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By Nella


book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and incidents are
products of the writer's imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not
to be construed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual
events, locales or organizations is entirely coincidental.


© 2015 Nella Tyler


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There was a great park not far from my home that had some
pretty incredible landscaping. It was one of my favorite places to visit when I
wanted to go for a walk. You could run, hike, bike and I often seen people
running up the hills for exercise. It was certainly a great place to do that.
Many people went there to get their sweat on. The weather was clear and sunny
and it was just a great day to be outdoors. That was exactly what I wanted. I
needed to get out of the house for a while. There was just something about the
sun that made you instantly feel great about life and your place in the
universe. It just energized you and made you feel complete. It was really hard
to have a bad day when you were out in the sunshine. That's why I often enjoyed
exercising outdoors because the sun made you feel as if the torture of exercise
wasn't really all that bad.

I was determined to go on a hike and clear my head…that was
the plan for my morning anyways. My mind had been spinning for days and I
couldn't even begin to figure out what had gone wrong with my life. Yesterday
had been enough of an experience talking to Marcus and it had left me feeling
ill. I had gotten myself into a real pickle. Not only was there a chance that
my brother was lying to me,
I had got mixed up with a man that my brother was at war with. If that wasn't
bad enough there was a chance that man was lying to me too. I had no idea how
to get to the bottom of things because I couldn't determine which one of them
was lying to me. Or maybe they both were. It was all enough to give me a
headache. I didn't need another headache in my life. I lived a relatively
stress free existence and I wasn't about to add any unnecessary stress,
especially over a guy. I would rather stay single than be with a guy that
caused me undue stress. No thank you! I often heard my girlfriends talk about
the guys they were dating and oftentimes they were so stressed out over the
relationship. What was the point in that? If you were upset all the time then
chances are you would be
single than dealing with male bullshit. That was just my opinion anyways.

As I was walking along the trail I came upon a couple
sitting against one of the trees. The guy was reading to the girl and she was
looking up at him with the most adoring look I had ever seen. It was both
endearing and irritating to witness. I don't even have to explain what couples
that engage in PDA do to the people around them. It takes a pretty special guy
however to sit there and read a book to a girl. He's probably sitting there
wishing that he was at a baseball game or something, but he loved her so much
that he would do anything for her. So there he sat, reading a book and watching
her melt right before his eyes. He was probably guaranteed a
out of
it anyways, and that's really what was important.

I sighed deeply and thought that I could go for an easy
relationship. That couple probably hadn't met through such awful circumstances
like I did. They probably met like two normal people, maybe exchanging glances
over a cup of coffee. They were just two strangers finally finding one another.
That certainly wasn't the case for me; no, I had to get myself tangled up with
a man that my brother hated. I had to try to forget that the sex between us was
mind-blowing, though it was; it only got me deeper into a relationship that I
probably shouldn't be in. I shook my head as I continued on the trail, leaving
the lovebirds alone. What to do...what to do about my own life?

Link was a great guy, at least from what I could tell from
spending time with him. Had we not been in the situation that we were in, I
doubt I would have anything to worry about. I just needed to determine whether
he w
as being
totally honest with me,
if not I needed to find out why. Maybe the
whole story was really simple. It may not even be as bad as I thought it was;
it's pretty easy to assume things. But that wasn't entirely my fault when the
men in my life talked circles around me.

When I was with Link things were amazing and our repertoire
was natural and relaxed. I didn't feel in any way that he wasn't being genuine
with me. That's what I found so confusing about the situation that I was in.
Everything felt right when I was with Link. At this point I didn't know who or
what to believe but I knew what felt right in my heart. So how could it be
wrong? That's why I hadn't bailed on the situation even though I probably
should have. I still had yet to tell Jared that I was seeing Link. It was a
conversation that I was not looking forward to at all. He could only blame
himself though. If he hadn’t sent me over there to pretend I was his lawyer
than I may never have met Link at all. It almost seemed fated the way we had
come together. Really what were the chances of us dating after that initial
meeting? Slim to none, was my guess. I know my brother Jared would think the
same thing.

My phone started buzzing and I stopped to check who it was.
A smile came across my face as I realized that it was Link. He was asking me
what I was doing that night. He was
and to the point. The one
thing that I liked about Link was that he didn't play games with me. He didn't
try to play it cool with me and make me wait for several days to hear from him.
That was a game that most guys played and I was often annoyed by it. If you
liked someone you let them know it and you don't mess with their heart by
making them wait to find out; it was just cruel. I hated guys who played games
and it appeared as if that wasn't something I needed to worry about with Link.
There was a really good chance that Link was the one.




I was pretty ravenous after my hike and I couldn't wait to
get some food in my belly. Sarah and Lisa were meeting me for lunch and I could
not wait. I had advised them of a good restaurant this time. The last thing I
needed on an empty stomach was terrible food. I wanted nothing but a delicious
and satisfying meal.

Sarah had groaned when I had told her where to go but I
didn't care, with my luck she would have picked another dive and I would have
to gag down another entree that I didn't want to. I planned on eating a ton of
delicious food since my hike burned off so many calories. The service at the
restaurant was a class act as well so I knew we wouldn't wait for food for

I walked into the restaurant and was happy to find they were
already there.

“Hey ladies, how are you doing?” I said and smiled.

“Gemma! I have been dying to talk to you!” Sarah squealed.

I chuckled, “Yeah, I figured as much.”

“You dirty little secret keeper!” Sarah laughed.

“Easy ladies. I'm ordering food before we get into things
here. I am so hungry that I could eat a horse right now.”

“Fair enough. I guess we can wait a few minutes.”

I sat down with them and perused the menu. I knew I wanted a
cobb salad but I wasn't sure what else to get. Maybe fish of some sort; I had
been craving that lately.

“We are all ready to order girl, so whenever you are ready.”

I looked up at
Sarah and smiled. It was all on me.

I decided on the spring roll appetizers and the salmon and
wild rice. All sounded very delicious and the chef was amazing there so I knew
I would be happy with the dishes.

The waitress arrived and we ordered some wine as well as our
lunch orders. She swiftly went away and we were left to talk. I was probably
going to get bombed on my first glass with an empty stomach but I couldn't turn
down wine.

“That guy you were with...Link is his name? Cool name by the
way...but I've actually eaten at his new restaurant and the food there is some
of the best that I’ve tasted in a long time,” Lisa said.

I gasped, “You're kidding me? I haven't even eaten there
yet. I know that he's a good chef because he used to work for my brother, but I
haven't actually been to his place at all.” I was terribly jealous to find out
that Lisa had been to the restaurant before me. I guess I could have suggested
that we go there for lunch but that might have been awkward. I didn't want Link
to think I was getting pushy; it wasn't like he was my boyfriend or anything.

Sarah laughed, “Well how did you meet him then if it wasn't
at his restaurant?”

I groaned. “You wouldn't believe it even if I told you. It's
a long story.”

“Well good thing we have all day,” Lisa added.

I knew I didn't have a prayer of getting out of talking
about it. I would have to explain the whole embarrassing situation and reap the
judgement I so deserved from my friends. There was no way around it. I had to
spill the beans about my day as a lawyer.

“Oh god, does it have anything to do with the fact that he
called you Jared's lawyer,” Sarah burst out laughing. “What did you get
yourself into this time Gemma?”

I shook my head with a smile on my face. They were already
enjoying the moment together. I hadn't even begun to fill them in and they were
revelling in it. It sure didn't take much.

“Okay ladies, that's enough.”

“Come on Gemma! How did you meet Link?”

I filled them in
all right
on the whole story, from beginning to end.
I reminded Sarah about the day that I had left her at the restaurant to go and
see Jared. From there I explained about Jared's plan for me to impersonate his
lawyer and go to pay a visit to Link. The meeting didn't go well and when I
returned to my brother he wanted to continue having me impersonate a lawyer for
him. Sarah was now the one shaking her head as I talked. I told her that I
tried to get out of the mess but it was too hard. I explained the war between
the two men was over a supposedly stolen recipe, that Link claimed had always
been his.

“So Link thinks you are Jared's lawyer?”

“No actually. Link was on to me from the beginning. He used
to work for Jared
remember? Well I guess he recognized me. He blew that out of the water at the
club. It was embarrassing to say the least.”

Sarah was laughing which was not surprising. “Oh my god
Gemma! How did you manage to let Jared convince you fake being a lawyer?”

“To be honest, I have no idea. But I love him and I thought
he genuinely needed help. Now...I have no idea what's going on. I haven't
talked to him. Last I heard he was getting a real lawyer to go after Link

“Gee that shouldn't complicate your relationship with Link.”

“Yeah well, I never said it was easy. Besides, Link and I
aren't in a relationship.”

“Then what are you?”

“Well I've only seen him out once and that was at the club
and it wasn't a date…it was more like a random encounter.”

“Well I have to admit he is so hot! Gemma, you are one lucky

“God I know, it's hard to believe sometimes. Just looking at
him drives me crazy.”

“Ah, I’m jealous that you get to spend time with such a
hottie!” Lisa gushed.

I giggled.

“Oh I know, when we saw him walk up to you at the club we
couldn't believe our eyes. Did I mention how hot he is?” Sara added.

“Yeah I get it.” I said laughing.

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