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BOOK: Taken by the Billionaire Wolf
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     Somehow, though, she knew those eyes.

     “But from where?” she pondered, kneeling down to clutch her bruised leg as she and the creature continued to hold and lock their steely gazes.

     Her own eyes flew wide moments later, as a second creature sprang onto the scene; a huge, ebony furred wolf whose wide dark gaze drew a sigh of relief from deep in her throat.

     She watched relieved as her long lost friend lunged with fangs bared at her mysterious assailant; barking and growling in a menacing manner in the direction of the bright-eyed wolf.

     Although answering her friend at once with a savage growl that made Joanna’s blood boil, her attacker soon cowered as her determined protector swiped with sharpened claws; continuing to growl and show his fangs until finally the assailant turned tail—actually sniffing as it disappeared into the thick canopy of emerald leaved trees that lie just before them.

     For a moment Joanna shut her eyes tight, letting loose with a relieved sigh as the pain in her leg subsided.

     When she reopened her eyes seconds later, she came face to face with her lover; a man who, much to her shock, stood naked before her—his ebony eyes wide and blazing and his hair wild and tousled.

     She gasped outright as she saw the fangs that protruded from the mouth she’d kissed so often these past few days; at the same time, she did not resist as Rafe stepped forward to take her in an impassioned embrace.

     “Are you all right, baby?” he asked her, tone raw and rough.  “Did she hurt you?”

     “She,” Joanna repeated on a whisper, adding as she stared deep into his eyes, “That was Ariel, wasn’t it?  Ariel attacked me.  And you saved me.” She paused here, adding in a knowing tone, “Your wolf portraits, Rafe—they’re self-portraits, aren’t they?”

     Rafe nodded.

     “Now you know who I am, my lady,” he told her, adding as he pulled her closer, “Can you possibly accept me?”

     Joanna thought a moment, then shrugged.

     “Well I suppose so,” she told him, running her hands over the surface of his hard muscled chest.  “If, that is, you can persuade me.”

     Grinning at this all too familiar phrase, Rafe let loose with a howl of desire as he swept her off her feet; seizing her lips with a passionate kiss as he lowered her to the ground beneath them.

     Soon his body covered hers in a bed of fresh, fragrant clover; their arms and legs entangling as their tongues entwined and their lips merged and meld.

     “My darling,” he whispered, breaking their kiss to stare deep into her eyes as he lowered a tender, attentive hand to rub her scarred leg.  “Do give me the honor of making you feel better.”

     Once again claiming her mouth in a hot, passionate kiss, his tickling fingertips ran the length of her leg before touching and teasing her feminine nest; reaching beneath the border of her soft satin panties to tease the door of her feminine entry.

     Joanna gasped outright, and her hips arched reflexive, as her lover slipped a long, agile finger to the depths of her soaking wet pussy; continuing to kiss and caress her as his intimate touch probed the walls of her sensitive femininity.

     The back and forth motion of his long, wet tongue mirrored that of his agile finger as he pressed and probed; his intimate touch setting fire to her insides as her nipples hardened and her pussy gushed.

     She plied his lips with a grateful kiss as he continued to stroke her most intimate area; wrapping her arms around his muscled shoulders as her breasts crushed his sculpted chest.

     Although returning her kisses with upmost tenderness and cradling her in the sweetest embrace, Rafe still let loose with the sexiest growls as his strong hand coursed the length of her back; pulling her closer still as his hand seemed to seek the source of her ultimate pleasure.

     And just then, he hit the spot.

    Jumping in his arms as her body erupted in the intense heat of a G-spot orgasm, Joanna writhed shameless against the plane of her lover’s divine hardness; their hips and thighs locking between them as she threw her arms around and opened herself to him.

     Stripping off her sleek red dress and tossing it to the ground beside them, Rafe kissed and worshipped the body he exposed; kissing and licking her neck and breasts as their hips rocked together and their legs entangled.

     Soon their naked, sweat lined bodies merged and rolled wild on the ground below them as—finally and fully—they merged as one.  Rafe’s long, hard shaft penetrating her soaking pussy as they kissed and cuddled; their fingers entwining sweetly even as his cock surged forth to her very core.

     Spreading her soft, fleshy thighs to him, Joanna threw her head back as she clutched him to her; running her hungry hands down his flawless pecs and abs as he continued to pump and penetrate her.  Their moves were swift and frenzied as they clung to one another; sealing their love with a resounding kiss as—finally and fully—their bodies hurtled across the bounds of an incredible mutual climax as both let loose with a wild howl that seemed to signify eternal love—at its wildest.

     “You said it to me, so now I say it to you,” Rafe told Joanna.  “You bring out the animal in me.  And I love you for it—ever so much.”


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BOOK: Taken by the Billionaire Wolf
3.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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