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Spike (Aces MC Series Book 3)

BOOK: Spike (Aces MC Series Book 3)
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Book 3 - Aces MC


By Aimee-Louise

Text copyright © 2015 Aimee-Louise Foster

All Rights

This book is
dedicated to all that have supported me on this incredible journey,
with special thanks to Tabitha Carter, Mary Leggett and Kim Joel.

Character List

Club Members

Mitchell 'Duke' Groves - President
Ethan 'Diesel' Stokes - Vice President
Andy 'Bear' Harper - Sergeant at Arms
Daryl 'Justice' Hayes - Treasurer
Frank 'Hound' Watson - Secretary
Mark 'Woods' Davies - Road Captain
Connor 'Spike' Stokes
Jake 'Locke' Dixon
Caleb 'CJ' Jones
Paul 'Rex' Regus
Charlie 'Stoney' Henderson
Jacob 'Skinner' Burns
Tyler 'Whip' Watson
Blake 'Recon' Washington
Elijah 'Lyric' Grey



Amy Stokes - Diesel's sister
Louise Walker
Harlow 'Ink' Webb - Diesel's old lady
Taylor 'Ash' Miller - Duke's old lady
Maggie Watson - Hound's old lady
James Hudson - Doctor
Chloe Watson - Salon worker
Paige Watson - Stripper
Cade Smith - Hang around

Chapter 1


“My tummy’s too full Helen, can I leave the rest?” I
couldn’t eat all of my sausage and mash, I was stuffed. Helen always spoilt me
when mum and dad were out, and gave me bigger portions than I usually had.
Helen had explained that I was a growing boy and needed a lot of food to make
my muscles big and strong.
“That’s fine little man.” Helen stood and ruffled my hair which made me giggle
before pushing the wooden kitchen chair from behind her across the tiled floor.
She collected our plates and took them over to the kitchen work top. She turned
and held out her hand for me to take, “I’ll clear them away later, let’s go and
run you a bath before it gets too late.”

I loved bath time because Helen allowed me to put all of my
soldiers into the bath tub and there were a lot of them. Mum didn’t like my
soldiers, she used to swear if they were left around the house and she
especially got mad if she trod on one with her bare feet but not Helen, she
enjoyed spending quality time with me and playing with my toys.
I made sure that I was in charge of the British army because they had the best
tanks. Unfortunately Dad had stamped on the German tank last week because I
wasn’t quick enough to get him a beer out of the fridge. I’ll just have to remember
to run faster next time because I don’t want him breaking any more of my toys.

After playing for a while, Helen closed the toilet seat and
sat comfortably by leaning back against the toilet cistern. She stretched her
legs in front of her so that she could rest her book on her lap. Helen studied
really hard and was always reading because she wanted to be a journalist. I
wasn’t sure what one of them was but Helen had explained that they wrote
stories for newspapers. She would be good at that because she always made up
stories for me with exciting adventures of pirates, dinosaurs and space men.
“You don’t have to stay here Helen, I’m a big boy now. Look I have muscles.” I tried
to flex my muscles to show her how big my arms were unsuccessfully.
“I know you are little man but I like spending time with you.” Helen smiled and
leant over to ruffle my hair again, a sentiment that I enjoyed and one of the
many things I loved about my sister.

“Phrrrrrrr, Phrrrrrrr, Boooooooffff, Cuh-chunk POW!”
Helen glanced up from her book, “Did they win?”
“Yeah. They not only won they destroyed them, look they’ve sunk to the bottom.”
I stated excitedly as I looked through the water.
Helen smiled as she shook her head, “You’re getting wrinkly and it’s nearly
time to get out.” She said with humour in her voice. I looked at my hands to see
my crinkly skin and nodded in agreement.
She furrowed her brows, “Have you washed behind your ears yet Connor?”
I held my breath and dunked under the water to make sure everything had been
cleaned. When I couldn’t hold my breath any longer, I stuck my head out of the
water gasping for air. I quickly shook the water from my head animatedly and glanced
at Helen to see her frowning disapprovingly.
“You know I don’t like it when you do that, I worry you’re not coming back up.”
“Sorry.” I said quickly not wanting to upset her. She acted like a mum
sometimes, well not like my mum but how I thought a real mum should be. Like
the ones you read about in stories or see on TV where they look after their
children and bake, and read you stories before bed time.
“Come on let’s get you ready for bed, have you decided what story you want
“What-a-Mess!” I said excitedly as I jumped out of the bath and landed on the
cork bathroom mat splashing Helen with water in the process.
“Not again!” she groaned.
I giggled as Helen ruffled me in the threadbare towel, tickling me through the
material. I loved the What-a-Mess stories as they were about a puppy called
Prince Amir of Kinjan. I asked Helen where Kinjan was and she had explained
that she’d take me there one day but we would need to travel on a boat and an
aeroplane, and that I would need to be a very good boy. I didn’t know when she
was thinking of taking me though because I didn't even have a passport but she'd
pinky promised which meant she had to do it.

I quickly wiggled into my pyjamas which took some time as I
was still wet and the material stuck to my body as I tried to pull it over my
damp skin. Helen entered the room and I quickly jumped into bed and snuggled
under the covers to keep warm. The heating was still broken and mum had
explained that we didn’t have the money to fix it yet but Helen always made
sure that I was warm, and brought me her cover every evening which she took back
when I was asleep so that she could use it. I loved my sister for looking after

“The end.” We said together in chorus.
“Right little man, you need to get some sleep. You’ve got school in the
morning.” Helen leaned closer and kissed my forehead before making sure that I
was tucked in properly. With a satisfied grin, Helen turned and walked towards
the bedroom door.
“Helen!” She looked over her shoulder at me expectantly with soft eyes, “I love
She smiled and slowly walked over to where I was laying, leaning down she
whispered, “I love you too Connor, sweet dreams little man.” Helen brushed the
hair from my eyes before walking out of the bedroom.
I lay quietly in the dark thinking about how much fun I’d had this evening with
Helen and what we had planned for tomorrow. This time each evening, I thought
of all the good things that had happened to me throughout the day and to my
surprise they always included Helen. This thought brought a smile to my face
but before I knew it my eyes became heavy and I drifted into a peaceful sleep.

I woke to a terrible scream.
Had I been dreaming?
sat upright in bed and looked around the room trying to rationalise the
thoughts swirling around my head as my breathing accelerated. Helen was
probably watching television in the living room so there was nothing to worry
about but that’s when I heard the frantic scream again.
I quickly lay back down and pulled the covers over my head, I could hear my
heavy breathing and the thumping of my heart within the cavity of my chest.
That wasn’t the television that was someone in trouble.
The last time I heard a scream like that I went to investigate but Helen had stopped
me in the hallway and had explained that mum and dad had drunk too much coke,
they had become hyperactive whatever that meant and it was best for us to leave
them alone. That night, I stayed in Helen's bed as she had wanted me to keep
her company, and that night I felt the safest I have ever been.

But tonight I was scared, I knew I needed to be brave and
investigate or at least go into Helen’s room as she’d keep me safe but I was
frightened of what I may see.
I took a deep breath and pulled back the covers, feeling the pinch of the cold
air against my skin as I slowly crept across my bedroom floor. I reached the
door and squeezed through the gap carefully, not wanting to alert anyone of my
whereabouts. I quickly leapt across the dimly lit landing and went into Helen’s
room which was pitch black hampering my vision.

“Helen!” I whispered but there was no answer.
"Helen!" I said again but this time a little louder.
I was startled by another high pitched scream but this time I recognised the
voice, it was Helen and it was coming from the living room, down stairs.
“You need to be brave, you need to be brave.” I whispered in a mantra to myself
as I built the courage to go and investigate further, if she was in trouble I
needed to help her.
I tiptoed quietly across the carpeted landing missing out the squeaky
floorboard that I knew was at the top of the stairs.
I listened quietly and heard noises coming from the living room but I knew that
Helen wouldn’t invite people over because she was too embarrassed of what our
house looked like. I crept down the four top stairs and crouched so that I
could peer through the wooden banisters to see Helen lying face down on the
table and a hairy man standing directly behind her, holding her down with his
hand firmly on the back of her neck. She had tears streaming down her face as
she struggled to get free of his grasp.
What had she done? Why was he hurting her?
I couldn't understand what was
going on.
Continuing down the stairs quietly, I knew that I needed to either get help or
rescue her but I just didn’t know which one or how?
I looked around the room frantically taking everything in, when a second man
entered from the kitchen. I felt relieved at first hoping that he was here to
help Helen but he didn’t, he folded his arms across his chest and stood looking
at her with an evil grin on his face and his eyes, he had really scary eyes.

“Haven’t you stuck it in her yet?” The man with the scary
eyes asked almost annoyed that the other man hadn't finished.
“I’m trying man but she’s so fucking tight.” He moved his hands to try and
adjust something behind Helen as she let out a high pitch screech and bucked
her body to try and get away. I could see how frightened she was as she clawed
at the table in pain. Helen continued to scream at him to stop and sobbed as
the man tightened his grip around her neck which made her gasp for air and
that’s when I saw it, the man was holding his willy in his hand, stroking it up
and down and positioning it behind Helen. I noticed that she didn't have any
pyjama bottoms on and he was trying to put his willy inside her but she clearly
didn’t want him too.
Why didn't he just leave her alone?
She screamed again but this time louder as she twisted her body to try and stop
her attacker but he was too strong, he continued to pin her against the table
so that she couldn't move.
I froze, watching her fight with all her might as I felt my tears and had to
use the back of my hand to wipe them from my face.

Helen opened her eyes slightly and I saw her expression
change when she noticed that I was standing on the bottom stair, watching. She
mouthed something but I couldn’t hear what she was trying to say. I leaned
closer so I was now leaning on the banisters and she mouthed it again, "Hide!"
I glanced up the stairs, I could go and hide but I couldn’t leave Helen. This
man was hurting her and I had to do something, Helen had said that I was strong
and I needed to show her just how strong I was by using my muscles.

I pushed myself off the stairs as I screamed running as fast
as I could towards the hairy man who was hurting Helen. I used the sofa to help
me pounce onto the back of her attacker like a big vicious cat and grabbed him
around the face as I clawed at his eyes.
“What the fuck…Ahhhhhh…Frank get him off.” The man screamed as I dug my fingers
into his skin like a savage animal. I grazed his cheeks as I sank my nails into
his face and I was pleased when I saw the blood and felt his skin under my
finger nails but I wasn’t strong enough, the scary eyed man grabbed me and held
me tightly against his chest as he moved me to the other side of the room out
of the way with relative ease.

“Get off him, let him go!” Helen sobbed as she found a
reserve of energy and tried to push up from the table.
“Shut up bitch!” The hairy man spat as he punched her in the back of the head
and held her tightly again as he pushed her face into the table with force. I
glanced at Helen as the man held me in his embrace and could see that the fight
had now left her motionless body.
He roughly grabbed his willy again and pushed it inside her but she didn’t
fight him this time, it was as if she knew her fate. The tears continued to
fall down her cheeks, she closed her eyes tightly and her face twisted each time
he pushed inside her. He was making horrible noises, he gritted his teeth as he
held either side of the table and he's pace continued to gain momentum. I tried
to move my hands so that I could cover my ears, I didn’t like the sounds he was
producing and it was making me feel sick.
“Oh no you don’t, you can watch and hear your little slut of a sister being
I struggled in his arms but he was too strong, the noises continued and the
table began to move as the man was now pushing back and forth. The hairy man’s
grunts became louder and the room started to fill with unfamiliar smells until he
finally stopped and gritted his teeth before letting out a satisfactory roar.
He immediately sagged and collapsed on top of Helen and panted as he caught his

“About fucking time, now let me have a go,” the scary eyed
man said excitedly.
The next thing I felt was a hard punch to the side of my head and the pain was
quick to travel down the side of my face towards my neck as darkness with
sparks of bright light hit my right eye.
“He fucking pissed on my leg,” the man screamed.
I quickly glanced down and noticed that my pyjama bottoms were soaking wet, I
hadn’t realised I’d wet myself. The hairy man laughed as he slowly pulled up
his jeans and I noticed blood dripping down his leg and smeared on his willy
but didn't understand where it had come from?

As I gained my composure and turned my head from the sickening
sight, I quickly realised that this was my best opportunity to try and get out
of here to find help for Helen. I glanced around the room to try and find a way
out noticing that the front door would be my best option. Taking a deep breath,
I took off running through the living room towards the front door and scrambled
around trying to pull the handle as quickly as possible before the scary eyed
man gave chase. I managed to open the door and the cold night air hit my body
which startled me. I had to catch my breath quickly before I ran as fast as I
could down the gravel path, feeling the stones dig into my bare feet but I
didn’t care, I needed to get help. Running in the road, I continued down the
street looking for a house with a light on. I saw Vera’s porch light shining in
the distance and ran in the direction of her house like a moth to a flame. I
cut across her front garden not caring about the squashed flowers beneath my
feet, and ran up the steps to her front door, banging on it as loud as my little
fists could.

BOOK: Spike (Aces MC Series Book 3)
3.04Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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