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Tess Harper










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Stepbrother Want


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***All characters are over 18 and fictional.***


My stepsister has always been hot.


Jenna never had that gawky teenager phase. The family photos looked like something out of Cosmo, all perfectly styled hair, straight white teeth and endless curves. She went to college on the other side of the country but I could never forget about her and how much she made me ache.


You see, my Jenna was never shy with her sexuality. Our respective parents were loving, but they had careers and their own lives. Jenna and I were considered more than old enough to look after ourselves, so the house was ours more often than not.


I was freshly turned 19, the exact same age Jenna was, but she always seemed more worldly. We were both home from college for winter break. Living in the dorms had stripped away the few inhibitions she did have, something I learned the second day after she came home.


Jenna’s bedroom was down the hall from the shower, and instead of changing in the bathroom or wearing a robe, she wrapped a skimpy towel around her body. Long, tanned legs stretched for miles and I could just see the lower curve of her ass beneath that soft grey terrycloth. The knot she had tied at the top of the towel struggled to contain her bountiful breasts, and the thought of that towel falling off and those fantastic tits escaping had my dick swelling inside my shorts.


All I could think was, “She’s your stepsister, man! What’s wrong with you?” My dick didn’t care about familial bonds. My dick cared about those droplets of water dripping down her naked body. My dick cared about those soft hands soaping up those beautiful round breasts and dipping between her thighs.


Jenna entered her room and closed the door, oblivious to my turmoil and my arousal. I imagined that towel falling to the floor and her laying back naked on her bed, spreading open her legs to show that perfect, pink pussy. A faint buzzing sound came from her room, and the juxtaposition of my fantasy and reality was almost too much.


I crept to her bedroom door and saw that she hadn’t closed it entirely. It was ajar just enough to give me a clear view to her bed. Just like I had imagined, Jenna was laying naked and spread eagle on her comforter. A small purple vibrator was disappearing inside her shaved vagina as she pumped it in and out of her body, fucking herself on the piece of rubber while her free hand was twisting her nipples, alternating between her two breasts.


My jeans were uncomfortably tight, and even though I knew the type of risk I was taking, I slowly unzipped them. I pulled my cock out through the slit in my boxers and started pumping. Jenna’s movements on the bed were growing more frantic. She flicker the vibrator to a higher setting and the sound increased, becoming obviously loud in the quiet house, but she was too far gone to care. “She must have been going at herself in the shower awhile to be this horny,” I thought, tightening my grip at the base of my cock, trying to keep from ending this too soon.


I stood in the hallway of my house with my cock in my hand and watched my stepsister come. Her hips bucked and she spasmed on the bed, low moans escaping her mouth as she tried desperately to keep quiet.


In one of those moans was a word.


“Andrew,” she whispered, shivering in the last aftershocks of her orgasm.


I groaned, far louder than I intended to as my own orgasm hit me hard, coating my fingers with my thick, white come.


You see, my name is Andrew.






Jenna acted like nothing was amiss when she emerged from her room an hour later. There was no way that she didn’t hear the noise I made, but she was smiling and chattering on about her classes while we ate lunch just like nothing had happened.


“Freshman English was actually an awesome class, Andrew. Everyone bitches about how stupid the general education requirements are but it really just depends on if you get a decent teacher. Professor Edwards was able to make what could have been an incredibly generic class fascinating.” Jenna punctuated each statement with a stab of her fork into her plate of salad.


Most people looked at Jenna and saw a pretty girl with big boobs and nothing else, but she was smart. She graduated in the top 10% of our high school class and got a acceptance letter and a fat scholarship package from every school she applied to. Only a few months into college and she was thriving already.


“You always believed in me. When our parents got married, I wasn’t happy at first because I thought you would uproot my life, but you’ve always been the best.” Her softer tone caught my attention. The fork rested on the edge of her plate, abandoned as she spoke to me. “That really meant a lot. Mom believed in me too, but your Mom is supposed to, even if you’re a fuck up. You never saw me as an annoyance that was shoved into your life when our parents got hitched.”


She leaned back in her chair, sighing. “College is the first time in my life I’ve had teachers that don’t look surprised when they discover I’m not an airhead. It’s like I’m the first girl they’ve ever encountered that can write a thesis statement and use an eyelash curler.” She grabbed the fork again and angrily speared a cherry tomato. “You never did that. Ever. I just wanted you to know that I noticed, and that it means a lot.”


I nodded solemnly, before cracking a grin and snatching the last piece of chicken out of her salad. “I always knew you were a nerd, Jenna.”


The mood broken, Jenna broke out in giggles, a loud, joyous sound I had missed around the house when she packed up and left for school. “‘A nerd,’ he says. I’ve seen your Lord of the Rings toys.”


Picking up the familiar argument, I countered with, “They’re action figures!”


The juxtaposition of my goofy, just a little bit bossy stepsister and the goddess I had watched pleasure herself with my name on her lips only a few hours ago was disconcerting. By bringing it up myself, I was running the risk of destroying everything we had, but with what I had heard. . . how could I not take that risk?


“Are we going to talk about what happened at all?” I asked tentatively.


The smile faded from Jenna’s face as quickly as if someone had slammed down a security gate. “Is there anything to talk about?” Her voice was uncharacteristically quiet.


“I think there is.”


Jenna stood up and walked into the kitchen, her back stiff and her head down. I followed at her heels. “Jenna, listen to me!” I grabbed her arm and spun her around to face me. “Jenna, it’s okay.”


Her face was white and tears brimmed in her eyes. “It’s not okay. It’s sick. You’re my stepbrother .” Her voice dropped to a whisper. “I mean, technically we’re family!”


“Not by blood,” I countered before adding, “And if you’re sick, you’re no sicker than I am.”


She lifted her bright blue eyes to stare into mine, shock written across her face. “You feel the same way?” she asked, in a hopeful voice.


I nodded, not trusting my voice. I slowly became aware of how close we were standing. I cloud smell the strawberry scent of her shampoo and feel the warmth radiating from her skin. She was close enough to touch, to kiss.


I kissed her.


Her lips felt like soft pillows under mine, and they tasted like cherry chapstick. Her mouth opened underneath mine and I caressed her tongue with mine, tasting the herbal sweetness of the tomatoes in her mouth. Her hands snaked around my back, pulling me closer to her. I could feel my cock beginning to stir again at her proximity and I rocked my hips against hers instinctively.


Jenna froze and pulled back just enough to look down at the growing bulge in my pants. “Do I make you hard?” she asked coyly.


“Do I make you wet?” I countered.


She chuckled. “Touché. And yes, you do.” Her voice darkened. “Would you like to feel how wet you make me?”


I responded by gripping her hips and pulling her against me, letting her feel the hard line of my cock pressing against the softness of her mound. She unbuttoned her jeans and pushed the zipper down, showing me a flash of her red panties. Then she took my hand and slipped it inside her pants.


Her pussy was shaved or waxed so my fingers slid easily over the bare flesh until I reached her lips. Gently, I slipped my finger in between them and felt her juices coat my fingers. She gasped as I began stroking her. Holding her gaze steadily, I pushed my finger inside of her pussy.


She was tight, and I could feel her walls pressing against my finger as I pushed it in deeper. Her grip on my shoulders tightened and shiver went through her. I added a second finger easily and slowly started pumping them in and out of her body, as much as I could with the tight jeans still on her body. My thumb found the pink nub of her clit and I started rubbing it as well.


It would have been easy to rip the pants off of her and slip my cock into her, right here on the living room floor. Somehow fucking her with my fingers with both of us still clothed added to the forbidden nature of what we were doing.


“Ahhhhh!” she moaned. “Don’t stop. I’m gonna- ANDREW!” Jenna almost shrieked my name as her orgasm washed over her. I could feel her inner muscles clenching my fingers as I wrung the aftershocks out of her.


My fingers were sticky with her juices when I eased them from her body. Jenna leaned heavily against me, my body being the only thing holding her up. My cock throbbed at the proximity to her, and all I could think about was taking her upstairs and stripping those clothes off to reveal my stepsister’s beautiful body. That tight, wet pussy had felt fantastic squeezing my fingers and it would feel doubly amazing wrapped around my cock.


Jenna’s hand squeezed my cock, and my knees almost buckled. I looked over to where her head was resting on my shoulder and saw the sly smile across her lips.


“Let’s go to my room,” she whispered.





Jenna’s room was an odd mixture of little girl, teenager and adult. A small mountain of teddy bears and stuffed rabbits covered an ottoman shoved into the corner. The purple walls were  plastered with photos of her friends and whichever rockstars or TV guys she was hot for this week. A simple grey and white striped bedspread covered the twin bed. I wondered where that purple vibrator was hidden.


The door clicked shut and Jenna was on me, her mouth devouring mine like she was searching for the secrets of the universe. Her hands were busy between our bodies, stroking the bulge of my cock through the rough denim concealing it. I shivered as her dexterous fingers circled the head, painstakingly slowly rubbing down length of the shaft, the fabric making it impossible to get the amount of friction I was longing for.


I felt her pop the button of my jeans and ease the zipper downward, inch by torturous inch. Freed from its denim prison, my cock jutted out of the V of my open fly, only covered by my thin cotton boxers.


Jenna dropped to her knees, dragging my pants down with her.


“You should take your shirt off,” I asked.


She smiled. “Do you think a lot about my tits, Andrew?” She wiggles out of the t-shirt she was wearing and tosses it up at me. Reflexively, I caught it before tossing it over shoulder to land somewhere in the vicinity of the bed.


I didn’t bother replying to her question. My reaction was more than enough of an answer. Jenna knelt on the carpet and looked up at me, that damn grin still pasted across her face as my eyes drilled into her tits the way I hoped my cock would be drilling into her pussy in a few minutes. Her breasts were hidden by a red, lacy thing that barely had enough fabric to be honestly called a bra. It was cut low enough that I could just see the pale pink edges of her areolas peeking over the edge of the bra.

BOOK: Stepbrother Want
8.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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