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Annaya's wild streak has often got her into trouble before but this situation is something else.


After going to Vegas for a girl's weekend, one drink led to another and before she knew it she was waking up in bed next to a man she did not know.


As it turns out, that man was Billionaire playboy Jack Casali and this was not just a one night stand, they also got married too!


Annaya now has to face up to the reality of being known by the press as the “Billionaire's Accidental Bride” and the two strangers face a race against time to get their accidental marriage annulled and putting this incident behind them.


However, it seems that fate might have other plans for them... 




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Kimmy Love
The Billionaire's Accidental Bride  © 2015, Kimmy Love

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    Lights. Glitz. Glamor It was all the norm for Jack Casali. He was the son of business tycoon, Brandon Casali, who'd made his fortune building casinos and making a name for himself as one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in Vegas. Jack grew up among roulette wheels and showgirls and consequently, at thirty-one years of age, he'd become quite a reckless man with a taste for the high life.

That day was no different. Dressed in a tuxedo that cost as much as a small car, with his jet black hair styled like a 40's film star and a confident smile on his face that made women swoon, he stood at the entrance of one of his father's casinos and smiled even more widely when he saw an expensive Ferrari pull up and his best friend Lewis step out and throw his keys to the valet.

The two met five years earlier at a charity gala held at a hotel, where Jack had come to pick up upper-class women and Lewis had come to represent his father's pharmaceutical corporation. They'd clicked straight away as two young men of fortune and since spent many a night painting the town red and making the most of their youth and wealth.

Lewis rubbed his hands together with an expectant grin on his face and greeted Jack with a friendly slap on the back. "Good evening, Mr. Casali," he said teasingly. "Are you ready for another wild night?"

"Me? Wild? I'm here to represent the values of Casali Casinos."

Lewis laughed at that and shook his head with amusement. They both knew that they weren't the best representations of their fathers' tenacity and industrialism, but neither of them took it too much to heart. It was much easier just to enjoy the life they'd been given and try not to do anything that would affect their fathers' reputations too badly.

The two men made their way into the casino, ready for a night of champagne, gambling and beautiful women, and Jack wasn't disappointed. The second he stepped through the rotating door and placed his foot upon the deep red carpet, he spotted the most beautiful woman he had ever seen drinking a glass of champagne and laughing loudly, surrounded by a group of other women.

The woman who d caught his eye was dark-skinned and had frothy light-brown hair, which spilled down her back. She had a dazzling smile that seemed to light up the whole casino and big, dark, doe eyes. She was wearing a dark blue cocktail dress and a pair of killer heels and a bright pink sash that said
Hen Night
across it in big, curly letters. Jack was relieved when he noticed that the petite black-haired woman beside her was wearing the sash that said
, meaning that the girl with the dazzling smile may very well be available. Jack's grin grew wider and he gave Lewis a mischievous nudge.

"See that girl in the blue dress? Tonight, I'm going to take her home."

"You reckon?" Lewis replied, looking the mysterious woman up and down with interest. "She's attractive, alright. You've got to be careful, though, Jack. You don't want to get snapped going at it again."

Jack laughed out loud. "That was over a year ago."

"Your father hasn't forgotten about it."

"Don't remind me."

Being rich was as good as being famous in Vegas and Jack's father was constantly in the press and, more recently, so was Jack. Yet, where Jack's father was celebrated for his business intuition, innovative graduate schemes and charitable sponsorship deals, Jack was getting a public reputation as a billionaire playboy and it drove his father crazy.

"Just be discreet about it, yeah?" Lewis advised. "Who am I going to hang out with if you get disowned?"

Jack laughed at his friend's teasing. "Don't worry, Lewis. I'll be on my best behavior."


Natalie was getting married. Annaya would be lying if she said the fact didn't make her a little wistful. Growing up, Annaya had always been the beautiful, tall, gorgeous young woman with model good looks and so naturally, everyone had expected her to be the first to bag a husband.

But little Natalie, with her nervous giggle and tendency to be overly-polite was the one who was ready to settle down with a quiet man who was perfect for her. Annaya was pleased for them, but couldn't help but feel a little envy when shopping for that once-in-a-lifetime dress and fawning over a diamond. It was every girl's dream to be a bride, but Annaya was far from it.

People told her she was high-maintenance, and she guessed it was true, but it wasn't a need for expensive luxuries and designer clothes that made men fall short of her standards, but her desire to find a man who would put her first. Over the years, she'd come second place to football and careers and ex-girlfriends and it had always left her feeling like she needed just a little more.

When Natalie would ask her about when she'd find a nice man, Annaya would always tell her that she was in no rush. She'd rather find a man who'd sweep her off her feet in an incredible romance, than settle for someone who could take her or leave her.

Natalie's husband-to-be, Daniel, treated Natalie like she was the only woman in the world and that’s what Annaya was searching for--a man who would look at her the way Daniel looked at Natalie, like she was higher than gold and diamonds. Annaya wanted that kind of love and was quick to move on from anyone who made her doubt they were anything less than a match made in heaven. That was often her downfall when it came to finding a man. Annaya was impatient. She wouldn't wait for love to grow; there had to be an

As her early twenties rolled past and then her mid-twenties too, Annaya began to accept that if the love of her life was out there, it may take quite some time to find him. In the meantime, she'd decided, she was going to make the most of what
available right here and right now: some good old-fashioned no-strings attached fun.

As all the taken girls gathered together in a group, laughing and giggling and talking about their multiple upcoming weddings, new houses and babies, Annaya let her own eyes subtly sweep over the casino; over the roulette wheel and spin machines, looking to see if there was any way to avoid being the only one to go back to her hotel room alone that night.

Across town, in another casino, Daniel and all his buddies were having their own stag do and all the other girls' partners were with him, which meant that far from being a wild night, the hen party would probably come to an eleven 'o' clock end, followed by all of the couples sitting in the hotel lobby having a quiet drink. Annaya hated being a third wheel when that happened and so was keen to see if there was any potential that night for her to find some company of her own.

Her eyes lit up when she noticed the dark-haired, handsome Italian-looking man who had just walked through the door. He was tall and lean, with slightly arrogant eyes and a very confident grin. Annaya felt a smile creep onto her face and then she had to laugh at herself. Natalie always told her that if she wanted a magical romance, she had to stop fooling around with arrogant men, but Annaya couldn't help it. She just had a thing for bad boys with an ego.

Natalie followed her friend's gaze and rolled her eyes. "Really, Annaya?"

"What?" Annaya said defensively, giving a little laugh. "I know you're all going to couple up later and then what am I meant to do?"

"I've tried to set you up with Daniel's friends, but you said you weren't interested."

"Don't get me wrong, Nat, Daniel is amazing, but his friends are all just a bit..."

"-safe?" Natalie guessed. "That's what you want when you're looking to settle down." The bride-to-be looked Jack over with a critical frown and then gave her friend a concerned look. "Take my word for it, Annaya. That one will be trouble."

Annaya laughed off her concern and gave a nonchalant little shrug. "Maybe he is," she agreed, "but what harm is a little trouble when it's just for one night?"


Jack didn't go to Annaya straight away, even though he'd noticed her looking his way with that interested little smile. No, instead he decided to play the long game and let her wonder. That was part of the fun, he found, of one-night encounters. It was the thrill of looking at a stranger across a crowded room and wondering who they were and where they'd come from.

It was taking the time to speculate whether the stunning girl by the poker table was a demure single girl from some rural town;  a devilish wife who liked to flirt with other men; a student gambling away her loan money; or another billionaire's child out to have some fun. It was the guessing that made the hunt feel like a game and Jack liked to draw it out slowly.

Looking at this divine creature, he imagined she was twenty-eight or twenty-nine and by the sharp look in her eyes, he'd have said that she was pretty smart and probably the sort who could hold her own. There were other handsome men in the room – some even trying to catch her eye – but her own eyes kept consistently coming back to him and she wasn't afraid to be caught staring, either.

That made Jack guess that she was something of a tease, or at least not unfamiliar with going after what she wanted. She had a raw sexual appeal that she used expertly, letting a knowing little smile cross her lips when she saw him watching her and leaning over the table to place her chips just a little further across than was needed in order to show off her incredible figure.

"Wow," Lewis chuckled, noticing the intensity building between them from across the casino. "She keeps looking at you."

"She's interesting, isn't she?"

That's the only way Jack knew to describe her, because the way Annaya conducted herself was new to him and it intrigued him greatly. In his experience, woman who owned their sexuality tended to be promiscuous and verging on slutty.

This was not the case with Annaya. Yes, she knew she was attractive and how to move her body in order to draw Jack's eye. But there was a certain grace to her movements; a kind of refinement that stopped her flirtations from ever crossing over into anything that could be described as vulgar.

She wanted him to look, but Jack could also tell this was not a woman who would let a man take control. He felt like he'd met his match and his attraction grew as their glances grew more frequent and fiery.

Annaya was surrounded by other woman in equally short dresses and high heels, but she stood out from the crowd in every way, from her incredible beauty, to the sound of her laugh, to the way she moved; Jack was enchanted.

He kept his cool for as long as possible, playing a few spins of the wheel with Lewis and throwing down a few chips at this table and the next, but when he saw Annaya moving away from her group towards the bar, he knew it was time to make his move.

"Going after her, hey?" Lewis said knowingly. "Need a wingman?"

"Not tonight, Lewis," Jack grinned. "The way she's been looking at me tonight, she's just waiting for me to go and speak to her."

"Remember what I said," Lewis offered as one final piece of advice, "don't do anything stupid."


It had been a while since Annaya had flirted the way she did that night, but she couldn't get enough of the look in the handsome stranger's eyes when he stared at her. It was like she was casting a spell over him. She could see it in the way he had started off so cool and casual, like he owned the place, but as the minutes ticked by and she didn't fall at his feet despite him catching her eye, she could see him begin to become intrigued.

He started to make more of an effort to get her attention by placing bigger bets and shaking hands with the best-dressed men and women walking by, as if he knew everyone in town and wanted her to know it.

There were beautiful women in the casino that night; young, gorgeous and dripping in diamonds, but the handsome stranger's steady gaze didn't waver an instant. Annaya loved how empowered it made her feel to know that she could capture his attention that way and she started to use her heavy eyelashes and hourglass figure to her advantage, moving in a way that she knew would be the most alluring.

"Annaya, you just won!"


Natalie followed Annaya's gaze again and once more rolled her eyes, but her laugh was forgiving. "I've lost you," she said. "You're fawning all over that guy.

You might as well go and get him. We're all going to be heading back to the hotel lobby soon anyway. Go on. You have my blessing. Just take care of yourself and don't do anything stupid, alright?"

Annaya blushed to have been caught swooning over a man all night and she gave Natalie a grateful hug. "I'm sorry, Nat. I know I've been daydreaming all night. I promise to make it up to you at the fitting next week. We'll drink champagne and read bridal magazines and discuss flower arrangements... I'll be all yours, I swear."

"It's fine," Natalie laughed. "Go and have some fun. I'm getting married in a month and God knows you might be the only one of us left with any interesting stories to tell. Go hook up for us married ones and promise to tell us all about it in the morning."

The flirtatious maid-of-honor said goodbye to the girls and, with the bride's permission, made her way casually to the bar. She could have just walked straight over to the handsome stranger, of course, but that would have made it too easy for him. No, she wanted him to come to her.

She separated herself from the group and ordered a glass of wine. Then she sat on that high bar stool with one shapely leg crossed over the other and one hand holding the neck of her glass. She had to resist the urge to keep looking over her shoulder to see if the sexy Italian was coming her way if she wanted to keep hold of her upper hand.

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