Taken by Aliens: An Interstellar Erotic Romance (6 page)

BOOK: Taken by Aliens: An Interstellar Erotic Romance
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I still wore my little black dress as Nathan led me inside. “I will never forget you Kiley,” he said simply, as he once again kissed me on the cheek. Then he reached out and first grabbed my ass and then my breast in a half playful, half longing way. “I will miss many things about you. But in a few years we will have a new generation of woman, thanks to you”.

“One last thing”, he said. “You have literally saved my people,” he added profoundly. As he said this he removed a pendant from a pocket and placed it around my neck. It was on a simple chain and was no more than a metal ring, surrounding a bright blue flat crystalline stone. It was perhaps the size of a quarter and it was dazzling. “If you are ever in need, or if there is any way we may be of service to you in the future, all you need do is hold this gate stone in your hands and think of us. Your thoughts will reach us.”

With that he guided me onto the bed, turned, and gave me one last solemn bow. Again I was reminded of my crazy new age yoga teacher. “Namaste Nathan”, I said with a smile. He seemed to accept my words with the reverence they were intended for, and with that he closed the door to the chamber. The last thing I remembered seeing was Nathan’s smiling face as I lay my head back on the pillow.




I awoke with a start, the smell of stale beer heavy in my nostrils. There was also the distant sound of voices and the low thump of the bass coming from some song or another. What the hell...I thought. I raised my head and opened my eyes. It was light out and I raised my hand to shield my eyes. As I did so, raising myself onto one elbow I looked over and saw Brian lying sound asleep beside me. He looked content enough, with covers pulled up around him as he snored away.

But what was going on.  I felt really disoriented, and was having trouble piecing the previous night together. Wasn’t there some…hadn’t I been somewhere…Yeah, what a crazy dream…Was it a dream? I looked down and saw I was fully dressed in a thin little black dress. Right, Jennifer lent it to me. And where was I? Don’t tell me I stayed the night at a frat house, I thought. Ugh, I anticipated the
walk of shame
I would have to endure on my way out. But that felt like nothing really. I just felt so weird. Slowly it came back to me…I had had this amazing dream where I had saved a people from extinction, all by having sex. I laughed to myself. I must have drank a lot, because I didn’t even remember passing out. I had been at the party and then I thought Brian …that was Brian, right, I thought Brian and I had been hooking up, but that was it. Then I remembered nothing. There was probably grain alcohol in the punch. That shit was dangerous.

But what a crazy dream. That guy Nimbo or Nandrew…what was his name in the dream? Well, he was sweet…and God, I had never had dream sex like that before! Man, I had to pee too. Wearily, and definitely nursing a bit of a hangover I headed toward the bathroom. As I did so I caught sight of myself in the cheap full length mirror on the back of the door. There, glowing a beautiful bright blue in the morning sun, and suspended by a silver chain from my neck, was, incredibly, a dazzling blue pendant…The moment in the chamber and Nathan’s words came back to me.

“Holy fucking shit … ,”was all that escaped my lips…

BOOK: Taken by Aliens: An Interstellar Erotic Romance
12.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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