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Authors: Linda Robertson

Tags: #Fiction, #Fantasy, #Urban, #Contemporary, #Romance, #General

Shattered Circle (38 page)

“Sometimes we have to grow up and accept what Fate has in store for us, and put our faith in the alliances we are given.”

Thinking on my recent experiences, I whispered, “All Hell is about to break loose. Are we ready for this?”

“We all now know”—Menessos paused to make a poignant glance at the people in the living room, and give a nod to indicate the kiddos upstairs—“precisely what we are fighting
.” He added his free hand atop mine.

Johnny put his free hand atop Menessos’s. With a wink at me, I knew he’d heard me earlier when his response was, “We will find a way. Together.”

is the author of six books about Persephone Alcmedi. A native of Ohio, she is also the mother of four awesome boys, owns four guitars, and has one goofy dog. Once upon a time, she was lead guitarist in a heavy metal cover band. She has worked as a graphic artist, a Realtor, and various other jobs over the years, but writing has always been her passion. Recently, she’s discovered the joy of riding bitch on the back of a Harley-Davidson.

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Vicious Circle

Hallowed Circle

Fatal Circle

Arcane Circle

Wicked Circle

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