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Dear God…
Her knees began to buckle as Ethan’s hands gently caressed her arms draping in front of her.
Have mercy on me. I’m going in.

By going in, she meant going farther into Ethan’s embrace as his body wrapped around her and nearly overtook her sanity.

He began with a soft kiss to the shoulder. Although her skin was not bare there, Jasmine could feel the intent of his action as it pushed against her flesh and threatened to nip the ruby necklace right off her throat. His hands remained on her abdomen, although his fingers dug into her and wanted to lift her skirt. That wasn’t all he wanted. As Jasmine was absorbed into his embrace, she felt him press into her rear, a small grunt uttering from his throat.

She didn’t want to admit it, but that sensation awoke her, collecting every small piece of herself into the center of her being.

“Forgive me, Miss Bliss.” Ethan’s voice had dropped an octave and acquired a smooth grain to it. The kind of voice that would usually send Jasmine straight to her bed for some alone time if she heard it in a song or on TV. “I seem to be completely caught up. May I?” His fingers played with the hem of her dress, slowly ascending her thigh. “Nothing too much… yet.”

That meant there was plenty to come if Jasmine so willed it. For a man who wanted a sub, he was willing to let her call the shots. What shots Jasmine wanted to call right now remained to be seen. She wasn’t even sure herself. Or at least until Ethan placed his lips on her neck, his other hand tugging on the bust of her dress. He was all around her, fighting back his desperation to undress her, to see what she kept beneath shoddy rags.

The skirt pulled up and hiked above Jasmine’s waist. Amazingly she did not feel exposed, nor was she self-conscious of what she kept there. The only thing she could focus on was what pressed through Ethan’s trousers. Jasmine shifted her legs open without even realizing it at first. Nor did she hear the terse moan escaping her lips until it echoed in the room.

Ethan continued to push their initial boundaries by squeezing her midsection and fingering the elastic of her lingerie. Jasmine wanted to lean back against his shoulder, but he tilted her torso forward and thrust against her hip.

The man hadn’t even kissed her yet, but he was already giving her precious jewels and trying to take something in return. For a moment Jasmine panicked. After all, this was an absurd situation. She caught a glimpse of her reflection in the window that overlooked the city skyline. Hundreds of thousands of people in their homes and offices. Some of them wanting to relax while others had late nights at work. And here Jasmine was, halfway bent over in the air, with her skirt over her ass, and a billionaire dry thrusting against her. The most surprising thing wasn’t that she was okay with it, but that the man managed to get even harder.

Was this it? Was he going to spend himself on her this way? Or was he merely testing her versatility? What was it that men of power wanted from their submissive women? To know that they could mold her in any position they wanted? That she would like it? In all honesty, she was surprised that he had yet to ask her to drop her knees and suck his cock. Maybe that came with the contract.

“Miss Bliss…”

“Please,” somewhere, in the midst of this, Jasmine managed to find her voice, “call me Jasmine.” She wanted more than anything to hear him say her name in that voice.

“Only if you call me Ethan.” He lifted her back up and placed both his hands on her breasts, squeezing them through her dress. Jasmine gasped, the little ruby of her new necklace disappearing into her cleavage. “

It sounded just as good as she expected, rolling off his tongue and summoning the arousal from within her. The J in her name had a sharp edge to it, almost as if he were mocking her. But the last part was softer. A whimper.
Do I do this to him?
Jasmine was a simple woman in the realm of the world. Pretty. Smart. Funny. Three words of empty meaning lots of men and other women liked to placate her with. What did they really mean? Did Ethan think in those terms?

Whatever he thought was soon lost to the universe, for he turned Jasmine’s head back and kissed her lips, the passion rocking right from his.

Within the moment she was turned in his arms, fighting to loop her own around his shoulders and pull herself up so she could kiss him more fitfully. The world was becoming hazier, as if they stood in a labyrinth and had given up finding the way out. No longer did she think of him in terms of his money, or even his good looks. She didn’t even notice at first that his fine Italian suit was wrinkling as she begged him to kiss her over and over again. His lips traveled from hers to her throat, stopping only for a moment to take a breath and let his tongue crawl along her skin. Jasmine let out a whimper of acquiescence, inciting Ethan to kiss her lips again and let his tongue mingle with hers.

His hands were all over her, exploring the curves of her waist, hips, and ass. He could squeeze her there all he wanted. Jasmine was quickly losing herself to arousal, and even if they went their separate ways after this night, she hoped that it would at least be one to remember.

It certainly reached that point when Ethan pulled down the elastic of her lingerie and took the rest of it as well. Jasmine felt the silk fall down her legs and pool at her feet. She was bare beneath her skirt now, and if Ethan put his hand there she would not protest.
Do it! Do it now!

Without warning Ethan hoisted her up and moved her to an end table along the wall. Her back smacked against one of the floral paintings, but Jasmine couldn’t care, for Ethan Cole’s tongue was wrapping around the ruby of the necklace, letting it settle in his folds and play against the tip.
Oh my God, get between my legs!
She didn’t doubt it. She didn’t doubt that this man was deliberately doing that to make her think of his tongue massaging her clit.

When he had his fill of taunting her, Ethan ripped down the front of her red dress and let his tongue roll over her nipple before it even hit the air.

She clasped her hand behind his head and brought him forward, moaning as the world turned dark before her. Her eyes would not open. In this moment she was only aware of Ethan savoring her breasts as if they were the most perfect pair he had ever encountered. That had to be false. A man like him could have any woman he wanted on his travels. Women with perfect breasts and nipples made for passing between his lips. If they didn’t, he could buy them for them. In comparison Jasmine’s were more modest, although she did not voice these opinions as he grunted against her sensitive tips and eased her legs open.

This is it.
It was happening so fast. Soon enough Jasmine would hear that zipper drop and say goodbye to being able to say she had never been fucked by a billionaire.
Don’t leave me waiting, asshole!
Only inside her head could Jasmine be so demanding.

But Ethan didn’t drop his zipper or even dry thrust against her again. To her surprise, Ethan Cole sank to his knees, wrapped his arms beneath her thighs, and brought her hips forward to meet his mouth.

“Holy shit!” That masterful tongue was on a place that actually mattered now, parting her folds and sampling the innermost part of her. Jasmine’s hand took a chunk of his immaculate hair as she tried to get his face to come closer.
A billionaire is eating me out!
That intruding thought threw her out of the moment and made her realize that she was in a penthouse suite in the middle of the city… some strange man’s living room where she had her legs spread and begged for him to make her come… that very man breathing heavily against her skin as his eyes gazed up adoringly at her. Oh, he was good.
good. Jasmine almost believed that Ethan Cole, the richest man around, was actually in love with her and wanted to only bring her carnal bliss.

Well damn if it wasn’t working!

A long, hearty cry burst from Jasmine as she leaned against the wall and slammed her eyes shut. One foot drew up against the end table, her shoe falling off her toes and clattering to the floor. Ethan’s tongue flicked against her for a moment and then came in long,
drawls that felt like he owned her flesh and skin. The best part was when he pushed his tongue back and teased the entrance to her center. She swore to God it was big enough to bring her pleasure alone.

He went faster now, his hands squeezing her thighs and his mouth urgently pressing against her.
He wants me to come.
Jasmine opened her eyes and looked out those expansive windows again, wondering how many women – hell, people! – would be jealous to know that it was
getting this treatment from one of the country’s most eligible bachelors. And to know that this was his first move… Jasmine had been so sure that he would want to get it in her as quickly as possible. To use her, not that she would have minded for one night. Maybe that was still his goal. But at least he had the courtesy to make sure she was pleased, relaxed, and ready to accept him inside her. Jasmine couldn’t think of a single date of hers before that thought to do such a thing.
And he’s damn good at it too.
Sweet, sweet salvation she was going to…

Ethan stopped, or at least came to a slow stop. When Jasmine looked back down at him, despondent, she could only see the corners of his eyes pulling into a haughty satisfaction that said this had been his plan all along. The devious bastard.

He gave the inside of her thigh a heavy kiss and backed away, standing with his eyes locked tight to her body. Jasmine could feel the height of her arousal now, centering in her core and nearly embarrassing her – or it would if Ethan hadn’t been down there to find out for himself.

“Jasmine.” Both syllables were soft, although that man must be seriously straining against his trousers by now. “Let me give you a taste of what I have in mind for us.”

“For us.”
It wasn’t about him. Or if it was, he would at least build up the illusion that it was partly about her as well.
He’s charming. Too suave.
Jasmine fought against her hormones to remind herself that this was not love. This wasn’t anything more than trial sex to see if they really wanted to make an
for a limited time.

Oh what
He could turn Jasmine around, bend her over, and roughly take her at this point, and she wouldn’t care.

Ethan took her by the hand and helped her down from the end table. Jasmine stumbled without the help of one of her heels. But Ethan caught her in those strong arms of his, and before she knew it, her other shoe was off and she was being led to the bedroom.

“No,” he said, closing the door and watching Jasmine try to shimmy out of her sleeves. “Leave your dress on for now. It’s striking on you.”

“This old thing? I got it at Ross like six months ago.” Did this man know what Ross was?

“It’s a good thing they had it on sale there that day.” Ethan escorted her to the bed, a massive thing covered in a dark blue comforter. The bedroom was as sparse and un-personalized as the living room, but Jasmine wouldn’t be looking at the decorations soon enough. The moment her body hit the bed she saw Ethan finally unzip his pants.

He didn’t have to say what he wanted. One look, and with Jasmine like this? He could have asked for her to fling open the window and lasso the moon to Earth and she would have attempted it if it meant getting an end-game to this affair.

In comparison, sitting up and pulling him out of his trousers was much easier.

Jasmine hoped that Ethan couldn’t see her face as she looked at his erection. Naturally she had seen her fair share in her day – whether or not they were on a screen was another story – but when she saw one that piqued her arousal even more, well, a girl could hardly control herself.
I don’t care what anyone calls me right now. Give it!
Didn’t help that it was coming out of an Italian suit custom made for a man with extreme means. Or that said man was caressing her head and letting her dark hair fall through his fingers. But for as controlled as he was in this instance, Jasmine could see his hips jerking a little and hear the ragged breaths in his chest. This was a man who practiced great self-control. He probably needed it for many aspects of his life. She was thankful he spared some of it for sex with her.

The grunt he let out when she wrapped her hand around him was gratifying.

Jasmine had to use her left hand to prop herself up on the bed, but she only needed the right one anyway. Her lips could do more than talk, after all. She began by teasing him with a kiss to his tip, and then a line of them down his shaft and toward her hand. When she reached it, she unleashed her tongue upon him, tasting his sweat and imbruing herself in his musk.

Ethan retained his self-control until her tongue reached his uncut tip and discovered he was wet there. To Jasmine’s pleasant surprise, it was not offensive to her tongue.

Does he want to climax here?
She didn’t know how far to take this. God knew she wanted to take him into her mouth and finish the job. Not because she wanted out of there or to otherwise have it over, but because watching this man slowly become unhinged over what she did to him was giving her the thrill of the month. Maybe the whole past year.
Since I was a kid who still believed in Christmas.
It wasn’t every day Jasmine was the one responsible for a carefully put together man coming undone.

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