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Sweet Ride

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Payton Clare, the
easy-going, fun-loving party girl, moves to Del Mar, California to be
closer to her best friend. No one knows that a violent act in her
past has left her damaged beyond repair.

She finds it hard to
trust men, especially Jack De Luca, the badass, motorcycle-riding,
undercover cop who had the potential to turn into something more.
Jack’s been absent from her life for years and has just ridden back
in town and struggles with his own personal demons.

Can they find their way
back to each other, overcoming their pasts to make a life worth
living together?

Sweet Ride

A novel

Maegan Lynn Moores

Copyright © 2013 by Maegan Lynn Moores

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Table of Contents



1 – What the Hell?

2 – VIP

3 – Seeing Payton – Jack

4 – Take That

5 – Nightmare

6 – Night Out With the Gang

7 – Jack’s Night Out – Jack

8 – Blindness

9 – I Hope You Guys Gets the Shits

10 – First Date

11 – Dinner Chez De Luca

12 – Interrogation – Jack

13 – Is Anything Real on You?

14 – Julie

15 – Birthday

16 – The Morning After

17 – The Cabin

18 – Justin Beiber

19 – Trust Me – Jack

20 – Girl’s Night Out

21 – Never Leave Your Intended Victim Unattended

22 – Mom and Daddy-O

23 – His and Hers

24 – Serenade



This book’s dedicated
to the strong, smart and beautiful women we call ‘Mom’.

A special dedication goes out to my
mother Ada Kean. Unfortunately, she lost her battle with Alzheimer’s
in March 2013. Due to the progression of her illness, she was unaware
of our endeavor as budding authors. Had it not been for this
horrible disease, she would have been so proud and excited. Her
initial thought would’ve been that we’re friggin’ nuts for
writing an erotic novel, but she definitely would’ve loved it and
supported us. She will be forever remembered and missed because
there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think of her.

one’s for you, Mom.

Love you
and miss you.


make a donation to the Alzheimer’s society at one of the links


“I now pronounce you
husband and wife. You may kiss your bride,” the Justice of Peace
tells Ryder. When I look over at the hot-as-hell biker gazing down at
the gorgeous woman by his side, all I can see is absolute
happiness—and a dash of desire thrown in. And who can blame the
guy? Even the simple wedding dress my best friend, Ella, is wearing
makes her look smoking hot.

“Hell yeah, I will!”
Ryder exclaims for everyone to hear. He doesn’t waste time claiming
his very pregnant, but glowing bride. I watch as he gently places his
hands on the sides of her face and draws her toward his body. Their
smiling lips meet in a loving, tender kiss, but things quickly start
heating up as the kiss deepens. I have to bite my tongue to keep from
telling them to get a room.

God! They’re so
fucking beautiful together. My eyes aimlessly wander past the happy
couple and land on the one person I’ve been trying my hardest to
avoid today: the best man. And he looks freaking amazing, wearing
black dress pants and a black dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up
exposing his colorful tattoos. His clothes do amazing things for his
toned body. As if sensing me ogling him, his smoldering emerald green
eyes meet mine and a sexy as hell smile slowly creeps across his
handsome face.
Shit, stop looking at him, Payton!
I warn
myself. I quickly shift my gaze back to the happy couple.

The newlyweds
reluctantly pry their lips apart. After exchanging a few private
words with each other, they walk around and chat with their guests. I
can tell Ryder wants everyone gone, so he can spend some
time with his wife. From the corner of my eye, I see Jack lingering
close by. I try to avoid the inevitable confrontation by moving
closer to my family.

Once I’m standing
with them, I hear a quiet squeal. Turning my head, I see Ryder
swooping Ella into his arms making his way toward their house. She’s
grumbling something at him, wearing a worried expression on her face.
Knowing Ella the way I do, she’s concerned that he’s hurting
himself trying to carry her. It’s only been four months since he
was shot by one of his good-for-nothing brothers of his now disbanded
motorcycle club. Ryder smiles down at Ella and mutters something to
make her smile back before planting a series of small kisses all over
her lips. He continues the journey toward the house with everyone
following close behind.

On the way to the
house, I sense Jack walking up behind me. He’s so close I can feel
the heat from his body against my back. He pulls in a deep breath
before saying, “Payton?”

“Jonathan, Jamie,
Jordan, or whatever you’re calling yourself these days,” I snap.

Before he gets the
chance to say anything else, I run ahead catching up with my mother,
stepfather, and sister, putting as much distance as I can between us.

Once inside the house,
I maintain my effort in eluding him. I tell myself to always keep an
eye on Jack because I can’t have him blindsiding me here. I’ve
managed to avoid any kind of contact with him over the past four
months—ignoring his persistent phone calls and deleting all of the
messages he left me. He must’ve finally taken the hint that we’re
through because he hasn’t even tried calling me in the last month
or so.

Today’s the first
time I’ve seen him since I found out about his ‘undercover work.’
My body’s reaction to him hasn’t changed since the night I first
watched him step out of that SUV. I still want him, but I know I’m
never going to have him. I think I’m doing a really good job of
hiding my reaction to Jack when my mother suddenly approaches me.

“So, what’s the
deal with you and Mr. Hottie?” she quietly asks me, so no one
nearby can hear. She wraps her arm around my shoulders and hugs me
into her side.

“What?” I ask back,
my body stiffening against hers.

“Jack. Ryder’s
friend. Did something happen between you two?”

“Why would you ask

“Sweetie, the sexual
tension in this room’s so thick you can cut it with a knife. You’d
have to be blind not to see it. Now tell your mother. Were you
involved with him?”

“It ended before it
even began,” I tell her, my eyes glossing over.

Or at least that’s
what I thought.

Chapter 1
What the hell?

My eyes flutter open,
and instantly I’m totally disoriented as I take in my surroundings.
Looking around, I notice that I’m in a bed. Naked. And I know it’s
definitely not my bed.
What the hell?
I must’ve been super
trashed last night because I never end up sleeping at the guy’s
place. Usually I just fuck ‘em and leave ‘em. I try to remember
what happened last night, but my head hurts way too much and my
memories are slightly foggy. Shit, I’m going to have to lay off the
tequila for a while.
Who the hell did I go home with last night?
I look over at the alarm clock on the nightstand and see that it’s
9:36 a.m. Yep, time to get a move on.

I make my way out of
bed and look around once more. Again, nothing looks familiar to me.
In my glance around the room, I try to locate my clothes. All I see
on the floor are piles of dirty clothes and a used condom. Yuck!
Seriously, dude, throw it in the trashcan already.

I can hear someone
humming in the shower as I make my way into the hallway. That’s my
cue to get the hell out of Dodge. I’ve got to get out of here
before this guy’s finished showering. I mean how awkward will that
be? I can’t even remember the guy’s name. I walk into what
appears to be the living room, but really there’s hardly any
furniture in the room other than a leather recliner, a huge flat
screen television mounted on the wall, along with a state-of-the-art
gaming system.
Awesome Payton, you really know how to pick them,
don’t you?

I spot the dress that I
wore last night, along with men’s clothing scattered just beside
the door. Wow, we really didn’t waste any time getting naked last
night. I hastily pull on my panties and sexy backless, dark purple,
cowl-neck dress, nab my purse off the kitchen counter, hook my
strappy stilettos on my finger, and do the walk of shame out the door
without looking back.

Once I’m outside of
the apartment complex, I slip on my shoes and take a quick look
around to get my bearings. I just moved to Del Mar, California a few
months ago so I could be closer to my best friend, and I’m not
entirely sure where I am right now. I walk a couple of blocks over
until I come across a greasy spoon diner and take note of what street
it’s on. I hear a chiming sound when I walk through the entrance of
the diner, and I’m pleasantly surprised with how clean looking the
place is. A waitress walks over to my table shortly after I sit in
one of the corner booths, and I order a cup of coffee. She gives me a
funny look and asks me if I’d like anything else, but the thought
of eating any solid food right now makes my queasy stomach roll.

As I wait for my
coffee, I reach into my purse and haul out my new iPhone. I’m going
to have to call Ella to see if she can come pick me up. When I look
at the display on my phone there’s a close up photo of me with my
tongue down some guy’s throat. My stomach does another roll and I’m
seriously close to throwing up. The photo was taken earlier this
morning, at 2:15 a.m. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume
that this is the guy I went home with. I can’t really tell what he
looks like because his head’s turned to the side, and I’m
blocking the view of his face. This is a first; I’m absolutely
stumped about this guy. I can’t remember his name or what he looks
like. God, that’s definitely the last time I go out for drinks with
the girls from work. They’re such bad influences.

My coffee arrives, and
I take a sip. Shit, that’s good. Maybe, they can hook up an IV and
pump the caffeine directly into my veins. While I continue my
caffeine fix, I delete the offensive photo and dial my best friend’s

“Someone better be
fuckin’ dead or dying,” answers a gravelly, breathy male voice.
Why’s Ryder answering Ella’s phone?

“Well, good morning
to you, too, sexy. Where’s my girl?” I ask, nervously. I’m
obviously interrupting something.

“She’s busy,” he
grunts out and disconnects the call. Uh-oh, Mr. Wilde’s definitely
not too happy with me right now. That’s freaking fantastic! I
totally just called them while they’re in the middle of doing the
nasty, and according to everything that Ella’s told me—God knows
when she’ll be calling me back. Apparently Ryder’s pretty
fantastic in the sex department and really knows how to please his
woman, over and over again.

Great, what am I
going to do now?
I can’t walk home because I’m wearing
five-inch stiletto heels that’ll tear my feet apart. I either have
to go back to what’s-his-face’s place and see if he can give me a
lift, or call a cab. Decisions, decisions; which one will it be? Call
a cab it is. Even if it’s going to cost me a small fortune. Just as
I’m about to dial the number to the cab company, my phone begins
playing “Wild Ones” by Flo Rida and Sia. I pick up right away,
knowing it’s Ella’s ringtone.

“Hey,” I answer
with a grin on my face and take another sip of my coffee.

“Hey, yourself,”
Ella says, clearly still out of breath.

“How many this time?”
I ask out of pure curiosity.

“Three,” she says,

“Damn, girl. You’re
one lucky bitch,” I say, pointing out the obvious. Leave it to Ella
to bag a guy that gives her multiple orgasms before taking care of
his own needs.

“Don’t I know it,”
she replies dreamily.

“Ella, babe, do you
think you can get your naked ass out of that bed and spend a few
minutes away from that spectacular piece of man-candy to come pick me

“Sure, where are

I give her the address
of the diner, we say our goodbyes, and I disconnect the call. I sip
on my strong coffee while I wait for Ella to show up. The rumbling of
a motorcycle engine catches my attention, making my stomach do an
excited flutter. When I glance out the window I see a black Harley
stopped at the intersection. When the light turns green, the rider
turns left and drives away. I didn’t get a really good look at the
guy, but he kind of reminded me of a certain sexy undercover cop I
Holy shit, was that Jack?
No, it can’t be. This guy
has short, wavy hair, where Jack’s hair is long, and he wears it
pulled back. Or at least he used to.

BOOK: Sweet Ride
12.02Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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