Read The Hottie Billionaire Series: Romancing A Banking Magnate (The Billionaire Meets The Damsel In Distress) Online

Authors: Sharon Rose

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The Hottie Billionaire Series: Romancing A Banking Magnate (The Billionaire Meets The Damsel In Distress)

BOOK: The Hottie Billionaire Series: Romancing A Banking Magnate (The Billionaire Meets The Damsel In Distress)
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The Hottie Billionaires Series:
Romancing A Banking Magnate

(The Billionaire Meets The Damsel In

Written by SHARON ROSE

Copyright 2015

All Rights Reserved

Smashwords Edition


She stopped in front of him,
her faint shadow cast on him,
her look dominant as if she could put him under her mercy. But it
only added exhilaration to the rush of excitement that was pounding
in his blood.

Xavier looked up, keeping up with her
pace, with her tantalizing movements.

She smiled at him, a sweet
smile that made his world turn upside down. God, this woman was
beautiful, so fucking beautiful, that she took his breath

He was surrounded by a lot
of hot chicks in his jet-setting world, but it was the first time
that he had stumbled upon her kind of beauty. He just couldn’t
explain it. She looked innocent, yet feisty. The unique combo
surely made a lasting impression in him.

She ducked her head,
shoving her face closer to his. Her sweet scent assaulted his
nostrils, dug deep in his lungs, and his senses ran

Damn! This woman wasn't
just lovely, but she smelled like the sweetest flower in the world,

"Hello, Xavier..." she
whispered with an oh-so-sexy voice. Her warm breathing tickled the
sensitive tissues in his ear.

A sharp fireball of heat
blasted through his core, rushed to every fiber of his being, and
exponentially concentrated in painful assemblage in his

Holy fuck! But he could
feel his rock hard erection, straining against the fabric of his
pants, violently wanting to break free from confinement.

"Yes... I can turn you on,
Xavier. I'll make you go crazy over me, until you'll want me like
you have never wanted anyone else in your
Katrina's sweet promise
reverberated in his mind.

He took a sharp intake of
breath. He was fucking more than just turned on at this bloody

Katrina was just starting
to seduce him, yet he was already panting in agonizing need to be
buried deep in her creamy, molten sheets. His hands were itching to
grab her, pin her down the floor, strip her of her clothes, and
thrust his throbbing manhood full and deep in her core. The need to
be inside her was overwhelming!

Ah... it had been a while
since he was panting in desperate need to fuck a pussy. How he
missed the feeling! It felt so darn good to be a testosterone
driven man again. Finally, he was back on track. Thank

Her arms draped around his shoulders,
imprisoning him, shoving her intoxicating sweet scent more to his
nose. He breathed through her fresh, sweet scent. It was more
potent than the most expensive perfume.

Oh, how he dug her scent!

She sat on his lap, spread her legs
openly in front of him, straddling him. She was wearing a skin
tight jeans, and the mound of flesh between the junction of her
thighs was fleshy and apparent.

The thought that he was looking at her
feminity made his mouth water. That was the most precious part of a
woman that could make a man go out of his mind. And oh Lordy, it
was such a lovely, carnal sight!

Her soft hands crawled to
his chest, slipped inside his suit, and touched his bare chest. Her
soft fingers scraped against the hardness of his swollen nipple. It
created ripples of sensations all over him.

It was a gripping moment where
sensations plagued through him, titillated him, and uncontrollably
took over his sanity. He just closed his eyes to savor the moment,
amazed at how this woman could make him feel. 

He was horny as

Nobody had just simply
touched him, and immediately turned him into an about to erupt
volcano. Or maybe a hopeless, romantic fool?

"Hmmmn..." she purred right in front of
his ear.

That faint, below a whisper
sound triggered sexy, carnal thoughts in his mind. He wanted her to
purr like that when he was pounding hard in her, maybe even louder
and harder, until he had deliciously made her pussy sore and red,
until she was clenching tight around him, lost and drowned in the
intensity of her own release.

Whoah! This lovely woman
was surely a tease! And he was beyond turned on. His manhood
stirred in violent frenzy, and suddenly, a creamy liquid smeared
around the tip of his cock, dampening his cotton boxer

Damn precum! he cussed
under his breath. That fast! That easy! And he wanted to already
mercilessly jack off like a silly, inexperienced


And he lost control. With his body
craving in intense need, he stood on his feet, dragged her in his
arms, and pushed her against the wall. His one hand held her leg,
pulled it up, and strapped it around his hips.

He was breathing hard now. His whole
body was clamoring to have a taste of her, to have a fill of her.
He was dying to indulge in the decadent pleasure of her wanton

He wanted her. He wanted her so bad
like he had never wanted anyone else in his life. 

Chapter 1

Xavier drank his
bottle of beer in one gulp,
expression was grim. Agitation was printed all over his face, and
as much as he wanted to stay cool, he just simply

He fumed as he took another swig of his beer.
He had a tiff with his girlfriend just hours ago, and it turned out

He shut his eyes hard as Janine’s
disappointed and furious face popped in his mind. Frustrated, he
cringed in embarrassment. How could he forget his girlfriend’s epic
annoyance? It was hard to erase from his memory when he was the
sole culprit.

Janine had never been furious in
the course of their year-long relationship, but he pushed her to
her breaking limits. He knew he had disappointed the woman, but it
wasn't as if he intended to. It was purely

Well, he did try his best to please
her. The devil knew how much he wanted to make Janine purr. How he
wanted her to shout his name while on the verge of passion. It was
just that his efforts went in vain as his own body forsook

He had a lot of girlfriends in the
past. He hopped from one lap to another. But Janine could be the
best sex partner he could ever find. Passionate and experienced,
she knew a lot of tricks and acrobatics in bed. Her lips and mouth
were simply talented. She could make a guy jerk off his loads in
just a few minutes. No pun intended!

Well, she actually made their bedroom
encounters a one helluva experience for the past twelve months. She
was a gem, he knew that, but sad to say that he lost her in the
most notorious and embarrassing way.

He groaned inwardly at the thought,
shaking his head in incredulity. It was something that he couldn’t
take, a bitter pill that was hard to swallow.

What happened to him was the worst thing that
could happen to a man. It was a nightmare and a curse.

Heck, but what the hell really
happened to him? All he knew was that, he was having the time of
his life, then suddenly, everything dissipated from there. He
didn’t know exactly when his dilemma started, and how it started.
It just happened. And boom! He was owned.

And it horrendously became his
notorious problem that he must deal with. He was really puzzled at
how his body behaved in the past few days. He knew that something
was wrong with him, but he was in denial for some time.

His problem had worsened as the
days passed by, and he was at the point in his life where he just
couldn’t ignore it anymore. Sooner or later, he would need to
face the truth and deal with his fear. And the incident a while ago
with Janine inside his bedroom cinched the deal. He knew that he
was a dead meat from now on.

He gripped his bottle of beer as
firm as he could. His face darkened in frustration. He shouted a
series of expletives in his mind, hoping that it would make him
feel better, but it didn’t.

Hey, bro, what's up?”

Xavier felt the gentle tap on his
shoulder, and he blinked his eyes. He tilted his head, looked at
his side, and he saw Nikolas peering at him in curiosity. He was
momentarily lost in his thoughts that he had forgotten the fact
that he was with his friend in an expensive club in the Metro,
sharing some bottles of beer as his problem tortured

Nikolas snapped him back to
reality. The booming music in the club filled his ears. Suddenly,
his world became chaotic, just like his thoughts.

He didn’t like the way Nikolas peered at him
with his inquisitive eyes. He happened to be one of his best
buddies, but no, he wouldn’t tell him his dreaded

He pressed his lips together as he
remained mum. He didn't dare answer Nikolas’ question. Instead, he
took another bottle of beer and drank it like a thirsty mammal,
consuming the content in one, long shot.

Looks like you have one hell of a
problem there, brother,” Nikolas commented seriously. “You are not
your usual self tonight. Did you have a squabble with Janine, or
something like that? You know...” He shrugged his

Damn! His muscles tensed as his
friend reminded him of his nasty tiff with his girlfriend. How
could Nikolas have a clue? Was he really that transparent? One of
the things that he liked about his pal was that he could easily
read his mind, but he hated it some other times. Just like

Oh, come on, buddy,” Nikolas
sounded as if he wouldn’t let the topic just slip away.

He sighed softly, then, gently nodded his head
in confirmation. His eyes sparkled with animosity as he opened his
lips to speak. “That bitch just dropped a bomb on me hours ago as
if World War III is coming.”


Xavier swallowed hard. The
monosyllabic question of Nikolas drilled inside him like a hammer,
taunting his already bruised male ego. He sighed again. “Well…” his
voice trailed off. He struggled to verbalize the embarrassing words
at the tip of his tongue. Shit!

He was shy to confess his silly problem to his
friend. He knew that Nikolas would just laugh at him. And if he
would get unluckier, his struggle would be the subject of his
friends’ annoying jokes for until God knows when! It was funny,
alright, but not to him. And he wouldn’t want to be the subject of
such a demeaning joke.

Well? I’m waiting, Xavier,” Nikolas
spoke after some time. His eyes became sharper as he waited for him
to spill the beans out.

Oh, never mind!” he answered in
haste. He wasn’t ready yet to embarrass himself in front of his

Nikolas shrugged his shoulders. “You know,
Xavier, I don’t wana see you looking like this. You look miserable,
man. What’s going on?”

Nikolas sounded really so sincere,
but he wouldn’t buy that. His bloody ego was more important to him
than to have a friend whom he could share his problem

Maybe I can help you?” Nikolas
continued to goad him to speak up. “You’re one of my best buddies,
along with Kiehl, Tristan and Benjamin, Xavier. The five of us were
like brothers already. We will always be here for each other,
right? You know, I won’t hesitate helping you to the best of my
abilities should you need so. I hope you know that,

What Nikolas said made a poke in
his conscience. He knew that he was a friend, and that he could
count on him. But he was suffering from something embarrassing, and
it wouldn’t be easy for him to share it with his friends. “Thanks,
bro, but this is just,” he shrugged his shoulders, “a petty
problem, you know.” He pulled a laugh, but it was

You won’t be affected like this if
it’s not a big deal, Xavier. I know you.” But Nikolas did not buy
his alibi.

Well, he should try harder, but
convincing him wouldn’t be that easy, especially now that he
couldn’t hide his frustration anymore. He pulled a sigh, harder
this time around.

BOOK: The Hottie Billionaire Series: Romancing A Banking Magnate (The Billionaire Meets The Damsel In Distress)
10.54Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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