Taking His Hand (Under His Roof #2)

BOOK: Taking His Hand (Under His Roof #2)
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Taking His Hand


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Special super duper huge thanks goes to Mrs. Blue for her editing and suggestions!


Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Blue for providing a sexy setting for writing romance.


Thanks to Kristi, Trent, Carol, Karen, Joy, and Kathy. I’m delighted to have readers who keep in touch and provide feedback and encouragement.



All of Sadey Quinn’s erotic work is meant for an adult audience. The characters depicted in these scenes are fictional. Any resemblance to actual people is coincidental and not intentional. The characters depicted in sexual scenarios are at least 18 years old.

It should go without saying that safe enthusiasts of domestic discipline must study and practice in order to learn about having consensual fun.


Taking His Hand
is the second book in the
Under His Roof
Under His Roof,
Book One:


Rachel is a twenty-nine-year-old work-obsessed professional. She’s found herself losing touch with friends and family due to her bad attitude and busy schedule.

Her best friend, Samantha, told her she’d become a complete bitch. Rachel had stopped returning phone calls from her mother and sister, and ignored all of her friends.

She realized she needed to do something drastic.

On a whim, Rachel decided to respond to an advertisement for a local disciplinarian, David Jacobs. When she met with David—an incredibly handsome young man—he put her at ease. She felt she could trust him to spank her for her poor behavior. She knew the entire idea was a long shot, but she had to try something.

He spanked her—
—and gave her the much needed discipline and relief that only a good punishment session can provide.

A month later, her relationships had improved. But she couldn’t stop thinking about David, and how good he made her feel. She just couldn’t push him out of her mind. Though she didn’t want to believe she might need another spanking, she knew, deep down, it would do her a lot of good.

But by now, Rachel was also aware that her feelings for David extended far beyond those of a professional relationship. He was incredibly good looking, and the way he was with her made her weak in her knees. He was dominant, confident, and so stern. Rachel couldn’t figure out why that turned her on so much, and she couldn’t bring herself to schedule another appointment with him.

Instead, she went to the restaurant where they’d first met, and hoped beyond hope that he would be there, too.


David had reciprocal feelings for Rachel, more so than he’d felt for any of his clients before. He scolded himself for having those thoughts, and resisted the urge to contact her and ask her out. Since the nature of his work with her was so intimate, he didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable. He certainly didn’t want to make any unwanted advances that might deter her from scheduling future sessions. Rachel, he was sure, was a woman who would benefit from regular discipline. He didn’t want to get in the way of that.

However, when David saw her, a month after their first spanking session, at his brother’s restaurant—where they’d first met—he figured all bets were off. She had to have known he might be there.

He asked her out and they clicked—
big time
. David knew he had to bring up spankings, and incorporating them into their relationship, before things moved forward.

Luckily, after long discussions and explanations, Rachel agreed to trust David to spank her when she needed it.

Their relationship evolved at a stunning rate, and soon David asked Rachel to move in with him.


Rachel knew it was completely crazy to move in with David so soon, but it also seemed crazy to delay anything that felt so right. She agreed, and David set up a list of rules for her to follow as part of their arrangement:


1. Show respect for my decisions

2. Obey all traffic laws when driving

3. Exercise good personal hygiene

4. Consider your safety and the safety of others in every action that you take

5. Do not get inebriated unless you are with me

6. Maintain your personal relationships with friends and family

7. Keep yourself in good health by exercising and eating healthfully

8. Learn a new skill once a month

9. Help with your share of housework

10. Ask me my opinion and advice before making any big life decisions


Taking His Hand
picks up a week after Rachel moves in with David.




I’m staring at the floor from my strangely comfortable position across David’s lap, enjoying the sensation as he caresses my stinging ass through my red cotton panties.

How do you feel?” he asks softly, giving my left cheek, then my right, a firm squeeze.

I stifle a moan and attempt to sound appropriately petulant.


We aren’t done yet.”

Of course we aren’t.

I allow him to help me up off his lap. He points to the corner.

Ten minutes.”

Shuffling to my place, I feel the heat in my face as I flush with embarrassment. In spite of everything—our arrangement, the common understanding that this is just how things work between us—I’m still conflicted about time in the corner. To think. About my behavior.

God, it’s humiliating. Incredibly effective, but humiliating.

I knew I deserved what he was giving me. I’d been a bit of a brat this morning. Our usual lazy lovemaking was interrupted by a phone call from David’s parents. They’re flying back from vacation this afternoon and need a ride home from the airport.

I heard David agree to pick them up at five o’clock.

I thought Marilyn was doing that,” I’d said sharply when he got off the phone. His sister had volunteered for the job since David was the one to drop them off.

He shrugged. “Something came up.”

Then, while I was groggily putting together breakfast, David managed to keep stepping right in my way. After attempting to dance around each other a few times, I’d stormed out of the kitchen.

Why I was so upset by something so minor is beyond me, but I went to the bedroom, slammed the door, and threw myself onto the bed.

A few minutes later, David came in with a tray of food and coffee. Though I wanted to glare at him, his warm smile pinned me down and all I could do was smile back.

You need some discipline today,” he said, setting the tray on the nightstand beside me.

I folded my legs in to my chest and hugged my knees tight.

Eat up. Shower if you want. Then go to the discipline room

Swallowing hard, I nodded. He kissed my cheek and left me there, alone. Which in some ways is the worst part. I
waiting for punishments. I ate a few bites before taking a quick shower, then went to the discipline room straight away. It would be better to get the spanking over with. But, David took his sweet time meeting me there. By the time he arrived, I was a nervous wreck, wringing my hands together and pacing around the room.

And now, here I am, standing in the corner and waiting for him again. This time, though, I’ve got a sore butt. He’d taken me over his knee and spanked me hard with his hand, over my panties, until I was kicking, wiggling, and begging him to stop.

I know my ten minutes are nearly up when I hear him come back. He closes the door gently behind him and I tense because I’ve got more punishment coming my way. I hear him approach, smell his musky scent, and I cringe, then relax, as he rubs his hands up and down my body, pressing his front against my back.

You’re fortunate, Rachel,” he murmurs, brushing my hair behind my ear and giving my earlobe a little nibble. “When you need to be spanked, I can take care of you right away. My clients have to make an appointment. They have to wait.”

As I contemplate whether this makes me fortunate or unfortunate, David slips his thumbs in the waistband of my panties and slides them down over my hips.

It’s been more than a week,” he whispers. “You’ve been such a good girl since you moved in. Part of your attitude problem is my fault, I suppose, for waiting so long.”

I stifle a moan as he slides his hand under my tank top, over my stomach, and up to my breasts.

Maybe I should put you on a schedule. Weekly maintenance spankings. What do you think about that?”

My ass tenses at the thought, but my belly flutters in excitement as well. The truth is, I love that David puts me over his knee. I love that he doesn’t take shit from me. I love that he’s in charge, I love his presence, his manliness. His power and his strength.

My instincts tell me to respond to the schedule idea negatively. To dismiss it as unnecessary. But my will to please him overpowers my instinctual response and I say, “If you think it would be good for me, my love…”

He inhales sharply, and I feel his erection against the small of my back. This is turning him on and that makes me hopelessly happy. His clients don’t get to turn him on like this. He can’t get sexual with them during professional spanking sessions. With me, he can be free. I’m proud of that. I’m proud of us.

Good girl,” he breathes. He lifts my tank top over my breasts and I hold my arms high to help him. He runs one hand through my wet hair and the other down my arm, to my wrist, where I’m wearing an elastic hairband like a bracelet.

Put your hair up.”

Still facing the corner, I pull my hair up into a high ponytail. Then he grabs my upper arm and turns me, roughly, to face him.

Take three deep breaths,” he says.

I obey, staring into his eyes. He’s so calm. Stern yet kind. I know in my gut he’s about to make me suffer, but at the same time I know it’ll be worth it. The angst I felt earlier, the unneeded anger about absolutely nothing…it’s been replaced by a calm. This punishment is temporary, and after, all will be well again.

. One. Two. Three.

He nods, and points to the daybed.

Lie down on your stomach.”

I do as instructed, moving aside a few of the pillows and pulling down the duvet to lie on the clean sheets. When I’m in place, I watch him walk purposefully toward the cabinet where he keeps his implements. He takes his time, but I know him well enough to know he’s already got a plan in mind. He’s not contemplating what he should use on my ass. Right now, he’s moving slowly, knowing that every second he adds to the wait makes me more nervous about my fate.

BOOK: Taking His Hand (Under His Roof #2)
5.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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