The Future of Love (Bachelor Billionaire #6)

BOOK: The Future of Love (Bachelor Billionaire #6)
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Future of Love

Billionaire #6)

Sharon Cummin

2016 Sharon Cummin

Rights Reserved

This story contains explicit sexual content that is not intended for
those under the age of 18. All characters appearing in this work are
fictitious and the age of 18 and older. Any resemblance to real
persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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of Contents


Years Earlier


had no idea how he'd let his mom and John talk him into going to a
baby shower. He knew all of John's friends would be there, but that
didn't make it any better. They were all so old compared to him. He
was only twenty-two and fresh out of college. All of the guys were
happy and in love, not to mention deep into having families. Heath
was the only single one. It wasn't going to be so bad hanging out
with him, Kyle thought. Heath was a nice guy who was totally stuck on
his best friend Lisa. The only problem there was that Lisa was
married to one of Heath's good friends. Kyle felt bad seeing Heath in
love with someone he could never have.

Kyle walked into the back door of the place they were having the
shower at, Heath was having a conversation with John. Kyle had no
idea what they were talking about, but Heath didn't waste any time
including him.

Kyle," Heath yelled out. "Us single men will stick
together. They can keep all this lovey crap while we get all the
ladies. There's no need to settle down with one woman."

walked over, wrapped his arm around Kyle's neck, and pulled him
through the door to the main room as he looked back at John.

we'll go out and pick some ladies up tonight while the rest of you
suckers are stuck at home," Heath yelled back over his shoulder.

the hell did I just walk into, was all Kyle could think. He watched
the look on Heath's face change when his eyes met with a woman's from
across the room. It was like he had seen a ghost, and he knocked his
shit off fast about going out to pick up ladies, which Kyle was happy
about. It didn't take long for Kyle to realize that Heath had put
himself in a very awkward position he needed to get out of. It made
Kyle smile, as he watched Heath talk his way through the situation so
they could get back to the kitchen and away from all of the women
that were crowded around.

helped Josh with some of the food but didn't leave the kitchen again.
There was no way he wanted to witness another awkward situation or be
a part of crazy baby games. The shower seemed to drag on forever.
What could they find to talk and laugh about for that long, he
wondered? Kyle was standing behind Heath by the door, when he saw
Heath push it open and watch the woman from earlier laughing
hysterically. He shook his head and watched Heath's expression. He's
screwed, Kyle thought. What a sucker. All that talk about being
single was crap. There was definitely something going on between
Heath and his mystery woman.

Kyle heard a soft laugh coming from a few chairs away from where
Heath was staring, he looked around the table. His eyes stopped on
the beautiful woman sitting next to Julie. She was younger than the
rest of the women at the table, much younger. He had never seen her
at their group's functions before. She reached up and covered her
laugh with her hand. A piece of her long, silky hair fell in front of
her face, and Kyle couldn't help but want to brush it aside for her.
When she took her hand away from her face, all Kyle could see was the
most perfect smile.

noticed Heath looking over at him and smiled.

Heath asked.

the girl sitting next to Julie?" Kyle asked.

Gavin's secretary. Her name is Jenny. Why?" Heath asked.

reason," Kyle answered. "I was just wondering."

Heath said. "Don't get any ideas. Gavin would have your head."

went back into the kitchen to wait until he was released to leave. He
needed to get out of there and hang out with some guys his own age.

shower was finally over, and he was called in to help carry things so
all of the pregnant women didn't lift anything. He saw Jenny walk
back through the front door and couldn't help but watch her. She
walked over and handed Gavin a bunch of stuff from work. Gavin was
talking about staying home for the week to get the nursery ready.
Kyle watched Jenny turn and walk over to talk to Becky. He couldn't
peel his eyes away from her and couldn't help but feel like a
teenager in high school.

made eye contact with him twice before he heard Gavin call him over
to where he was standing. Heath smiled and gave Kyle an "I told
you so" look on his way by. Kyle walked up to Gavin and sighed.

Kyle said.

even think about it. She's my secretary and the only one I trust.
I've been home a lot lately. If it weren't for her, I'd have to be
there watching things. Don't even think about messing with her. She's
a great girl. I won't have you messing with her head," Gavin

wasn't going to say a word to her. That's not my thing. I need to
concentrate on work and impressing Ethan. He's been really awesome
with teaching me things. I want to own my own company one day. I
don't have time to waste on a relationship. Besides, I wouldn't want
to leave Heath hanging as the only single guy. What would he do?"

turned around and walked away. He gave Heath a shitty look on the way
out. It was time to go out for a few drinks with people that weren't
friends of his parents or related to work in any way. He needed to
get away from it all, especially her. Through high school and
college, he'd never had an instant reaction the moment he'd laid eyes
on a woman.

was Gavin's secretary and was completely off limits. He had way more
important things he needed to concentrate on. Ethan had only hired
him on months before. He had taken Kyle under his wing and was
showing him so many things it would've taken him years to learn
anyplace else. The more Kyle watched Ethan, the more he knew he was
going to own a company of his own one day. He was going to strive to
do just as well as Ethan, and he was looking forward to the journey
ahead of him. Kyle didn't have time to get wrapped up in a woman or a
relationship. There was only one problem with is plan. No matter how
hard he tried or what he did to get his mind off of Jenny, he
couldn't shake the feeling he got when their eyes connected. The one
woman he couldn't have was the only woman he could think about.



was sitting in his office looking between two of the monitors. He was
typing away at the keyboard when his phone began to vibrate and move
across his desk. When he looked down to see it was his mother
calling, he slid his finger up the screen to send her to his
voicemail. He was deep in the middle of his thoughts about the game
he was working on and didn't want to be interrupted. Kyle figured
he'd call her back on his drive home. She most likely just wanted to
talk about his sister or something family related anyway. When she
didn't call right back, he smiled and dove back into his work.

minutes later, Ethan walked in and stood with his shoulder against
the door. Kyle waited a moment hoping Ethan would turn back around
and leave, but he knew it wasn't going to happen.

Kyle said, without looking up from the screen in front of him.

your mother," Ethan said.

could hear the smirk he knew he'd find on Ethan's face when he
finally lifted his eyes from the screen. Kyle's eyes closed tight
before opening again to see Ethan still standing there.

know damn well my brother called me the second you sent her to
voicemail. Couldn't you at least let it ring enough to let the call
go there on its own?" he asked.

rolled his eyes and smiled.

seriously called you?" Kyle asked.

did," Ethan said. "I may not be able to play the boss card
on your ass anymore, but I have no problem pulling the uncle card."

funny," Kyle said. "I'm busy trying to get stuff done.
Shouldn't your ass be home changing diapers or something?"

is what matters, Kyle," Ethan said. "Take it from someone
whose mom died when he was small and whose dad couldn't be bothered.
When your mom calls, you answer. There is only one other person you
always answer for quicker than your mother. That's not something you
have to deal with yet."

won't have to ever worry about that," Kyle said. "I thought
you weren't coming into the office anymore. You always seem to be
here. Go home to your wife and twenty kids."

won't be talking that shit when you fall in love. It'll come out of
nowhere, and she'll knock you on your ass before you know what hit
you. I'll be right there to laugh my ass off when it happens. I only
have four kids by the way. Don't keep making it seem like more. My
woman would kick your butt if she heard you."

second thought," Kyle said with a laugh. "I don't think you
need to be home. If you even look at Julie, she gets pregnant."

can't help that my woman looks cute pregnant," Ethan said.
"She's happy with our family of six. I wanted more, but she
wasn't having it."

if you'd let her breathe for more than a second in between, she'd
change her mind," Kyle said.

BOOK: The Future of Love (Bachelor Billionaire #6)
5.44Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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