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Sasha Campbell
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This book is dedicated to my
friends who have stood by me through thick and thin. Your friendships mean more than you could ever imagine.
I gotta thank William and Natilee for being my Chicago connections. Thank you for answering all my questions about the Windy City and making me feel like I was right there.
I want to thank Selena for coming up with a much more appropriate title. You knocked it out the park again!
Shouts out to all the fans who read
and took the time to e-mail and let me know just how much you enjoyed my first book. I hope this one gives you the same reading pleasure.
I love hearing from my readers. You can visit me at
. Please join my Facebook page, where there's no telling what I might say.
, I met this dude from Jamaica last weekend. Trust and believe me when I tell you, he was a straight-up Mandingo!”
“Peaches, sit still before I burn your ear!” Damn! How was I supposed to style her hair if she kept moving? Besides, I don't know what made her think I wanted to listen to her talking about getting some from a dude she barely knew.
“Oops, my bad!” Peaches chuckled. “It's just not often that I find a man with some good dick.”
“Ooh! I know that's right,” cackled some toothpick with a jacked-up weave, sitting in the chair beside her. “I haven't had a man with anything worth talking about in a long time. They either can't get it up or when they do, it ain't worth my time.”
While everyone on the salon floor started talking about men's private parts, I simply pursed my lips and kept on flatironing Peaches's hair. I don't know why my clients always think I want to hear about their sex lives.
“Shhhh-shhhh! I don't know if y'all heard this or not, but . . . Tiffany don't know nothing about getting laid.”
I grabbed a comb and pointed it at Debra, ready to cuss her behind every which way, but decided not to waste my breath. She's the newest stylist at Situations, and unfortunately my booth happened to be right next to hers, which meant she had eavesdropped on one too many of my conversations. In fact, it was a bad habit I was determined to break. “Debra, nobody asked you to be spreading my personal business,” I mumbled. What she needed to be worried about was that no-good baby daddy of hers.
Debra gave an innocent look, then had the nerve to wave her hand like she was dismissing me. “I don't know why you getting mad. You should be proud to let everyone know you're not getting none.”
“Not getting none?” Peaches's head snapped in my direction, her bubble eyes were big as saucers. “What's up with that?”
Now all eyes were on me. Damn, why she all up in my business? “I'm just not out there trying to give it up to everybody.” I wasn't yelling, but I had definitely raised my voice.
Debra started laughing. “Everybody? Hell, you haven't given it to anybody.”
I gave her a nasty look. With God as my witness, before long, she and I were going to have it out. “Some of us were raised to hold on to our virginity for the right man while others weren't.” I don't know why I was even trying to explain to a bunch of chicks who wouldn't understand that some of us didn't believe in giving it up to every Tom, Dick, and Jerry they come across.
“Okay . . . lemme get this straight. You saying
a virgin?” Peaches asked for clarification and swung her seat all the way around so she could look at me dead in my mouth. Thanks to Debra, they were all trying to get in my business.
“Did I stutter? I'm saving myself for the right man,” I replied with a mean glare. “Now turn around.” I was done discussing my personal life. Unfortunately, Peaches wasn't finished yet.
“Hold up, Tif. What about that cutie pie who picked you up the last time I was here?”
I glanced around to see if anyone else was listening. The last thing I wanted was one of these trifling females in the salon to try and push up on my man.“ What about him?” I said with attitude.
you gotta be getting some of that.” She said like she'd caught me in a lie. “
-it, I would.”
“Puhleeze,” Debra cackled. “Tiffany ain't gave him shit!”
“You lying?” Peaches's mouth was hanging open, then all of a suddenly she and Debra looked at each other and burst out laughing. “Dayuumn, Tiffany. I ain't mad atcha!” I was seconds away from telling Peaches to get the hell out my chair because I didn't give a damn if she believed me or not, but she was one of my best clients and times were hard.
The skinny chick sitting in Debra's chair threw her hands up in surrender. “Hell naw! I heard it all.”
The conversation wasn't anything new to me. My girls had always thought it strange that I was 27 and still a virgin. All of them couldn't wait to fall in love and have sex, while I had the willpower they didn't have to say no. I won't say it had always been easy, but it was either wait or deal with Ruby Dee. My mother was one woman you didn't want to mess with. If she said keep your legs closed, then you better do it. Her fist was the only chastity belt I had ever needed.
I glanced around the floor, then took a deep breath before I said, “Why is it if a woman says she's a virgin, she has to be lying?”
“Damn, Tiffany, it's not like it's a bad thing. It's just, well . . . almost unheard of,” Debra said on the defense.
When Peaches finally stopped laughing, she said, “Also, there is this thing called
being horny
. Hell, I lost my virginity when I was fourteen.”
And that's why she has four kids. I reached for a brush. “So what? Everybody ain't like you. My mother taught me that what I have is precious and I needed to make a man earn the privilege after he makes me his wife.” I probably sounded like I thought I was all that, but so what. Women needed to have more respect for themselves.
Debra sucked her buck teeth like a horse. “I know that's right, girl! Make those niggas beg for it.” That wasn't at all what I meant, but I doubt Debra would know the difference.
That anorexic-looking chick with the jacked-up weave had the nerve to give her two cents. “You a better woman than me, because there ain't no way in hell I would marry a man before I knew what he was working with. I think about all those women back in the day who couldn't have sex until after they got married only to find out that not only couldn't her husband fuck, but his dick wasn't even circumcised.”
“Ugh!” Peaches was laughing so hard, she practically fell from my chair. “I couldn't even imagine. Call me a ho if you wanna, but to me it's just like sampling a piece of meat in the deli. I need to know what I'm getting before I spend my money!” She flinched. “Ouch!”
“That's what you get for moving. I told you to sit still,” I replied and tried to keep a straight face. That's what she gets for being all up in my business.
Now everybody wanted to get in the conversation. They were now shouting back and forth across the room with the chicks sitting in the waiting area. I half listened as I worked on my client's head. I've heard this topic time and time before, and I'll admit there have been times when I wondered what it would be like being married to Kimbel, and what if he doesn't satisfy me. But on the other hand, as my best friend told me, you can't miss what you've never had.
Ms. Conrad lifted the hooded dryer from her head. I should have known her nosy behind was listening. “I'ma tell y'all, I was married to my husband for twenty years before he decided he wanted his freedom. Charles was the only man I had ever been with, so I had no idea what I was missing. But leaving me was the best thing he could have ever done for me. I now got a man in my life who makes my toes curl.”
“Shit, I know that's right. This dude I was with last night had my toes curled and me calling out his name!” screamed some tall chick sitting in the lobby.
Ms. Conrad glared at her. “That's the problem with all you young folks. You're too busy trying to get yours. Relationships are supposed to be about a lot more than just sex.”
Debra waved a hot comb in the air as she spoke. “True, but sex is important. If the sex is bad, then so is the relationship.” She shook her head. “Tiffany, I don't see how you can do.”
Toothpick chick gave me a curious grin. “So is your fiancé a virgin, too?”
Damn, they're nosy. “Nope, but he knows I am and he respects that.” I wasn't about to tell them Kimbel spent half his time trying to convince me to give it up. Part of me felt the only reason he proposed so soon was because he knew that marrying me was the only way he was going to get some. But Kimbel was rich and he could have any woman he wanted, yet he picked me, a little girl from the projects who grew up in a single-parent home. I truly believed he wouldn't have asked me to be his wife if he didn't love me.
“How long y'all been together?” Toothpick asked.
“Six months. He proposed on Valentine's Day.” I held out my hand so she could see the three-carat solitaire surrounded by emeralds that I wore proudly on my finger.
She barely looked before she frowned. “And you think your man's been faithful all this time?” As soon as I nodded, she started laughing. “Honey, puhleeze! Just 'cause you're not fucking doesn't mean he ain't. He's a man, and a man's got needs that someone else is more than willing to fulfill.”
I hated bitches like her. I shook my head. “I trust my man.”
“I trust mine, too . . . as far as I can see him. Because the second you turn your back, there's some hoochie trying to ride his dick. My baby is fine; therefore, I keep his ass on a short leash.”
Debra started yanking the weave out her head. “That's because Ricky ain't no good. Ursula, shut up.”
She rolled her eyes. “Whatever, you know what I'm saying is true.”
Ms. Conrad came to my defense. “All of you need to quit. There is nothing wrong with this young lady saving herself for the right man.”
Peaches turned on the chair again. “Yeah, but how do you know he's the right man until you find out what he's working with, and, better yet, if he can work it?”
“I know that right!” Toothpick high-fived Peaches and ignored the pissed off look on my face.
“Just because we don't have sex doesn't mean we don't do other things.” I don't know why I felt like I needed to prove something to these ghetto chicks up in here.
Peaches glanced over her shoulder and gave me a strange look. “Things like what? And I hope you're not talking about oral sex. Because last I checked that was considered sex as well.”
“No, it isn't,” Debra said, and tossed a sponge roller at her.
“Yes, it is. There was a news report on
a while back about all these high-school kids giving each other head because it's supposed to be cool. Kids think it's okay to have oral sex.”
While they debated the issue, I tuned them out and thought about what they said. I would never admit it to any of them, but there were many times when I was tempted to give in to the moment and let Kimbel have exactly what he wanted, but every time I was that close to spreading my legs, I heard my mother's nagging voice in my ear, saying, “Why buy the cow if the milk is free?” But I'm not going to lie. These heifers in the salon had me thinking. It had been six months since we started dating, which meant Kimbel hadn't had any in half a year. I was confident he wasn't getting any. Some might call me arrogant. Others might call me stupid, but I trusted my man. However, the last thing I wanted was for him to get tired of waiting, then go out and get him some from one of those trifling chicks in the streets. Now, don't get it twisted. I wasn't about to give up my virginity before saying, “I do.” Nevertheless, my mama ain't raised no fool. I was just going to have to prove to my man that what I have would definitely be worth the wait.
BOOK: Suspicions
10.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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