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“I’m so sorry. Please don’t…”

He pivoted and presented a broad back to her. “If you want to pretend you’re starting over by letting him chase you away, be my guest.”

He walked toward the door, but she ran after him. “You don’t know anything about it. Who’s the last person that bullied you, huh? How many punches have put you on the floor trying to draw a breath but can’t because it burns so bad? How many times have you been told you’re so disgustingly thin you look like a boy?”

To her horror and shame, she started to cry, and she would have run past Max to hide in her room if he didn’t catch her. She fought him, pounding at his shoulders and kicking his shins. He wouldn’t let go.

“Stop it, Shira, before you bust your stitches.”

“What the hell do you care?” she griped.

He hoisted her off her feet and carried her across the hall to her room. She struggled against him the entire way, but he didn’t release her until he dropped her on her bed. Shira was about to scramble to the other side until he joined her. She froze in shock, staring at him stretched with casual grace on a bed she realized was too small for his large frame. His presence made her feel tiny, but no longer afraid. In fact she couldn’t believe how her anger and despair had morphed to desire without warning.

Max ran a palm over her hair, brushing it from her face. She didn’t move. “He is both a fool and a liar.” She looked away, but Max grasped her chin and made her look at him. “You know you’re beautiful, don’t you?”

“Don’t say what you don’t mean.”

“I never do.”

His hand went from her chin to the space between her breasts. Even though he didn’t touch her nipples, he might as well have. They grew taut in anticipation, but he moved on, skimming her belly and lower to the zipper on her pants. Shira’s breath caught in her throat. ‘You don’t have to prove anything.”

“Tell me not to touch you, and I won’t.”

How the hell was she going to say that? She wanted it all right. She wanted it
. Horny didn’t exist the way it did now, until after she’d met Max. When she didn’t deny it, he ran his hand lower still, and Shira arched her back the second his hand settled between her legs. A gentle squeeze sent pleasure to every corner of her being. She pushed her ass into the bed and brought her hips up to meet his touch. He curled his fingers until only one was straight to torment her. Max flicked the single digit over her swelling bud through her clothes, and she bit off a moan.

Would he go all the way this time, or would he back off? Was he doing this to prove that he thought she was beautiful, or to convince her that she was, no matter what he thought? Her mind raced with questions, and yet, all she wanted was to forget the reasons and let it happen.
it did.

She rolled onto her side toward him and ran a palm over his chest. Max’s hand stilled, which she’d trapped between her legs. “Do you really want me?”

He looked down, and she followed his line of sight. The bulge in his pants was unbelievable, and her mouth watered. Just how big was he? Daring to see for herself, she did as he had done, moving her hand down his chest. Max’s abs clenched beneath her touch. He’d removed his T-shirt earlier, so she got a good look at the perfection of his upper body. Rippling muscle responded each spot her fingers skimmed, and she took her time exploring. When she reached the band of his boxers, she paused, waiting for him to protest. This time he must be serious, because she knew from past relationships, play with a man’s cock, and there was no turning back without major disappointment.

She curled her fingers inside the band and dragged it lower. A trimmed patch of blond hair came into view. She licked her lips and swallowed. When she peered up at him, she caught the excitement in the dark depths of his eyes. Max was in it, and although he seemed like a very dominant man, he was letting her enjoy herself while he waited. For some reason, that knowledge choked her up. Sam had rolled her onto her back and penetrated her before she could catch her breath.

She uncovered Max’s cock and swore in amazement. The man was hung. She almost wanted to pay homage to the long, thick shaft. A brief touch with the tips of two fingers let her know it was hard as a rock. Shira didn’t ask for permission. She couldn’t help reaching in and stroking it from base to tip. The shaft responded to her touch, twitching under her hand. She straightened her fingers and ran them all the way down to his balls, massaged there a moment, and headed back to the top. The head dripped with precome, and she teased it with a light touch.

“Mm, Shira,” Max moaned.

She looked at him again. “Are you going to give me some of this?”

“Do you want some?”

“Ya think?”

He chuckled at her smart mouth but removed her hand from his dick. Shira could have sobbed in regret. “I’m not saying no, but I want to be sure you’re not in too much pain.”

“I’m doped up,” she insisted.

He caught her injured hand and looked at it. Her bandages were snug, and she’d been given painkillers. She’d taken another one not too long ago, so she was good. Besides, the wound wasn’t so bad now.

Max appeared doubtful. “I don’t want to be selfish.”

She leaned back and raised her T-shirt a bit, exposing her belly. A little higher and the edge of her bra was revealed. She was small, but her breasts were perky with good size nipples. She could go without a bra but didn’t often because of them. “If you don’t want it, I understand.”

She made a show of unbuttoning her jeans and then lowering the zipper. Max’s exposed cock seemed to strain toward her. “I never said that.”

He flipped her onto her back and moved above her. “Did I not warn you about teasing me?” She matched the grin on his face with one of her own. Not even a good two weeks ago, it was as if he never smiled, but she could bring one to his lips no problem now. Pride swelled inside of her, and she wondered what else she could do for him. “What is that look for?” he demanded.

She shrugged. “I don’t know.”

He hadn’t brought his weight down on her, so she had room to flip over, and she did, sticking her ass up until it brushed his crotch. Max moaned.

“Damn it, woman, we shouldn’t do this.”

“Why not?” She pushed her jeans over her hips, exposing her panties. “These are the only panties I have. I really should take them off before you make me ruin them.”

“I’m sorry. I should have bought you more by now. I didn’t want to presume.”

She sucked her teeth. “Please, you saw no reason not to choose my clothes. Why not my panties?” She glanced at him over her shoulder. His gaze was directed at her ass. Shira bit her lip. Max wasn’t fooling anybody. He hadn’t bought panties for her because it meant shopping in the middle of some really sexy stuff, and at the time, he didn’t intend on giving into the attraction between them. Well, she wasn’t taking no for an answer this time. Should or shouldn’t, they were grown, and she wanted to see what it was like to be in the arms of a man like him.

She rose to her knees, and as she did, he backed up some as if he was scared to let his skin touch hers. She noted he didn’t bother tucking his cock away though. Shira shed her clothing with her back still turned to him. Her bra and panties landed on the floor behind the T-shirt and jeans, and then she laid an arm over her breasts to glance at him.

Now that she was naked, nerves kicked in. She was underweight, although she was pretty sure she’d put on a few pounds being in Max’s house and eating with him. If she didn’t see desire flaming to life in his eyes, she didn’t know how she would live down the embarrassment.
Well, he said it’s been a while.

He laid a tentative hand on her back and stroked. “You’re so small. I feel like I’ll crush you.”

“I’m durable.” She reached behind her and grabbed hold of his cock. Rubbing it over her ass cheek and moaning made his member twitch in her hold. She gave it a small squeeze and then guided it between her legs to push back on it. Max’s cock didn’t enter her, but just the act of them going all the way seemed to set him off.

“Shira, damn it, I need…” He cut himself off, but she knew what he wanted to say. She lay down on the pillow while pushing her ass high in the air. She ran palms over his hard thighs and wiggled her hips. A growl erupted from Max’s throat that startled her at first, but she decided it was just the heat of the moment and the blood rushing through her ears that made her think the noise was more animal than human.

“Aren’t you going to put that in me, Max?” she teased, speaking in a deep, throaty tone. “You don’t want me to suffer, do you?”

“Hell, no.”

She smiled at his passion. Max leaned down and kissed her ass cheek. Shira’s pussy clenched. She gripped the sheets until her fingers ached but waited for him to make the next move. When he bent and ran his tongue along her heated skin, she thought she’d lose it. Max planted kiss after kiss and followed them with more licks. Just the fact that he was back there doing what he was doing had her shaking from head to toe.

“Max, I think…” What did she think? She had no idea. Did she want him to stop or something? Her mind wasn’t acting right. She couldn’t figure out what she should say let alone what he should do. The one thing that started to become clear was that she didn’t want him to stop touching her. Her body was hot and ready to ignite at any second. The only man to put the fire out was Max because he had started it. “I want it.”

“”Right here?” He kissed her so close to her back entrance, she yelped in alarm and excitement.

“Um.” She was too scared to admit what she wanted.

“Tell me, Shira.” He kissed her closer to the entrance. Tremors rippled through her thighs.

“W-Whatever you want,” she said, coping out.

“Oh no you don’t.” He nipped the back of her thigh, and she cried out. He soothed the spot with a lick of that big, rough tongue. Then he bit her again. Goose bumps broke out on her arms and legs. Strength ebbed until she thought she’d collapse on the bed. “Maybe you want it here.”

Max shoved her cheeks apart and sucked so hard on her juicy pussy that she screamed in delight. “Yes!”

“Ah, there’s an answer.” He went at her again, this time sticking his tongue inside. Shira whimpered and pushed against his mouth. He slurped and licked until the sounds and the feel drove her to the brink. Her inner muscles clenched. She scratched at the bed. An orgasm threatened to take hold, and she gave into it, pleading for him not to stop.

Over and over he ate her. Shira whispered his name, both excited that he was so into making her feel good and nervous that he would draw away before she was done. Her body was greedy for more. Each time he brought her to climax, she craved another.

“I’m being selfish,” she muttered, gasping for breath. “You should get yours.”

“Mm,” he moaned, allowing the vibrations to tickle her over-stimulated pussy. “Do you think I’m not enjoying you? Do you know how sweet your come is?”

“I don’t know.” She moaned as an orgasm took hold. When the tidal wave of pleasure eased, he sat up. Shira was about to turn around, but Max held her still. He moved in behind her, and she arched her back. She was so wet and ready. From the first penetration of his massive cock, she stiffened.

“No, sweetheart, relax,” he instructed.

She sucked in a deep breath and let it out slowly. None of her previous lovers had been so well-endowed. Max didn’t hurt her. He seemed to be taking his time, waiting for her muscles to relax, but he stretched her. She felt so full, it overwhelmed her and sapped her energy.

Max squeezed her hip and massaged it with a gentleness that didn’t surprise her. “I don’t want to hurt you. It’s hard to hold on. It’s been so long.”

“I know.” She covered his hand. “You’re not hurting me. It feels good.”

To show him she wasn’t afraid or worried, she began pumping her hips, making it so his cock slipped deep inside of her and then out to the tip. The sensation was incredible, and from the way Max panted, she knew he felt the same. He hadn’t begun to move yet. From what she’d learned about him so far, she was pretty sure it would piss him off if he released too early.

Neither of them had anything to worry about because Max gained control of his body, and when he did, he held her in an iron grip without pain. He arched his hips to push his cock to the hilt, and then he pulled out until not even his head pierced her. Shira grunted in complaint, but Max set the pace. He placed his cock tip against her pussy. She tried pushing onto it, but he wouldn’t let her move.

“Hold still,” he commanded.

“Put it in me,” she pleaded.

He teased her pussy from base to top and twirled the head of his cock over her bud. Shira cried out his name. He dipped the head into her put pulled out too quickly. She smacked his thigh, and he drove into her hard and deep.

“Yes, yes,” she encouraged him. “Take all of me, Max.”

“I intend to.”

He thrust so fast and hard over and over, but the movements were controlled to the point that he didn’t bump her cervix or cause her any pain. Her muscles stretched around his girth, yet they sucked at him as well, eager to be invaded. Shira rotated her hips the best she could.

“Max, I want to pump,” she begged.

He whipped out of her and rolled them both to the end of the bed. Shira found herself sitting on his lap facing him, and he entered her. She held onto his shoulders while he grasped her hips. “Do it,” he encouraged her.

Shira began bouncing up and down his length. She arched into his chest, and each time she rose or fell, her taut nipples scraped his chest and sent missiles of pleasure to her pussy. She called out his name, and he shouted hers. They found each other’s mouths, and Shira pushed her tongue between his lips. She couldn’t get enough. Her libido was high, but Max’s seemed to be a good match.

“Please tell me you can keep this up all night,” she pleaded.

The growl she heard this time couldn’t be mistaken—definitely animal. She didn’t give a damn as long as Max ravished her and she could come again.

“I will take you as long as you can handle me,” he told her. “Make no mistake about it—you will beg me to stop before I am done.”

BOOK: Shira
5.99Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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