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Chapter 7


The Braille Club Undone


The Braille Club, London. Two Years On. Pandora Zone. Siena pulls the zip into place; the sensory suit and chair in this zone have become one. She is naked and tingling beneath its firm and secure fit. The fabric is moulded to her body, touching her intimately...she likes it.




Guy sat examining the paper work in front of him. Simon and Tess Lawrence came to him highly recommended but Guy didn’t like what he was reading. He was all for live and let live, but some of the stuff they were into was...kinky on a completely different level. They were both swingers and indulged in various sexual practices. Their favourite was, in Guy’s opinion, little more than an orgy. Guy unearthed how their latest endeavour had landed them in trouble. One of the group members alleged Simon assaulted her. All hushed up by their management company, they’d paid the girl off but the details were disturbing nevertheless.

Alleging her and Simon were having consensual sex when he started to hit her. She used her safe word to end their session, but he ignored it and continued to spank her until he ejaculated. His version of events was they were having consensual sex when she urged him to spank her and he did. He denied she used her safe word, calling her a liar and a gold-digger. It was tricky to prove, but the group took the girl’s side and Simon and Tess were expelled. The girl had threatened to drag his name through the paper and the courts. However, the money offered bought her silence and in exchange Tess and Simon agreed to join The Braille Club. It was decided it was a much safer venue for them.

Guy had his doubts about them but looked at the bigger picture. They were all consenting adults, and it was her word against his. Who did he believe? Was Simon Lawrence set up by the group? It wouldn’t be the first time. Their sponsor was influential, and they had passed all the security with flying colours. However, Guy now dug deeper. He would be watching them. One wrong move and they would be out. Niven still haunted him and although Matt was out of the hospital, he was a shadow of the man he was. The plan had been that Matt would run Benedict’s architectural office while he based himself at Harrison’s. Obviously, that didn’t happen. Benedict did find someone to run his office but worked, for the most part, from home.

Guy sighed. Danger seemed to lurk and follow his employers no matter what precautions they put in place. Worryingly, danger extended to those surrounding them. Matt was an example and Guy shuddered when he thought of his Anna. He never wanted her exposed to danger. He hadn’t forgotten what that bastard Robert had done to her despite Anna’s protests that it was an accident. The only reason he hadn’t paid Robert a visit was due to his work schedule. Another sigh escaped him. He knew he couldn’t keep this level of commitment going. He was exhausted both mentally and physically. However, he did not intend to let Benedict down; he’d done that already. He missed Anna but had to start as he meant to go on. Anna was very independent after all and refused his help point blank. Their relationship must change if it was to survive.

Guy’s phone rang. He picked it up and listened.

“Okay, I’ll be with them in a minute.”

He closed the file containing the paperwork and locked it in his desk. Standing, he straightened his tie in the mirror before stepping outside his office. As he approached the reception area, he saw them. Simon Lawrence did not look happy. He had a sour look on his handsome face. Well, Guy thought, he wasn’t here to massage his ego.

“Mr Lawrence? I’m Guy Walker.” Guy held out his hand.

Lawrence took his time before he shook it, which annoyed Guy. Things only got worse as Guy showed them around. Simon Lawrence was rude and arrogant. His wife, on the other hand, was warm and kind. Guy did his best but could tell it was going to be a long night.


Chapter 8


The Braille Club Undone


The Braille Club, London. Two Years On. Pandora Zone
Siena’s breathing slowed as she slipped on the hood and tucked her long blonde curls inside. Her fingers move along the chair until they locate the button and push it firmly. As she glides into the zone her heart flutters, the unique smell of Braille all around her.




Anna returned to her office and tried to refocus on her large workload, but couldn’t stop thinking about lunch. Simon Lawrence was young and handsome. The crisp white shirt he wore under his fitted jacket accentuated his light tan. Wide spaced, dark eyes; Anna could not determine their colour. They seemed to mock as they gazed at you. He wore his dark blonde hair slicked back from his arrogant face. There was no other adjective that described him better. Simon Lawrence was arrogance personified. He rarely smiled. She wondered what did make him smile, what his skin felt like below his shirt and, lastly, what his face looked like when he climaxed. Stop it, Anna, she thought. There was no denying their mutual attraction.

Anna jumped guilty as her mobile bleeped. Turning, she saw it was Guy.

Guy: Working late tonight. Don’t wait up.

A mixture of emotions flooded through her; annoyance, desire, relief and frustration. Guy was working too hard. She had barely seen him. However, with her own backlog of work she was in the same position. She sighed; Guy was handsome but in a different way. He was more rugged, not pretty boy handsome like Si. Although he shaved, there was always a shadow. He was serious and controlled. The suits he wore were impeccable and his hair always neat. Anna always had the burning desire to pull off his tie and mess up his hair. She wanted him to lose all control. Yes, she wanted Guy right now, but as she sat, she realised how little she knew about him. What did he like to eat? Was he a movie lover? Did he have hobbies? She doubted he had but people surprised her all the time. Her phone bleeped with a second text.

Guy: Miss you x

Anna’s heart melted and she laughed. Si Lawrence may have turned her head but Guy had her heart. Si’s wife had been friendly but that routine about the waxing, and the way she looked at her husband, made Anna cringe. She sensed they were a sexual couple.

Anna put down her pen and lifted her coat, it was late and the office was quiet now. Hailing a cab, she gave the driver Gail’s address. The flat itself was centrally located, a little on the small side but that was London. What really swung it was the rooftop terrace. Again small, but Anna could imagine herself sitting in the sun with a good book and a glass of wine. As she finished her tour, she decided to take it. Gail was delighted and said she would send Anna the rental agreements tomorrow. Her own home was on the market and after the sale was settled, she would have to store her furniture until she decided what she wanted to do. Robert had consented to the sale, which meant he was serious about this other woman. Poppy’s youthful face popped into Anna’s head and she sighed.

Making a quick decision, she hailed another cab, searching for her membership card and sighed with relief when she located it. When she entered Harrison’s, she stopped and inhaled. The scent was amazing and immediately made her body tingle. She knew her way to Guy’s office and slipped along the quiet corridor. Her pulse quickened as she stood outside listening, but she could hear no sounds from within. Turning the handle, she was disappointed to find it locked. Damn, she thought. Where was he? Anna made her way through the club to reception.

Hi, is Mr Walker still in the club?

The attractive girl smiled at Anna. “Let me check for you. Can I have your name?”

“Anna Dunbar.”

After a few moments the receptionist returned. “He’s with new members at present but should be finished shortly. Would you like to wait?”

Anna hesitated. “Yes, can you tell him I’ll be in the lounge?”

She nodded, and Anna made her way to Caligo. As she approached, she could see how busy it was but noticed a free seat at the bar. Slipping onto the bar stool, she ordered a glass of red wine. She had just taken her first sip when she heard a voice she recognised and stiffened. Please, God, let it not be him, she thought, panicking.


She turned to see Si Lawrence and his wife, Tess.

Her heart thudded in her chest. “Hello,” she said weakly, not daring to meet his gaze. When she did, his mocking eyes were all over her body. God, he turned her on. Breathless, she licked her lips, her mouth suddenly dry and smiled. Was she flirting?

“What a nice surprise, and twice in one day. People will talk, Anna,” he stated.

“Let them,” she laughed.

She only saw Guy at the last moment. He stepped forward and there was a tension in his face she hadn’t seen before. To her complete surprise, he kissed her full on the mouth.

“Guy,” she gasped. Completely thrown, she took a second to recover.

“Anna,” he said, touching her face. “I’ll join you shortly.”

With that he turned, blocking Anna from view, but she could hear.

“Mr & Mrs Lawrence, your tour is at an end but please stay as long as you like.”

“I’d like to speak to my lawyer,” said Si Lawrence, a hint of annoyance in his voice.

“I’m afraid Anna is off duty, perhaps you could call her during office hours?” said Guy curtly.

Anna stood, puzzled by Guy’s behaviour. What the hell was he doing? Anna squeezed by Guy.

“Si, Tess, lovely to see you both again, what a coincidence?”

“Yes, are you a member?” asked Si, his gaze intense.

Anna paused but could see no harm in telling them. “Yes.” When Anna looked at Si, his face wore a small smile.

“We’ve joined tonight,” said Tess.

Anna saw his expression change to annoyance. “Indeed,” he said sourly. He did not look happy.

“You needed to speak with me?” asked Anna.

“Guy is quite right; it can wait until tomorrow. I’ll call you,” said Si abruptly.

“Tess.” His voice was sharp. She moved quickly to his side. His arm went around her tiny waist. “Goodbye, Guy.” She felt Si’s gaze on her face but didn’t meet his eyes. “Anna, we’ll speak tomorrow,” he said softly and then they moved away.

She turned to Guy. His eyes were blazing. “What an arsehole,” he exclaimed.

“Guy, what’s wrong with you?”

“Not here,” said Guy. “Let’s go to my office.”

Anna had to run to keep up with him as he strode out the room. She had never seen Guy angry before and decided she liked it. She waited as Guy punched in the door code to his office and pushed it open.

Once inside, Guy went to his desk and lifted his cigarettes. “If I had stood there any longer, I think I would have punched that arrogant bastard.”

“I didn’t know you smoked?” said Anna.

“There’s a lot of things you don’t know, Anna,” he said tersely. “When did you meet Si Lawrence?”

“Today, he’s a new client. Why?”

“I don’t trust him and...I can’t say because it confidential, but take it from me—he’s bad news, Anna.”

“If he’s such bad news, why is he a member here?” she retorted.

“Not my decision,” said Guy. “This is a business, Anna; I can’t stop people becoming members just because I don’t like them.”

Guy opened the French doors in his office, stepped outside, and lit a cigarette.

Anna followed him. “I like him,” she said coolly.

“Stay away from them, especially him,” said Guy moodily.

“It’s business, you said,” said Anna angrily, quoting him.

Guy turned and stared at her as he drew deeply on his cigarette, but said nothing. Seconds passed with neither of them rushing to fill the silence. Guy finished his cigarette and crushed it out on the ashtray in front of him. He sprayed breath freshener into his mouth.

“You like him, Anna. Don’t you? I saw the way he looked at you.”

“Guy, you’re being ridiculous,” said Anna flustered.

“Am I? You didn’t look like you minded when his gaze was all over your body. Quite the opposite,” said Guy angrily. “Don’t play games with me, Anna.”

“What and you don’t like games?” she said coldly.

Guy grabbed her. Pinned her against the wall and kissed her. Anna didn’t respond. Memories of Robert’s attack made her freeze.

Guy released her. “Sorry, Anna,” he whispered. They were both breathing heavily.

Anna collected herself as anger surged through her. Bloody Robert, she thought. She would not let him win. She tightened her grip on Guy.

“Do that again.”

“What?” he said hesitantly.

“Kiss me,” she commanded.

Guy put his lips to hers, the kiss soft and tender.

Anna jerked away. “Not like that, like before.”


“Do it, Guy, or by God, I’ll find someone who will.”

His mouth crashed onto hers and he pulled her arms above her head, gripping them hard. Desire flooded through Anna. This was better. This is what she needed. She let her mouth connect and fight for control. He held his ground. She struggled with her body, desperate to get close to him, but he held her back.

Panting, Guy broke the kiss but not his hold. “I want you, Anna. Every second of every day, but if you want to play the field...”

Anna surged forward, her mouth cutting off his words. She let her hips grind against him. Guy jerked away.

“No, Anna. I want an answer.” His head dipped and his lips covered her neck.

Anna wanted Guy, of that she was sure, but he had changed. She was no longer in control. “I want you, Guy,” she gasped.

He pushed her arms together, his one hand gripping them as his other hand cupped her breast.

“Are you sure, Anna?”

She nodded and gasped as he rubbed her hardened nipple. “Yes.”

Guy stared at her. His hand travelled down her skirt and inched it up as his mouth clamped against hers. Anna’s body squirmed as his fingers slipped between her thighs.

“This is the only game we play,” Guy murmured in her ear.

Anna moaned but Guy’s fingers merely teased her. “Are you naked, Anna?” he panted.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” she responded.

He thrust his fingers deep inside and they both gasped. “You’re so wet, Anna,” he groaned.

She smiled and sensed he was weakening. His grip loosened on her arms.

“Make me wetter,” she commanded.

Guy kissed her passionately as his fingers worked deep inside her until Anna shuddered, her body desperate for release. He pulled his hand free.

“Lick it,” said Anna.

He brought his glistening fingers to his mouth and sucked. Anna stared at him, her insides on fire. Neither of them felt the cold.

“Suck my nipples,” she gasped.

Guy still held her and when his mouth clamped on her blouse and sucked, she bucked wildly. He sucked to the point of pain and Anna loved it. Horny, and desperate for that connection that only skin to skin delivered, Anna continued. “Strip me,” she ordered.

Still holding her arms, Guy pulled her inside his office and none too gently. As so it began. He pulled her arms behind her and something clicked onto her wrists.


“Shhhhhh. You know the rules.”

His fingers pushed her jacket off her shoulders, then her blouse and lastly her bra. As the cool air hit Anna’s burning skin she sighed, but tensed when Guy’s fingers pulled the hood over her eyes. Anna swayed but Guy’s arms locked around her. Her skirt came next, falling to the floor, and she grinned when she heard Guy moan. He lifted first one foot, then the other, to free it from around her ankles. Anna shivered as she stood exposed; the darkness wonderfully erotic. She didn’t know what to expect. The room filled with music, sexy and sensuous, matching her mood completely. It was a little uncomfortable with her clothes bunched up against her wrists but she didn’t dare move. Guy’s breath was warm against her skin.

“Anna this will be our own game,” said Guy huskily. “When the motion sensor registers movement, I will punish you. Nod your head if you understand.”

Anna felt the gush of warmth between her legs as she nodded her head. His touch when it came was exquisite cupping her buttocks and squeezing them hard. Startled, she froze as she felt the vibration around her wrists. Had she moved? The sting of his slap on her buttocks told her she had. She gasped. Her body tried to stay still but as his fingers soothed her smarting skin, she jerked. The vibrations again and another exquisite sting left her breathless for more. His hand went between her legs; she squirmed. Her wrist vibrated and then the sting of his slap. His fingers grazed against her core, she moved causing more vibrations but best of all was the erotic the sting of his slap. His fingers rubbed and massaged her burning skin. His hand was on her breast, his other in her hair. He pinched her nipple as he tugged her hair back.

Anna was panting, her body at breaking point, when her wrists were suddenly freed. Struggling, she used her hands to pull off her clothing before reaching for the hood. Pulling it free, it took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the light but it appeared the room was empty. Where the hell was Guy?

BOOK: The Braille Club Undone (The Braille Club #3)
11.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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