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Then, one brave night....I went outside to that specific tree as I saw him there. He was wearing all white looking more handsome than ever. Now, I was sure that I loved this guy. He told me he also loved me. I wasn't afraid of him because I knew he would never hurt me.


"Lizzie. Let me be the father of your child you are having. I will love you even when I am in the afterlife. I will wait for you until the day your death comes. But now, let's bring back what we had 8 years ago. I ended up killing Jared because I want to love you. I am here for you and I promise you that we are made to love one another."


But, I really couldn't love him the way I had 8 years ago. Days ended up passing and I tried escaping him, but he kept following me. I am tired. I cannot escape a dead person, but I still couldn't love him the way I had 8 years ago.


He, himself knew what I had been feeling. I had to make a plan. One night, I was at my house all by myself. I was rather busy indulging in books on how to get rid of all of these spirits. I did not mind the time as it went on. In the middle of my book, I heard a knocking sound on my door.


"Who is it?"


I asked, but nobody would answer. Still, the knocking ended up continuing and it was getting louder and louder. It is pissing me off. I rushed towards the door and opened it up to my curiosity, but nobody was there. I looked to the side and I saw no person either.


I couldn't even sense a shadow. I was getting ready to close the door when I saw something in my eyesight that passed by my side. It made me shiver.


Chapter 5


I closed the door and shut the lights off in the living room. I went back and continued doing what I had been doing. Maybe, it was just a prank that kids were playing.


"When a spirit asked something, give it to him. In any other case, the spirit will not stop bothering you."


That sentence in the book ended up making me think again and again. I finished the bed and I went into bed. I was snuggling comfortably when I heard a knock on the door. I didn't mind it as I went back into bed.


But that knocking continued, but this time....I felt a rather sharp object that was banging on my door that terrified me. It began banging louder causing me to think that that my neighbors could hear the noises now.


I was shocked at what I saw when I looked through the peephole. I tried looking further, but I saw a man with a black cloak and a knife in his hand. I couldn't' see the face.


I moved away from the stroke of the knife as it was getting ready to touch my eyes. I heard the voice say, "You will not escape me."


I hid under the tables of the kitchen as I heard some heavy footsteps around me. I moved hoping it wouldn't see me. But, then he stopped. He began bending over until our eyes met. I was terrified.


he held the knife tightly and was getting ready to stab me, but I ran away. I looked back, but I couldn't see him. I stopped while trying to catch my breath.


I sat on the sidewalk and began thinking about what I had read inside of the book. Give the spirit just what he wants? So, if he wants my life then I will give it to him. I was back to my sense only to realize that I was resting.


I saw nothing around me, no grass, no trees and no cars passing by. I wandered my eyes towards the place, but it was very dark. I tried walking, but I ended up tripping. I was unable to see.


Suddenly, I could feel something grabbing at my arm and trying to assist me so I could stand. I was unsure who it was, but I wasn't protesting. My knees were badly hurt. Once I stood up, I felt someone hugging me. It was the warmth and it felt familiar.



Chapter 6


When I recognized who it was, I ended up pushing him away. I slowly tried running but he held my arms and said, "You will never escape from me."


I pushed his arms away and ran once again. I didn't care if it was dark because no matter what happened, I had to escape him. I ran and ran until the places were very unfamiliar to me. The place I got used to had green leaves with brown trunks for the tree.


But this place was violet and black with trees all over the place. I touched each tree that I passed, and then I saw a pile of rocks next to the biggest area in this place.


It was a wolf, but it wasn't a regular wolf. It had black fur that was rustling through the wind with big jaws that a person could hold inside of it. Big paws that could crush my face and big flashy blue eyes that were now staring into my eyes.


It slowly ended up fading away as I stepped away towards it. The wolf, it ended up reminding me of Jared. He once had said that if he ever died, he wanted to come back as a wolf. He wanted to go a place where the souls could rest. I looked around and noticed someone on the big tree.


When I got to him, he ended up hugging me as he felt tears on his shoulders. He gave me a bite to eat. Maybe, this was the time to give myself to him. This is what he wanted, right?


I would sacrifice myself so that he could stop interfering in my life. I looked at it while I slowly ate it before collapsing. I was unconscious now.


Feeling the breeze of that rusty wind, I could feel someone brushing my hair slowly away from my face. I woke up with Larry in a gorgeous place. It was paradise.


He said to me, "We are here. The place we can love one another forever."


He told me everything. I was about to agree as I touched my tummy. I felt the innocent life inside of me. I realized that if I had offered myself to him, then how would this innocent being live in the world that he deserved?


"I am sorry, I cannot." I finally answered, "But I thought that this is what you would like." He asked.


"I loved you but if you really do love me, you must set me free Larry." His hands clenched into fists and his face was now filled with anger.


"Remember this. The guy that you will love will die after a month of happiness each time." He angrily said.


Then, I woke up inside of the hospital thinking what he said. I was left with the curse he had left with me. I grew old without ever loving someone realizing that promise he made with me.


I told myself that I would never make a promise that I wouldn't be able to keep forever.


Especially, when it involved love. Because it was a matter of life and death. But this, I ended up keeping in mind.


"Forever is a HEAVY word".


The End.





















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Chapter 5

Chapter 6

BOOK: The Ghost of Forever: Gothic Romance Novel
3.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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