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The Fields Beneath (33 page)

Village House in the 1970s (the shop still selling the same sort of things). The narrow street in front of it and alley to the side are a vestige of the right-of-way that originally ran through the forecourt of the old, country-style pub.

The ‘terrace, blackish brown’ of Betjeman’s poem, complete with ‘Zwanzigers, the bakers’, taken shortly before Betjeman’s childhood in the years immediately preceding the First World War. The terrace still stands.

An old (i.e. pre-nineteenth century) house surviving just south of the Castle, embedded in later shops.

One of the few surviving examples (this one is in Leighton Road) of the kind of gentleman’s houses still being built in Kentish Town in the 1820s and ’30s. The side-porch is a later addition, dating from when the house was divided into two dwellings. Originally it stood detatched, in its own garden.

Daniels’, the big shop of Kentish Town, part of the urbanisation and modernisation of the 1860s. The building, though not the store, survives. It occupies more or less the same site as the chapel-of-ease occupied between the mid-fifteenth and the late eighteenth century. Today part of it is occupied by Kentish Town’s independent bookshop.

The sort of building that was appearing in Kentish Town in the early 1800s. It stood more or less opposite the block in the previous picture and the heart of it, including a hammerbeam roof, is still there, concealed behind a modern facade.

‘Improvements’ 1960s-style – Kentish Town in turmoil. Note the pre-Victorian village-style shops (two of the three remain today), the re-building taking place round them, and the presence of a tower block (Monmouth House) behind. Note the name too on the estate-agent’s board.

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First published by Maurice Temple Smith in 1977
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Cover Image: Laying Monster Tubes from the New River, 1855 by James Baker Pyne (1800–70) © Guildhall Art Gallery, City of London/The Bridgeman Art Library

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