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Tabitha's Guardian

BOOK: Tabitha's Guardian
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Tabitha's Guardian
Susie Daniel

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Daniel, Susie

Tabitha’s Guardian


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Chapter One

Nahima 2313


“Tabitha Tatiana, you have been found guilty
of openly defying the authority of your parent, and you are subject
to punishment for the next twelve months.” The magistrate saw the
shocked look on the pretty redhead’s face and said in a kinder tone
of voice, “I am aware that you find this sentence to be harsh; but
there have been too many instances of this sort of behavior lately,
and I hope to make an example of you. Perhaps if other young women
learn that there is a stiff penalty to be paid for defying a
parent’s wishes, they will think twice before doing so. A guardian
will be chosen from the list provided your parent, and you will be
subject to your guardian’s disciplines for the next twelve months,
or until a husband is chosen for you. Bailiff, escort Tabitha
Tatiana to a holding unit until her guardian arrives.”

The female bailiff took Tabitha by the arm
and led her from the hearing room and to the holding unit that was
nothing more than a jail cell without bars. The door was shut, and
there was no way to open it from inside the small room. The room
was also soundproof, and there were no windows. No one could see
into the room, nor could she see outside the room. It was terrible,
and she had been confined to the small space for a week now while a
hearing was scheduled and held, and then time given to the
magistrate to deliberate upon Tabitha’s fate.

Tabitha wanted to cry, but she refused to
give in to her emotions. She had convinced herself that while there
were no windows, hidden cameras and microphones recorded her every
move. She would not give the guards the satisfaction of knowing how
she truly felt at losing an entire year of her life because of her
stepmother’s jealousy. Tabitha passionately hated the woman and she
could not understand why her father married the detestable woman.
Tabitha was sure her father’s decline in health over the last
several months could be laid at that woman’s door. Tabitha
suspected that woman of slowly poisoning her father! Why else would
a man of his years have such a drastic change of health? He was
robust and healthy before his marriage. The doctors could find
nothing to blame for his decline, but Tabitha was positive that
woman should be interrogated until she admitted to poisoning

Tabitha sat on the bed, which was the only
piece of furniture; the room was smaller than a closet, and fumed
silently. If she had influence over her father, the guard chosen
would be mean and ugly and without compassion. Tabitha was sure she
would be denied access to her friends for the next year, and the
thought of that nearly brought on the sobs she so desperately
wanted to hide from everyone. The ruling by the magistrate was
unfair! The magistrate listened to her stepmother’s complaints
without believing a word Tabitha said in her defense.

Finally, Tabitha heard the buzzer release
the lock on the door and a man entered the small room, immediately
making Tabitha feel claustrophobic, since his large build seemed to
take up most of the space! “I suppose you are my jailor?” she
asked, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

“I am your guardian, Tabitha Tatiana. My
name is Guardian Owen, and you will address me as such. Do you
comprehend this?”

“I hear you just fine,” she replied,
refusing to look at him. “I wish to leave this place.”

“It does not matter what you wish to do,
Tabitha Tatiana. You will wait to learn what it is you may or may
not do. And, right now there is a matter of discipline to be
administered for disobeying your parents.”

“That woman is not my parent; I do not need
to obey anything she says!” Tabitha was immediately furious. “Do
not ever again refer to her as my parent!”

“Look at me!” Guardian Owen said quietly,
the anger in his voice controlled. “I will not tolerate disrespect.
I am in charge of you, not the other way around. Stand up now!”

“You have no right at all to refer to that
woman as my parent!” Tabitha told him, refusing to react to his
intimidation tactics. “I will do nothing you say until you
acknowledge that statement!” She knew she was asking for trouble,
but she knew that she could not let the insult toward her true
mother pass. “It is an insult to my deceased mother’s memory to
give the title of parent to my father’s wife.”

“Do you dare to correct your appointed
guardian, Tabitha Tatiana?” Guardian Owen asked in a tight

“And another thing you need to know,
Guardian Owen, is that I do not wish to be called Tabitha Tatiana.
I prefer Tabitha or Tabby.” She then stood up to face him and saw
that his dark eyes were full of disapproval. Too bad. If he was
going to be her shadow for the next year, then he needed to learn
not to offend her.

“You do not dictate to me, young lady. You
are little more than a child, and it is my understanding that you
were not punished properly as a child, which is why you are such a
disobedient young woman now. The law clearly states that a daughter
must obey her parent until the age of twenty-five, or until she is
given in marriage by her parent. You have been breaking this law
for the past six months or longer, and it is time that you face the
consequences. I am going to treat you as a child should be treated
when disobedient.”

“I was unfairly accused,” Tabitha

“I seriously doubt that; your behavior
towards me is not indicative of innocence.” He looked at her and
said, “Will you show grace now and accept your punishment, or must
I physically subdue you and bend you to my will?”

She gave him a startled look. “How do you
intend to punish me?” she asked.

“I am going to give you a sound spanking and
that will be your punishment every time you disobey me or refuse to
do as you are told.”

Tabitha could not believe the quiet,
matter-of-fact way he announced that she would be spanked! That
type of discipline was reserved for small children, and she was
much too old for such a punishment. “I am too old for a child’s
punishment!” She whispered the words, her disbelief evident in her
green eyes as she looked at him in shock. “My father will not
approve of this!”

“Your father is too ill to be your guardian,
Tabitha Tatiana. He has signed over control to me for the next
twelve months. We have discussed this matter thoroughly; it is time
to get this spanking over with so that we may leave this place and
go to your home. We will discuss your rules when we arrive there.”
He took her arm and pulled her to the bed; he then sat down and
patted his right thigh. “You will bend over my lap and you will
pull up your gown so that I may spank you.”

“No! I am not free with my person!” Tabitha
was even more shocked as she backed as far away from him as the
small room would allow. “I know my father would not agree to

“As I said, your parent has signed control
of you to me. Your punishments are of my choosing, and I can see I
have chosen well. You are already regretting your

“I did not disobey my father! Why cannot
anyone believe me when I tell them this? Just because I am young,
it does not mean that I am the one who is lying!” Tabitha was

“Enough, Tabitha Tatiana. You will do as I
say, or you will receive another spanking as soon as I transport us
to your home.”

“I do not wish to be punished here; I know
they have hidden cameras and microphones, and I would not be

“They will not watch; to do so would be
unprofessional and they would immediately be dismissed.”

“I would not give them the temptation,” she

“You have added a second spanking; to be
given when we arrive at your home. I am through arguing with you,
Tabitha Tatiana.” He grabbed her by the wrist and while he was
sitting down on the mattress he pulled her facedown over his

“No! This is wrong…and unlawful without my
father’s permission!”

“Enough!” Guardian Owen said sharply, giving
her upturned rump a sound smack. He continued to apply his hand in
spanks to the portion of her body where she sat, doing his best to
make this first punishment count.

It was not long before Tabitha forgot about
anything but the fire building under her skirt. She was humiliated;
and determined not to give him the satisfaction of making her cry
out with the pain and shame. It was unheard of for a
twenty-year-old woman to be spanked like a naughty child! Her
father once told her that he did not resort to spanking her because
he felt it was a poor substitute for good parenting. It was all
that woman’s fault that she was suffering this indignity!

“There now, Tabitha Tatiana,” Guardian Owen
said as he stood her on her feet. “Do you think you can resist
arguing with me while I do the necessary paperwork to take you to
your home?”

She was too upset with him to speak, but she

“In the future you will answer me politely.”
He got to his feet and opened the door he had unlocked when he
entered the cubicle. He took her arm once again, and then looked at
her and shook his head. “Before we leave, you need to attend to
your modesty cap. Your hair is falling down.” He gave her the
privacy of turning his back. “Do not be all day, Tabitha Tatiana,”
he warned.

Tabitha wanted to stick her tongue out at
his back, but resisted doing anything that could be deemed as
disrespectful. It would do nothing to convince him of her
innocence. She needed to be home so that she could stop that woman
from poisoning her father to death. She quickly fixed her long red
hair, pinning it up into the normal manner, and then placing her
modesty cap upon her head to hide her hair. No man, but the one
chosen for her to marry, was to see her hair.

“Are you finished, Tabitha Tatiana?”
Guardian Owen asked.

“Yes,” she managed to force the answer
through her lips. Tabitha could not recall ever being so angry with
a man not part of her own family!

Guardian Owen looked at her and nodded in
satisfaction. He led her through the door and down the hallway to
another room containing a desk and two chairs. He sat her down on
one of those and she cried out and tried to get to her feet. He did
not permit that. “You will sit here and learn a bit of control,
young lady.” He sat on the other chair and used the keyboard to
enter the required information that would permit her to walk
through the doors under his guardianship. “Do not squirm so,
Tabitha Tatiana,” he finally ordered, looking up at her in warning.
“You will spend a period of sitting after each and every spanking I
administer. It makes the spanking more effective.”

The look she gave him was one of contempt.
“It takes a big man to spank a woman, doesn’t it? I guarantee you
will regret treating me so abominably when the truth outs itself. I
promise you here and now that I will file charges against you and
the magistrate for putting me in this degrading situation!”

BOOK: Tabitha's Guardian
13.25Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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