Taking a Gamble on Three of a Kind (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

BOOK: Taking a Gamble on Three of a Kind (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

Taking a Gamble on Three of a Kind

Jenny Clayton returns home to the town of Brilliance to find that her mother’s life is falling apart and the man she is seeing, Jack Rowan, is the catalyst. However, Jack’s handsome sons, Luke and Adam, along with their sexy cousin Justin, are convinced that Jenny’s the problem and not their father.

The three men have no intention of allowing her to come between two people who, in their minds, are destined to be together. When they confront Jenny, she finds herself more than a target of their anger. They force her to question everything she thought she knew.

However, Luke, Adam, and Justin don’t know her mother’s secret. If she tells them, she will not only betray her mother’s trust but ruin whatever chance she has for a normal life. Will Jenny’s ultimate sacrifice to save her mother be enough, or is she the one that needs saving now?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings or cousins.

BDSM, Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre

37,975 words








Kalissa Alexander










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Chapter One


Jenny observed the worried frown on her mother’s lips as she pressed the
button on her cell phone. They were eating dinner, but nevertheless, her mother rarely ever ignored a call. As a realtor, the telephone was the lifeline to her business, especially in times like these, when according to her mother, selling a house was the exception and not the rule.

“Everything okay, Mom?” Jenny asked between mouthfuls of her mother’s garlic mashed potatoes that she loved.

“Everything’s fine, dear. Just someone I can call back later. It’s been too long since I had a sit-down dinner with my daughter. I want to spend time with you without work or anything else interrupting us.”

“Well, now that the semester is over, you’ll be seeing a lot more of me. I know you want me to work with you, but I’ve got a few leads on jobs for the summer. One is at the Cultural Center in Parsons Grove.”

“I know I don’t have enough work to keep you busy full-time. I thought you were going to call Elizabeth Andrews’s office? I thought she was looking to hire someone. The insurance business seems to be booming.”

“I called already. Besides, insurance isn’t my thing.”

Another call came in on her mother’s cell phone. Her mother once again pressed the

“Maybe you should take that. They must really want to talk to you if they’ve called twice in such a short period of time.”

“Nope. Last year I only saw you for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I know your job as a research assistant has kept you busy and away from home these last few summers, and believe me, I’m glad you’ve had the opportunity, but I just couldn’t take another summer with you being away. I’ve really missed my daughter. You have no idea how glad I am to have you home finally.”

“Well, you did insist that I come home. I mean, not that I didn’t want to. But your last message about my living expenses and helping you over the summer did get my attention. So tell me all about you, Mom. Is there a problem with your business? And are you still seeing Jack Rowan?”

Jenny watched her mother’s face turn slightly red. She wished her mother felt more comfortable with dating, or maybe she just felt uncomfortable talking about her boyfriend with her daughter. It had been five years since her father had died. When she had discovered her mother was finally seeing someone, she couldn’t have been happier. Marlene Clayton was only in her early fifties—way too young to be by herself. Although she was an only child, Jenny prided herself on not being one of those daughters who hated the thought of her mother dating.

“Business could always be better, and Jack and I just enjoy each other’s company. It’s nothing serious.”

“You’ve always been the number-one realtor around here. I’m sure if business is down, it will pick up and you’ll be fine. And I for one am glad that you’re still seeing Dr. Rowan. I always liked him growing up. I was sorry when his wife died of cancer.”

“It was sad for him and his boys.”

“Speaking of his boys, how are they?”

“The twins are through medical school and have come back to help their father. Jack’s really happy that they both wanted to take over his medical practice. He says he wants to retire, but I don’t think he will. He loves being a doctor way too much.”

“If I remember, Adam and Luke were always pretending to be doctors. They tried to examine me once, but Dad put an end to that.” She laughed.

“They were both little buggers but harmless. They’ve grown into nice young men. They’ll make some girl very happy.”

“You think they’ll take the same woman, like most of the men in our town?”

“Yes, I think they might. They don’t have to. Their mother and father opted for just each other as your father and I did. But we’re not the norm. Most of the families in Brilliance enjoy more polygamous lifestyles.”

“Most places are like that now since the government made what was thought of as unconventional marriages legal. However, I liked not having to share my time between more than two parents.”

“Well, it’s a matter of choice and whatever works for you, dear, whether you take one, two, or more men to be your husband or husbands. There’s no pressure here. I just want you to be happy.”

“I want the same for you, Mom. How much time are you spending with Jack?” Again, she could see the discomfort on her mother’s face. “I know I haven’t exactly been around much, so I would imagine you get lonely.”

“It does get lonely sometimes. But I’m not about to replace your father, don’t you worry. I can’t just retire and live a life of leisure…no matter what Jack wants.”

“Ah, so you have been seeing a lot of him.”

“Well, I guess there’s no harm in your knowing that he asked me to marry him. I said no. I can’t marry anyone. It just wouldn’t be right.”

“And you don’t call that serious?

“He’s much more serious than I am. Let’s talk about something else.”

“Why? I mean, he’s a wonderful man who can make your retirement years fun. You don’t have to marry him if you don’t want to. I’m sure he’d be fine with a companion. You’ve got enough money to travel whenever you want. You wouldn’t have to depend on him financially. Dad’s only been gone five years. I’m sure he understands.”

“I don’t want to talk about me. Let’s talk about you.”

“Mom,” Jenny said with a slight whine. “Don’t do that.”

“Do what?”

“Try and change the subject when you don’t want to tell me something.”

Her mother pushed herself away from the table and stood up. “Well, I guess spending time with him was better than being alone all the time.” She took her plate out to the kitchen.

Jenny immediately felt shamed for questioning her mother. She had never made her feel guilty about being away before.

When her mother returned, she sat down and put her head in her hands. “I’m sorry I snapped at you. I always wanted you to be free to do what you wanted without worrying about me. I should have never said that.”

“What’s wrong, Mom?”

“I need to tell you what I’ve done. Then you’ll understand why I needed you to come home.”

“What do you mean, what you’ve done?”
At least she’s not ill.

“I so didn’t want to have to tell you,” her mother said, lifting her head up, her watery eyes making contact with Jenny’s. “I thought I could fix it, but the more I tried, the worse it got.”

“Just tell me. It can’t be that bad.”

“You can decide once you’ve heard what I have to say,” her mother said, looking down at her lap.

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