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Authors: Careese Mills

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The Gamer's Wife

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The Gamer’s Wife

Careese Mills

The Gamer’s Wife

Careese Mills

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Nathaniel Gaines stared
ahead at the enormous glowing screen, his lips parted. His eyes
were opened wide enough that you could see in them the reflection
of the animated violence of the game he was playing, Assassin’s
Code. The small room was lit only by the flickering lights from the
game and filled with its exaggerated explosions.

His wife Trisha was just
outside the room, which she referred to as Nathaniel’s “man-cave”,
sitting at the dining table, hearing the sound effects through the
door. Trisha was an extremely attractive twenty-four year old woman
with long luxurious straight brown hair with highlighted tips, and
almond eyes that spoke of a mixed ethnic heritage. She was biting
her voluptuous lip, staring down at her phone, reading the text for
the hundredth time.

The text was from Ethan
Knight, Trisha’s former coworker. They used to work together as
loan officers at Heritage Bank, before he resigned to start his own
mortgage processing company. He made no secret of his attraction to
her. She had, however, repressed her attraction to him, until
today. He came to town on a business trip, for only a few days, and
gotten in touch with her. Two days earlier he asked if she was free
for lunch. She turned his invitation down, in fear of being seen in
town with him, and how she might feel being around him. But regret
gnawed at her ever since, and finally she texted him asking if they
could meet at his casino hotel, which was almost an hour away,

He vowed to make it a
“memorable evening”. That was the text that Trisha’s narrow eyes
were transfixed by.
She looked up at the

It was time.

Rising, her stomach full of
butterflies, she called to her husband, “Nate... I’m going

Mm.” was the only
response, and the explosions continued.

Trisha stepped out into the
warm winter night and took a quick look around. She surmised that
most of her neighbors were out enjoying the drastic change of
weather, because no one was outside. She was wearing her most
flattering, purple dress, with a heavy cream shawl, while her hair
flowed in the light February breeze. Even though the weather was
nice, it looked like a storm was brewing in the pink Louisiana sky.
She took a quick backwards glance towards the house, then stepped
into the limo and the driver sped off into the mysterious

God, you haven’t changed
at all. You look as beautiful as I remember you.” said Ethan,
staring across the table at Trisha, a glass of white wine in his

Trisha’s face flushed and
she avoided his gaze. “Do you always talk this way to married
women?” she joked.

How is that going? Your
marriage. Be honest.” Ethan said reaching across the table to lay
his hand on hers.

Trisha felt his charm, good
looks, and the wine, giving her a buzz.
“Fine.” she said.

Ethan laughed. “You’re a
terrible liar.” he said. “How long have you been married? Two
years, right? You should be over the moon!”

It’s complicated. He works
extremely hard, but he plays hard too.”

Ethan nodded, “He’s a
sheriff right? I’m sure that’s stressful,” he paused. “How does he
play hard? Do you mean he’s a gambler?”

Trisha shook her head, “Oh
no, not that. He is a gamer. A video gamer. The games are tough to
compete with.” she said, looking down at the wedding ring on her

What could possibly
compete with you, Trisha?” Ethan said, flashing his perfect

Trisha cocked her head to
the side, “You’re full of flattery tonight aren’t you?” She smiled.
“At first his video game obsession was fun.” she continued. “We
used to love playing them together. I guess I sort of figured that
once we were man and wife, he would center his attention a little
more on me. But after dinner, I can tell that he really rather be
elsewhere, like in the basement with his online buddies. He goes in
there and pretty much closes the rest of the world

I can’t believe it!” Ethan
said, shaking his head. “What kind of man would play with a gaming
system, when he could play with you?” he laughed, “Excuse me for
putting it that way”.

Trisha laughed too. “You
don’t understand, because he is the Deputy Sheriff of St. Tammany
Parish, he is under a lot of pressure. He’s an important part of
the community, sometimes he gets called away on emergencies,
casualties...he needs to relax, and I guess the

Ethan cut her off. “Still.
If I had a bride like you, I would find all the comfort I need in
her arms. Speaking of which... would you care to

A moment later Ethan and
Trisha were circling the dance floor to the seductive sounds of a
slow bossa nova groove. His hand found the small of her back, and
her hand rested on the back of his neck. Her heart was beating like
a hummingbird’s wings.

It’s not that he’s some
kind of bum,” she continued, aware that the alcohol had loosened
her conversational inhibitions somewhat. “He helps out around the

Ethan cleared his throat.
“May I change the subject?” he asked.


Trisha nodded and looked
into his welcoming brown eyes.

You know the whole time we
worked together at that silly bank, I had my eye on

Trisha blushed again. “I
know.” she answered.

He leaned in and pressed
his lips to hers. After the initial shock, her eyes fluttered
closed, her lips parted, and their tongues joined the dance. A few
very steamy minutes later, the two were stumbling through the
hallway toward Ethan’s room, like tipsy teenagers. Trisha laughed
and pushed Ethan’s hands off her hip as his other hand fumbled for
his room keycard. They spilled into his room, holding each other
already. The pair were so sexually energized that the distance from
the door to the bed was too great, and they descended to the
carpeted floor instead, lost in the mad moment.

Impatient fingers tugged
and tore at buttons and zippers as the pair wrestled amorously.
When Trisha had freed Ethan’s chest, her hands caressed it and her
lips traced his collarbone. His hand had snuck into her dress and
bra, to gently cup her firm breast. His thumb found her nipple and
flicked it twice, eliciting a sigh of pleasure from the married

To accommodate his roving
hands she turned around and showed him the zipper of her dress. She
didn’t need to say a word, he pulled the zipper down slowly, as if
unwrapping a gift. For just a moment, as the black dress slipped
off of her body, Trisha allowed an image of Nathaniel to pass
through her mind. The guilt evaporated like steam as she felt
Ethan’s loving, tender kisses on her skin, descending her neck to
her heaving chest. His lips parted and took her nipple between
them. It was swollen and erect, sending shockwaves through her
nerve endings as his tongue massaged it and he tugged it lightly
between his teeth.

Kicking off the last of the
garments, the couple froze, Ethan looking down on Trisha, Trisha
looking up at Ethan. Even in their drunken haze, they knew they had
reached the point of no return. Ethan’s pulsating penis hovered
just inches away from Trisha’s warmth, and the line between
extramarital fooling around and an actual affair was about to be

Ethan detected the anxiety
in Trisha’s face and leaned in to her until their foreheads
touched. “You look so beautiful right now, scared, vulnerable,
excited, and full of passion.” he told her. This melted away her
worries, and she kissed him hard. It had been so long since someone
had spoken to her that way.

Trisha was so seized with
emotion by Ethan’s tenderness, she felt a tear slide down her
cheek. It was everything she wanted from her husband, except it was
from another man. Wiping the tear, Ethan kissed her and whispered,
“Ssh, don’t worry. All I want is to love you. I won’t hurt you, I
won’t use you... if you let me, I just want to fill you with the
feeling you have filled me with all evening.”

He entered her gently.
Softly, they began to move as one in a graceful motion like waves
on the shore. He thrust forward and she joined him, then they both
unflexed and sank again, only to repeat a second later. The thrusts
picked up in both speed and force, as their lips joined

Their bodies glistened with
sweat. Trisha was pinned down by his large frame, and she liked it.
He leaned forward to take her small erect nipple into his mouth, in
fact to take as much of her breast into his mouth as he could.
Trisha cried out in ecstasy. He began to pump his manhood in and
out of her soft, warm, soaked vagina, fast and

She managed to roll him
over, and, straddling her former coworker, began to ride him with
more passion than she could remember having. Her body tingled, a
sensation in all her nerve endings made me her warm, flushed. She
was going to orgasm.

Yes! Oh God!” she shouted,
her breasts bouncing as she lifted her hips to allow him to thrust
in and out of her from below. Orgasm consumed her, and for a moment
the world was on fire. The walls of her opening tensed up and
squeezed him tightly. She collapsed on his chest.

Ethan flipped her over one
last time onto her back, accidentally banging the bedside table,
sending a vase off of it, shattering. She looked up at him with
lust in her eyes, wanting nothing more than his sex, his cock, to
be fucked like the beautiful sexy creature she had forgotten that
she was.

He pounded in and out of
her like a piston, shutting his eyes and gritting his teeth. Veins
in his neck looked ready to burst. He cried out, and quickly pulled
out from her warmth, taking ahold of his throbbing meat, just as it
erupted. Four or five jets of thick warm semen were shot from his
cock, landing with a splat each time on Trisha’s flat

Ethan collapsed on the
floor beside her, breathing heavily, covered with perspiration.
Trisha’s hand lazily toyed with the semen on her stomach, pushing
it around, into her navel, watching as it made her soft skin

When they finally made it
to the bed, hours of cuddling ensued with the couple rolling around
the soft hotel sheets. Ethan leaned over into her ear and
whispered, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Trisha eyes closed as she
remembered the day that was designed for lovers and how this was
the best Valentine’s Day that she ever had.

Far away, out of the
lovers’ sight, Nathaniel was sitting in the same position, mouth
ajar, eyes wide, in the same room, playing the same game. He hadn’t
noticed the length of Trisha’s absence, fully absorbed in his make
believe world. The last thing he would have thought was that his
beautiful young bride was lying in another man’s arms in a casino
hotel, giggling, talking and cuddling.

The sweet smell of sex hung
in the air of the room. Ethan suggested they take a shower
together, and it sounded perfectly lovely to Trisha. The bathroom
was enormous, decorated in marble, and the dimmer on the wall
provided just the right mood lighting, as Ethan turned on the water
and got it to the perfect hot temperature.

BOOK: The Gamer's Wife
4.63Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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