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Teaching Bailey


Crystal Smith

Copyright © 2013 Crystal Smith

Kindle Edition

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This book is a work of fiction.  Any resemblance to persons, living or dead or places, event or locales is purely coincidental.

Disclaimer: The material in this book is for mature audiences only and contains graphic sexual content.  It is intended only for those aged 18 or older.


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Chapter One

      Sitting at her desk, her mind kept going back to the possibilities that the school had to offer.  Her life was empty.  Pieces were missing.  She felt completely alone in the world.  She had no real family to call her own.  Rachel was the only friend in the world that she had.  Sure she had acquaintances but they weren’t really friends.  And now the latest news she had received was enough to send her over. 

Bailey was used to getting depressing news.  She hadn’t received her promotion.  She hadn’t received the raise she was hoping for.  She didn’t get the apartment she had saved for.  The story of her life.  Bailey didn’t get.

Bailey stared at the pamphlet thinking about the possibilities and if she could really do it.  She knew she could consider it because that was exactly what she was doing right now, but to go through with it, to actually learn about this with complete strangers was another thing. 

“Hell with it then.” She looked around to make sure no one was in view of her screen, not that they ever were.  She sat in a corner office doing data entry, it wasn’t like anyone had any reason to pay attention to her.

As soon as the page came up, she felt her blood rushing to her cheeks.  She couldn’t believe what she was looking at.  What she was seeing wasn’t a school.  It was a freaking porn studio.

She shut the page off quickly and thankfully, God gave her the intelligence to delete her browsing history so if for any reason anyone ever viewed her screen, they wouldn’t be able to see that she had been looking at such terrible and indecent things.

Fifteen more minutes she thought to herself.  Fifteen minutes and she could go home to her apartment, take her damn shoes off and relax.  Sitting straight up in an office chair all day staring at a computer screen was enough to kill her back by the days end.

She started shutting down her computer screens and as she logged out of the company system she noticed that she had just received an email.


     Sir Cole Stevens

Head Master

School of Life


     To: Bailey Russell

Subject: What to expect.


     January 15, 2013


     Dear Miss Russell,

We received your completed application last week and everything seems up to par.  Your first official class will begin in two weeks.  When you arrive you will receive an orientation packet and your school uniform.  The school uniform will be expected to be worn at all times while in class.  Failure to do so can lead to immediate termination from the program. 

This program is not to be taken lightly.  When this program was started 12 years ago, our founding father Sir Gary Martin hoped that it would lead into what it has become today.  A place for women and men to come and learn new experiences they long for.  To be taught how to please not just themselves but their partner as well.  I have no doubts that his hopes and dreams will be evidenced through your completion of this program.

As you already know we do not accept virgins into this program.  If you have remedied this situation, please ignore the information below.  However if you have not, please read it carefully.

Many students come to this school as a virgin.  Because we do not allow any student to start our classes as such, the student is required to spend one full week, both night and day with an instructor. 

We take into careful consideration the information that you have provided about yourself and that is how an instructor best suited to your situation is decided. 

I am honored to announce that instructor is going to be myself.  With that being said, you will be expected to arrive at Simmons at precisely 7pm as I do not like or tolerate tardiness.  If this is an issue, please email me so other arrangements can be made.  If you do not complete 7 days/6 nights, you will not be admitted into this program.  This is for your safety physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Following dinner, I will then escort you to our housing arrangements.  7 days from such you will be accepted and prepared for our program.  If you have any further concerns or questions as I am now your personal instructor and guide, please do not hesitate to email me.

If you do not agree to these terms, please kindly send me a reply, in the subject line type No Thank You.  That is all you need to do to decline you’re acceptance.  I look forward to our meeting.



Sir Cole Stevens

Her jaw immediately fell open.  She couldn’t believe it.  She didn’t fill out any application. 
How did they get my name?
  “Oh My God!!!!  Rachel!!!”  She screamed out as she stood sending her chair rolling back to collide with the wall.  She looked up and her coworkers who were also getting there things ready to leave were staring at her. 
  She smiled politely and sat back down.


Chapter Two

Slipping out of her flats, her fingers found the zipper to her skirt, sliding to the floor she stepped out of it.  She went to the fridge, grabbed a bottle of wine.  After pouring herself a glass, she headed to the living room grabbing the phone on the way.

“Hello.”  Giggling erupted from Rachel’s mouth.

“Hello Rachel.”  She said as she lay back on the couch. 

“What’s up?”  Rachel asked.

“I got this interesting email today.”  She waited to scream at her as she told her what had happened. 

“Oh yeah, what’d it say?”  She tried to play innocent with Bailey.  But they both knew she was far from that.

“Just that I was accepted to this school and that I have to spend a week with Sir Cole Stevens because I am a virgin and they don’t allow virgins to be accepted into the school.  So to remedy that I get one on one action with my instructor.”

“Really?”  Rachel could tell it was more of an excited statement then a question and Bailey just lost it.

“Rachel!  What the hell were you thinking?  Why would you do that to me?”  Bailey yelled at her.

“Because I love you!  Because you are 20 years old and alone.  You don’t go out, you don’t have any friends other than me.  You’re a freaking hermit that stays locked up in an apartment dreaming of prince charming to come along riding his fucking white horse.”

“It’s none of your business what I do in my apartment as it is my apartment.  I am so sorry my boring life has you playing fixer upper with a school.  That isn’t what I wanted.  I don’t want to be some thing or just a free lay for six weeks no seven weeks since oh lucky me I’m a virgin.”

“That’s not what it is intended for.  Don’t look at yourself like that.  Your instructors won’t I guarantee it.”

“How do you know that?  How do you know they won’t take one look at me and throw me out of the damn class?  How humiliating that would be.”  She gulped down the remaining wine and poured another glass thinking how this day was just way over the top.  No, she didn’t like being alone.  She didn’t like coming home to an empty apartment with no one to hold her at night. She didn’t even know if she would like being held.

“Look, I’ll tell you but you have to promise me that you will never tell a single person about this.  Just as I will never tell anyone about you going on your little adventure.”  She begged Bailey to promise and she heard her desperation in her voice.

“Fine.”  Bailey agreed but she doubted it was going to be worth going to that school.

“I went there.  Last year I didn’t take a trip around the world.  I ordered post cards online and used them to show everyone where I had went.  Or supposedly went.  That’s where I met Jake.  That school changed my life for the better and I want that change for you to.  I want you to know that there is more out there than a lonely cold apartment.”

“My apartment is not cold.”  She knew what Rachel meant.  She was right.  It was cold. 

“Look, just give it a try ok.  If you don’t like it you can quit.  There isn’t a contract that says you have to complete the program.”

“Rachel, I don’t know if I can have sex for the first time or ever for that matter with someone I don’t know.”

“I didn’t think I could either.  Look, I know I didn’t act like it but I to were a virgin and I too had to spend the week with an instructor.  It was the second best time of my life.  Jake and I are in love and I am happy because I went.  If I hadn’t spent that week with my instructor, went to that school, I never would have met Jake.  We are totally happy now.  I don’t long for anything because I have him.”

“So you really met Jake at the school?”

“Yes and no.  Because I went to the school I was able to join a club in Princeton.  It was at the club that I met Jake.”

“I’ll think about it.”

“No you’ll do it.  Just say it so I can take you shopping already.”

“What do I need to shop for?”

“Some totally sexy attire although you won’t be wearing it for long.”  She listened to Rachel laugh as she hung up the phone.  She knew Bailey to well.  But the truth was, Bailey did want what Rachel had and still has.  She desired what Rachel has.  She even dreamed about living the life Rachel lives.

She laid there on the couch trying to take her mind off of it.  She flipped the channels with the remote that she obviously held with a death grip.  She tossed the remote down on the coffee table and decided on a shower, and then she would just go to bed early.

The hot water ran over her sore aching back.  Of course the wine had helped loosen her up some, but the force of the heated water messaging over her back was what she needed.  Her hands laid flat against the shower wall and the water blessed her body with relief. 

It didn’t matter what she did though, she couldn’t stop thinking about the school.  She kept thinking about what the instructors would be like. What the instructor that would take her virginity would be like?  Would he be nice to look at?  Would he smell good?  Would he just take her to wherever it was they would be staying and get right to it?  Would he seduce her into wanting him?  Would she even want him? 

The questions just kept coming.  Would he have soft hands or hard calloused hands?  Would his hands caress her body or would they just grab her and touch her?  Would she like the way it felt?  Will she want him to take her to new places?

But those questions weren’t what made up her mind to go.  The significant questions were. 
Will I regret it if I don’t go?  Do I have enough courage and determination to change my life to go through with it?  Did I want to keep living the life of a hermit?

The minute those questions hit her brain, she had made up her mind.  Her body began to feel excited at the possibilities of what was to come.  She imagined him then.  The man of her dreams.  Six foot tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, tanned body, athletically built. 

His hands caressed over her body.  Down through the hot water over her shoulder, across her clavicle to cup her breast.  Taunting her nipple with his thumb and forefinger before he moved to her other breast and began the same torturous teasing.

His hand sliding down her abdomen that she imagined perfectly flat and defined but not muscular.  Then slowly his fingers whispered across her sensitive skin lower.  She held her breath as she imagined his hands breaching through her soft curls and running over her now swollen nether lips.

She’d gasp as his finger reached in and kissed her throbbing clit sending a blast of electrifying energy through her body like she had never experienced before.  She’d hear herself moan when his fingers thrust inside her.  Moving quickly.  Her knees would be shaking, her body would tremble and tighten. 

With only one more deep thrust she orgasmed hard.  In that moment her imagination wasn’t imaginary.  He was real.  He was touching her.  He was worshiping her body.

When she was able to pull herself back together, she finished her shower.  She slipped on her old faithful grey sweats and white camisole and wrapped her towel around her hair tightly.  As she stepped through the entrance to her bedroom, she stared around the room. 

Her bed was nothing fancy but she loved its frame.  She found it one day while she was out looking for some hand me down furniture at a second hand furniture store when she first got her apartment.  It was rusty and in need of some tender loving care.  Which is exactly what she gave it. She sanded off the flaking gold paint and rust, then applied a base and painted it shiny black.  It turned out better than she had ever imagined it would. 

She dressed her bed in a white fluffy down comforter with lavender sheets.  She went to a local retail shop and found two matching lavender twin sheets and made them into double curtains.  Slowly but surely, the room came together. 

The dresser that was also her entertainment center for her room she found at a yard sale.  She sanded the shit out of it for days and then again added the same paint as she had used on the bed with a clear coat on top.

She cut out some landscape pictures from magazines and framed them hanging them throughout the room.  When she first moved in, it had taken nearly everything she had saved to get the place and utilities turned on.  It even meant that she would eat Ramon noodles for the next two weeks until she got paid again, but she didn’t care.  It was hers.  That was two years ago and although her job didn’t pay enough to go shopping on fifth avenue,  she could have up graded some things but she didn’t want to.  The furniture she had she loved.

She threw the throw pillows off the bed and sank down comfortably, closing her eyes hoping somewhere she kept the courage to go through with it.  If she did, that meant that by tomorrow night she would no longer be a virgin and she would know if she could handle going to that school six nights from then.

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