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Simple Arrangement

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Simple Arrangement


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This book contains sexually explicit content which is only suitable for mature readers. This story has a
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McKenna Jeffries

Book one in the Intentions series

The arrangement was simple but what happens when emotions change things?

Iona McKingley is used to being in control and likes it that way. When she finds herself drawn to Jackson, she knows exactly what she wants—him. But on her terms. Like any good businesswoman, Iona lays out the terms of her arrangement. When he challenges her to ask him not as if she is proposing a business deal but as a woman wanting a man, she wonders if it is a good idea to deviate from the plan.

Jackson Carlyle’s attraction to Iona has been growing but he doesn’t plan to act on it. He’s been there and done that and with his busy schedule, relationships don’t work. Iona’s offer of an arrangement that takes out the emotional entanglements surprises him and he knows that it can give them both what they need—each other. As they get deeper, Jackson realizes that although their relationship started with no strings, things have evolved to so much more than a
simple arrangement


To my mom and sister, whose love of reading made me pick up my first book, which ultimately led me on this path to become an author. Thanks for passing on your love of reading and your support.

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Chapter One

Iona McKingley lifted the glass of champagne, taking a sip as she gazed at the people partying. A glance around showed that everyone seemed to be having a great time. She lowered her glass and lifted her other hand to rub her fingers along the bridge of her nose. She’d almost missed the event with the flight delays she’d encountered in her rush to return to McKingley. When she’d barely made it, it had caused the one person she didn’t ever want to chance pissing off to almost have a meltdown. She’d also tried to snatch her bald, although not intentionally. Iona rubbed the side of her head, where it still ached from the yank on her hair.

“We’ve got to stop meeting like this.” A man spoke behind her in a deep baritone that made a delicious heat fill her.

Christ, I must be more tired than I think to be getting turned on by him.

In the next moment, she contradicted herself.
Liar, you’ve been noticing way too much about him each time you all run into each other. Which is a lot, considering you all are at the same events.

“It’ll probably be the last time we will for a while. That is, unless Dimitri decides to finally ask Shannon to marry him.” Iona smiled, wondering how long it would take her good friend Dimitri Wright to ask the woman he was dating to become his wife. His siblings had all fallen in love over the last year or so and gotten married. She sipped from her drink once more.

She swallowed hard as she met Jackson Carlyle’s blue-eyed gaze, which was filled with concern. The man lifted a broad-fingered hand then placed it over hers where it rested against her hair.

“Deyon really got you good there.” He moved her hand away as he rubbed the side of her head.

“She was feeling a little stressed to make sure everything for her wedding went off without a hitch.” Iona stifled a moan that she knew would be loud as well as sound horny, and lowered her eyelids as she pressed closer to his touch. “When she reached for me, she didn’t mean to yank my hair. Her ring was caught in my hair and when she pulled, I was pulling the other way. It led to a tug of war. Thank God it wasn’t worse. I could have lost some hair.” She opened her eyes and met his gaze. “It might have just been worth it to have you feeling me up and in public too. You better be careful we don’t start rumors, Jackie.”

“Rumors could become fact.” He flashed a devilish grin.

Iona’s breath caught at the smile and the twinkle in his gaze that matched it. She glanced down his muscular body. His expertly tailored suit emphasized his tall, broad-shouldered frame. His craggy face, framed by hair in various shades of blond and brown, made him even more appealing. Jackson’s laid-back personality and his ability to encourage people to confide in him made him an excellent doctor.

“They could.” Iona smiled and stared at him. “Are you flirting with me, Jackie?”

“Would I dare flirt with Iona McKingley?” Jackson deepened his voice. “One look from you and any man who tried to pick you up—if it was unwanted—they would find themselves frozen in place. I only like ice in my glass.” He shook the glass he had in his free hand while he continued to rub gently at her aching scalp.

“Maybe it wouldn’t be unwanted.” Iona winked then laughed. “Then again, I don’t think I could handle you, Jackie.”

“I’m sure you could.” Jackson returned her wink then leaned close to her ear. “I’m the poor sap who would have circles run around him, trying to keep up with you.”

“You better be careful, Jackson, or I might someday take you up on your flirting.” Iona narrowed her eyes. “Although you’ve never flirted with me before today, I find that I like it.”

Jackson’s chuckle made heat fill her belly.
Not going there, Iona.
She tried to convince herself.

“Isn’t my Divalicious beautiful?” Jackson looked to his left.

Iona followed where his attention was and a soft smile curled her lip as she spotted Deyon and Leonardo Wright—Deyon’s new husband. Jackson and Iona were close friends with the Wrights, as well as Deyon, and the Wrights viewed all of them as family too. There were many people whom the Wrights considered their extended family. Iona thought of her own clan, the McKingleys, and the closeness between them. They had grown up together and also gathered people who they took into their fold and claimed as theirs.

Today had seen the union of Deyon and Leonardo—the last wedding so far that had been in the works for the Wrights. Leonardo and his siblings had fallen in love with their partners then married fairly fast. The people in town were talking about who would fall next and which wedding would be forthcoming. Some wondered if the Wrights would continue the trend of the single ones getting married.

“She is a lovely bride.” Iona ran her hand down her bridesmaid dress, which Deyon had designed for the wedding. “But I, for one, am glad we don’t have any more weddings anytime soon. Even though I got some beautiful clothing out of it.”

Deyon had created the clothing for all the nuptials that had taken place so far for the Wright clan. She’d had help with the designs for the last two ceremonies, when her friends, who were ex-models, had moved to town. Deyon’s store was even busier now, since brides as well as grooms were clamoring to get their own custom-designed gowns and tuxes from Deyon’s. She didn’t usually make wedding finery.

“Me too,” Jackson said wryly.

Iona returned her attention to him. Jackson smoothed the lapel of his suit, smiling and shaking his head.

“I don’t go anywhere often enough to use all the suits that I now have in my closet.”

“Doesn’t the hospital have functions?”

“It does.” Jackson rolled his eyes. “I tend to avoid them when I can. I hate politics.”

“As the co-head of the emergency room for McKingley General, you have to know how to use politics in your favor.”

“I didn’t say I don’t know how to use politics when I need to. I just hate it.” Jackson chuckled. “When they hired Rissa and I,” he said, referring to Arissa Wright, “to be co-heads, I don’t think they realized what they were getting into. We’re there to make sure our department runs efficiently and to serve the people of McKingley, not to kiss some bureaucrat’s ass. Rissa and I have never been good at kissing anyone’s ass to get ahead. We tend to go hard after what we believe and do it bluntly. Schmoozing takes too much effort.”

“But the effort is sometimes worth the pay-off. You can still be blunt, but it’s the way you are blunt.” Iona glanced at Deyon and sighed. “Like now. I’m going to have to save Leo from sleeping on the couch on his first night as a married man. Excuse me.”

Iona strolled toward Leonardo and Deyon, who stood in a group of people. Deyon glared at Leonardo while an extremely handsome man with sun-kissed skin on her right looked like he was trying not to laugh. A gorgeous dark-skinned woman standing on Deyon’s left chuckled, and Iona noticed that the sultry, melodious sound made more than one man stare.

“You better not be saying what I think you are.” Deyon lowered her voice. “I thought we already cleared this shit up. Chandler”—Deyon slapped her hand against the chest of the man on her right—“is my friend, and you even agreed for him to be one of your groomsmen in the wedding. He is now a designer at Deyon’s, after I convinced him to come on board. I assured him that my future husband wouldn’t be an asshole and be jealous of him.” She poked Leonardo in the chest. “Hell, he designed your suit for the wedding and those of your groomsmen.” Deyon flung her hand at the woman on her left and she ducked in time to not be knocked upside the head. “Sorry about that, Kendrix.”

“No problem.” Kendrix ‘Queen’ Brandon shrugged.

“I view Chandler like Kendrix—as a friend. Spell it with me—F-R-I-E-N-D

or better yet, family.” Deyon enunciated each letter as she spelled it too. “I want to fuck Chandler as much as I would want to fuck Kendrix.
.” Deyon looked at Kendrix. “No offense, Kendrix, but you’re not my type. I like men.”

“I know you do, Diva.” Kendrix winked. “I love men too. Besides, the idea of kissing you is ewweee.”

“I don’t mind kissing either one of you.” Chandler leered.

“Behave, Chandler,” Deyon and Kendrix said together.

BOOK: Simple Arrangement
3.95Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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