Tears of a Hustler PT 1

BOOK: Tears of a Hustler PT 1
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Tears of








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This novel is a work of fiction. All of the characters, organizations, establishments and events portrayed in this novel are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.


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Copyright © 2008 by $ILK WHITE

Cover designer: Davida Baldwin

Edited by A. V. Finigan-Hutchine











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First, I would really like to thank God for blessing me with this gift. Secondly, I would like to thank my queen for being by my side every step of the way. Thanks...you’re the best (wink).


Next I would like to thank every single Silk White fan out there. I truly appreciate your loyalty and patience. Oh yeah, and shout out to Natasha; good looking on all the info you've given me, I appreciate it. Shout out to my man Ray and B.J. too. Oh, and my man Nelson, the Bronx bookman.


Last, but not least, big shout out to all my brothers and sisters locked up behind the wall...keep ya head up and ya eyes open...it gets greater later, you dig!!























Welcome to McDonalds. May I take your order,” Nancy asked the overweight man that stood across the counter from her. “Yeah, let me get a number one with extra pickles.” “And your drink?” “Let me get a coke with no ice,” the greedy man said with authority. “Coming right up sir,” Nancy said politely as she went to get the big man’s fries ready.

Nancy couldn’t stop looking at the clock because she only had thirty minutes left until she got off. Being five months pregnant didn’t help, since her back was aching. Needless to say she couldn’t wait to get off her feet.

“Thirty minutes and I’m gone,” she kept telling herself. “Thank you. Come again,” Nancy said nicely as she handed the big man his food. Once the big man disappeared through the front door, Nancy noticed a familiar face walk into the restaurant. It was her baby daddy, Dave. From the look on his face, Nancy could tell that he was in his usual foul mood.

“Hi. Welcome to McDonalds. May I take your order,” she asked playfully. “Bitch stop playing with me and get my food,” Dave snarled smelling like strong Vodka. “Nine piece nuggets with fries again,” Nancy asked rolling her eyes. “Isn’t that what I ask for every night,” he replied coldly. “Well I’m sorry Dave, but it won’t hurt you to tell me what you want again” “I don’t like to repeat myself. Now go get my fucking food,” he said with ice in his voice. “I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to pay for your food tonight because my manager is still here. You came too early,” Nancy said in a light whisper. “Bitch you must be crazy. I ain’t paying for shit,” he yelled way louder than he had to. “But Dave my manager is still here,” she pleaded. “Fuck him. I’m your manager. Now go get my food or else,” he warned.

I can’t stand this motherfucker,” Nancy mumbled under her breath as she went to go get his food. “I don’t know why you put up with that shit,” Nancy’s manager whispered as he walked pass. “I don’t know why either,” Nancy said to herself as she filled an empty cup to the top with sprite.

“Damn, hurry the fuck up. Does it look like I got all day?” “Dave I’m five months pregnant and I only got two feet, not to mention that I’m the only one in this relationship with a fucking job,” she shot back. “Bitch, how dare you talk to me like that? I should smack the shit out of you. You know ain’t nobody trying to hire a convicted felon. What, you want me to go back to the streets and risk my freedom? You want me standing on the corner at all times of the night? Huh? If I get locked up again I’m going upstate. The eight months I spent on Riker’s Island was bad enough. You want me to get back into that lifestyle,” Dave asked hoping she didn’t call his bluff. “Baby you know I don’t want you back out there in those streets,” Nancy said feeling sorry for the worthless man standing in front of her. “I just need a little help,” she said handing Dave his food. “You know I love you baby. I’m outta here. Call me when you get home,” Dave said as he made his way towards the exit.

“I don’t know how you put up with an asshole like that all day,” the manager, Mr. Wiggins, said wiping down the counter. “I love him, but I hate him at the same time. Plus he told me that if I ever left him, he was going to kill me and I believe him,” Nancy said looking a little shook. “Kill you,” Mr. Wiggings asked in disbelief. “Child please, all that punk needs is a nice ass wiping. Just call the cops and put his punk ass in jail if he put his hands on you. “I thought about calling the cops, but that would be like sending another black man back to slavery, cause prison ain’t shit but modern day slavery. I would never send one of my people back to slavery no matter what he or she has done.” “Yeah that’s true, but you can’t just sit there and let him do whatever he wants to you just cause you don’t want to put him in jail,” Mr. Wiggings stated plainly. “Yeah, you’re right, but sometimes I just don’t know what to do.” “Don’t even worry about it sweetheart, you’ll figure it out. Why don’t you go home a little early and get some rest.” “Thank you, Mr. Wiggings. I could definitely use it,” Nancy said as she grabbed her things and quickly made her exit.

Nancy sat on the train, while thinking and feeling depressed. She was five months pregnant, and didn’t even have a bib for her baby yet. A million questions ran through her mind as she sat on the train.

Nancy wanted Dave to change his ways and start to help out a little more, but deep down inside she knew he wasn’t shit and would never change. When Nancy stepped into the nasty apartment she lived in, she noticed her mother and her mother’s boyfriend sitting on the raggedy couch watching T.V.

“Hey what’s up ya’ll?” No answer. Instead of arguing Nancy went straight to her room and closed the door. She hated living with her mother, Jasmin, and she really hated being in the house when her mother’s boyfriend, Rick, was there. Ever since her mother started messing with Rick, Rick had been slowly but shortly turning Jasmin against her daughter. It was as if he wanted her all for himself.

As Nancy got her underclothes ready for when she got out of the shower, she heard a sharp knock on the door. Before she could ask who it was, the figure had already entered her room. Nancy was getting ready to bark on somebody for just busting in her room, until she realized that it was her best friend, Coco. Now Coco was what you called a project Barbie, and most of all she was a gold digger. She ran away from home at sixteen and had been taking care of herself ever since.

“Damn girl you still working at McDonalds,” Coco asked already knowing the answer. “Yeah, unless you got a better way for me to make some money,” Nancy countered. “Now that you mention it, I do got a new money scheme.” “No, I’m not going out with no drug dealer and using him for his money, if that’s what you were thinking,” Nancy told her. “Girl that’s a side hustle, and I’m talking about a permanent hustle,” Coco confirmed. “So what do I have to do? Because I know ain’t nobody just going to give us no money,” Nancy joked. “Well I was chilling at club Spirit the other night when some guy named G-money came up in the club throwing money around like it was nothing.”

“I already told you I ain’t messing around with no drug dealer,” Nancy cut in. “Wait let me finish,” Coco said rudely as she continued. “So I’m in the club minding my business, when out of nowhere one of the men from G-money’s entourage tapped me on the shoulder, and started to tell me how beautiful I was. I was thinking in my mind, “Yeah whatever.” He then handed me a card with a number on it, and then he whispered in my ear, “If you need a job, call this number within forty-eight hours. In forty-eight hours this number will no longer be in service.” Then before he left, he whispered in my ear again but this time he said, “You got some nice titties.” Then he walked off.”

“Oh my God, you’re a prostitute now,” Nancy joked playfully. “Fuck you bitch,” Coco countered as she playfully pushed her friend. “So what happened,” Nancy asked wanting to hear the rest of the story.

“Aight, so the next day I called the guy just to see what kind of job he was talking about. So he told me to meet him at this chicken spot in Harlem. So as I’m waiting at the chicken spot an all black Range Rover pulled up, and beeped the horn. As I approached the vehicle, the back window rolled down and inside of the backseat sat G-money. So I got in the backseat and we talked for about thirty minutes.” “So get to the point,” Nancy cut in once again. “Basically he told me that he needed a few chicks to bag up some coke for him and his partner Ali. I was like cool no problem, so that’s what I’ve been doing. I can plug you in if you want?” “Are you crazy? I can’t be around a whole pile of coke like that. Those fumes would kill me and the baby,” Nancy stated plainly. “They give you a mask to cover your mouth and nose.” “Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll just stay at Mickey D’s,” Nancy said thinking slow money is better than no money.

“Girl you’re going to be flipping burgers for the rest of your life. G-money is paying $100 dollars a night, so you do the math. No job you get is going to pay you a hundred dollars a day. Shit you can do both, work at McDonalds and get ya’ side hustle on.” “Nah, it sounds too risky. The cops can raid that place at anytime. I can’t afford to take a chance like that.”

“With both of us doing that, we can afford to get us an apartment, and then you can finally leave that loser, Dave. That nigga ain’t gonna never be shit but a bum ass nigga and you know it.” “You know Dave ain’t letting me go nowhere,” Nancy said letting out a light chuckle. “That mutha fucka ain’t gonna do shit, but bring you down. The crazy part is that you know this,” Coco said not understanding her best friend. “It’s not that simple. If I told him that I didn’t want to be with him no more, he would kick my ass and you know that,” Nancy stated plainly. “That’s why you have to get up and bounce. Don’t tell that nigga shit. We would just get our apartment and be out,” Coco said desperately trying to get her best friend to at least think about leaving her mother’s apartment, and most importantly leave that bum, Dave.

BOOK: Tears of a Hustler PT 1
12.02Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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