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The First Church

Written by Ron Ripley

Edited by Emma Salam























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Ron Ripley


Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Doubting Thomases

Chapter 2: A Meeting with the Reverend

Chapter 3: Jim Gets Ready for Dinner

Chapter 4: The First Congregationalist Church

Chapter 5: Reviewing the Footage

Chapter 6: An Interview

Chapter 7: In the Basement

Chapter 8: Luke Allen, August 15, 1955

Chapter 9: At the Hotel Room

Chapter 10: The Rev and his Office

Chapter 11: Detective Dan Brown Times it Right

Chapter 12: Jim at the Burial Ground

Chapter 13: Unpleasant News

Chapter 14: Brian Does some Research

Chapter 15: Luke, Mr. Boyd and Saké, August 15, 1962

Chapter 16: A Conversation at Mrs. Staples’ House

Chapter 17: A Talk

Chapter 18: The Phone Call

Chapter 19: Officer Raelynn French Investigates

Chapter 20: Looking for Mr. Boyd

Chapter 21: Forced to Wait

Chapter 22: In The Riverwalk Café

Chapter 23: In the Church

Chapter 24: Waiting

Chapter 25: A Phone Call

Chapter 26: Searching for Answers

Chapter 27: Resisting

Chapter 28: In the Riverwalk

Chapter 29: A Curious Surprise

Chapter 30: Meeting Shane Ryan

Chapter 31: In the Basement

Chapter 32: A Ridiculous Discussion

Chapter 33: Jim Makes a Friend

Chapter 34: Interrupted

Chapter 35: Life Gets Difficult

Chapter 36: The Rev Returns

Chapter 37: Awakened in the Morning

Chapter 38: Detective Brown Does Some Digging

Chapter 39: Bad News

Chapter 40: Strategy

Chapter 41: Panic Sets In

Chapter 42: Lou’s Luck

Chapter 43: Dan Goes to City Hall

Chapter 44: Sato Sees and Knows

Chapter 45: Going for a Walk

Chapter 46: Luke Drinks Tea

Chapter 47: Alex Charles Goes for a Drive

Chapter 48: Dan Brown has a Revelation

Chapter 49: Brian and Shane try to Plan

Chapter 50: The Meeting

Chapter 51: Brian has a Chat

Chapter 52: The Hurlington House gets Loud

Chapter 53: Miles Cunningham thinks about the Future

Chapter 54: Meeting with the Gottesmans

Chapter 55: Luke, Mr. Boyd, August 15, 1967

Chapter 56: Traveling

Chapter 57: Ten Indian Rock Road

Chapter 58: The Contest Begins

Chapter 59: Jim Sees Too Much

Chapter 60: The Church

Chapter 61: Saying Goodbye

Bonus Scene Chapter 1: January 5th, 1968

Bonus Scene Chapter 2: Hiding them away

Bonus Scene Chapter 3: A Morning Pick-Me-Up

Bonus Scene Chapter 4: After Work

Bonus Scene Chapter 5: Nowhere to Run

Bonus Scene Chapter 6: Time Passes

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Chapter 1: Doubting Thomases


“Are you sure you heard him say ‘ghost’?” Matt asked.

Carlton nodded.  “I know I heard him say ghost.”

They stood in the alley to the left of Sam’s Smoke Shop.  The two boys, in spite of only being fourteen, had managed to get Matt’s sister to sell them a
six pack of Budweiser, but the plan to drink it had been put on hold.

Reverend Joe, it turned out, had to leave the office earlier than usual.

Mrs. Staples, who was supposed to clean the Church, had gotten an emergency call from her pet sitter.  One of her cats was stuck in a wall again.

The Church would be empty.

“How did you hear him?” Matt asked, keeping an eye on the Church office.  The
end’s car idled in its parking spot.  Their religious leader would leave at any moment.

“It was last night,” Carlton said.  “I was helping my mom clean up after youth group.  She was pretty upset about something and was talking to Dan’s mom.  When I passed by the Rev’s
office, I heard him on the phone.”

“What did he say exactly?” Matt asked, looking away from the Church, for a moment, and at his friend.

Carlton brushed a stray lock of blonde hair out of his eyes and said, “The Rev said, ‘I’ve got a headless ghost running around the Church.’”

“Who was he talking to?” Matt said, glancing back at the car.  It remained where it was.  Exhaust slipped out steadily from the tailpipe and into the cold afternoon March air.

“Don’t know,” Carlton answered.  “He said
‘thank you’
and I had to make like I was texting when he came out.  He went right over to
talk to my mom and Dave’s mom
.  It was weird.  All of them were acting

“Hell,” Matt said, “if I’d seen a headless ghost, I’d be pumped up.”

“Right,” Carlton said with a grin.

“Reminds me of the movie Sleepy Hollow, you know, the one with Johnny Depp,” Matt said.  He smiled.  “Maybe he’s looking for his head.”

Carlton laughed.  “Think he’ll try to take ours?”

Matt scoffed and shook his head.  “Na
h, ghosts can’t hurt anybody.”

“True,” Carlton said.

“Oh snap, the Rev’s leaving,” Matt said. H
e and Carlton turned their attention to the man’s little black Prius.  They watched
it back out of the parking space, go in reverse, and head down Main Street.

“So,” Carlton said, looking at his friend.  “You
still have the key?”

Matt grinned.  “
I do.  Mrs. Staples still thinks Jim lost it
after he fixed the broken window in the kitchen for her.”

Carlton rolled his eyes.  “Kid annoys me.”

“Kid annoys everyone,” Matt replied.  He slapped his friend’s thick shoulder.  “Come
on, we’ll cut around behind the Hurlington House.”

The two teenage boys moved quickly out of the alley.  Matt broke out the
beer from his back pack, took a pair and passed one to Carlton. As soon as they crossed the street and made it to the safety of the old, run down Hurlington building, they paused so they could open them.

Each of them winced at the first few gulps, but then, excited smiles all over their faces, they made their way to the back of the Church.

With quick steps, they slipped into the Old Burial Ground, settled down behind the Hanover monument and carefully
watched the Church’s back door.  They waited until the
y were finished, quickly drank another pair and then left the empty cans in the dirt.

No one came out of the office.  The lights remained off.

Matt fished the key out of his pocket and nodded to Carlton.

they stood and walked leisurely to the exit.  One last glance around showed they were unobserved
Matt unlocked the door.  They
slipped inside and locked out the rest of Rye, New Hampshire.

The air smelled
heavily of the Rev’s spiced tea, and the cleaning supplies Mrs. Staples constantly scoured the whole Church with.  There was enough light from the afternoon sun to fill the office.

Matt looked around.  “So, do you think we’ll be able to see a ghost, even though it’s

“Don’t know,” Carlton said, shrugging.  “Maybe we’ll have to wait?”

“Maybe,” Matt said.  He went and sat in the Rev’s seat and put his feet up on the desk.  “Carlton, we should totally
drink the last ones in here.”

Carlton laughed and shook his head. 
  I’m pretty sure Mrs. Staples would figure it
out, she’d smell the beer and then she’d hang us from the rafters.”

“True,” Matt said, grinning.  “Anyway, did the Rev say where he saw the ghost?”

“No,” Carlton answered.  “I mean, maybe he did, but it w
ould have been before I heard him.”

“It’s just weird,” Matt said after a minute.  “No one’s ever talked about seeing any ghosts before.”

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