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Siobhan's Beat (15 page)

BOOK: Siobhan's Beat
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Her lips curved just slightly and an unspoken reply came to him in the form of a long, slow wink.

Drew swallowed past dry cotton. Man, what a sweet looking, generous mouth—shimmering red lips full of sass. After a final bow, the quartet left the stage.

When the house lights came up, Drew found himself strangely adrift. Captured…yet again.

Need kept pulling at a spot in his gut in a way that was so powerful, yet so unexpected and foreign, he had no idea how to even analyze it.

Nothing had ever felt like this, not even…

Drew gave himself a solid shake, wrapped himself in a layer of cool control and confidence as he followed his team out of the theatre. He definitely wanted to get to know Kassidy better—and thereby grab a stronger handle on why she affected him. So he could combat the feeling. That's all there was to it.


He couldn't help wondering, despite her being his polar opposite in so many ways, what would it feel like to be welcomed—fully and forever—into the heart and mind of Kassidy Cartwright.


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BOOK: Siobhan's Beat
7.26Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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