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Chapter five



He was looking at me for some kind of approval or maybe guidance and I just looked back at him with my finger in my mouth. “Take off my panties.” He seemed pretty ready to do as I said. He didn’t just take off my panties, he practically ripped them off as I now lay on the bed beside him. “I’m glad to see that you’re so ready, but just remember that part of seduction and foreplay is in the slow buildup.” He looked like he was about to speak again, so I just held my finger to my lips and he closed his mouth.

He seemed to be looking to me for direction, but I just motioned with my hand that he could proceed as he wished. Apparently gaining some confidence, and direction, he opened up my knees as his fingertips slowly touched the petals of my sex and spread them open delicately. “So beautiful. So delicate and sweet looking. You are so wet,” he said. His dirty talk would need some polish, but he was getting the idea. At least he hadn’t called them “fascinating.” But of course I was wet! I was dying to have him inside me. My pussy was practically sopping in preparation to receive his thick manhood. “I just want to look at you for a moment.” He added. Oh, that was a good line, I thought. And even better because he actually meant it. He really appeared mesmerized by the sight of my waiting pussy, which was plump and engorged itself from my own growing anticipation.

“So, like I was saying, you saw how I gave you pleasure with my mouth, right? Now, it’s your turn to do the same for me.” Whatever instincts he had in this human form seemed to be kicking in. He brought his head up to my opening and lightly kissed my mound, like I had done with his mouth. Then his tongue slid right over me as he parted my lips, licking me from just above my asshole right up to my clit. He began to explore and seemed to relish alternating between nibbling at my lips and then tracing my opening teasingly with his tongue. Finally he began to delve deeper into me with his outstretched tongue.

“Um Nathan. I don’t know where you learned to do that, but that is just the way I like it,” I said, as I began to get a little breathless. He was fluttering his tongue, moving in and out of me like he knew exactly where I wanted to be caressed. Finally he discovered my clit. He spread me gently as he first licked around it and then began to lick and suckle it directly. I couldn’t help it anymore and it was my turn to moan. In a voice that was building along with my pleasure, I uttered, in a voice that had to have been at least an octave below my usual register, “Yes, like that Nathan…”

I thrashed and pushed my sex against his mouth, while holding the back of his head in my passion. I tossed my head back and closed my eyes as he continued to lick all around my most intimate place. My juices smeared over his face as he went at my pussy with total abandon. His ardor was turning me on more by the moment. Most men would have kissed it maybe a few times and then wanted to get on to the main attraction, but he seemed more than content to stay right where he was, which was fine by me.

“Oh Nathan I am going to cum.” I felt the pressure build until my slippery fluid flooded my open sex. As my body convulsed in ecstasy, his lips remained firmly attached between my legs, greedily licking up my juices. He began to rub my clit with his thumb as I bucked underneath him. “Oh my God, that was amazing Nathan, “He knew enough to ease off as the waves of pleasure subsided. My breasts were heaving with my erratic breathing as I basked in a moment of post-orgasmic bliss.

I was laying there completely out of it, satiated and my skin still tingling from the experience as he sat between my legs. “I liked that better than talking,” was all he said. All I could do was laugh. At the same time I saw that his manhood had finally decided to take a breather. “Is it ok?” he asked me, looking concerned.

“Oh I am sure it is fine,” I replied, as I grabbed his now soft warm flesh. I pulled him closer to me until we were kissing again, mouth to mouth. My body was absolutely craving him now. I couldn’t have said why, but despite all the weirdness of the situation, I did feel a strange connection to this man…to this alien. I wanted him inside me. I wanted to see his face as he shot his cum deep in my womb. I could not deny the ultimate goal of this lesson any longer. It was clear we were drawn together by raw animal magnetism, one for the other, and that it needed to be satisfied now.

“I want you inside me now Nathan, but please, you have to go slowly. I will need time to adjust to you as you enter me.” He had quickly gotten hard again as we kissed. He looked very eager, and I just wanted to be sure he wasn’t going to just ram it in. Slowly he brought himself close to me until I could feel the wide head of his cock pushing insistently at my sex. I held him by the base and began to rub him against me, smearing my wetness on him as I pushed him against my lips. Slowly I could feel them releasing as I began to feel him entering me. My lips opened and began to stretch more fully to accommodate him, until finally the head was fully engulfed my yearning hole. “Pull back out and then give it to me a little bit deeper…yeah like that…”, I said, as I realized that he already knew intuitively what I wanted. We were moving in sync now as he began thrusting deeper and deeper between my parted legs. My alien was a good student. I had almost forgot I was who-knows-how-many light years from earth. At one point he pulled out, leaving me empty, only to drive himself back inside of me so I felt his girth all the more fully. As he began to pump his hips in earnest, his cock head was slowly making progress as he penetrated me a little deeper with every stroke. My tight sheath was slowly expanding to make room in my belly for all of him. He must have been three quarters of the way in and I already felt filled to the brim, my pussy stretched more and more, even as his head reached new depths as it pushed into me. I had to put my hand on his chest to tell him to slow down for a moment. He seemed to know and he just stopped for a moment, just slightly pivoting his hips a bit so I could fully relax into embracing him. I could feel my pussy grabbing him like a vise and squeezing him. The image of a tube of raw cookie dough came to mind as I began to pump my hips against him, driving him deeper still inside me.

“Kiley, you spoke the truth about this experience. This is beyond anything I could have imagined. I could conceptualize, but I had no idea I could feel so good in so many ways all at once. I feel…I don’t understand it…I feel like…like I never want to be away from you…I feel like I want to take care of you and protect you..” It was clear he was even having problems forming sentences as he struggled to make sense of so many emotions as well as sensations. “And the way my …what do you say…my cock…the way my cock feels inside of you…I feel like I am home. Can we do this forever? I mean…” I hooked my legs around his back as I spread myself even wider for him. He trailed off mid-sentence as he took the cue and suddenly drove his full length inside me. The pleasure mixed with a little pain as I stretched to encompass his whole shaft as I finally felt his balls slap my ass. At the same time, his legs and pelvis came fully against my pussy. The pleasure of his whole body pounding against me was almost too much to take.

“Kiley, I don’t know how your species gets anything done,” he said breathlessly, and with complete sincerity, as he continued his forceful thrusts.

I almost burst out laughing for at least the second time that day. Instead, I reached around and grabbed his ass, digging my nails into the surface of his cheeks and pulling him into me. The connection and the moment sent me into another wave of convulsing pleasure as I climaxed around his buried shaft.

I knew he must be close to cumming himself but I wanted to extend our pleasure just awhile longer, so I pulled him out of me and got up on all fours on the bed. I turned away from him and presented him with my ass. He looked at me puzzled for a split second as I shook my ass in his face, before he saw the allure of the posture in about a split second. He stuck his face right in my ass and licked my wetness for an instant before bringing his hips over to meet mind.

“Is this what you want?” he said. He was seriously asking a question. Rather than speak, I bowed my head and shoulders, and allowed my back to arch so he could see I was ready to take him again.

He did not need any coaching this time as he plunged his length into my waiting lips. He held my ass firm. “Fuck me Nathan”, I cried. And he did exactly that. Only this time he managed to make it even more sensual as he plunged into my waiting gap. With his knees on the bed he pulled my hips back to meet his, as we pumped against each other. He was breathing heavy now and I knew he was about to explode inside of me. I couldn’t wait to feel his heat spray my depths.

“I can’t stop it,” he panted.

“I don’t want you to…I want you to cum inside me,” I cried in response, as I pushed my pussy even wider onto his cock as his balls slapped against my clit. It was too much and I felt my own orgasm building inside me like a volcano about to blow. Suddenly he let out a deep guttural cry as he released a hot stream of cum deep in my belly. My pussy was convulsing as I too screamed in the throes of passion. For a moment it was just juices and sweat and the heat of our bodies as we were both lost all thought in the bliss of our union. Oh my God it felt so good to be so close to him. I realized that there was something about the combination of his sexual innocence as well as surprising prowess that felt perfect for me. I had to admit the having-sex-with-an-alien-on another-planet made it pretty hot too. Finally, both of us spent I fell onto my belly as he slumped on top of me. His hot breath came softly in my ear.

“That was incredible Kiley.” Thank you for sharing your body with me in that way.”

“Really, it was my pleasure Nathan,” I smiled back at him.

Then he looked at me a little more seriously. “Thank you,” he said again. “If it is alright with you, we will go to the laboratory a little later, after we have …recovered … from this, and they will take our creation from your belly. Is that acceptable to you?”

“Of course Nathan, I would not have engaged with you in this way had I not understood your motivations. I just hope I have been able to teach you something about connection, sex, and maybe even love. I also can see that your people revere life, and that I will be giving not just one life, but many. I only ask that my offspring receive the same love and reverence you have shown to me.”

“Of course Kiley. We can speak more of this…but now I am aware of a strange sensation. I feel very…very
to you. I appreciated you and how you would be of service to my people before, but this is different somehow. I want to be near you more. I want to be touching you, even though that’s all I have been doing. I want to be touching you more. Or just be next to you,” he said as he reached out a hand and caressed my face.

“Well, people can say whatever they want about you aliens, but you are alright with me,” I replied. I kind of liked him to. What initially was probably just hormonal lust had grown into a real connection. I hope he wasn’t seriously falling for me, because connection or not, I still wanted to get back home. “So your people have gotten what you want, right? So can you send me back to earth now, please?” I was shamelessly caressing his chest now. I had to use what tricks I could to shift gears and find a way to get back on honest to goodness terra firma.

“Well, Kiley, I would have to say that I would rather you stayed. I am sure the Elders would like to experience this for themselves as well. But the truth is that you have served your purpose. It would go against all we stand for to hold you against your will. The truth is also that, with your fresh genetic contribution, we will be able to seed a generation of younglings with enough genetic diversity to ensure the survival of our species. I believe you have also taught us a valuable lesson in the merits of physical connection. You truly will be the mother to a new generation of my people, and for that we are all eternally grateful. Of course we will honor your wishes and send you home.

“Thank you Nathan,” I said as I kissed him on the lips. “And thank you for the adventure of a lifetime as well.”

“I should be the one to thank you Kiley. What you have shown me is beyond words. It is almost beyond my comprehension. My people have gained much in their evolution, but now I see that they have lost much as well.  I believe things will be changing around here. It will take a few years to bring this next generation to maturity, but it won’t be soon enough for me,” he said with a smile.




After we had dressed we did indeed head towards the laboratory where their team were able to extract the samples they needed as well as the product of my union with Nathan. It was a painless procedure, leaving only a small reddish welt that they assured me would fade in a few days’ time.

My next stop was to bid farewell to the Elders. Nathan had spoken with them and essentially made sure that I could, in fact head home. After his full report it was determined that this was the proper course of action.

“You have been of great service to our people Kiley,” one of the Elders said, in what had to be the understatement of the light-year. We are grateful for all you have given us, both through our shared experience, as well as in the form of the safeguarding of our very survival. Your progeny will be honored, cared for and loved. Our people are in your debt. We shall return you to your rightful place and time. We will make it as seamless for you as possible.

With this Nathan and a sort of honor guard led me to a room I had not seen before. It looked like some sort of control room, at the center of which was a glass enclosed bed.

BOOK: Taken by Aliens: An Interstellar Erotic Romance
13.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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