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The Dying of the Light (Book 1): End

BOOK: The Dying of the Light (Book 1): End
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By Jason Kristopher


Text and illustrations copyright ©2011 by Grey Gecko Press.

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The dying of the light: end / Jason Kristopher

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First Edition





To my family and friends
who always believed
And most especially to my grandmother
Margie Warhol
who was always my biggest fan


prion (noun):
a protein particle that is believed to be the cause of brain diseases such as BSE [“Mad Cow” disease], scrapie, and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Prions are not visible microscopically, contain no nucleic acid, and are highly resistant to destruction.

— Oxford English Dictionary


“…much more science is needed. There are many things we don’t understand, and the whole science of how prions propagate and cross species barriers is developing as we speak.”

— Dr. Neil Cashman, University of Toronto’s Center for Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases


“We were amazed at how efficiently they spread.”

— Adriano Aguzzi, of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich


“The bottom line is, if we don’t tightly control these diseases, we’re going to regret it big time.”

— Dr. Pierluigi Gambetti, Director, National Prion Disease Pathology Surveillance Center


Characters of Note


Military Personnel


Col George Maxwell, Army Ranger, AEGIS CO

Cmdr Frank Anderson, Navy SEAL, AEGIS XO

First Team


Alpha Squad


Maj Kimberly Barnes, Army Spec. Forces, CO

David Blake, XO

Gunnery Sgt Dalton Gaines, USMC MSOR

Cpt Tom Reynolds, USAF 1
Spec Ops Wing

Sgt Rachel Eaton, Special Forces

Cpt Angelo Martinez, Ranger

Bravo Squad


Lt Jake Powell, SEAL

Petty Off 2
Class Edward Ames, SEAL

Sgt Desmond Jones, Ranger

Sgt Victor Roberts, USMC MSOR

Sgt Arkady Ivanovich, Special Forces

Second Team


Charlie Squad


Maj Shawn Carver, Special Forces, CO

Lt Manuel Ramos, USAF 1
Spec Ops Wing

Cpt Lawrence Greer, Special Forces, XO

Delta Squad


Cpt Janet Turner, USAF 1
Spec Ops Wing

Third Team


Echo Squad


Maj Terrance James, USMC MSOR, CO

Foxtrot Squad


Corpsman 1
Class Lucia Santos, USN, XO

Fourth Team


Golf Squad


Lt Malcolm Dagger, USMC MSOR, CO

Hotel Squad


Sgt Gordon Tremaine, Ranger, XO

Seventh Team


Mike Squad


Lt Adrian Masters, SEAL, CO

Non-Military Personnel


Dr. Mary Adamsdóttir, Research, AEGIS

Rebecca Campbell, fianceé of David Blake

Eric Campbell, adopted son of David Blake

Morena Forrest, survivor of Laramie, WY

Michael Forrest, survivor of Laramie, WY

Henry Gardner, AEGIS Government Liaison

Harry Stafford, survivor, Washington Territory




Advanced Experimental Genetics Intelligence Service



Army Combat Uniform, standard Army uniform



Centers for Disease Control (and Prevention)



Commanding officer of a unit or group



Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency



Infantry Combat Vehicle



Improvised Explosive Device



Office of Strategic Services (precursor to CIA)



Real-time Enemy Assessors and Physiology Readers



United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases



Executive officer, second in command of a unit or group




Fall Creek, Colorado — 1 year ago


I didn’t see Rebecca die the second time.


Or the first, for that matter.


I knew that I didn’t want to be out on the street right now; not this close to nightfall.
Night is
, I thought, and realized I was whispering to myself. If I kept this up, I was going to go as bat-shit crazy as old man Feldon had been even before it all hit the fan.


He only ended up ranting and raving in the street, not eating people; he got off easy.


The waning Colorado sunlight fell across the street below me, and I could see more than a few of the bastards milling around, looking for a meal. I hid behind the roof sign for the small grocery store, my rifle across my back and my pistol in hand.


As I looked across the street, I could see my goal: Monty’s Sports & Outdoors. Ten rounds in the pistol and a few in the rifle wasn’t going to do it; I needed some more ammo if I was going to survive getting out of here. Unfortunately, there were about 30 walking death machines separating me from my next step on the road to Splitsville.


I sighed and checked my pistol’s magazine once more, shifting the weight of the rifle.
Maybe if I move down the street I can find a quieter place to cross over.


Suddenly, my eye caught on one of them wearing a sundress and standing apart from the others. Despite the rips and tears in the dress, I could see the pattern of flowers and pale yellow fabric. My vision tracked upwards, catching other details, like the silver watch and the simple necklace, framed by the long blonde hair, the bite and claw marks evident on her shoulder and upper arm. I knew what I would see as I raised my gaze to the thing’s face, and as much as I hoped I was wrong in those few seconds, I wasn’t.


It was Rebecca, my fiancée.


It had taken me most of two days. I’d grabbed the only guns I had in the house and went out looking. When she wasn’t waiting at the house like I’d asked, I’d headed back there each night when my search yielded nothing. I couldn’t leave without knowing — not guessing, but knowing for certain — that she was either dead or… something else.

BOOK: The Dying of the Light (Book 1): End
12.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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