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Then she lets go of herself altogether as exquisite tremors of erotic bliss begin to pulse through her. It is a magical sensation: the colours around her brighten, scents are enhanced, and she begins to shiver without control. An orgasm overwhelms her with its full force and she trembles convulsively in release. And as she surrenders to her climax Chris cries out as, carried along by her mighty orgasm, he enjoys his own ecstatic release.

Helena paused in her raunchy account at that point and Chris took the opportunity to speak. ‘Mmm, that was absolutely delicious,’ her over-excited husband enthused. ‘And it gives me an idea, Helena. You’re just as sexed-up as I am. Why don’t we …?’

‘I know what your idea is, Chris,’ Helena cut in, ‘and the answer’s no – not yet, anyway. We’ll get it together before too long and I promise it’ll be well worth the wait. But in the meantime let’s get back to my story. Want to know what the pair of us do next?’

‘Please,’ Chris gasped, trying to calm down a bit.

Helena continued. ‘You and I recognise straight away that we’re made for each other and decide to continue on our travels together. So, off we go. We wander hand in hand down a mossy track that takes us ever deeper into the forest …’

On and on Helena and Chris stroll through the depthless ranks of trees. They converse very little and indeed stop talking altogether after a while; no words are needed between them. There is nothing to disturb the silence that surrounds them except for the occasional shuffle of fallen leaves, the crack of twigs, and the soft whistling of the gentle breeze blowing through the branches of the trees.

Then an unexpected sound begins to intrude on their senses. At first it is almost indistinguishable from the other noises of the forest. But as they draw closer it becomes more distinct. It is the unmistakable sound of a female gasping and moaning with passion.

They creep gingerly forward and peek with caution through a canopy of leaves into the clearing from which the noise is coming. It becomes immediately apparent who is causing it and why. Because there on her knees, her right hand working violently between her swollen pussy lips, is a lovely-looking young woman.

She has creamy-white skin, shining oval eyes that are as green as a dragon’s, a small nose, and full, sensuous lips. She also has large, firm breasts with stone-hard nipples, a narrow waist, smooth, rounded hips and long, well-shaped legs. Oh, and she is not only completely hairless all the way from the top of her beautifully shaped head to the tip of her delicate toes but is festooned with platinum piercings. Her nose, ears, hair-free eyebrows, lips, nipples, clitoris, and the length of both labia are all adorned with silver loops. There is a metal stud through her tongue, the shiny adornment visible there because her mouth is open as she continues to gasp and moan in her masturbatory passion.

Helena pads sinuously over to her, her shapely thighs rubbing together as she moves. She introduces herself to the bald, multi-pierced stunner, who stops what she is doing with a start, looking up at her with eyes bright and feverish with lust. She removes her fingers from her sex where she has rubbed herself all wet and sticky. Helena asks her what her name is and she tells her that it’s Nikki.

Helena shoots Chris a wicked look before saying to the lovely Nikki, ‘Let me help you with that.’ She tells her to go back to masturbating, saying that while she does that she’s going to give her a nice spanking.

Leaving her left hand on the ground and lifting her hips slightly to meet the imminent impact of Helena’s spanking, Nikki returns her right hand to the oozing slickness of her pussy. She wanks away like crazy as Helena begins to spank her. Helena brings the flat of her hand down firmly on Nikki’s tight, round rear cheeks in a regular rhythm that soon makes them glow a rosy red and burn dully. Between that and her vigorous self-pleasuring it is not long before Nikki climaxes, trembling without control in erotic ecstasy.

Helena then turns to Chris, who has developed a huge, throbbing erection watching all this, and suggests that he bring himself off. And after what he’s just been gazing at and drooling over, he knows it won’t take him long. In fact, he’s nearly there already and a burst of precome squirts from his erect cock the very moment he grasps hold of it.

As Chris masturbates, stroking his fingers up and down his taut shaft, he very soon finds himself right on the brink of orgasm. And then it arrives. Chris feels his cock swell and throb within his hand as he reaches his peak. He tenses and then gives himself to the surging sensations that have taken over his body. He strokes his aching erection to a gushing climax, ejaculating rope after rope of pearly come into the air.

It is Helena’s turn to find erotic bliss again now and she’s more than ready. Between her thighs she has begun to tingle with anticipation, and the longing within her has risen to a relentless demand. She lies on her back on the soft, green grass and Nikki goes down on her while Chris licks her breasts. Nikki teases Helena’s clit with her pierced tongue, which she then pushes between the dewy folds of her pussy lips, while Chris’s tongue slips and slides over her beautiful breasts. Chris works on Helena’s nipples as well, his mouth teasing each rigid nub in turn. And all the while Nikki works on Helena’s clit and pussy with her metal-studded tongue, her beautiful face doused with her love juice.

The sensations Helena is experiencing as a result of the efforts of her two skilful lovers are exquisite, and eddies of sexual delight begin to tremble through her. Delirious pleasure is fogging her eyes and permeating her flesh. She is very close to coming now. Her breathing has become laboured, halting. Her body is flexing and shivering with excitement, every nerve on her skin a shimmering pleasure centre. She closes her eyes and her mind darkens for a second, then implodes with glittering flashes of colour. She opens her eyes and lets out an orgasmic cry of release as a powerful climax racks through her body like a tsunami.

When Helena has come down from her incredible orgasmic high and finally stopped hyperventilating she and her two companions relax together for a while. They lounge around, enjoying the delights of their verdant surroundings. The air is lazy and mild and the trees around them are speckled with sunlight. Flowers fill the air with their intoxicating fragrance.

Helena tells Chris and Nikki about the drop-dead gorgeous Oriental hermaphrodite she’d made love to the previous day. Chris is very interested, as might be expected. But Nikki’s reaction is something else again. She’s absolutely fascinated, and wants to experience that beautiful ladyboy for herself if at all possible. Helena therefore agrees to retrace her steps so as to show her the spot by the lake where it had happened, and off the three of them go.

And, to be sure, when they get there, standing at the water’s edge is a gorgeous naked figure, beautifully erect. But it’s not a shemale this time. This one’s all male and is black. He’s an amazingly handsome man with fine-boned features. His hair is cut to his scalp and he has the most piercing blue eyes Helena has ever seen.

The man also has a wonderful physique, his chest and arms muscular, his veins and tendons like cords. When he leans down, the muscles in his back and thighs ripple gently beneath his skin. This fabulously handsome man has shiny skin the colour of cocoa brushed with crimson. He is also displaying a magnificent erection, like the eighth wonder of the world. It shimmers with perfection and so does he.

A hot feeling of unadulterated sexual desire wells up in Helena as she introduces herself to this vision of a man who tells her his name is Etienne.

‘And do you know what I say to Etienne, Chris, as I gaze lustfully not into his eyes but at that great big erection of his?’ Helena asked into the darkness of the bedroom.

‘I’ve got a pretty good idea,’ Chris said with a throaty chuckle. ‘You say, “Let me help you with that.”’

‘Right first time,’ Helena replied brightly. ‘Well, I thought I’d give him a helping hand.’

‘I’m sure you did!’

‘Etienne accepts my kind offer and comes over to join us,’ Helena continued. ‘He remains standing as I run my fingers over the smooth, muscular contours of his chest and his well-toned biceps before squeezing his haunches and finally rubbing his glorious erection. I masturbate him for a while, working my fist up and down his shaft until its veins are standing out like etchings under the skin. Then I tell Etienne that I’m going to blow him for a while …’

Her pulse quickening more and more with intense sexual excitement, Helena kneels down so she can work on Etienne’s erection with her mouth. First she rounds her lips and spreads them around the girth of his shaft. Then she begins sucking, the up-and-down movement of her head going faster as she sucks him harder.

Nikki gets in on the act then, positioning herself to one side of Helena’s kneeling form. She starts to caress the smooth musculature of Etienne’s chest and kiss his lips, exploring his mouth with her tongue. And as she continues in this sensuous manner Helena carries on blowing Etienne voraciously, her head bobbing up and down fast.

When Helena senses that Etienne is perilously close to the point of no return she stops what she’s doing. She removes her lips from his precome-soaked erection and rises gracefully to her feet. Then she steps with a few sinuous movements over to Chris who is sitting down on a smooth rock nearby. His eyes are glistening with desire and his cock is ragingly erect.

Helena is in much the same state. Her chest is heaving and her sex is throbbing, moist and
than ready for Chris’s steely erection by now. She climbs astride his thighs and eases her pussy over his shaft. At the same time she begins kissing him on the lips, pressing her tongue into his mouth.

Helena opens her legs wide to grip him harder, drawing him ever more deeply inside her wet, responsive sex. Chris’s erection twitches, throbbing inside Helena as she squeezes her pussy around it and starts slowly moving up and down, up and down …

And as Helena and Chris fuck like this, Helena turns to Etienne and asks him to get her anus ready for his big, black cock. He kneels behind her and eases the cheeks of her backside apart to reveal the rosebud opening of her anus. Helena feels one of his fingers, which he’s liberally moistened with saliva, nuzzle against the tight ring of muscles at the entrance to her anal hole. She can feel the small negotiations of those muscles as he pushes inside her skilfully, and what starts as a prickly ache in her anus soon becomes tingling pleasure.

This intensifies further as he replaces his finger with his long, wet tongue. He pushes it into her, pressing against the rim of muscles that he’s already relaxed with his finger and going into her body. The ring of Helena’s anus tickles exquisitely and her arousal grows still more as Etienne continues licking. And all the while she carries on rising slowly – up and down, up and down – on Chris’s pulsing shaft.

When she is ready, Helena climbs off Chris and gets Etienne to sit in his place on that smooth rock and prepare to sodomise her. She also tells Nikki she wants her to lick her pussy while Etienne’s buggering her. Finally she tells Chris that she wants him to fuck Nikki from behind at the same time. ‘Really give it to her hard,’ she says.

Helena then straddles Etienne’s thighs with her back to him and pulls her rear cheeks apart. She allows him to push his cock between her splayed backside and into her anus, the pressure on her prostate gland exquisite. As he presses deeper into her, his breath hot on her neck, spasms of delight begin to rush through her body. Etienne then starts to sodomise Helena in earnest, his strong hands on her hips, his hard cock forging in and out of her anus.

While he is doing this, impaling her again and again, Nikki gets onto her knees and goes down on Helena. She presses her metal-pierced tongue into Helena’s sex, going in deep to brush against its sodden walls.

And while Nikki’s doing that Chris positions himself behind her and begins to fuck her, driving his throbbing erection between her multi-pierced labia and deep into the hot warmth of her pussy. He runs his hand over the curve of her smooth rear and then starts pounding into her hard, just as Helena has told him she wants him to do.

The four of them carry on like this in an ever-mounting delirium of lust until Etienne is jolted by an orgasm that fills Helena’s anus to overflowing with his hot, creamy load. He ejaculates in abundance, spilling and shuddering, and the sensation of his hot semen gushing up Helena’s anal channel pushes her over the edge. She climaxes in great shivering spasms, Chris and Nikki soon following suit. And then, at last, the four of them are done. It is over.

‘That sure was a hell of a foursome,’ Chris said excitedly into the inky blackness of the bedroom. His voice was raspy with arousal.

‘And it built to a satisfyingly big finish too, I hope you agree,’ Helena said.

‘I certainly do,’ Chris gasped.

‘I’m glad to hear it,’ Helena said, ‘because it’s where my raunchy story concludes. I mean, all good things must come to an end, right?’

‘Right,’ he panted.

‘How’s that story left you feeling?’ Helena said – as if she needed to ask.

‘Absolutely desperate for sex,’ Chris replied urgently, breathing hard. His erection by this stage had reached furious proportions.

Helena started to straddle his thighs. ‘Let me help you with that,’ she said, smiling mischievously into the dark. ‘And I’ll help myself too while I’m about it.’

It’s A Sin

As a teenager I was a late developer sexually and, with the wisdom of hindsight, I’m sure I know why that was: I was putting off the evil day. And I use the expression advisedly.

When that day did finally arrive and I discovered the delights of masturbation, I found what I was doing a decidedly guilty pleasure. This was because I’d been raised as a Catholic – a religion that teaches that self-pleasuring is sinful. What I went on to do, though, was in a different league altogether to the solitary act of masturbation and would certainly be regarded as wicked by the Catholic Church. In fact, they would call what I did a mortal sin.

It all started on a Sunday. I was looking forward to the week ahead as it was a half-term holiday. As usual I was attending Mass, but instead of worshipping God I was on my knees worshipping the pretty blond altar server who was assisting the priest with the service.

His name was Jerry and he was a year older than me. He lived nearby with his widowed mother. She and my mother were friendly through their involvement with the Church but Jerry and I were only passing acquaintances. On this occasion, though, as our mothers talked to one another after the service, Jerry and I also got into conversation and were getting on really well.

‘What are you doing this week?’ I asked.

‘I’ve nothing planned,’ he replied. ‘How about the two of us going swimming tomorrow afternoon?’

I said I thought this was a good idea and we made arrangements to meet.

That night, I couldn’t resist the temptation to masturbate as I imagined what Jerry might look like without clothes – I was about to find that out, and a hell of a lot more besides.

We got together the next day and made our way to the nearby open-air swimming pool. As we walked along, chatting about this and that, I allowed my gaze to wander up and down Jerry’s body. I couldn’t help thinking how good he looked in his skin-tight jeans. I admired the perfect shape of his rear, moulded into the faded denim, and the impressive bulge at the front.

Although the weather was reasonably mild that day, there were a lot of wet-looking clouds in the sky, and when we arrived we found that the pool was only sparsely attended. There was a slight breeze that ruffled the water, which looked downright cold. We went into the changing rooms and, at Jerry’s suggestion, shared a cubicle. As he stripped off, I was surprised – and turned on – to notice that he hadn’t been wearing any underwear beneath those tight jeans. I was aware that my cock was starting to swell when I slipped into my swimming trunks, and found it a decided relief – an embarrassment averted – to run on ahead and plunge into the chilly water of the swimming pool.

Jerry and I stayed in the pool for about an hour, splashing about, and it gradually warmed up. Every once in a while the sun even deigned to reveal itself through a break in the clouds, allowing reflected light to dance on the rippling blue water. Jerry and I swam and played in the pool – and, OK, maybe we did make physical contact a bit more than was strictly necessary in our games there.

When we got out of the water the changing room was empty apart from ourselves. We dried off in the same cubicle, still in our swimming costumes. However, our bulges were becoming increasingly pronounced and when I took off my swimming trunks my cock sprang out erect.

‘Mmm, that looks very nice,’ said Jerry, who pulled down his trunks to reveal his own lengthening erection. ‘Come on,’ he said, his member now as full and stiff as my own. ‘Let’s jerk off together.’

Feeing light-headed and extremely excited, I encircled my erect cock with my fingers as I watched Jerry bring a hand to his own erection. We both rubbed our cocks up and down vigorously, climaxing at pretty much the same time. And equally lavishly too, spraying out streams of sticky wetness onto each other with great force. It was an amazing feeling, it truly was – my first time masturbating with anyone else, and the most intense sexual experience that I’d so far had in my young life.

Jerry and I showered, dried ourselves, dressed and headed for home, both of us more than a little subdued. We said very little as we strode along, lost in our own guilty thoughts. Just as we were about to part, however, Jerry brightened. ‘Fancy coming round to my house tomorrow?’ he said. He told me that his mother would be at work all day so we’d have the place to ourselves.

‘That’d be great,’ I replied.

‘It’s a date, then. See you around 11 a.m.’ Jerry’s face suddenly broadened into a devilish grin. ‘Hey, and no more jerking off until then.’

That proved easier said than done. I fidgeted about uneasily in my bed that night. My mind was in a whirl going over and over what Jerry and I had done together and what might happen tomorrow. According to my Church all these “impure thoughts” were a sin but the feelings of guilt this caused just seemed to make my cock harder. I was excited as much as anything by the intoxicating shame of my own arousal. Even so, although it took a deal of willpower, I didn’t touch myself that night.

The next day I killed time earlier in the morning trying to decide what to wear for my “date”. A clean white T-shirt and one of my pairs of jeans, I thought. On a whim, I removed my underwear, taking a leaf out of Jerry’s book, and squeezed into the oldest, and, more to the point, tightest pair of jeans I possessed.

I set off, slightly nervous but very excited, the knot in my stomach no competition for the throbbing of my shaft. My growing sense of anticipation and the rough feel of the tight denim against my cock meant that I was in a high state of sexual arousal by the time I arrived at Jerry’s house.

When he answered the door I was struck anew by how devastatingly attractive he was, with his blond hair falling over his forehead; that pretty face and lithe, athletic body. He was wearing nothing but the faded jeans he’d worn the day before, which clung to his form like a second skin.

‘Hi there, you’re looking good,’ he said, reaching over and squeezing the bulge in my own skin-tight jeans. I did the same to him, feeling the warmth of his cock beneath the straining denim.

‘Would you like a coffee or anything else to drink?’ he asked.

‘No thanks, I’m fine,’ I replied.

‘You sure are,’ he said with another devilish grin. ‘Follow me, we’ll go up to my room and fool around.’

Once in his bedroom we hastily stripped and were soon on his bed mutually masturbating, our excitement growing and growing. We climaxed simultaneously in great bursting spurts, and then lay together in the afterglow, the come on our bellies intermingling.

We washed ourselves and put on our jeans, then went and had a snack in the kitchen and just hung out for a while around the house. But it wasn’t long before our lust erupted again and our swelling members were straining once more against the tight denim that covered them. We were soon naked and erect again in his bedroom, masturbating each other feverishly. And for most of the rest of that afternoon we simply couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

‘How about tomorrow?’ asked Jerry, as I was about to leave.

‘You bet,’ I replied eagerly.

It seemed like an eternity to me until we met the next day. I reckon Jerry must have felt much the same way because as soon as he’d let me into the house and shut the front door he pulled me towards him and kissed me hard. I kissed him right back, savouring the slick, demanding feel of his lips and frantic tongue, and reciprocating for all I was worth. Jerry and I carried on kissing passionately while rubbing our bulging cocks together, getting more and more turned on. We then went up to his room, stripped naked again, and began mutually masturbating once more. Then the mood changed …

‘Kneel down,’ Jerry said all of a sudden, his tone chilly with command. I obeyed in an instant. ‘Now suck me off,’ he added, ‘and make a good job of it.’

I was determined to do just that. I engulfed his stiff cock with my lips – it tasted so good, I can’t tell you – and swirled my tongue around its swollen head. My tongue laved his cock, licking the thickness, my lips kissing and rubbing against it so that it flexed and strained against my mouth. Next, I began sucking on his shaft with slow, regular movements, then faster, then slower, then faster still. I felt as if I was born to give blowjobs. It made me feel deliciously wicked, thoroughly debauched and perverted and sinful.

After I’d been blowing Jerry for a while he announced, ‘I’m going to climax real soon now.’ His voice was full of sexual tension but just as commanding as before. ‘When I do,’ he added, ‘I want you to swallow my come, every last drop.’

I wanted to do that too, craved it. The thought of it made me shiver with pleasure. I could taste the beads of liquid seeping constantly from the slit of his cock and knew that they would soon be a gushing torrent. Then it happened. Jerry emitted a strangled moan and erupted to a shuddering orgasm, his cock gushing wad after wad of creamy come deep into my mouth. And I did exactly as I’d been told. My head still furiously pumping, I drew down every ounce of the semen that spurted onto the back of my tongue, taking it deep into my throat – every last drop of it.

There’s not a lot to add to my story after that. Jerry and I carried on meeting in the same way for the rest of that half-term week. And the following Sunday saw me at Mass on my knees again, my cock pulsing constantly as I worshipped that beautiful blond altar server. As a devout Roman Catholic I knew what I was feeling and what I’d done was sinful and wicked in the extreme, but I just couldn’t help myself. I felt so guilty about it all, I really did. And the guilt I felt was delicious.

BOOK: Sweet Torments: The Best of Alex Jordaine
6.79Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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