The Braille Club Undone (The Braille Club #3)

BOOK: The Braille Club Undone (The Braille Club #3)
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The Braille Club Undone



By J. A. Kerr

The Braille Club Undone


Copyright © 2016 by J.A. Kerr. All rights reserved.

First Print Edition: July 2016



Redhouse Publishing,


Cover Design, Editing & Formatting: Dedicated Ink



No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission. Please do not participate in or encourage piracy of copyrighted materials in violation of the author’s rights. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to locales, events, business establishments, or actual persons—living or dead—is entirely coincidental.





Take the pieces and build them skywards.


I want to thank my amazing team, you did a terrific job.

I would like to thank my mum who passed on her passion for books, for which I’ll always be grateful.

Many thanks to all my family and friends for believing.

To my angels for their friendship.

To G, C and L, all my love, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Author’s Note


My dream was to write a successful book. Thank you for making my dream a reality.

Chapter 1


The Braille Club Undone


The Braille Club, London. Two Years On. The people entering the booths are famous, rich and married, but not necessarily to each other. They are beautiful, powerful and ruthless. Used to getting their own way, they cannot understand why they tolerate the conditions they find themselves in.




Simon and Tess Lawrence were unashamed sex addicts and swingers. They had no limits...but were finding it increasingly difficult to maintain their anonymity. Their careers had taken a spectacular upturn. They co-hosted a daytime show, a fusion of Jeremy Kyle meets Oprah, and it was proving successful. Tess’ best feature was her ‘crying eyes’ as she liked to describe them. She oozed sympathy and kindness towards her guests, whereas Simon was arrogant and accurate. He had an uncanny knack of making people fear him. He was unpredictable and people often tried too hard to please him. They would interview several guests; their good cop, bad cop routine thoroughly entertaining. The show ratings were climbing week by week as they featured a good mix of current celebrities.

However, their current sexual activities were getting out of hand. They realised they must minimise the threat without curtailing their pleasures but had almost come undone when a story threatened to expose them. Their furious management company suppressed the story but only under the condition that they stopped putting themselves at risk. This led them inadvertently to the Braille Club.

Si looked mutinous as he sat with their agent, while Tess fiddled with her hair.

“Si, Tess, I’m serious. These are my terms. If you don’t agree to them, I’ll walk away,” said Phil seriously. “I will not go down with you. I’ve worked too hard in this industry to get to where I am now.”

“Yes, and you’ve profited nicely from us,” said Si sourly.




Phil ignored him and produced two written contracts. “Look these over now and sign them,” he sighed.

Si didn’t move, but Tess picked hers up and read. A silence filled the room. Phil had always liked Tess; they had shared more than just a professional relationship. God, she was fantastic in bed, but she was one hundred percent devoted to Si—casual sex aside. Everything she did was for his benefit. It was Tess who secured him as their agent. Phil had been smitten, and their original contract was ridiculous in terms of his cut. Tess had negotiated with her best weapon—her body. Thankfully it was only for a year, and by the end of it he’d come to his senses. He would always be fond of Tess, but her slave like devotion to Si made him uneasy. He seemed to have a hold over Tess that Phil couldn’t work out.




Si sat stewing and let the memories of how he’d met Tess flood back. Five years earlier...

Not one to admit he had a problem; Si enjoyed a healthy sex life like anybody else except he needed sex like most people needed food; at least three times a day, but still he always wanted more. He smiled at the girl next to him but couldn’t remember her name. She was to be his temporary co-host for the day, his usual co-host being ill or getting surgery, he could never keep up. Women in general were a mystery to him outside of the bedroom. He’d been annoyed when the producer had told him. She was a nobody. He on the other hand was a household name. He’d seen her type before, thin and pretty and wondered who she’d slept with to get the job.

Si had a revolving group of girls he went out with regularly, with the added thrill of new dates in-between. He simply adored first date sex. Loved the thrill of the chase and the lusty all night romps that transpired, but unfortunately didn’t last. He had never been monogamous in any relationship but didn’t hide the fact either. He was single, good looking, with a career in television. Women knew exactly what they were getting when they dated him. He’d had no complaints and commitment was never on the agenda.

He was standing off set looking at…Tess, her name suddenly came to him, and listening. Her voice had a sexy quality he liked. When he looked through some earlier takes he had to admit she was good. Those sympathetic eyes and quiet demeanour had the guest she was warming up revealing all of his intimate secrets. Si was astounded. They worked well together, and the show was filmed quickly. He invited Tess for drinks and was pleased when she quickly accepted. Several drinks later they were back at his flat. When he tried to kiss her she didn’t resist, in fact quite the opposite. Her zealous approach was a revelation. He had no problem getting her naked, and she was surprisingly athletic in bed. So much so, she was still there in the morning. He was appalled but pleasantly sated from a night of fantastic sex.

His normal routine involved masturbating in the shower to relieve himself, but not this morning. He was stunned when Tess stroked his arousal. God, she must be tender down there, he thought. He had thrust into her again and again. The sex had gone on all night, it had been rough and energetic. He couldn’t remember a session lasting so long. Had he fallen asleep first? Selfishly he squeezed her breasts and entered her. The thrill of morning sex made him climax quickly; he rolled away and got out of bed. He wanted her gone but couldn’t refuse when she asked to shower. Shrugging, he headed to the bathroom.

Turning on the shower he stepped inside. The hot water sluiced over his body. He still felt aroused but froze as Tess entered the shower. She was good; he could feel her breasts pressed against his back. Her hand grasped his shaft while the other cupped his balls. She pumped up and down, slowly at first, but gradually built up momentum. Si was thoroughly enjoying himself. He made her work hard before giving into his release. She washed them both before stepping out and reaching for a towel to dry him. Starting with his face and shoulders, she moved the towel down his arms and chest before she ventured lower. He groaned with pleasure as she rubbed the towel repeatedly over his groin.

The day was getting better and better, he thought. However, even he didn’t expect what came next. She neatly folded the towel, threw it on the floor and knelt before him. Her mouth closed around his latest arousal; he groaned. His hand locked on her head as he thrust into her mouth again and again before exploding. She smiled at him, wiping her mouth delicately. He was rendered momentarily speechless.

I’ve got to get going,” she said in that sexy voice of hers. Si merely nodded, turning his back to begin his shaving routine. When he entered the bedroom some time later she was gone, but to his dismay not forgotten.

Chapter 2


The Braille Club Undone


The Braille Club, London. Two Years On. E Key Holders are The Braille Club’s elite, but they are unhappy with their membership conditions. In their world money and power buy everything. No such currency exists within The Braille Club and sculptured noses are out of joint, enhanced lips pout in protest and inflated egos are cut down to size.




Five years earlier.


Tess had been thrilled to get the call from the studio. Was she available to stand in at short notice? Hell, yes. Apparently the producer suggested it—about bloody time. God knows she had done everything within her power to get noticed but it was a tough industry, with even tougher personalities. They were very different to their on screen image. Rude, aggressive and demanding to name but a few of their more endearing qualities, but Tess didn’t scare easily and now all her hard work had paid off. She was especially interested to work with Simon Lawrence. He was gorgeous; she had fantasised about this moment for ages and couldn’t quite believe it was happening at last.

She had watched the look of annoyance cross his face when the producer introduced them. Tess was in awe of him. It was like a dream come true. She had admired him from afar for many years as she started at the bottom of the heap in the television business. Bottom being the operative word. She thought about what it had cost her. The television producer she’d slept with had promised her the break she desperately needed. Finally he had delivered. Tess had a fling with him a few months back. Tame stuff as far as she was concerned. He’d called inviting her to dinner and Tess reluctantly agreed. He wanted to celebrate her big break. Drunk when he arrived, he stared at her chest all night and she resigned herself to their usual arrangement. Their currency—her body. Getting more drunk as the meal progressed, he had fondled her openly in the restaurant. Annoyed, Tess was above everything else a professional, she enticed him to leave with what she would do to him, and he was putty in her hands.

Randy, he’d barely got through her flat door before pulling at her dress. He squeezed her breasts painfully as they stumbled to the bedroom. Tess removed her dress and underwear quickly before she settled on the bed. He wanted her on all fours, but unlike their previous encounters, he thrust inside her bottom and orgasmed. It wasn’t the anal sex she objected to, but the lack of lube. Tess was up for anything if it was done properly. God, men like him knew nothing and were utterly selfish. She’d be lucky if she could sit for a month. She’d get her own back next time because there would be a next time. Tess realised early on she was different from other women. She wanted sex. All the time. She couldn’t get enough of it, and so she made it work for her. It opened doors previously shut to her. Armed with only a third class honours degree in journalism, she needed something to help her stand out. Tess was never overtly sexual but somehow men picked up on her. They loved the demure and quiet image on the outside, and the bedroom slut on the inside.

Tess’s career began to look up and slowly but surely she climbed the career ladder because, sex aside, she was good. People responded to her and the camera loved her. Her sexual liaisons were never common knowledge. The men she saw understood they had something special when they found her. But they eventually became embarrassed when they couldn’t keep up with her demands. Slowly, one by one, they returned to their wives and girlfriends, relieved to be acceptable in bed for them. She’d heard rumours about Si Lawrence. He was just her type—a player. She’d found selfish, arrogant, commitment phobes were, without doubt, the best in bed. They relished the chase, and the sex was fantastic. She could last the distance, her body somehow adjusting to the demands she made of it. Lubrication was the key. She never left home without it. Blessed with a pretty face, she’d starved her body until she reached her goal size—a tiny size six. Breast implants came next, not too big—she needed to be taken seriously after all. Tess was not a fan of flaunting her assets. She observed men were not in the habit of showing their flesh. They were always fully clothed. You had to leave a bit of mystery. Her suits hugged her figure. Her blouses showcased her slim frame and curves. She won respect from her colleagues; the promotions that followed were a combination of her hard work in the office...and out of it.

BOOK: The Braille Club Undone (The Braille Club #3)
12.98Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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