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Show Me How to Love (Caldwell Family Book 1) (21 page)

BOOK: Show Me How to Love (Caldwell Family Book 1)
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His lips plundered hers again, their tongues sliding together in a decadent glide. Her fingers gripped him, slowly easing up and down in tandem with her fantasy.

Andre slipped the strap of her bra aside and pulled down the cup. His expert hand teased her nipple. Caressed and rubbed the entire mound before finally giving the hard tip the attention it craved. Heat flushed her from inside out. She squirmed against him, moaned for more.

The pad of her thumb brushed the swollen head of his penis. His body jerked. His breath came in ragged puffs after he pulled her hand away and broke off their kiss.

“Upstairs,” he said, his baritone hoarse and desire thickened. He gently squeezed her breast. “Unless you want our first time to be on the side of your car.”

Right now, she’d take the side of her car. Swallowing hard, she nodded. He pulled his hand from the inside of her shirt. Good, if he kept it there she wouldn’t be able to think about making it upstairs to her apartment.

She walked around him and headed for the stairs. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to his side. Her senses honed in on the heat and tantalizingly masculine smell of his body as they hurried across the parking lot. Her hands shook, so he took the key from her and unlocked the door himself.

They barely crossed the threshold before he spun her around and picked her up. She giggled, and for once didn’t care about making the juvenile sound. She trailed kisses across the slight shadow of hair on his strong cheek, breathed in the seductive aroma of his cologne, tasted the sweetness of the skin along his neck with her tongue and light nips with her teeth.

Andre sprinted down the hall to the living room. Unceremoniously dropped her to her feet before balling the hem of her sweater in his hands and jerking it over her head. Every hitch of his breath, flare of the nostril, and lick of the lips as he frantically revealed her nakedness made Mikayla thrust out her chest and part her legs for his pleasure. His admiration made her feel sexy, feminine. As if the most important thing in the world to him was making love to her. By the time she stood naked before him, she didn’t care about slowly removing his clothes. She just wanted Andre naked.

He helped her pull his shirt over his head and pushed her hand away so he could slide his jeans and underwear down his lean muscular legs. When he stood before her, the lightening rod of his dick standing straight out and center, she grabbed his hand and hauled him to her.

They fell in a tangle of limbs on the couch. Andre’s hot naked body covered her front; the chair’s slick leather pressed into her back. Grasping her waist, Andre pulled her up until her breasts bounced before his face. Thick warm lips closed around her hardened nipple. She gripped his shoulders and arched her back. Never before had foreplay felt this good or made her so aware of the pleasure of skin against skin.

His hips pushed side to side, spreading her legs so that the flat plane of his stomach rubbed against her wet clitoris. Pleasure exploded across her skin. A gasp burst from her lips. He sucked her nipple deeply, switched to the other breast, and moaned. The sound a rumble that resonated deep in her midsection. He reached between them and long fingers parted the swollen folds between her legs.

Mikayla’s fingers dug into his arms. “Oh yes!”

He took his time exploring and gliding against every fold of her sex. His thumb traced wide circles around her clitoris. Lithe fingers smoothed both the inside and outside of her lower lips. Teasing her opening, outlining the edge before slowly feeding her heat one long finger at a time.

The carnal massage felt good. Great! Fantastic! But she wanted more. She leaned up and reached for his penis, but her body jerked when he wiggled his fingers inside of her and lightly took her nipple between his teeth.

Her legs quivered. An orgasm looming.
No, not yet
. “Andre, please.”

He lifted away and pulled her to the edge of the couch, settling himself on his knees between her legs. He pushed her knees out, exposing her completely. He licked, then bit, his lower lip as he stared down at her exposed sex. She lifted to her elbows, motioned with her head for him to come closer. Slowly, he leaned forward and kissed her. Not with the urgency he had before, but reverently. Cementing their connection.

The full girth and weight of his dick pressed against her slippery center. She shifted her hips and her clitoris rubbed against his rigid flesh. He groaned, took the back of her head in his hand, and rocked against her. The smooth pleasure of his sex as it glided across the wet nub of her clit radiated to every cell in her body. Needy fingers sank onto his muscular arms and she ground her slick heat against him.

Back and forth, back and forth, he rubbed. Trembles racked their bodies. Her toes curled into the carpet. Andre’s hips shifted further back and the wide tip of his penis tumbled down to her dewy opening.

Mikayla’s head fell back. “Oh my, God!”

Andre froze. “Damn, you make me want to...”

All it would take, was a shift of her hip and he’d slide in. Their gazes collided. He wanted to. Tension tightened every hard muscle pressed against her. Mikayla bit her tongue to keep from telling him to do it.

He pushed away and reached for his pants and pulled a condom out. Once he covered himself, he turned back and spread her legs open. Slowly, and to the hilt, his long thick erection filled her. Sweat beaded along his face, a grimace that was both pleasure and pain marring his handsome features.

“Touch yourself,” he said in a voice deeper and infinitely sexier in the throes of lovemaking. “Spread your lips, let me see while I’m inside you.”

She hesitated, but the smoldering look in his eye pushed her to let go. She trailed her hand down her body to where they were joined. He pushed her knees further apart and licked luscious lips and stared down.

“Use both hands.” He gritted out.

Ignited by his desire, her other hand joined the first to open herself up to his view.

“Yes, just like that. Damn, Mikayla, you look so good.”

He let out a long sigh, bit his bottom lip, and started long slow strokes.

One of his hands left her knee to gently grasp her breast. He alternated between kneading her fleshy mound and pinching her nipple. His head dropped back then fell forward again. Her body tightened, her toes once again curled into the carpet. Her heart rapped against her ribcage like a deranged woodpecker.

She closed her eyes. Blocked out everything but the fullness of him inside her, the smell of his desire surrounding her, the sensual feel of her body pressed into the leather couch, and the awed way he moaned her name.

Then he pulled out. Her eyes flew open. “Nooo, what are you doing?”

“I’ve got to taste you.” His mouth closed over her center.

She slapped the couch and cried out. Breathing, thinking, became difficult as his expert tongue lavishly attended to every inch of her trembling core. It was the most decadent thing ever. The way he grabbed her hips and lifted her, the carnal sounds of pleasure he made that rumbled through her body, and the pinch of his fingers as they dug into her body pushed her to the edge.

A violent tremble shook her legs. Andre lifted his head, resumed his position, and slid his wonderful length back inside.

The nerves in her body, already hypersensitive, vibrated with each deep, steady, push. “Andre! Yes!” she cried.

The pace of his thrusts increased. He leaned forward until his body rubbed her clitoris with every push. That was all it took.

An orgasm seized her muscles. Her eyes popped open. “Andre!” Wave after tremendous wave of pure ecstasy fell over her like spilled grains of sand.

The rhythm slowed but didn’t stop. Prolonging her release. More and more trembles racked her body. Then, with a few solid thrusts, he shouted his release. Deep inside her his body jerked, sending more sprinkles of pleasure across her skin.

He collapsed on top of her. Their sweat combined as he laid his head upon her breasts. She felt the pounding of her heartbeat throughout her body. Or was that his?

Wrapping her arms around him, her hand traced across the back of his head. Incoherent thoughts swirled in her brain as she tried to regain composure.

“I think…we both...deserve a cigarette,” she said between breaths.

Andre’s laughter was a deep rumble against her body. He lifted his head a devilish smile on his face. “We may smoke several before the night is over.”




“This week has been particularly terrible. What are we doing this weekend to recover?” Renee pinned her friend with a questioning glare.

Mikayla inwardly cringed. She dropped a red-lined contract on Renee’s desk for further review. Outside of their bi-weekly Saturday morning hair appointment, the two barely had time to see each other away from work. Over the past six weeks, they’d been swamped with several new projects breaking ground in South Carolina and Georgia.

She sat in the chair across from Renee’s desk, stretched her feet and kicked off her shoes. Usually, she wasn’t so informal, but her feet were tired from running around putting out fires all day.

“Sorry, Renee, but I’m busy this weekend.”

Renee rolled her eyes heavenward. She leaned back in her chair and flipped the bang from her face. “This thing isn’t over yet?” She whined like a vegan at a bar-b-que buffet.

“Nope,” Mikayla shook her head. “Not yet, so you might as well get used to it.”

“I don’t know what you see in him.” Renee draped a well-toned arm on the hand rest of her leather executive chair and toyed with her diamond drop earrings that sparkled bright against her yellow Michael Kors blazer.

“It’s been six weeks and in that time he’s been caring, generous, and an all-around good guy. If you got to know him—”

“I don’t want to know him,” Renee’s tone was razor sharp.

“He’s your cousin and we’re seeing each other. I don’t like having my only female friend roll her eyes and suck her teeth every time I say I’m going to be with my man.” Mikayla leaned forward and rested her hands on the edge of Renee’s desk. “Forget this stupid rivalry. It’s your dad’s fight anyway. Be happy for me.”

Mikayla watched Renee with baited breath. The past few weeks with Andre were great despite the distance between them. He’d visited every weekend and even spent the past weekend with Mikayla, visiting her dad. Evan begrudgingly gave Andre his nod of approval after Andre identified what was wrong with the catalytic converter on her cousin Tyrone’s car. An accurate diagnosis that surprised both Mikayla and her dad.

She was filled with all of the thrills that came at the start of a relationship. The one downside was Renee’s disapproval. Renee’s daily dire warning that everything would soon come to a devastating end were taking a toll on her patience. She no longer feared her friendship with Renee wouldn’t survive, but still she wanted Renee’s approval. What could she say, old habits die hard.

“I want to be happy for you, Mikayla. You deserve to be happy. I just can’t see that happening with Andre.”

“Why not?” She leaned back. “Because he and Ryan used to cheat with each other’s girlfriends? That was years ago. They’ve both moved on.”

Renee flipped her bang again. “I don’t like Angelica.”

“Well, don’t pin your hopes on a reconciliation between me and Ryan. We’ve come to a work truce, no less, no more. Whatever attraction there was is completely gone.”

Renee’s eyes lit up. “So you admit there was an attraction. Ryan is convinced you were never attracted to him.”

She rolled her eyes and stood. “You’re hopeless, Renee. I’m with Andre, and I really like him. I feel like I did with Brendan…but more. I want to see where this goes.”

The fight left her friend’s eyes. A heavy sigh sagging her shoulders, Renee stood and walked around her desk. “If he hurts you—”

“I know,” she said before Renee could finish.

They hugged and Mikayla felt a small weight lift from her chest. This wasn’t a stamp of approval, but at least they were inching toward the right direction. When she left Renee’s office, Ryan and his dad came out of Philip’s office. Ryan waved her over.

“Are you free Monday morning?” Ryan asked.

She pulled her phone from her pocket to check the calendar and nodded. “I am, why?”

Philip gave her a reassuring smile. “Because, we’d like to discuss the specifics of your new position before announcing the news in the staff meeting.”

“New position?”

Ryan smiled. “Congrats, Mikayla, we’ve agreed you’re the best person to run the acquisitions department.”

She gaped at them, and then a smile fought its way across her lips. “Seriously? What about Dalmtrix?”

Philip waved a hand. “The way, you worked with Ryan to turn the project around, proves you deserve the job. Congratulations, I couldn’t have picked anyone better.” He gave her a pat on the shoulder. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m running late for a meeting.”

Mikayla turned to Ryan. “Did you do this?”

“No,” Ryan said. “Dad came to me this afternoon. He always wanted you to have the position.”

An excited laugh tumbled from her. “This is fantastic.”

“I know, and once we find the blackmailer and get Dalmtrix back, everyone will know why you’re our new manager.”

Her smile withered away. “How are we going to do that? Everyone, we asked, said they knew nothing. Including the Senator himself.” Mikayla hounded his secretary enough to finally get five minutes with him. His shifty eyes and sweaty palms told her he had lied. Whatever info the blackmailer had on the Senator must be good.

Ryan wrapped his arm around her shoulder. “We’ll worry about that after Monday. Tonight we need to celebrate.”

She laughed and was about to pull away when Angelica came down the hall escorted by Charity. Both of their eyes narrowed in on her wrapped in Ryan’s embrace. Mikayla hastily pulled away, but the damage was done. Once they announced her promotion on Monday, Charity would re-start rumors that she was considered because of her relationship with Ryan.

“So what are we celebrating?” Charity stuck the tip of her tongue out the side of her mouth, as if she could taste the awkwardness in the air.

BOOK: Show Me How to Love (Caldwell Family Book 1)
3.89Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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