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“Of course.”

“Did you happen to read any reports that I
requested to be drafted last year?”


“They were true. You see, before all the
controversy Patrick caused backstage, we were going to get a major
, b
ut he didn’t do well with the
pre-taped promos. Most of them never made it to television. His
relationship with Elle at the time didn’t improve his image,

“That’s too bad. He’s a talented person with a
lot of drive.”

“You‘re right, but his attitude problem gave
Patrick heat in the locker room, along with a shitty reputation
among the creative staff. They thought he was a pain in the ass.
Not getting along with authority was the main reason Patrick’s
on-air character never went beyond what everyone saw. Meanwhile, I
had to choose between my own career and going down with him. I
don’t have to tell you my career won.”

“I think it was obvious when they gave you a
heel makeover last summer.”

“You’re digging the whole Speedo

“Sure, but knowing how versatile you are,
you’re one of those rare talents that can adapt to about

“Thank you, doll face. I would love to talk
longer about my career, but I have to get going. Let‘s catch up
more another time.”

“It’s always good chatting with you and I’m
looking forward to seeing you on TV.”

“Yeah,” he said. “Let’s hope they’ll put me on
the card for a show in the near future. I’m not making any
promises, though.”





After being off TV for several weeks, but still
working house shows
Brett earned a spot
in an over-the-ropes elimination match. Participants had a chance
to be the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Title, and
the bout would be shown on that evening’s pay-per-view.

“I’m so excited for you!” Karen said when they
talked online before the show.

“Are you going to watch?”

“I don’t order PPV’s often, but tonight, I’m
making an exception.”

“Might be wasting your time. It isn‘t like I
have a chance of winning.”

“Brett, I know the chances of you walking away
being number one contender are slim. It’s common knowledge that
match outcomes are predetermined, however, I think you and the
other cruiserweights don’t get enough TV exposure.”

“I’ll be honest and say that it’s good to do
something besides sit in the bleachers and look like an idiot while
everyone else gets the spotlight.”

“I want to do my next piece with you
participating in tonight’s match so people can see
the man who trained under a legend and put doubters
in their places.”

“I appreciate your support very much, toots.
There aren’t many writers out there who will bother seeing us in
the business as people we are

“That’s why I have great respect for what you
do. Wrestling is a dangerous business. I also wanted to wish you
good luck.”

“Thanks, Karen. Hope to talk to you





Brett was sitting backstage nude, making an
attempt to gather his thoughts and watch the other matches on the
night’s pay per view. His tights lay in a heap on the floor and a
curvaceous blonde woman was between his thighs performing an
incredible blow job.

Kyra Dimes, known in her ring name as Kiki, had
sneaked in and surprised Brett after he had a brief behind the
scenes spot with one of the interviewers as a fill-in between

Startled at first, he figured hanging out with
her would be an ideal way to pass the time before the elimination
match. They had been ‘friends with benefits’ over the last two
years, taking care of each other’s sexual urges when needed. But
he’d stared in disbelief when she went down on him right there in
the locker room, where anyone could’ve walked in. The action on the

and his initial reservations of her
giving head

were soon forgotten when she deep
throated him.

He leaned back against the locker door,
groaning with pleasure. “Oh my God, Kyra, that feels so fucking

Her head bobbed faster, lips clamped around his
shaft, and mouth slid up and down his hardness while one of her
hands played with his balls and ass. It was all Brett could do not
to come when she continued to suck him for several more minutes
before she stood and stripped her ring attire.

Once naked, she was ready to climb on his lap,
her round, D-cup breasts inches from his face. “I think we could
both use a good pre-match fuck.”

Brett stopped her. “Hang on,” he said, putting
on a condom he‘d fished from his bag. “I’m not doing anything
without protection.”

“Even a quickie?”

“Can’t be too careful, sweetheart, with you
being married. Other guys may fuck without rubbers, but I

Brett wrapped his arms around her back to hold
her in place. He felt guilty for taking advantage of a friend in
such fashion. At the same time, the idea of sex in an
unconventional place with the number one contender for the Lovely
Ladies Championship was so

After several minutes, he was breathless.
“Let’s change positions.”

He pulled Kyra off his lap and placed her on
her back on the bench. He got on top and entered her, getting up a
good tempo. Her face was buried against his shoulder, legs wrapped
around his waist. He held on to his control, feeling her shiver as
his thrusts increased. Her mouth was wet against his neck as she
let out a small cry.

“Am I hurting you?” he asked. “We can

“No. Fuck me harder.”

Brett grabbed her plump ass and picked up the
pace. His fingers spread across the soft flesh of her cheeks. Her
back arched and body tensed. The feeling of her muscles contracting
and releasing on his dick and the sight of her breasts bouncing in
unison with his thrusts were driving him insane. His eyes glazed
over, and he felt a film of perspiration on his skin. “I’m going to

“So am I! Brett,
fuck me!”
She shivered
with ecstasy while her hands gripped his ass. He pumped harder for
a few more minutes until his sperm filled the condom. Panting,
hearts pounding, their bodies still moved with gradual, slower

When it was over, Brett helped her into a
sitting position and gave her a soft kiss. “You okay?”


never better.
I think I can skip my warm up.” Kyra rose from the bench, dressed,
and fixed her makeup. “Sorry I can‘t stay longer. Good luck in the
main event.”

“Thanks, sugar. Think we could get together
after the show? I‘ll buy you dinner.”

She winked and opened the locker room door.
“Sure." Seeing no one in the hallway, she made a swift exit. The
spontaneous sex had lasted about twenty minutes, but Brett felt as
if he’d done a two-hour workout at the gym.

Wow! Spur-of-the-moment sex sure
beat my original plans of playing Crazy Eights with Kamsaki and
going outside to sneak a joint!

He disposed the used condom and had
his ring attire back on just as a crew member called from the
hallway. “Hey, Kerrigan, main event in ten.”

“Thanks, my man.” He stopped for a brief glance
in the mirror. Aside from his skin glowing, no outer signs of his
and Kyra’s locker room romp were apparent. Brett did a few
stretches and danced around before taking  his place at the
entrance. In a few more minutes, the world would be watching





“Damn it, you big ape, watch what you’re
doing!” Karen yelled at the TV screen as she saw Brett being thrown
over the ropes by the giant seven foot, four hundred pound Mountain

“K, take it easy, it isn’t like they can hear
you,” Eddie said. “I’m sure Brett’s come out of a lot

“I didn’t tune into this to see him thrown
around like a rag doll by some oversized freak. He deserves better
than only being in there for

“That’s it? What a bullshit deal he got. All
that pre-match hype for nothing? His entrance lasted longer than he
did in the ring.”

“He didn’t have many odds in his favor to win
it anyway. Even if I did expect him to last a short time, I never
imagined it would be this bad. Now you know why I never order

“Yeah, that whole show was a waste of fifty





Kyra showed up outside of the men’s locker room
when the PPV ended. Brett was glad to see her again. He invited her
up to his room, where he ordered wine and dinner for two from room

“This doesn’t happen often,” she


“A guy who isn‘t my husband wining and dining
me. Most of the other wrestlers just want to get naked and fuck
before throwing me out of their rooms.”

“I was brought up to treat women right. The
others may think you ladies are cheap lays, but I view you a lot

Kyra gave a small smile. “Thank you, Brett.
Sorry for uh

pouncing on you earlier.

“Don’t feel bad. I admit I was kind of shocked
when you jumped me in the locker room tonight and we ended

“Having sex again,” she finished. “But you
enjoyed it, as always.”

“Sure I did. What guy
being laid by a beautiful woman who has the best ass on the female
roster when he‘s a little horny? But there’s something else I want
to know.”


“You’re a nice girl with a lot of talent and
one hell of a wrestler when you get into the ring. Why do you have
the need to go to bed with every guy on the circuit?”

“Most of them think women wrestlers are tramps
to begin with. I will admit when I signed my contract and started
training, I couldn’t help thinking about doing a couple of main
eventers. The one I liked the most wasn’t interested when I
approached him. The second was drunk one night. I came on to him
for fun. We ended up in his room. The sex was lousy, but next thing
I knew, I was called up to the main roster.”

“Did you ever stop to think you were called up
because you
a spot the legitimate way?”

“Brett, look at me. I’ve seen the sites making
jokes about my size even though I weigh one-thirty. I’m a natural
blonde. I didn’t get my big boobs from some plastic surgeon. Top
management isn’t concerned with talented women who can wrestle.
They want half-naked eye candy shaking their asses in the ring and
bring big ratings, or be the top guys‘ personal whores.”

“Kyra, you had a fantastic match tonight.
You’re the new Lovely Ladies champion. You beat the shit out of
Crazy Train, of all people!”

“Do you know how I ‘won’ the title? It wasn’t
just my wrestling skills. I became the new champion as a ‘reward’
for having a threesome with the current tag team champions, who
happen to be tight with management, against my

“Those greasy pigs?” Brett was

“Yeah. They wanted sick stuff like having both
of them fuck me at once after each took turns with me. Then they
wanted to watch me have sex with some strange girl they picked up
after the show. They forced me to watch both of them fuck her at
the same time, and then made both of us give them blow jobs before
we were able to leave. The girl seemed to like being used like
that, but I felt so dirty. I kept thinking all of that filthy sex
stuff I had to do was only part of an upward move in my career to
keep from puking. I think I took about six showers to get rid of
the disgusting feeling and smell.”

Brett hugged her. “I’m sorry, sweetheart, but
that sounded more like rape than a career move. I‘ll kill those
fuckers the next time I lay eyes on them for what they did to

“Don’t throw away your career on something
stupid. I figured out a long time ago being a sex toy will get me
further ahead than my in-ring skills, much as I hate the

“Did you ever

“No, but I know some of the other girls have.
Lucky for me, the big boss never expressed interest in my

“Thank Christ. I would’ve hurled for

“Now you know how those other poor girls feel
having to fuck a creepy old man, pretending he’s such a stud, so
they’ll get more exposure on TV.”

“Filthy piece of shit. Too bad I can’t kick his
ass. You ladies are here to wrestle, not be hookers.”

“Rest assured even if he
approach me, I’d pass, even if it meant getting fired. From what
I’ve heard, he not that great in bed.”

Brett emitted a hearty laugh. “Glad you cleared
up. But will you promise me one thing?”

BOOK: The Cruiserweight
13.25Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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