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Chapter Three


I met Garrett at Ai Fiori on Fifth Avenue for dinner. When I walked in, he was already seated in a booth.

“So what is this urgent dinner about?” I asked as I sat down.

“I’ve hired you a personal assistant and she starts tomorrow.”

“Excellent. Maybe I should have met her first before you hired her. Your track record isn’t very good.” I smirked.

A waitress with a low cut black top and perky tits walked over. “May I start you off with a drink?” She smiled.

She may start me off with something, but a drink wasn’t what I had in mind. “Yes. I’ll have a scotch on the rocks, please.”

“Coming right up, sir.”

I looked at Garrett as he began to speak. “My track record is just fine. It’s you, Jack, that has the problem.”

I sighed. “You do know that if we hadn’t been best friends since the third grade, I would have fired you by now.”

He rolled his eyes and let out a chuckle. “I’m sure you would have. But to let you know, if we hadn’t been best friends since the third grade, I would have quit.”

“Touché, my friend.”

The perky tits waitress set my drink down in front of me and proceeded to take our dinner order.

“So tell me about my next victim.” I smiled.

“Her name is Lorelei Flynn and she has exceptional organizational skills. She even straightened the paperweight on my desk.”

“Oh. I think I like her already. Is she hot?”

He cocked his head at me with a glare. I smiled. “She’s a very attractive woman.”

“How old is she?”

“She’s twenty-five. Why?”

I shrugged. “No reason. Twenty-five is good. Is there a husband or a boyfriend?”

“I know she’s not married. As for a boyfriend, I have no clue. Why are you asking?”

“Because I don’t need some asshole coming after me when I send her home in uncontrollable tears like two PAs ago.”

“Then maybe you shouldn’t be such a dick.” He smirked.

“Can’t be helped. It’s in my nature.” I held up my glass.

“Actually, it’s not in your nature. I knew you when you weren’t such a dick.”


After having dinner with Garrett, I arrived at my penthouse and poured myself a drink. I was feeling stressed from the day and needed to unwind. I pulled out my phone and sent a text message to Adriane.

“Can you come over?”

“Sure. I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.”

“Looking forward to it.”

“Me too.”

Adriane was my go-to girl when I needed last-minute sex. She was the type that didn’t care and she was always looking for a good time. I went upstairs to my bedroom and opened the drawer in my nightstand making sure I had condoms. I was down to two and I needed to get some more ASAP. I heard the elevator ding, so I walked downstairs as she stepped off.

“Good evening. Thank you for coming on such short notice.” I smiled.

“My pleasure, Jack. But we have to talk about something after.”

Uh-oh. I didn’t like the sound of that and, instantly, she killed my mood.

“You just killed my mood, Adriane. What’s up?”

She walked over to me and began unbuttoning my shirt, running her finger down my chest.

“Sex first. Talk later.” Her lips brushed against mine.

I needed to know what she wanted to talk about because I was afraid she wanted something from me. Fear swept through my body, making an erection impossible.

“Sorry, Adriane. You killed it. You need to tell me what you want to talk about.”

She sighed. “Fine. I’ve started seeing someone and I think I really like him. So after tonight, we can’t do this anymore as long as I’m with him.”

I shook my head. “Wait. You’ve met someone and you still came here? Why?”

“I don’t know. One last good fuck with you for old time’s sake.”

I had one rule that I always stood by. Never fuck another man’s girl. And if I fucked her tonight, I’d be breaking my rule and I wasn’t about to do that no matter how much I wanted sex.

“Sorry, Adriane. If you’re with someone, we can’t. I thought you weren’t into relationships,” I spoke and walked over to the bar and poured us each a scotch.

As I handed her the glass, she spoke, “I’m not. I mean, I wasn’t, but Riley came along and sort of swept me off my feet, I guess you could say. He’s a good man and I really like him.”

“If you really liked him, you wouldn’t be here wanting to fuck me now, would you?”

“I’m confused, Jack. Maybe I was using you as the opportunity to see what my true feelings for Riley really are.”

“Thanks a lot, Adriane.” I smirked.

She threw back her drink and handed me the glass. “Have a good night, Jack. I’ll see you around some time.”

“You too. I hope things work out with the two of you.”

“Thanks.” She threw me a smile as she stepped on the elevator.

I sighed and threw back my scotch. “Looks like it’s just me, you, and porn tonight,” I spoke as I looked down at my cock.



After I left Sutton Magazine, I headed to my mom’s house to tell her about the job.

“Hi, honey.” She smiled as she kissed my cheek. “I just put on a fresh pot of coffee and I made an apple pie.”

“Sounds good, Mom.”

I followed her into the kitchen and took a seat at the table.

“So what brings you by?”

“I got a job.”

“Oh, Lorelei, that’s wonderful. Where?”

“Sutton Magazine. Full-time, more money than I made at Praline, and I even get health benefits.”

“Congratulations. I’m so happy for you. Are you going to need help with Hope?”

I looked down because asking them for help was so hard for me. “I think so. I have to be there at eight o’clock and I don’t get off until five. I can put her in latch key in the mornings before school, but I was wondering if you could pick her up after school.”

“Of course I can, honey. That’s the perk of working from home. I can set my own hours.” She smiled.

“Wish I could.”

She set a cup of coffee and a slice of apple pie down in front of me. “You will someday.”

My emotions were running at an all-time high because the past two months with Hope had been the best and it was going to be hard being away from her again.

“Listen, Lorelei.” My mom placed her hand on mine. “You are an excellent mother and Hope knows that. She understands you have to work hard to give her everything she needs.”

“I know she does, but I still feel guilty.”

“I know you do because I felt guilty too leaving you when I had to work. But you turned out just fine and so will Hope. She has a loving family that will take care of her.”

After finishing my coffee and pie, I had to leave to go pick up Hope from school.

“Maybe with this pay increase, I can find an apartment closer to my job and to you.”

“I still wish you’d move in with me and Nick.”

“I can’t, Mom. Hope and I need our own place.”

She walked over and gave me a hug. “I know you do and I’m very proud of you.”


I stood outside the doors of Hope’s classroom, waiting for school to let out. As soon as the bell rang, the doors opened and a flood of children emerged. Hope saw me and ran into my arms.

“Hey, pumpkin.” I kissed the top of her head. “How was school today?”

“It was good. How was your day?”

“It was good and I’ll tell you all about it over pizza.” I smiled.

“Yes!” she exclaimed.

We walked hand in hand to our favorite pizza place and took a seat at a small round table. After placing our order, I looked into the happy eyes of my daughter.

“I got a job today.”

“You did?!”

“Yes. I start work tomorrow, and you’re going to have to go to latch key in the mornings before school starts, but Grandma will be there to pick you up every day after school. How do you feel about that, baby?”

She shrugged. “I don’t mind going to latch key. Addison goes to latch key in the morning and she says it’s fun.”

“You’ll have to start getting up earlier because I can’t be late for this job. I don’t have the flexibility like I did over at Praline.”

“Stop worrying so much, Mommy. I’ll be fine.” She grinned.

The one thing about Hope was that she was really smart for her age. But she was just a child and I didn’t want her worrying or growing up too fast. I heard my phone ringing in my purse. It was Stella, so I answered it.


“Sorry I missed your call earlier. I was in meetings all day discussing a new shoe line.”

“That’s okay. Can you come over later?”

“Sure. I’ll be over after six. Sound good?”

“Six is great. I’ll see you then.”

“Hi, Aunt Stella!” Hope voiced over the table.

“Tell that sweetie pie ‘hi’ and I’ll see her soon.”

“I will. See you soon.”

Our pizza was finally ready and I took a slice and placed it on Hope’s plate.

“Why don’t you date?” she asked out of the clear blue.

I looked at her in surprise because she had never asked me that before.

“Why are you asking me that?”

“I don’t know. Addison’s mom started seeing someone and Addison really likes him. I just want you to know that I wouldn’t mind if you started seeing someone.”

It felt like a hurricane ripped through me when she said that. The thought of dating terrified me and it was something I hadn’t even thought of since Brett. He was the love of my life and I couldn’t see anyone ever replacing him.

“I haven’t met anyone worth dating, I guess,” I spoke as I stared into her baby blue eyes.

“I don’t think you try.”

“That’s because you’re all I need.” I smiled.

“Maybe you should try a dating site. That’s where Addison’s mom met her boyfriend.”

I was floored at this conversation my seven-year-old daughter was having with me.

“Okay. Enough talk about that. Let’s start eating our dinner so we can be home in time for when Auntie Stella comes over.”

Chapter four


As soon as we arrived home, Hope climbed into the bathtub while I cleaned up the kitchen from breakfast. Stella had a key and let herself in.

“Hello there.” She smiled. “I hope you still have that bottle of wine we opened the other night because I need a drink.”

I smiled. “It’s in the fridge.”

I reached in the cabinet and took down the only two wine glasses I had while Stella grabbed the bottle of wine from the refrigerator.

“Did you call Sutton Magazine today?” she asked as she poured the wine.

“I did more than that. I got the job!” I shrieked.

“What?! Oh my God, congratulations!” She hugged me.

“Thank you. I start tomorrow.”

“Wow. That was fast. Did you bat those pretty blue eyes at him or something?”

“I didn’t meet Mr. Sutton. I only met with the human resources manager and he hired me on the spot.”

“That is awesome. Did you tell Hope yet?”

“Yes. We talked about it over pizza and she’s excited.”

Hope came running into the room and hugged Stella. “Auntie Stella!”

“Hey, Hopester. How’s my darling doll?”

“I’m good. Did my mom tell you she got a job today?”

“She sure did. I’m so happy for her.”

“Me too!” Hope exclaimed. “I’ll talk to you later. I have homework to do.”

“Okay, you little brainiac.” Stella patted her on the butt.

We took our wine and sat down on the couch.

“I’ve heard Jack Sutton is a total asshole and very hard to work for. Are you sure you can handle it?” she asked with concern.

“I can handle Mr. Sutton. What I can’t handle is my seven-year-old daughter telling me to join a dating site to meet a man.”

“What?” Stella laughed.

“Apparently, her friend Addison’s mom met this guy on a dating site and Addison really likes him.”

Stella shrugged. “Maybe Hope has a point. You haven’t been on a date since Charlie, and that was over three years ago.”

“It was one time and you forced me to go out with him. It wasn’t even a date and I wouldn’t have bothered if you didn’t keep hounding me.”

“He was a nice guy.”

“He was gay!”

“Well, I didn’t know that at the time.” She smirked.

We finished our glasses of wine and Stella had to leave. She was meeting Sebastian for a late dinner.

“Hope, Auntie Stella is leaving,” I yelled from the living room.

She came running out of her room and gave Stella a hug goodbye.

“See you later, alligator.” Stella smiled as she held up her fist.

“After a while, crocodile.” Hope fist bumped her. It was their thing that always made me smile.

I thanked Stella for coming over, and as I walked her to the door, I gave her a hug.

“You better call me tomorrow and let me know how your first day went. I’m dying to hear all about Mr. Asshole Sutton.”

I laughed. “I will.”



I awoke with a good feeling. Today I had a new PA and I couldn’t be happier. First thing on the agenda was condoms. I hoped she wouldn’t be offended. But if she was, who cared. I put on my Armani suit and headed downstairs where Madeline, my maid, had breakfast waiting for me.

“Good morning, Madeline.” I smiled.

“Good morning, Jack. You seem to be in a good mood this morning.”

“That’s because I am. My new personal assistant starts today.”

She sighed. “Would you like to take bets on how long she’ll last?”

“Now, now, Madeline. Let’s not be negative. Not today. Garrett told me she’s extremely organized and she even straightened the paperweight on his desk. So, that right there tells me that she’ll be good.”

“Great. She possesses the same qualities as you.” She rolled her eyes.

Madeline was a good woman with a good heart. She was in her early fifties and she had worked for me for about three years. She didn’t put up with my shit and I respected her for that. She reminded me of my mother but nicer. Tony, my personal driver and friend, stepped into the kitchen and glanced over at Madeline. I was pretty sure he had a thing for her. I shuddered at the thought. I would catch the two of them chatting it up early in the morning before I would come in for breakfast. I once asked him about it and he said I was imagining things. I knew damn well I wasn’t imagining anything. Both of them had never been married and, outside of working for me, I didn’t think they had lives.

As he was driving me to my office, I had him stop at Starbucks so I could grab a coffee. I called Coco before leaving the house and asked her to stop for me and she told me to stop myself and that I better not call her secretary. Her voice was threatening, which told me she was in another mood. Standing in line at Starbucks was not the way I wanted to start my morning. In fact, this would be the last time, since my new PA would be fetching my coffee for me from now on.

When I looked down at my phone, my eyes fixated on a pair of lean, long legs in front of me as well as the sculpted ass that was attached to them. I stared this woman up and down in her slim black skirt and matching jacket. Her long, blonde, wavy hair lay perfectly over her shoulders. It was the kind of hair that was perfect for pulling during sex. I wanted to get a glimpse of her from the front, but I couldn’t very well say, “Excuse me, but you’re smoking hot and delicious from the back, so please turn around so I can see the rest of your package.” I tried not to think about it. She placed her order and stepped to the side. After placing my order, I glanced at her before taking my place behind her. She was beautiful. She stood about five foot seven with a very petite frame. I couldn’t quite catch the color of her eyes because she was looking down as the barista prepared her coffee. When he set her cup on the counter, she grabbed it and quickly turned around, spilling some coffee on my new Armani suit.

“Oh my God. I’m so sorry.” Her captivating blue eyes stared into mine.

Captivating or not, I was pissed as hell. I took a step back and examined my suit. She quickly grabbed a napkin and began to dab my suit with it.

“Stop!” I commanded. You’ll leave the lint from the napkin all over my suit coat.”

“I am so sorry. Please let me pay to have that cleaned for you.”

“Don’t worry about it. Just take your coffee and go,” I spoke with irritation.

I could tell she was embarrassed, but I didn’t care. She was clumsy and I wanted her out of my sight.

“Again, I’m so sorry.”

“Just go.” I waved my hand.

I mumbled under my breath as I climbed into the limo. “Tony, you need to take me back home so I can change my suit. Some clumsy blonde spilled coffee on me.”

“That wouldn’t be the blonde I just saw practically running out the door, was it?”

“Yeah, that was her.” I sighed.

“At least she was a beautiful blonde that spilled coffee on you.” He smirked.

BOOK: Something About Lorelei
4.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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