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The climax slammed through her—no prep time, no rising roll. Nicola arched her back and ground down on his shaft, panting and moaning and wanting more.

“Fuck, Nic.”

It was intense but so short-lived. “More, please.”

He worked her clit and took her from behind. Not hard, not deeper—just
. With his thumb flicking and cock strumming her, Nicola felt the incoming explosion again. She pushed onto her tiptoes, arching for him, leaning against the wooden half shelf in front of the window. Cash lay over her body, pumping into her.

“Give it to me,” he ordered.

She nodded, wild and not caring, completely lost as he owned her body with every piston-like jacking of his hips. “Cash!”

He milked it, working her clit, riding her harder, faster. She blew through the fireworks, riding him back, gasping and praying that the ripple of muscles in her body would never stop because it was amazing.

She came again, feeling the heat of her husband’s climax. They gasped, clinging to each other, needing that support and—“Ouch!”

He froze.

Giggling like a fool, she dropped her head. “I think I have a cramp.”

Cash backed away from her, dropping kisses down her back. “A well-deserved one. That was a workout.”

She stretched, and let him take her hand. “Shower?”

“Good plan.”

Naked as a baby, Cash hit the kitchen for post-coital snacks, and they made their way to the master bath. He hit the steam shower, and she munched on the banana—
Cash had said, for cramps—and nursed a bottle of water.

“Dang.” She shifted on the side of the tub. “The banana’s not doing it.”

He gave her a look.
The look
. “Where’s your phone? With the timer thingie.”

“Nope.” Nicola shook her head. “I have two weeks.”

“Seriously?” He stomped off, still naked, and returned with her phone. “Where’s it at?” He thumbed through her apps and held up one of questionable value related to man candy and gun porn.

“Book related, thank you very much.”

He rolled his eyes. “Here. Set the timer.”

“This baby will be on time.”

“Oh my God,” he said. “You’ve lost your mind.”

“No. But I have a plan. I wrote it down, and that’s how it will go. In two weeks.” She smiled, suddenly knowing that she was having this baby very soon. Her stomach started to tighten. “
Hit the timer.”

Cash hit the button, and they both watched the clock.

“God, that’s—” She shifted, this time ready for the discomfort. “A little sucky.”

They did that, on and off, for the next twenty minutes and stared at the blinking results.


Time to go!

Time to go!

Time to go!


The bathroom was steamy with the forgotten shower. “I’m washing off for a second.”

“We have to go!” Cash’s voice was more urgent than she expected.

“We just
had sex
!” She stomped toward the shower. “Some things have to be cleaned up before I give birth.”

He seemed to think that over for a moment before agreeing. “Fast.”

happened fast because a cramp—or rather a
—came upon her again. Nicola had her hair in a bun, and Cash had her dried off and in clothes before she could say,
Pass the granny panties, please

They arrived at the hospital after calling ahead and followed all the procedures they’d been trained to do. Easy peasy.

Nicola was checked in and given a bracelet and room before she could even call her family. Everything was efficient. That worked for her.

“Hi, my name is Anne. I’m going to be your nurse.”

Nicola smiled as she was hooked to monitors. “I had a birth plan. It was supposed to take place in two weeks.”

“I’m going to be in Hawaii in two weeks, so that wouldn’t work for me.”

Cash laughed. “I like her.”

“Yeah.” Nicola ground her teeth as a contraction hit. “Me too.” Who had time to BS about coulda, woulda, shoulda? “This baby is coming now.”

“Let’s see.” Anne flipped on the machine. “Oh my. Maybe so.” She ducked between Nicola’s legs then popped back up. “I think you’re right.” With a big grin, she turned to Cash. “Dad, you ready?”

Anne moved to the wall, hit a button, and the rest became a blur. Something with a doctor Nicola didn’t know, a no-bullshit nurse, and orders to push now and breathe. All Nicola knew was Cash held her hand like a champ and never looked away.

“Push, push, push!”

They gave her time to breathe. Nurse Anne didn’t mess around and ran the room like the captain of a ship. Even without a birth plan, Nicola liked how in the midst of the first-babies-don’t-come-this-fast chaos, there was order.

“Go, honey. Push, push, push!”

pushing! Her eyes were shut. Her world was dark. Nicola gave her body everything she had and—

A baby cried. Oh God! Their baby!

Nicola opened her eyes to see Cash’s bewildered face. His eyes were wild, his mouth gaping, and he was smiling ear to ear, living and breathing pure joy.

“It’s a boy!”

Things happened she couldn’t see, and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment flooded her body.

“A boy,” Nicola whispered. “We did it. My baby boy.”

“Time to cut the cord, Dad.”

With tears in his eyes, Cash looked at her and stepped to their little boy, seconds later reappearing by her side as Nurse Anne laid a semiblanketed baby on her breast. The baby instinctively moved his mouth to nurse.

Tears slipped down her face. “He’s our sweet one, yeah?”

Cash rolled his lips into his mouth as though he choked on emotion. “Yeah, sweet girl. Our little man is a sweet one.”



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Cristin Harber is a
New York Times
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bestselling romance author. She writes sexy, steamy romantic suspense, military romance, new adult, and contemporary romance. Readers voted her onto Amazon's Top Picks for Debut Romance Authors in 2013, and her debut Titan series was both a #1 romantic suspense and #1 military romance bestseller.


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BOOK: Sweet One (Titan Book 8)
6.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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