The Ghost of Forever: Gothic Romance Novel

BOOK: The Ghost of Forever: Gothic Romance Novel
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Jane Winston

The Ghost of Forever

Gothic Romance Novel

































All characters and events portrayed in this book are a work of fiction. Any similarity to real persons, living or deceased is purely coincidental and not intended by the author.

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The Ghost of Forever

Gothic Romance Novel


Jane Winston




Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6



Chapter 1


Once a long time ago, I was in love with a guy who was as close to perfect as I have ever seen. He was the heartthrob of our group. I never expected a tragedy would ever come because I loved him. We were both very young at the time.


We just looked at one another. There was no smiling at all; that was our daily routine. Years ended up passing and as soon as we knew it, we were now seniors. 2 months before our prom, he had spoken to me for the very first time.


He was asking me if I could accompany him as his date for the event and I said yes. I still didn’t' know why he had asked me that question. The day before our prom, one of his friends had told me that my crush was admiring me the entire time.


I didn't tell my crush what his friends had told me because at that time, I was thinking that he had to have been joking around. Our prom ended up coming. He looked so handsome. I didn't expect that he would actually ask me to dance and tango with him.


I was speechless. I stood up as he ended up touching my hand. I didn't know what I had to do. He just ended up putting his hands on my waist as we began dancing.


Then, suddenly....."I love you Lizzie. Will you be my girlfriend?"


I was shocked at that exact moment. I didn't expect that he felt the same way that I did. I felt this happiness as if I was the luckiest person in the entire world. The boy that I loved had confessed that he loved me as well.


As people said, dreams do come true. "Yes Larry, I will do it!"


Happiness could be seen from his face. He held up my hand tightly. After the song, we both ended up sitting together while holding one another's hands. We both talked about our relationship. He kept saying, "I love you!"


We both made a commitment to one another and we promised we would love each other for the rest of my life. After our prom, our life began as a couple. All of the kids in the school knew what we did have.


One afternoon, I was walking through the isle going home. He said he would follow me because he had some work to finish up at school. I saw a bunch of gang bangers on the other side. They all ended up coming towards me and cornering me.


One of them began touching me, but Larry came. He was following me the entire time as they began fighting. I started to weep, for I had no idea what to do. I was scared of what would happen to Larry and me.


Then suddenly, one of the men ended up getting a knife and pointing it towards my boyfriend. I was terrified. When he was about to stab him, I pushed my boyfriend away as the boy ended up hitting me. It hurt. It hurt really badly as the men away leaving us both hurt.


When I fell, Larry caught me. He was kneeling on the floor with me inside of his arms while my hand was on my chest. I couldn't breathe properly any longer. My senses weren't responding as my sight began blurring and my heart was now beating emphatically.


I could feel way too much blood escaping my chest. He cried, "Lizzie. Please, do not leave me!"


That was the first time I had ever seen him cry as I gave him a weak smile as a sign that I would never give up. Then, I ended up closing my eyes.



Chapter 2


I felt a horrifying pain in my chest. I moved my fingers slowly because some of the parts of my body were still hurting. I slowly opened up my eyes and I saw a rather bright light. Am I in heaven? I blinded while wandering my eyes around the room and I noticed that I was at a hospital.


I saw my mother shocked when she ended up entering the room. She rushed towards me and ended up hugging me slowly. I hugged her back. She was sobbing as I moved her away from me so that I could ask her what happened.


She wiped her tears while facing me as she said, "Mom. Why am I here?"


She replied, "You were hit badly by a knife on your chest."


"Where is Larry?" When I asked that question, my heart beat ended up skipping a beat. It was like I had a horrible feeling about the answer I would hear. I kept asking her, but she kept crying.


"Larry is dead." A tear fell from my eyes as soon as I heard that. I cried and I thought I had saved him, why was he dead?


"Mother, I saved him. Why is he dead?"


"When that accident happened, your heart was weak because you got stabbed. The only thing that could have saved you was the heart transplant and Larry gave you his. He also left a letter for you!"


I cried and cried without believing this. I should be the one that was dead, not him. I had saved him, but he decided to save me instead. My mom ended up handing me a letter as I opened it up and began reading it.




When you read this letter, I may be gone. I cannot let myself die without telling you my true feelings for you. Freshmen year.


Falling in love with you was never a part of my plan, but love is unpredictable. That was the very first time I had seen you. It was like love at very first sight and it was at that time I knew that I loved you. I just couldn't tell you how I felt though.


I was scared of what you might say or that you might not love me the same. I was afraid that you would hate me. To make things worse, my best friend also loves you. He confessed first and I didn't want to ruin our friendship over it. I kept quiet about the feelings I had for you.


I tried my best to move on, but my heart would only beat for you. Until, we became seniors. My best friend had told me that you liked me. I felt as if I was the happiest man in the world. So, I invited you to be my prom date and you said yes. I'll never forget that.


That's the first time you talked to me. Do you still remember our prom? That was the day I confessed it all. I was rather nervous. I didn't know what you were going to answer at the time, but I was shocked to hear you say yes.


I was so happy, I was never so happy in my life ever before. I will never regret to have you. I know someday that these pages of my life will end, but I want you to know it was the most beautiful chapter in my life. I love you Lizzie. Always remember that I will love you for the rest of my life. I will do everything to be with you once again.






Chapter 3


I couldn't stop blaming myself for what had happened. It took me about 3 years for the wounds to heal and for me to be able to move on. After that incident, my life had become miserable and was filled with loneliness.


But someone ended up coming and helping me heal these wounds. This guy made me feel what living was for. He got me to smile once again and unconsciously, he got me to realize that life had its own ups and downs.


People just had to move on and forget the bitter and sat parts of your life. Jared was the guy who had helped me. We became friends, but I never thought this was going to lead to a bigger relationship. I never thought that day would ever come to my life.


He confessed of how he really felt for me. He said words that got me to remember what I had in the past. He reminded me of Larry, the guy in my past that I will always love.


"Lizzie. I think it was about time for you to know how I really feel. I love you ever since the day I met you. It took me about 3 years to have the courage to say all of this stuff to you. But, if you aren't yet ready....I'll wait for you no matter what."


3 years wasn't a joke for a person that could wait that long. In those 3 years, I learned to love Jared but not as how much I loved Larry. Maybe, I am just treating him as my rebound but I knew that I would learn to love him as long as I had a chance.


Without knowing it, the word YES just came right out of my mouth. Then, I became his girl. I had been happy having Jared by my side. He never let me feel hurt as I did in the past. We spent 5 years together and continued strong.


Then, the day after our 5th anniversary, he ended up proposing. I didn't turn his offer down because I didn't have a reason to do it. I finally found a guy was the only thing that came to my mind. I was sure that Jared was the guy. We set our wedding date up quickly.


2 days before the big day, he ended up calling me. We talked on the phone all night long and we were extremely excited for the most important event in our life. When I was finally able to hang the phone up, I heard a strange and rather familiar voice.


"Forever babe."


That voice made the tears flow into my eyes once again. Then, I heard Jared screaming at the next line. "Screech." That was the very last thing I heard as my heart was beating as if I was racing and I had a bad feeling on what I had just heard.


Chapter 4


Then, the next day....I had heard the worst news in my life. Jared, the love of my life had just died in a car wreck last night. He was found dead when the cops came. I remembered hearing my ex's voice. I kept wondering and attempting to solve what had happened the night before.


It seemed just like the other day, Jared and I were happy while planning our wedding and now I really didn't expect those memories would come to an end. It didn't end because of a break up, but rather because of death.


Sadness and sorrow ended up coming and replacing the happiness that I had felt. But two questions continued bothering me, "Could I move on?"


"Why did I hear my ex-boyfriend's voice from the night that I heard the accident?"


January 15th, my ex and Jared had passed on that exact day. Was this a coincidence or destiny? I decided to consult a paranormal individual on this matter, but she never found anything.


November 1st came and it was time to visit the loved ones that had passed away. When I visited Larry's grave, I stayed there for a while all by myself.


A strong wind passed as I heard his voice saying, "Forever babe!"


I looked around only to see a shadow. Then, I was right. I touched him, but I couldn't feel him. I couldn't see his face. Then, he suddenly faced me while grabbing my arms. I felt his tight grip on my arms as if he was mad at me. His eyes were fully red. Then, his voice ended up turning into a devilish tone.


"You promised you would love me forever, but you had a baby with Jared."


He said that with anger before disappearing. I didn't know that I was pregnant. In our backyard, I saw a big tree that was in front of my room's window. Each night, I felt his presence inside of that tree. Every night, he was looking at me by that window.

BOOK: The Ghost of Forever: Gothic Romance Novel
13.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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