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He hadn’t asked for her to intrude in his life. She had shown up on his doorstep like a lost kitten, although not one afraid to show her claws. She would not let him shut the door in her face.

Who would have thought that bedraggled stray would look at him with pure lust in her eyes? He could have taken her right then and there, just as she was, soaking wet and covered with mud. “And I bet she would have let me.”

Did I just say that out loud?
Oh, fuck, now she has me talking to myself. What’s next? Jerking off to her memory? Yeah, right.

He had been in the middle of a sexual dry spell when Anne came knocking at the door. That didn’t come close to explaining the intensity of his attraction.

And Anne? He had never seen anyone go from zero to one hundred as Anne had that first night. He knew damn well she had taken as much pleasure as he had.

If Anne was ballsy enough to be baited with the scarves, she was capable of getting over her fright. Last night, although she had been a bit hesitant at first, she had ended up an enthusiastic participant.

The thought of her hot wet mouth on his cock had that autonomous appendage twitching. It stiffened as he recalled the fiery jolts hurtling through it and slamming into the back of her mouth. Each spurt of that ejaculation had boomeranged to every pleasure sensor in his brain.

She had disappeared from his bed in the dead of night and had driven the couple of hours back to Denver. That was not the act of a timid girl. A deep reservoir of strength resided inside this woman. She had the fortitude to not only cope with his needs, but to delight in the experience.

He drained his scotch and set the glass down.

He would not allow Anne to run away.

The time had come to show that delectable school teacher that she belonged to him.

Past time to show Anne who was the Dominant and who was the submissive.

Time to teach the feisty educator some of his lessons.

Chapter 9


The knock at the door came while Anne was in the kitchen, her hands in soapy water, tidying up after a late evening meal.

“I’ll get it.” Macy hurried to answer the door.

Anne had finished drying her hands and was headed for the living room when the deep masculine voice stopped her cold.

“Does Anne Rutledge live here?”

Anne took a deep breath. The lion had come to confront the mouse in her home.

Anne took an unobtrusive step forward. Evan stood in the doorway. Evan being roused in the middle of the night from bed was impressive; his come-to-town look was to die for. His large frame filled the doorway, the top of his black Stetson nearly touching the door lintel. His sheer masculine impact made her appreciate being female.

“Oh my.” Macy’s breathless voice betrayed her interest. “You must be Evan.”

“Yes, ma’am.” A slight smile broke the stern planes of his face. “How’d you guess?”

Macy pointed to his belt buckle. “And I bet you are Anne’s Evan. Duh, I guess that’s a bit obvious, isn’t it? Why else would you be here?”

Evan chuckled. “I’d prefer to think of her as my Anne, if you don’t mind.”

Macy chided him with a tsk-tsk sound. “Anne said you were a bit bossy.”

“Oh, she did, did she?” Evan turned the full force of his smile on Macy. “And what if I were?”

Macy’s cheeks turned hot pink.

Macy was silent for a heartbeat, but she conceded, “I think you’d make a girl plain adore bossiness in a man.”

Macy’s bosom rose and fell rapidly as she flirted with Evan.

She reached up and toyed with one of the metal buttons on Evan’s black leather vest. “Are there any more at home like you?”

“As a matter of fact, there are. I have two brothers, Ethan and Eli.” He doffed his hat to Macy. “And may I have the pleasure of knowing your name, ma’am?”

“I’m Macy, Anne’s roommate.”

Macy’s grin had melted the hearts of more men than Anne could count. Would Ethan succumb?

“Two brothers, huh? Are they as…imposing…as you?”

Anne swore Macy batted her big blue eyes at Evan.

Evan sat his hat on Macy’s blond locks. He dug in his wallet and handed Macy a business card. As she studied it, he retrieved his hat from her.

“That’s Ethan’s card. Call him if you like. Tell him I told you to call.”

This had gone far enough. Anne cleared her throat and stepped through the doorway. Evan turned to her at once, hat in hand. Macy stood slightly behind him and fanned herself with the card Evan had given her. She waved the card at Anne and grinned.

“Hello, Evan.” Anne tried to keep her breathing at an even keel. “Why are you here?”

As if I didn’t already know

“Miss Macy, I require some time alone with Anne. We have matters to discuss.” His tone was solemn and polite, but a muscle jerked along his jaw line. “Is it possible you could give us some privacy?” His gaze never wavered from Anne.

Macy looked doubtful. “I was planning on staying in tonight.”

His eyes still on Anne, Evan reached into the pocket of his vest, pulled out a cell phone, and dialed a number. “Ethan, I have someone here I’d like you to meet. Her name is Macy.” Pause. “Would I steer you wrong?” He chuckled, still watching Anne like a starving man eyeing a prime cut of steak. “You won’t regret it.” He paused again before giving out the address. “You owe me.” The phone went back in the vest.

“Miss Macy, my brother Ethan will be here in ten minutes. He would like to get to know you better over drinks. I have no doubt that you are going to just

Anne caught her breath at the searing intensity in Evan’s eyes. Somehow, she didn’t think he had a polite goodbye in mind. He was here for a reckoning.

Despite her earlier resolve to say goodbye to Evan and the hedonistic lifestyle she suspected he embraced, some inner part of her wanted to shout in glorious exultation that he had come for her. Anne clasped her arms across her chest under his staid scrutiny as he stood there, hat in hand. Watching. Waiting. She lowered her arms.

His hot gaze dropped to her unfettered breasts; her traitorous nipples pebbled in response.

She wore her nighttime clothes of a white cropped tee and silky ankle-length bottoms in soft pink. Her dark curls were pinned atop her head from her earlier shower. She had dressed for a quiet—celibate—night at home.

Why did his penetrating contemplation leave her feeling like she was standing in front of him naked? A sudden ache in her loins revealed she wasn’t as immune to him as she hoped.

“Anne, I don’t know where to begin with you.” Evan placed his hat on the nearby table. “I would have thought by now there was trust between us, that you know I would never harm you.”

He took one step toward Anne. She moved away. So much for trust.

“Haven’t I made it clear that my aim is to give you pleasure? Only pleasure?”

Evan advanced another step. Anne gave ground again, but found herself up against a wall.

Evan towered over her, leaning against the wall with both hands, effectively corralling her between the wall and his arms. Further retreat would not be possible.

Anne couldn’t concentrate. The scent of him clouded her senses, reminiscent of wind blowing through a stand of quaking aspen, of the afternoon sun warming the mountain meadow.

“Why are you concerned with what you’ve read on the Internet? I’m not. That isn’t me. That isn’t us. You know that.”

“But my job… My parents…”

“No one but us will know what we do behind closed doors. This isn’t high school, and I’m not some immature jock hoping to make a name for himself.”

“But what about wearing a collar? Everyone will know.”

Evan put his hands on her shoulders and looked deep into her eyes.

“I don’t need you to wear a collar to know you are mine. I don’t think you do either. I know that as a teacher, you need to have a spotless reputation. What we do won’t detract from that.”

Goosebumps raced across her skin.
Why does my body react like this around him?
Her breasts ached for his caress, for the rasp of those sexy whiskers against her sensitive nipples, her inner thighs.

“I thought…”

“You think too much. Pay attention to your body, how it responds to me. I’m not going to let you run away from yourself, from me, from us.”

“I…I can’t.”

Evan shut her up with a kiss.

A kiss that staked possession, claimed ownership, gave notice that he would keep what he considered his.

Strong hands held her head with gentle firmness while he plundered her mouth and demanded entrance with his tongue. Her arms wound around his neck as she pressed herself against his solid frame. She whimpered when he drew back.

He sighed. His face grew stern.

“You’ve given me no other choice but to punish you for doubting me.”

Anne knew what to expect from her research earlier in the day. He would spank her. Had she left spanking off her list of won’t-ever-do items on purpose? Her ass tingled in anticipation, but she protested anyway.

“This isn’t fair. I thought you wanted to have a discussion.”

“I did and we are. This is a discussion about trust. Control. Submission.”

Evan ignored her grumbling and walked back to the dining room, pulling out one of the chairs from the table.

He removed his vest.

Unbuckled his belt and took it off, unbuttoned and loosened his shirt.

He did not rush. He moved with a deliberate lack of haste that indicated objections were futile. He sat down on the chair.

“Come here, Anne.”

His command hung in the air. Anne stared at him, as a mouse stares back at a snake before it strikes.


Still contemplating whether she would capitulate, she stood in front of him, hands on her hips, chewing on her lip.

“Lie across my lap on your stomach.” He was calm and patient.

“This isn’t a discussion.” She had to stop herself from stamping her foot.

She trembled, not in fear, but in expectation.
Only pleasure
, he had said. Evan was a man who kept his word.


His voice was dispassionate as a stranger; he sat on the chair, his back stiff as a board. For an instant, she was apprehensive. She wanted the other Evan back, the one who looked at her with smoldering desire, the one whose touch ignited her as no other man’s. Not this stranger she didn’t know.

Perhaps that’s the point of discipline
It’s not about pain; it’s about the alienation.

She lay across his spread legs with care. The rough denim of his jeans chafed her tender nipples as she leaned over his legs and settled in his lap, her breasts and head hanging off one side, her legs on the other.

He pulled her loose top up, leaving her back exposed and the underside of her breasts snug against the outside of his leg. She waited, tense and rigid, holding her breath.

“I will spank you ten times.” One hand caressed her bottom, sliding smoothly over the silky pink fabric. “Relax, baby.”

“That’s easy for you to say. You’re not the one getting spanked.”

His chuckle hinted that she might have
Evan back. Perhaps the other was just a façade.

Evan urged her legs apart and slid his palm over her buttocks to tease the juncture between her thighs. His other hand tweaked her nipples as her breasts hung taut and swollen. Anne whimpered and moaned as her body came alive in his expert hands.

“That’s it, baby. Feel what we have between us.”

Evan pulled her pajama bottoms over her hips, down to mid-thigh. His fingers homed in on her slick entrance, stroking and teasing her to new heights. Ravenous tremors rippled in waves through her body.

“Only pleasure, baby.”

Without warning, his open hand smacked one buttock, the sound loud in the near-empty apartment. A quick spank on the other cheek had her gasping.

Evan rubbed the sting from the affronted flesh with slow, circular motions.

A finger slipped through her sodden, desperate opening as he continued tugging on her extended nipples. She wriggled in lewd excitement.

“Do you really want to throw us away?”

Anne jerked as his hand landed on one ass cheek and then the other in quick succession.

she thought.
That’s four.

She lay across his lap, moaned and whimpered, the throbbing of her ass adding to her sensory overload. Her bottom arched into his hand as he soothed and caressed her.

“Your cute ass is almost as pink as your pajama bottoms.”

Again, his finger penetrated her, searching for that sweet spot. She moaned and went limp when he found it.

Her entire body reverberated with sexual need; the dual assaults on her nipples and her pleasure center were serving his purpose. Her breaths came in gasps and whimpers, punctuated with little squeaks of pure arousal.

“Don’t come, baby. Not yet. Not until I’m finished.”

He removed his hand from her and administered numbers five and six, started the routine of soothing and teasing again. The nerves in her ass burned with a heat that rivaled the protracted simmer in her loins.

“What—makes—you—think—I’ll—come,” Anne choked out in-between pants.

“Oh, you’ll come, baby. That’s a given.”


She almost came right then and there.


Her ass was on fire.

Her pussy was swollen and sodden.

Her nipples, tender and oh-so-sensitive, throbbed from the relentless stimulation.

Her clit pounded, aching for his touch, any touch.

Still he stroked, pulled, and teased. She was going out of her mind. He kept her right on the edge, never doing enough to topple her over.


She moaned Evan’s name, writhed in carnal abandon on his lap. She waited for the tenth one to fall.

“Please, Evan.”


Anne cried out.
Oh, God

This time, his thumb pressed inside her as his fingers stroked her trembling clit.

She convulsed, cried out, and with a guttural wail, free fell into a pit of sexual oblivion.

She jerked and quivered, mindless with release. Evan stroked and tugged until he coaxed every salacious shudder from her limp form.

“I do believe…I’m going to…find…ways to be naughty,” she panted as she tried to catch her breath. Anne wriggled her butt for emphasis.

“Show me to your bedroom, baby.” Evan swatted her ass one last time before helping her up. “Unless you want me to fuck you on this table.”

Anne pulled up her bottoms and led him to her room. He took off his shirt, sat down, and removed his boots and socks. She flashed back to the first time she’d seen him in jeans and nothing else. He was as mouth-watering now as he’d been then.

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