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     Rafe nodded.

     “Indeed,” he told her, motioning for her to take a seat beside him close on his floral settee, “First I have a news flash for you.  Ariel left me yesterday.  She broke our engagement and cleared the premises, saying that she needs a—um—new type of scene, I guess you could say.”

     Joanna gaped.

     “Oh Rafe, I’m so sorry,” she told him, adding as she inclined her head in his direction, “Are you OK?”

     Rafe nodded.

     “I’m more than OK, darling,” he assured her, adding as he stretched his arms high above him, “Oh, I must admit that I had a tough time of it last night, trying to grasp and cope with the loss that I’d seen coming for quite some time—but that maybe I wasn’t prepared to deal with so soon.  Then when I was awakened this morning by the gentle chirp of bird song outside my window, as opposed to the screech of a miserable harpy, giving me a daily report on all of the ways that I’ve wronged her terribly—in this past week alone, I knew she’d done me a favor.” He paused here, adding with a visible cringe, “I’m actually glad to be rid of her; especially since her departure has set into motion a plan that I’ve conceptualized, that I finally can set into motion now that she’s gone.  A plan, love, that just happens to involve you.”

     “Me?” Joanna squeaked, eyes flying wide at this bizarre piece of info.

     Rafe smiled.

     “Indeed,” he affirmed, adding as he pierced her with a penetrating gaze, “First of all, I’d like to invite you to be my date for the art show fund-raiser next week.”

     Joanna thought a moment, then shook her head.

     “As much as I would love to, Rafe, I really don’t have any desire to be a rebound girl, if you know what I mean,” she revealed, adding with her head held high, “I mean, who is to say that she won’t be back before then?  You two have quite a history, you even were engaged to be married.  I’m not sure that I want to….”

     “Well how can I make you sure?” Rafe interrupted her, adding as he stroked his chiseled chin to thoughtful effect, “I guess I’ll just have to go to plan B.”

     Standing tall and proud before her, the gorgeous billionaire held her gaze as he stripped off his tight black leather shirt to reveal a massive, chiseled bronzed chest; smiling as her eyes widened at the sight of his chiseled pecs and his toned washboard abs.

     “Plan B, as it turns out, involves the shameless and blatant seduction of a certain female journalist,” he purred, once again taking a seat beside her on the settee as he pulled her closer than close, “And that, as you may have guessed, is you.  I always get what I want, my baby—and if I can’t get it by offering a lady a formal and most elegant date, then I might be able to do it by tempting forth and satisfying her basest hungers; and for that matter, by fulfilling her deepest and darkest desires.”

     Joanna smiled in spite of herself as she gathered her up in two strong arms; pulling her closer than close as he growled low in his throat.

     “You irresistible man,” she whispered, her rebellious hands running wild over the surface of his bronzed, sculpted skin.  “You’re so unfair.”

     Letting loose with a low, sexy chuckle, Rafe stroked the mussy strands of her mussy dark hair as he whispered, “Men of my kind don’t play fair, baby.  But rest assured, we do play to please.”

     With these words he seized her lips in a heated, passionate kiss; his full, moist mouth massaging hers as their tongues entangled between them.

     Leaning shameless into his kiss, Joanna wrapped her arms around his muscled shoulders and plied his lips with hers; moaning against his mouth as she sank against him, her heart pounding with desire.

     “Yes,” he hissed against her lips, wrapping his sturdy hands around her full waist and pulling her closer than close, “This is the way I’ve dreamed of seeing you since the moment we met.  And this afternoon, my love, I fully and truly plan to bring out the animal in you.”

      Himself making a smooth, sleek move that revealed his animal side, Rafe fell to his knees before her; crawling like a cat as he held her gaze and kneeled full at her feet.

     Grasping her foot and freeing it from its sensible low heeled shoe, he licked her toes and kissed her tired pads as she sighed contented in response.

     Her knees parted in a reflexive move as he kissed and licked his way up her legs; pinning her with a devilish, white toothed grin as he surged up her skirt and fixed those sharp white teeth around the border of her sensible white panties.

     Dragging them shameless down her legs and tossing them on the floor beside them, he soon returned to the source of her pleasure; gracing her with the intimate kiss.

     Fixing his full, moist lips on the surface of her pounding clit, he kissed and suckled her feminine fruit with bare, lush intensity; sending shards of erotic ecstasy spiraling upward through every part of her body.

     Throwing her head back with a lusty gasp, Joanna lowered her hands to stroke his smooth, silken hair as he continued to devour her; reaching upward to stroke her breasts as he suckled her sensitive nub.

     “Grrr,” he growled low in her throat, lowering his agile hands to brace her full hips as he shifted his flawless head from side to side.  “You are delicious, baby.”

     This move intensifying the friction of his lips as they continued to pleasure her nub, Rafe finally leaned his head inward to lay a last resounding lick on her flaming clit; sending her hurtling across the bounds of an incredible, soul felt climax.

     Letting loose with a lusty cry that rose high to the vaulted ceiling above them, Joanna bit her lip as her body exploded in a wave of incredible sensation; one that coursed her from head to toe with a wave of pleasurable feeling.

     “So darling,” she barely heard his deep spoken words through her thick, lust induced haze.  “Have I convinced you to be my date to next week’s art show?”

     Nodding, Joanna fell forward in his arms as she told him, “Yes indeedy.  And then some.  And how.  Even so, if you care to do just a bit more persuading, I am more than open to any and all efforts to totally win me over.”

     Letting loose with a passion struck howl that shook brocaded walls, Rafe seized her up in an all-encompassing embrace and took her with him into the softness of his luxurious plush floor.  Soon their bodies rolled free and reckless across this comfy, pristine surface; their arms and legs entangling as their lips collided in a heated kiss.

     As their mouths merged and their tongues entangled, Rafe stripped away Joanna’s plain brown work dress; revealing as he did a voluptuous body that he praised with sweet words as he buried his head in her buxom breasts and licked her nipples to erect points beneath his attentive kiss.

     Joanna grit her teeth as she drug her fingernails down the length of his perfect planed back; savoring the kiss of his lips to her breasts as he gyrated his hard, trim hips against hers in a blatant seductive tease.

     Throwing herself full against him, Joanna invited her lover to drown in her softness as she reached downward to yank his tight leather pants down the length of his toned, taut legs; revealing as he did a long, hard shaft that seemed to salute her presence.  Yet even as this pulsating member rose to tease her feminine cleft, her lover still cradled her in loving arms and pulled her closer than close; covering her face with endless adoring kisses as he whispered in her ear.

     “Joanna, I know we’ve only met,” he told her, massaging her back with adoring hands, “but somehow I feel I’ve known you forever.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve read and loved your columns for so long, but I sense a deeper connection.”

     “I feel it too—oh so deeply,” she answered him immediately, cupping his carved cheeks in two tender hands as she stared into his eyes, “Especially when I look into your eyes, I feel so close to you.  I know you on a deeper level, but I can’t figure out why….”

     Seeming to feel a sudden need to distract her, Rafe seized Joanna’s lips in a heated kiss as he reached downward to caress her heaving breasts; gyrating hard against her as she wrapped her legs around his trim waist and invited him inward.

     Bracing his sturdy arms around her shoulders, Rafe pulled her to him until her breasts crushed his massive hard chest; kissing her senseless as, finally and fully, he plunged his long, hard shaft to the depths of her soaking wet pussy.

     Their hips claimed an immediate rhythm as their bodies merged and melded; the advance and retreat of his long, wet tongue in her mouth mirroring the penetration of his massive shaft as it glided forth to her very core.

     Plying her lover’s lips with wet, intense kisses, Joanna spread her full, fleshy hips to give him greater access; hugging him to her as she thrust her hips forward and engaged him in a lustful tango.

     “You temptress,” he whispered against her lips, clutching her to him as his reverberating, sweat glistened cock sank still deeper into her.  “You have no idea how beautiful you are, do you?  Well do allow me to show you.”

     Sweeping her up in a binding embrace, an impassioned Rafe ran his hands through the lengths of her long dark hair in loving strokes as he lowered his free hand between her sturdy legs; stroking her aroused clit as his cock continued to probe and penetrate her.

     Repaying him in kind, Joanna ran her hands down his back and laid a playful slap on his hard flawless rear; a move that drove him still deeper into her as their arms and legs entangled.

     Their lips collided in a timeless kiss as, with the final stroke of his long, hard shaft, he sent them both careening over the bounds of an intense mutual orgasm; their beings exploding in a wave of sheer ecstasy as their sweat lined bodies clung to one another, tight and true.

     “Be mine, Joanna,” Rafe released on a gasp, embracing her to him as they collapsed exhausted in one another’s arms.  “Stay here with me.”

     The next few days passed in a dreamy haze for Joanna, who found herself wined, dined and pampered by the man whose side she simply couldn’t leave.  She and Rafe spent their days ensconced in the fragrant, fertile lands of his gardens and winery, her lover gifting her with bouquets of scarlet red roses, pearl pink carnations and lavender African violets grown on his own land.  Then the duo returned home to enjoy samples of his fresh brewed wine with gourmet dinners of filet mignon, escargot, chocolate mousse and other upscale delicacies.      

     Of course Joanna still continued to work at the newspaper (where her editor praised her in-depth research of one particularly handsome interview subject in particular) and at the shelter; where she was sad to see that the mysterious creature who’d darkened their door one evening never did make a return visit.

     On the evening of the art show fund-raiser, Rafe surprised her with the gift of a lush, billowy red satin dress that flattered and accentuated her generous curves; along with a sparkling diamond necklace and matching earrings that she donned with pride--also arranging the strands of her thick dark hair atop her head in an artful upsweep.

     Her date himself cut a spectacular figure in a fine cut suit of sleek ebony velvet; one that set off his hair, eyes and bronzed skin to handsome effect.  And when he escorted her into the vast community hall that would house that evening’s exhibit, she sat proud by his side as he showed and sold his paintings on behalf of the animals; receiving many compliments herself on the stellar preview article that she’d written to preview the event.

     “You and I make a good team,” he told her at one point, adding as he offered her his arm, “Care to get a little fresh air with me, love?”

     Soon the pair walked side by side in the small forest clearing that formed the southern border of the Benington Community Center; walking hand in hand as they stared deep into one another’s eyes.

     “You look so beautiful tonight,” he whispered in her ear, moving closer to her in the moonlight.  “That dress brings out the very sexy woman I’ve always sensed lies deep within you.”

     Joanna shook her head.

     “You’re the one who brought her to the surface—it has nothing to do with the dress,” she told him, stopping in her tracks as she turned to face him.  “It was you who truly brought out the animal in me.”

     The couple’s public surroundings dissolved around them as they came together in the clearing; their bodies clenching in a hot cocoon as he seized her lips in a heated kiss.

     Rafe’s lips massaged and caressed hers as they held one another closer than close; Joanna sinking in his massive arms as his kisses lulled her into a sweet, dreamy rhapsody.

     A rhapsody shattered moments later, and in a sheen of incredible pain.  Joanna screamed outright as a shard of pure agony ripped through the flesh of her leg; and when she stared down with wide eyes to identify its source, she was shocked to see the animal that had visited her shelter just days beforehand—immediately recognizing its thick ebony fur and long, pointed ears.  And feeling the bite of its lethal fangs.

     “Don’t you know me?” she bellowed out, fixing the creature with wide, frantic eyes as she jumped shocked from Rafe’s arms.  “I’m your friend.”

     Immediately releasing its hold on her leg, the creature looked up at her with wide, savage eyes; bright emerald gems that could not possibly belong to the warm, gentle creature that had visited her shelter.

BOOK: Taken by the Billionaire Wolf
7.04Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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