to cup her swollen breasts, teasing her nipples with deft circular motions. Anne moaned and leaned back against his firm chest.

She gasped as he pinched each nipple, quivered in excitement as he manipulated her sensitive peaks. Within seconds, he had her breathing in shallow excited gasps, her nipples hard little pebbles, all without taking off her camisole.

Evan must have read her mind. He tugged at another ribbon, this time one near her belly button.

“Undressing you is like opening a gift.”

He plucked at the tiny bows, not stopping until the only one left was the one on her right shoulder. Cool air caressed her torso as the last ribbon fell victim to his marauding fingers, exposing her strapless underwire bra. Anne tensed as he traced a finger across her ribcage and down her quivering abdomen. His hand hovered just above where she needed him in the worst way.

“Please…please.” Ann jutted her hips forward in a silent plea.

“Not yet, baby.” Evan nibbled at her ear. “I’m not finished with your tits yet.”

He nuzzled her neck while he reached around her raised arms and lifted each breast out of its lacy cup.

Anne felt even more exposed than before.

Her breasts ached for his touch, her nipples so taut they were painful.

She groaned as his fingers barely grazed her aching nipples. “More, Evan. I need more.”

He bit the curve of her neck.

“More of what, baby? More of this?”

He rolled each straining nipple hard between his fingers.

“Oh God, yes.”

She focused on the pleasure of his hands caressing her nipples. A burning sensation throbbed between her thighs, undeniable, desperate, a craving only this man could trigger.

“Or would you prefer this?” One hand moved between her legs and cupped her femininity. “Fuck, I love how hot you get for me, Anne.”

He slid his finger through her slick folds.

Anne jerked as he found her clit, moaned as he teased it with a circular motion. Exquisite pangs of hedonistic lust rocketed through her body. Her knees threatened to buckle.

Her bare behind chafed against the rough fabric of his jeans. The evidence of his arousal pressed against her, straining against the confinement, promising untold delights.

She wriggled and moaned, totally at his mercy as she stood blindfolded, hands bound above her head, legs spread apart. She didn’t know how much more she could take of this visceral pleasure, but if he stopped now, she would plead for him to continue.

“Evan.” Her voice was a hoarse whisper, frantic with need. “Please…please.”

The fingers at her pussy attacked her nub. The hand at her breast twisted and pulled on her throbbing nipple. Her hips bucked upwards and her legs shook; lost in an erotic trance, she cared for nothing except the aching need in her clit and the delicious pressure of Evan’s fingers against it.

“Give it to me, baby,” Evan commanded. “Come for me.”

Twinges of delight raced through her loins, up from her shaking legs and down from her aching breasts. Anne felt it begin, a rippling tremor deep in her depths, slow at first, but it gained momentum. Her toes curled and she tensed. She cried out. Her orgasm burst upon her in a shower of ecstatic sparks.

At once, Evan swiveled her around and shouldered her legs farther apart as he knelt between them. His tongue sought her pulsating center and lapped at her. She soared even higher, panting and whimpering as he licked.

Anne thrust her groin against Evan’s face.

“God, baby, you are mouth-watering…so ripe…so fragrant.”

He continued to lick and nibble as her body jerked with withdrawal spasms. He parted her folds for better access. Her hips jerked as his tongue licked around her sensitive clit. His ministrations were the worst yet the best kind of teasing, like having an itch she couldn’t scratch. The delicate tonguing soon had the desired effect. As the last shudders dissipated from the first orgasm, the ripples of another stirred.

Anne was incoherent with pleasure. “Oh…oh…oh.” She moaned, gasping in desperation.

“That’s it, baby. Tell me how good it feels.” His voice was rough with suppressed passion.

His lustful mouth latched on her throbbing nub, and her whole body contracted in an uncontrollable spasm of desire. She had no shame, no morals. She was conscious only of the sweet torment on her clit. Then she felt it again—a long rippling spasm in her canal.

“Oh, Evan. I’m going to come again.”

“Let it rip, baby. Go ahead.” He suckled her clit.

“I’m coming…coming in your mouth!” Anne choked out, tossing her head wildly from side to side. Her hips bucked and slammed fiercely at Evan as her orgasm ripped through her flesh and burst after burst of fireworks exploded in her body. She disintegrated into a million pieces.

Anne sobbed, shook, and shuddered, helpless as a series of spasms racked her body. Her legs threatened to give out. Evan lapped furiously as she descended from the glorious climax. She almost fell to the floor when he untied the scarf around her wrists. He gathered her up safe and sound in his arms.

“Fuck, baby, you are so goddamn sweet.” He held her tighter. “So damn responsive, so fucking gorgeous bound and blindfolded.”

Evan held her snug and secure, murmuring praise and encouragement as her trembling body quieted, as she drifted down from the sensual high. Never had any of her other sexual partners made her feel as cherished and treasured as Evan, nor had they given her two orgasms in such a short period.
Was it the blindfold, or Evan?

A significant bulge pressed against her hip. She wriggled against it and was rewarded when his hips strained toward her. Overcome with the need to provide him with the pleasure he had given her, she slid from his lap and knelt between his legs. She fumbled with his zipper.

“Eager little girl, aren’t you?” He stood up. He made no move to either encourage or stop her.

She unfastened the button at his waist and unzipped his jeans. He wore no boxers. His rock hard cock surged against her hand. Anne gave it one stroke. She loved how it jerked and twitched as she held it, delighted in the suppressed groan from Evan. She tugged his jeans down his hips.

The freed length of him nudging her cheeks, she nuzzled his groin, enjoying how her hair slid easily along his silken shaft. She ran her tongue over her lips, anticipating the taste and feel of him in her mouth. She lifted one of his feet and then the other out of the jeans and tossed the jeans aside.

Anne grasped his cock in one hand while she sought and found his engorged testicles with the other, encouraged by a muffled groan from Evan. She licked the dew escaping from his slit. He jerked. Emboldened, she circled the ridge with her tongue and sucked the swollen head into her eager mouth.

Evan laced his fingers through the tangled curls of her hair. She took more of him in her mouth. He grasped her head and shoved impatiently.

“Aaauughhh,” she gasped as he thrust in her mouth, deep against her throat.

He paused while she struggled to accommodate him. Evan established a rhythm—very slow, deep, up and down, long sinuous strokes. She submitted to the directive of his fingers and moved as he wished. Sometimes she withdrew enough so only the head remained clutched between her lips and then teased and tantalized him around the very edge of the tip.

“Good,” Evan murmured. “So fucking hot. Ah, yes.” He thrust his hips forward. “Fuck, yeah, suck it, baby.”

Anne sucked with ravenous intensity. His thrusting cock throbbed and surged in her mouth as if he meant to choke her. She took it, took it all. She twisted and turned her head from side to side as she worked at him, varying her strokes; she gripped his ass with both hands for leverage. Her lips and tongue closed around him, and her teeth dug in, sucking him with purpose, daring him to come.

“Fuck, baby, so…damn…good.”

His guttural groan told her he was close. She worked with renewed vigor. She wanted to taste his essence. He thrust into her mouth deeper and harder than before; his hands fisted in her hair. His measured movements filled Anne with an overwhelming sense of submission.

Anne liked sucking him, enjoyed the intimate taste and feel of his cock in her mouth. His musky scent acted as an aphrodisiac on her already overheated libido. She clutched his muscular ass, the mindless clenching of her fingers expressing the tension in her own body.

“Fuck, baby, I’m going to come.” His hoarse growl sent tremors through Anne. “I want you to swallow it, baby.”

She wanted to drink him, too. She wanted to swallow it, for the first time
wanted to
. Her act of submission bestowed a sense of power in her, an awareness that she had control over him.

As Evan began to jerk in the first stages of orgasm, his flesh thickened and solidified into hardened steel. It twitched. He groaned; his entire body went rigid. His essence erupted and spurted through his length before hitting the back of her throat. She lapped and swallowed, determined to take all he had to give.

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