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Authors: Rhonda Lauret Parkinson

The Everything Chinese Cookbook

BOOK: The Everything Chinese Cookbook
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From Wonton Soup to Sweet and Sour Chicken — 300 succulent recipes from the Far East

Rhonda Lauret Parkinson

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Chinese Cookbook

Dear Reader,

My introduction to Chinese food came in the 1960s — a time when chop suey and egg rolls were considered exotic. But there was something about Chinese food that transcended the overly sweet sauces found at the town's only Chinese restaurant.

My love affair with Chinese cooking really took off when I had the good fortune to work with a group of women who recently emigrated from Hong Kong. On weekends we toured Asian markets together, and they introduced me to the delights of a dim sum brunch. During this time I became intrigued both with Chinese food and its symbolic importance in Chinese culture.

Today, Chinese cooking has never been more popular. A search local supermarket, often takes you no farther than the for ingredients are readily available, and vegetables paste and hoisin sauce cabbage in where home-cooked chili as amaranth share space with the exotic names such with practice, it's easy to prepare section. With a little healthful. I enjoyed putting the produce and Chinese dishes that are tasty my wok to use preparing the recipes for this Book. I hope they provide you with a helpful introduction to the fascinating world of Chinese cuisine.


To my parents: a great cook and a great writer.


WHAT MAKES CHINESE CUISINE SO APPEALING? Restaurant classics such as Mu Shu Pork and Kung Pao Chicken captivate our senses. Even an order of the ubiquitous Chicken Balls with Sweet-and Sour Sauce from the local Chinese takeout has its own special appeal.

What is it that makes Chinese food so special? It's not the exotic vegetables and seasonings — a skilled chef can prepare a meal that epitomizes the best of Chinese cooking using only native ingredients. It's not the equipment, either. Many tasty stir-fries have been born in a frying pan instead of a wok.

BOOK: The Everything Chinese Cookbook
3.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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