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I watched his eyes crinkle
handsomely at the corners as she said something clever and I wondered how long it had been since I’d flirted with him that way. She leaned forward as he spoke, and animatedly clasped her hands in front of her as he laughed easily and sipped from his beer. A deep twinge of jealousy would have been there several years ago, but now I simply watched, savoring this glimpse of the Charles from my youth, which I felt was so far from me now, though I was only thirty five years old.

I held my purse in my
hands as I gazed at my husband, so easy to laugh, yet a gentleman enough to maintain his distance from her, he behaved exactly how he would have behaved had I been sitting right beside him. I smiled and caught a glimpse of a tall figure moving toward Charles and the woman he was speaking to. The man came up behind her and placed his hand on her back, she leaned back and spoke to him just as animatedly as she had spoke to Charles, gesturing to him and moving her eyes from the man at her side to Charles, and then the man shook Charles’ hand.

When the couple gathered their things and left Charles alone, I stepped down the two
wide steps, and made my way toward where Charles was sitting. I shifted my eyes to different faces quickly scanning them, and landed on a man who sat in the corner of the bar with a young woman in a private booth. He looked to be in his late thirties. Perfect. I studied his face and imagined that he was sitting where Charles was now as I stepped up to the bar and sat delicately perched on the stool to Charles’ right.

I crossed my left leg over my right carefully, feeling his gaze on my legs as I did so. The
young bartender approached me and eyed my cleavage quickly, almost discreetly, and with a hint of admiration. It flared my confidence and I smiled seductively at him.

“What can I get for you ma’am?” He asked
, leaning over the polished black bar, his young features darkened with a tan already.

“A dirty martini please, light on the olive juice.” I said, placing my clutch beside the napkin and coaster that the bartender placed before me.

I pretended not to notice Charles as he watched me take a cigarette out of the delicate
silver case in my clutch. I never smoked, except when we went out for drinks, and that was seldom, but Charles had mentioned to me before that there was something he liked about watching my lipstick left behind on a cigarette butt that he thought was dark, and sexy. Instead I looked at the man and woman in the booth that I’d noticed before. Sitting here I wasn’t able to see her, but his handsome features, which so closely resembled Charles’, were clear as day to me. I watched him smile at his female companion longingly, and his eyes slid closed in mock pain. I imagined she was sliding her hand up his leg teasing him, and it made me smile to myself.

“Here you are. Is there anything else I can get for you?” The bartender asked.

“No, this is good thank you.” I said, sipping the warm alcohol, and setting it on the coaster.

Charles shifted beside me, and the bartended replaced his beer with a glass of top shelf scotch.
Ah yes, how Charles
, I thought. I smiled to myself again, stealing another glance at the man in the booth as I sucked an olive from the skewer in my martini.

“Hi.” Charles said beside me finally.

“Hello.” I said quietly, it was easy to just walk in and ignore him, but to speak to him as if I didn’t know him made me feel almost silly, and to think this had all been my idea.

“You look incredible.” He said, and I looked at him just as his eyes slid to the anklet he’d given me, and he smiled warmly.

“Thank you.” I said.

“Care to dance?” He asked me,
and I smiled.

“I don’t dance.” I said
, he knew this very well.

“Oh come on, it won’t kill you.” He said standing and holding his hand out to me.

“Char-” I started to complain but he shot me a fierce glance that stilled my tongue instantly. He wiggled his fingers and I slid my hand into his, stepping off the stool reluctantly.

He took me out to
the sleek black dance floor and I looked up at him, sliding my left hand on his shoulder as he held my right in his left. He pulled me close, so I was pressed fully against him and began to sway.

“Charles I can’t dance. You know that.” I whispered
, very worried that I would trip or misstep.

“Don’t look at me remember?” He said. “My name isn’t Charles.” He leaned down to my ear. “And you are not Jennifer, right?” He asked.

“Right.” I said and shifted my eyes, there were several others dancing around us as the pianist played a slow, sultry jazz tune.

“Do you like the anklet?” He asked suddenly, almost as an afterthought, and I grinned into his shoulder.

“I love it.”


When the song was over we took our seats at the bar, and the feeling in my stomach had lifted to excitement. I picked up my clutch and left cash on the bar before going back to my room, Charles following just a few steps behind me the entire time. Twice on my way up to my room in the empty elevator, as Charles waited to take the next one up, I thought of calling this whole thing off. But so far it had gone well, and I was having a good time and didn’t feel nearly as silly as I’d thought I would. I was excited to see what he would come up with next.

When I was in my room I used the bathroom, freshened up and took a look in the mirror, as I reapplied my lipstick there was a knock on the door. I opened it and Charles came in with a small black bag, he sat it on the bed and pulled a thin blue box from the
front pocket.

“I have another gift for you, to go with your anklet.” He said as he stepped close to me.

I took the box in confusion, and sighed, oh the fantasy was over. But I didn’t mind, I was excited and it had been a fun night, more fun than we had had in years. When I opened the box there was a white gold chain, a tear drop shaped diamond hung at the center.

“It’s so beautiful
Charles, thank you.” I said.

“Turn around, let me put it on.” He said, and I turned my back to him.

But instead of feeling him step closer, I felt him move away from me.

Suddenly a black pillowcase was placed over my head, and Charles scooped me up into his arms, tearing my shoes from my feet before laying me on my bed
as I struggled to take the pillowcase off my head. I tried to sit up but he pushed my face against the mattress.

“Charles what are you doing?” I asked him frantically as my insides clenched
, and warmed unexpectedly.

“Charles isn’t here.” Came his dark reply
and my heartbeat sped up.

“What?” I asked incredulously, this was silly.
“Charles, really, you’re hurting my arms.”

I tried to laugh and stand up but Charles thrust me back down, and I realized I still held the necklace in my fingers as he delicately took it from m
e. I felt him securing it around my neck, over the pillow case. He meant to hold it in place. I struggled against him, but he was terribly strong, he yanked my hands behind my back and it felt him securing them together with what could only be a zip tie. It bit into my flesh at my wrists. I lay on the floor for a second, hearing my breath inside the pillowcase and suddenly Charles seized the side of my dress, yanking my body up along with the material, and some cold metal touched my thigh before he ripped my dress up to my navel. I squirmed, twisting my legs away from him and pulling my heels up behind me.

“Charles! What are you doing, this is brand new!” I cried, but he grabbed the material in his hands and yanked it up again, and again, until it separated at my breasts.

Charles took me by the tie that held my wrists together and yanked me up to my feet gracelessly, before dragging me, stumbling backward until I landed on the edge of the bed between his knees.

“Open your legs.” He said low, and I found myself doing as he said before the though
t even formed in my mind.

Charles slapped my right inner thigh hard, and then did the same to the left. “Wider.” He commanded, and slapped my thighs again.

“Ah! Charles…”

“Charles isn’t here.” He said menacingly at my ear.

His hand slid down and he began to rub my vagina with his four fingers, over my lacey underwear, and to my utter shock I felt myself growing wet without the aid of a lubricant. Suddenly, Charles gripped the crotch of my panties and ripped them, so hard that they hurt the skin at my hips as they tore away. I cried out in shock at the cool air, and again when Charles’ hand landed hard on my wet, freshly waxed flesh.

“You like this d
on’t you, you dirty little slut? Pretending to be with someone who isn’t your husband, just some stranger in a hotel who could do anything to you; and no one would even know where you are.” He said through gritted teeth.

“No, Charles, please I want you…” I said, again struggling against him.
Was he serious?

He slapped my thigh again and thrust me forward, I landed on all fours on the floor, and Charles hand grasped me by the forehead, and pulled it so I was looking up toward the ceiling.

“Hold still.” He commanded, again in that foreboding voice.

I was filled with trepidation
as I felt something prodding the pillow case at my mouth. Suddenly the fabric ripped a little, and Charles thrust his fingers into the opening and pulled it just wide enough for my mouth and nose to show. Charles grasped my bra at the metal between my bra cups, and yanked it down so that my breasts hung out over the top of it and in the blink of an eye he slapped my right nipple. I cried out at the sudden sharp biting feeling, and was surprised and shocked when he did it to my left, and then again my right, over and over as I felt my breasts burning, and they felt as if they were swelling.

“What is it baby?
” He said sweetly, “Don’t like this fantasy after all?” He asked.

My breathing was coming heavy and quick, but I didn’t know how to answer him, I didn’t want him to stop.
Charles slapped my breast again, and I cried out, my breasts were heaving and I felt like I might cry.

“Answer me.” He said smacking my breast
again, and then again until I answered him.

“I like it!” I
cried., embarrassed that I was aroused by such treatment.

Charles grabbed a handful of my hair even around the pillowcase and thrust me for
ward and slammed me against a wall. His hand grabbed my hip savagely until I was bent at the waist, my butt sticking out toward him, and I suddenly felt as if this was the first time I’d been naked before him, my breathing quickened even more and I blinked back tears. Charles slapped my inner right thigh.

“Spread them.” He ordered, and when I didn’t act fast enough he slapped my other thigh, and then my right again harder, stinging my flesh.

His hand slid between my legs, his palm resting against my anus as his fingers slid into me easily, and he began to stroke me, his other hand still firmly holding my face against the wall.

“You are so fucking wet.” He said harshly and I wanted to cry out in sheer embarrassment and ecstasy. This was such a confusing feeling to me, it was awful, degrading, and embarrassing to have my husband say these things to me, and hit me, which he had never done before… and yet it wasn’t. It was exciting, and new and intoxicating.
It made me feel vulnerable and desired…sexy.

I moaned despite myself and tried to pull my rear end back toward the wall and conceal something of myself from his view in the full lights of the hotel room. Charles grabbed my hip savagely again and yanked me backward b
efore slapping my buttocks, it stung and I yelped.


pull away from me.” He commanded and my breath picked up as he hauled me away from the wall and back to the floor.

Charles was gone for a second, and when he came back he took my ankles into h
is hands and bound them with zip ties as he had done with my hands. He walked around to stand at my head before he crouched down beside me and lifted me to my knees. I was panting, my sex was throbbing with need as it hadn’t done in years, and when I sensed Charles’ hard cock nudging at the opening of the pillowcase, I hungrily took it into my mouth.

Charles moaned loudly as he ripp
ed at the opening of the pillowcase until I could see him fully, my hair was a mess around my face that had grown sweaty from being in the thick fabric. Charles smoothed my hair back and bent down to kiss me, I was still on my knees as I looked up at him and sucked him as I never had before, desperately wanting him to know that he was the only one I desired.

Charles pulled himself free and kneeled behind me before sliding into my hot sex, and I ground myself against him, meeting him thrust for thrust. He was calling out just as loudly as I was, his hands were clawing at my skin, and then he yanked me up by my hair, and planted a kiss below my ear before sinking his teeth into my neck. I called his name as I felt myself climax around him again and again.
The tie’s were biting into my wrists but I didn’t care, in fact, I quite enjoyed the feel of it.

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