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The Forbidden Promise (46 page)

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smiling and holding the twins in her arms welcomed Lucas and Aurora on their
return to the Zacatecas
. The train ride, as usual, had been
quite tiring.
Aurora and Lucas dined, tired and silent. Then, at certain point, Lucas
suggested going out into the garden.
" Let's go and look at the stars," he said.
Aurora nodded happily. She put on her cloak, and holding hands, they went
outside the main living room onto the lawn, their eyes turned towards the night
The air was cool and crisp and the black sky was clear and studded with myriads
of silver stars.
Lucas and Aurora kissed passionately.
"Now we can live happily, without any worries. The past is truly dead and
"Yes, it is true, but how much effort for so much happiness ..."
Lucas smiled.
"Do you remember when we met for the first time in the market on the day
of your return to Tampico?" Lucas asked, "You couldn’t stand
Aurora laughed.
"And when you treated me so badly at father Julian’s? Or when you
suggested the secret pact for the first time... "
"We’ve suffered, but in the end look what we have! And if it hadn’t been
for your crazy idea of the forbidden promise, who knows maybe we would never
have got married and we would not be enjoying our love."
Their lips met again.
"We should make a new promise," Aurora whispered, breaking away from
"Like what?" Lucas asked curiously.
"To live happily together forever."
"I agree!" He exclaimed, kissing her passionately again. And Aurora
knew that this latest agreement with Lucas would prove a success.


BOOK: The Forbidden Promise
6.28Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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