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Charles lifted me by my wrists, the upward motion making my arms ache a little in this position, and he guided me over to the bed, and helped me onto it. He placed me on my side, my knees in front of me, and
lay beside me on the soft bed.

“Do you know how I’ve longed for this?” He asked close to my ear.

“No.” I breathed as he slid is burning hot head into me.

“I’ve waited years for this, I knew one day… one day you’d be bored, and you’d want adventure, and I’d finally have my chance to make you my little princess, just as I always wanted to.”

The words were a shock to me. What did he mean? Why didn’t he ever tell me about this before? Surely I’d told him about my fantasies, yes, many times. Thoughts flew through my mind as Charles slid in and out of me slowly, his hand sliding along my skin as I felt myself burning closer. Charles uttered a small laugh at my tightening, and when I came again he hauled my hips back, against him, and turned my face to him before kissing me.

“I love you.” He said.

And for the first time in several years, I felt it.


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