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Authors: Rena Wilson

The Ancients


The door to the fancy high rise swings open, allowing me entry.  I chose not to look around at the people in the lobby.  Instead, I focus on making my way to the wary receptionist with the shiny nametag reading Tiffany.  Her face showed automatic distaste.  No one told me there was a dress code.  “I have an 1130 with the Council,” I say short and to the point.

              “I am sorry, Miss, you must be in the wrong….” She starts, but I don’t let her finish.

              I fake a smile, “It is actually Doctor, Dr. Campbell.  And I do believe I see my name right there on your calendar.”

              Tiffany stuttered, “Identification, please.” 

              We go through the check-in process and Tiffany hands me a badge.  “Your meeting is on the 20
floor room 2010.  Perhaps I could suggest you find a more appropriate outfit for a meeting with the Council?” I can hear the disapproval in the young werewolf’s voice. 

              “You could, but I wouldn’t listen,” I take my badge and make my way to the elevator.  The elevator is filled with people in suits and ties.  I guess my black leather pants with knee high boots, gray tank top and my black and purple streaked hair is not the dress code.

              Eventually I am the only one on the elevator and ride to the 20
in peace.  The invitation to meet with the Council was not truly an invitation.  As soon as I touched the envelope, a compulsion spell snapped in place.  Now, I removed that spell. Whoever designed it was good, but not as good as me.  I decided to come anyway, in truth the invite intrigued me.  It went against everything I have ever been taught to make my way to the meeting.  Yet, the Council would be fun to mess with and my curiosity will be appeased.

              I leave the elevator when it pings indicating I am on the 20
floor.  Tiffany must have called this floor’s receptionist as she merely pointed in the direction I needed to go, looking bored.  As soon as I passed her desk, I heard the phone being picked up and a giggle coming from the blonde.  I heard something about a freak, but I dismissed the idiot who could only get a job answering phones.

              I arrive at room 2010, not bothering to knock and step into the conference room.  “Excuse me Miss, but I think you are in the wrong…”

              “I am really tired of people telling me that today.  If you did not want to see me, then you should not have invited me.  And really gentlemen a compulsion spell?  An A for effort, but you should have whoever wove it go back to spell casting school, I had it broken in mere seconds.  I expected better from the high and mighty Council.”

              “Dr. Campbell?” a deep voice said in surprise. I was a bit surprised myself when I looked up into the eyes of Kristoff Jamieson, Alpha of the North American Wolf Pack.

              “Mmmm, yes, Mr. Jamieson, I am Dr. Rian Campbell.  Seems you lot didn’t do any research on me prior to my summons.” I scowled at the handsome man holding head seat at the table.

              Kristoff rose from his seat and adjusts his suit jacket before making his way towards me with his hand outstretched.  “Pardon us for the confusion, you surely understand our shock.”

              I chose to ignore his hand a take a seat at the table.  “What you’re shocked that a Doctor who is the lead in their chosen field is a woman?  Shock that you care so much about appearances that you look down on anyone who chooses not to conform to the human standards of business attire?  Tell me, do you chose to where that suit on a full moon, Mr. Jamieson?”   At his scowl I fluttered my hand in the air, “Of course not, that would be silly.  Gentlemen, my time is precious.  I only came out of curiosity.  Whatever you have to say should be interesting since you resorted to low level tactics even for you.”

              Every man in the room just stared at me.  It was Kristoff that finally spoke up, “Well, Dr. Campbell, it seems we have a problem on the horizon.  A problem we think you can help with.”

              “Even though I am a woman and I know it burns your Alpha soul to ask one for help?”

              I can see him clenching his teeth with a small growl he nods, “Even so.  What do you know of the Ancients?”

              “More than you,” I reply blandly.  This is not the topic I thought would be brought up.

              “Yes, I am sure,” he inhales deeply.  A curious look crosses his face, and I hope that the scent change spell I wove on myself was still working.  “From the moment you walked in here your scent remained the same, calm, confident and bored.  The mention of the Ancients adds a bit of anxiety there.”

              I shrug, “That should happen to every paranormal and for that matter humans as well.”

              “What if I told you the Rites of Weynard were read recently?” he pauses, I am sure for effect.

              “I am sure those rites are often read out loud by fools who do not know what they are doing.”

              “I am sure you are right, Dr. Campbell, but what if we have evidence of the restoration of the Priests of Weynard?  That they have rebanded together for the common cause to allow the Ancients to rise again?”

              I hold my tongue for a moment as to not let lose a string of curses.  “What idiots would think that was a good idea?”

              “Seems that there are some out there who think if the Ancients are allowed to rise, we could stop hiding from the humans and have dominion over the Earth.”

              I snorted in an unladylike fashion, “And let me guess they are foolish enough to think that the Ancients would let them rule at their side?”


              I look around the table at all the males.  Kristoff obviously was the chosen speaker as the others have not even mumbled.  So I chose to ignore the rest of them and looked Kristoff in the eye.  “Do you believe they have succeeded?”

              “What do you think?” he countered.

              I rise from my seat and walk to the wall of windows peering out to the city lit by the lights of the night.  “I sense a debate within you, Dr. Campbell.”

              He has no idea, but I shrug him off.  “Well, I don’t think they have succeeded yet.  We all would have felt it through the ley lines.  Every paranormal would know something was amiss.  Do I think it is possible for these idiots to do this? Possibly.” 

              I feel rather than see Kristoff stand and walk towards me.  “What do you mean?”

              I turn and lock my gaze with his.  His hand brushes mine before I can stop him.  There is this zap, almost like electricity that passes between us.  I take a sharp intake of breathe as does Kristoff.  “What are you?” he whispers.  With a slight shake of my head, I back away, with my eyes still locked on his.  “It is possible if they find all the right components to read the Rites appropriately.  This is highly unlikely, yet not impossible if they have access to certain records.  They would also have to find enough power.  I would doubt the group themselves would have it, they would need to outsource.”

              Kristoff says nothing, but continues to stare.  A man sitting in the chair to right of where Kristoff once sat clears his throat.  “Dr. Campbell?”

              I break my eye contact to note the new voice.  “Ah, yes, Mr. Jamieson’s Beta, Michael.”

              “Yes, well do you know where we can find this power source or the materials?”

              “Not looking to read the Rites yourself are you?”

              “Of course not, Dr.  Just want to destroy the items.” He says in a flat tone.

              I really need to get out of this room.  “Well, gentlemen, they can find power from anyone willing to sell theirs, this you surely already knew.  However, the components of the spell is not common knowledge.  I can send you what you should be looking for, however I would think that they would not go through normal channels to acquire these items.  If that is all.”

              My feet start walking, I make it out the door passed the receptionist and I am silently pleading for the elevator to hurry up when I hear, “Rian?  Wait.”

              It is Kristoff with a determined look on his face.  I am the leading doctor in paranormal histories, I know what the zap meant.  I refuse to accept it.  I am saved by the ping of the elevator opening.  I quickly enter and just as quickly push the button to close the door.  It starts to close before Kristoff gets to close.  Before it shuts completely I hear him growl, “I will find you, Rian.” 




              “What the hell was that all about, Kris?” Michael threw out as soon as I walked back into the conference room.

              “That was my mate making an exit as fast as possible,” I growl.

              “Mate? You cannot be serious? She is a witch, that can’t be good for the pack.”

              I just look at my beta. “All you need to know is she is mine and she knows more than what she is saying: This should be fun. Michael get me everything you know on the good Doctor.”




              “Damn it!” I mumble as I walk through the door. No one knew I went to the Council. Grams is going to be pissed. She always told me to stay away from the Council. She said that the Council would pick up on who I truly am and try to exploit me. I don’t think Grams knew the extent of the situation. That little zap means something big. This was always the crux of my life. I can’t help it if I am part wolf. I can’t shift, but my wolf is there. My witch genes are just more dominant.  My wolf gives me strength, speed and makes my senses sharper.  As far as I know, I am the only hybrid in existence.

The no contact with wolves makes sense now. Grams didn’t want me mated to one of them.  It isn’t that Grams has anything against werewolves.  Plenty of her friends are members of the pack, but what my mom went through meant she sure as hell didn’t want me or my little sister around them.  I guess I should have done more research about who would be in attendance at the Council meeting.  “I am home,” I called out as I make my way to the living room.

              “Where have you been?  You reek of dog,” my sister Riley states.  While hers and Grams sense of smell wasn’t as sharp as mine, they were still pretty good.

              I chose to ignore my sister and make my way to the shower.  Grams would know something if I let Kristoff’s scent linger.  Even just the brief contact Kris had with my hand seemed to engulf his scent around me.   “I am taking a shower, then heading to bed.”

              Riley shakes her head, “No can do, big sis, Grams called an emergency meeting.  She should be here in about five.”

              That was enough time to shake the scent, but not enough to allow my thoughts to settle before seeing her.  “Okay, I will shower then be back down.”

              The thing you need to know is that Riley and I are sisters, but not full blooded sisters.  My mom made a mistake with me, but got it right with Riley’s dad.  He was essential my dad as well seeing as though he raised me.  Riley is a witch with a human dad.  I happen to be the product of a fling my mom had with a wolf.  Those are not supposed to exist, but hey I am here.  It is known that a werewolf can only have offspring with their intended werewolf mate.  We came to the conclusion that maybe it was my mom who wove a spell in order to conceive, but she would never confirm anything.  Ten years ago, when I was fourteen and Riley was ten, my mom and step dad were in an accident.  Grams raised us since then.  She is uber paranoid, not necessarily with Riley, but with me.  I definitely didn’t have as much freedom as my little sister, until we moved out on our own.  We still live on the same property as Grams, but she actually has to drive her car to get to the house so it is some distance and some freedom.

              “Rian, get down here now!” she might be pushing eighty (with her witches blood looks to be only in her early fifties), but Grams still had a pair of lungs on her.

              I can do this.  She doesn’t know and I won’t tell her.  I pray my mantra will work.  I jog down the stairs after my shower, “What’s up Grams?  What is the rush?”

              The look she gives me tells me she already knows.  How the hell is that possible?  It only happened an hour ago.  “Rian Erienne Conner, what the hell do you think you were doing?”  Yep, I was so busted.

              “The moment you left, he put the word out,” her voice dropped.  “I told you to stay away from the Council.”

              Great.  She said it in front of Riley.  “You did what?!” 

              “I was summoned,” I barely whisper.

              My Grams snorted, “I am sure whatever compulsion they put on their invitation you easily took care of.”

              “I did,” I sighed.  “They would have kept pestering me and you know it.  I was almost clear until Kristoff brushed my skin.  I high tailed it out of there as soon as it happened.”

              Grams looked at me for so long I became a little uncomfortable.  “Oh child,” she began.  “You have no idea what is in store for you.  He claims you are his mate.”  At my barely noticeable nod she continued, “He will stop at nothing to get to you and proceed with the mating ritual.  Even though your wolf is not as dominate as your witch, she is still strong.  She will compel you as well.  It is only a matter of time.”

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